Our World Is Not Their World

We are in a war of a peculiar nature. It is not with an ordinary community, which is hostile or friendly as passion or as interest may veer about; not with a State which makes war through wantonness, and abandons it through lassitude. We are at war with a system, which, by its essence, is inimical to all other Governments, and which makes peace or war, as peace and war may best contribute to their subversion. It is with an armed doctrine that we are at war. It has, by its essence, a faction of opinion, and of interest, and of enthusiasm, in every country. To us it is a Colossus which bestrides our channel. It has one foot on a foreign shore, the other upon the British soil. Thus advantaged, if it can at all exist, it must finally prevail. Nothing can so compleatly ruin any of the old Governments, ours in particular, as the acknowledgment, directly or by implication, of any kind of superiority in this new power. This acknowledgment we make, if in a bad or doubtful situation of our affairs, we solicit peace; or if we yield to the modes of new humiliation, in which alone she is content to give us an hearing. By that means the terms cannot be of our choosing; no, not in any part. – Edmund Burke


In Stevenson’s Treasure Island, the pirates, possessing no particular loyalty to anyone or any country, have a very mercenary relationship with their captain Long John Silver. When they think that he can get them the gold, they support him. But when they think he can’t get them the gold, they mutiny. During the course of the book, the pirates bounce back and forth between support for Long John Silver and mutiny. I feel like I am reading Treasure Island when I listen to the Ann Coulter-conservatives and the neo-pagans condemn Trump for some policy they don’t like and then, one day later, praise him for some policy they do like. The Coulterite conservatives and the neo-pagans are acting under the assumption that people and governments can be run by abstract theories, and the people with the correct abstract theories, namely themselves, should be in charge of the government. But governments are run by people, and people are more complex than abstract theories. We are not governed (more the pity) by a clan leader, a king, or a feudal lord to whom we feel bound by ties of blood and faith. We are unbound, we are loyal to an intellectual process. When an elected leader violates our mind-forged process, we feel we have a right to discard that leader. That is the piratical nature of democracy. So, from the standpoint of the abstractionists, such as Ann Coulter, Trump should be treated like the pirates treated Long John Silver. But the Coulterites do not understand democracy. Trump is not the head of the United States government, he is not a king or the leader of a clan, he is one bureaucrat in a cabal of bureaucrats who run the un-nation called the United States.

The President of the United States has as much power as the bureaucratic cabal allows him to have. Obama had more power than Trump, because Obama did the will of the liberal cabal. Trump’s election was an unforeseen glitch in the liberals’ governing machinery. They want the sheep called American citizens to think they have some say in their government, so they conduct phony elections, just like the old Soviet Union, in which whomever wins, Republican or Democrat, will advance the liberals’ agenda — the destruction of the Christ-bearing race. The liberal oligarchy always prefers the Democrats, because the Democrats are in favor of moving toward the kingdom of Satan on earth at a faster pace than the Republicans, but the Republican candidates are tolerated so long as they follow the straight and narrow path to hell on earth. Trump has been a monkey wrench in the works because he acts according to the liberals’ lies of the 1950s. In those days, the liberals did not feel they could openly advocate the extermination of the white race, so they talked about the inclusion of the colored races in a society with whites. Trump still believes that lie, and he is acting on it. He wants to include white people in the liberals’ paradise, and this is the reason Trump is an anathema to the liberals. But Trump is not a leader with the power to fix things for Ann Coulter and her ilk. In point of fact, he is not a leader, he is a rear-guard defender. We have no right to condemn him any more than the French people had a right to condemn Marshal Ney. Trump is fighting a heroic rear-guard action, and to expect some kind of restoration of the American republic from a rear-guard action is unrealistic and unfair to a brave man trying to save white lives.

If we look at the way white protestors in France, Britain, and Germany are treated and compare their treatment to that of Moslem protestors in the same countries, we can see the liberals’ intent. The white protestors are violently suppressed while the Moslem protestors are allowed free rein to commit acts of violence. And in the United States it is similar to what happens in Europe. The blacks and the professional protestors, funded by George Soros, are given special privileges while white European Americans who protest are arrested and in some cases (for example, the Bundy family and friends) killed. This extermination process has begun in earnest, and there is no way to stop it from within the democratic process.

White people vote for candidates who want to exterminate the white race and for candidates who acquiesce to the extermination of the white race. But would they vote for those candidates if they flatly stated that they wanted to kill every white on the face of the earth? Probably not. But it is clear to all those who are not willfully blind that the liberals do intend to destroy the white race. That is the key: white grazers are willfully blind. They don’t want to see the truth staring them in the face. There is only one remedy for white people. St. Paul did not know the day or the hour and he included himself when he said that we “see through a glass darkly,” but he was able to see the truth by virtue of his faith in the Man of Sorrows. As the Europeans’ vision of Christ, their heartfelt vision, disappeared, they were left with abstract truths, and abstract truths can be manipulated to deceive us in deepest consequence. I saw this first hand in the prolife movement. The pro-aborts have been shown the pictures of the babies in the womb, they know what they have done, but the babies are abstractions to them, and you can kill abstractions with impunity; it doesn’t touch you. The liberals always ritualistically invoke the Nazis when they want to demonize someone, but who is more like unto the Nazis than the liberals? The appalling thing about Hitler’s brain trust was that they bureaucratically condemned millions of abstract human beings to death, coldly, efficiently, and without one pang of conscience. Likewise the French Revolutionists and their heirs, the Marxists.

Liberals are hell-bent on destroying the white race, and so long as democracy is a God-word to the European people, the liberals will be successful. The white Europeans — and they are a tiny minority – that have shown any desire to resist their own extermination still believe that democracy is sacred. They march, they protest, they make videos, and they are rewarded by their governments with harassment, imprisonment, and death. Is it any wonder that the white grazer, who has no religion except self-preservation, has decided that he would rather take his chances with a government that permits Moslems and blacks to rape and pillage at will than to offer himself up for martyrdom to the state?

I recently saw a neo-pagan blog post in which the blogger ridiculed whites who thought that the solution to white genocide was a return to “sweet and gentle Jesus.” Ignoble words, ignobly written. Let one who does believe that a return to our Lord is the solution to white genocide respond: A Christian who worships Christ in spirit and truth will not worship democracy. And the democratic heresy is the first obstacle that must be overcome before white self-defense can begin. A white Christian will not refuse to fight, in the fullest sense of the word, when such fighting takes him outside the parameters of democracy.

Secondly, a white Christian will not refuse to fight liberals, Moslems, and negroes because the liberals call him a racist. A European Christian knows that this race and his faith are one; he can’t refuse to be white and still be a Christian. And finally, a European Christian will not adopt a cautious “they’ll kill the other whites, but they won’t kill me” attitude toward the liberals and the colored barbarians. A white Christian says, “this shall not go on,” because he would rather lose the world than lose his soul. Is this error? Is “sweet and gentle Jesus” not the answer to white genocide? Then tell me, what is the answer, Mr. Neo-Pagan? Tell me how the white South Africans held the world at bay for so many years? Tell me how that tiny nation called Britain ruled the world for over three hundred years? Tell me how Europeans dominated all the non-European lands as well as their own? What did those ancient Europeans have that the modern Europeans do not have? They had the stuff that dreams are made on – they had faith in the Risen Lord.

The divided house of the European resistance to white-hating Jacobinism consists of two groups – the neo-pagans who believe in white chromosomes while hating white people, and the new age Christians who claim to love a new non-European Christ who deplores racism. Both resistance groups are useless, because our faith in Christ and our racial identity must be one before we can proceed to the battle fully armed. Liberalism, as Burke tells us, is an armed doctrine. The liberals own the churches, the schools, the media, and the government, and they will protect their institutions with armed force when they deem it necessary. Without the full armor of Christ, which our ancestors were not too proud and too smart to don, the European people are defenseless against the liberals and the colored barbarians.

Openly satanic political leaders such as Angela Merkel and Macron are being elected to office. That should tell us something about the nature of democracy. The hardcore liberals vote for Satan’s surrogates because of their hatred of all things white and Christian. The lukewarm grazers vote for satanic candidates because they are afraid that they will suffer economically under a non-satanic government. Like the witches who promised Macbeth the crown, our modern satanic political leaders promise the grazers that they will continue to receive grazing rights in Liberaldom. As for black and Moslem terrorism? The grazer hopes that it will always be the other guy who is killed. He has no instinctive horror of Islam in and of itself or of black savagery in and of itself. In point of fact, the grazer has no instincts about anything. His soul is tabula rasa – it has been washed clean by the men of reason and science in church and academy.

The grazers won’t be won over because men and women without souls will always throw in their lot with the rich and powerful, the people who will get them a share of the gold. And it is the liberals who have the gold and the power that gold brings. But is the liberals’ gold and the liberals’ world worth our souls? When Christ asked the apostles if they too would leave Him, Peter replied: “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” The Word of God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ became incarnate in old Europe. Even if they, the liberals and the grazers, have chosen to leave His Europe, we will stay to fight for her and live and die with her, because that is where our Lord dwells – “It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.” +

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