What Is’t to Leave Betimes?

And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and he made as though he would have gone further. But they constrained him, saying, Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them. – Luke 24: 28-29


Macron won and he won handily. That does not bode well for France. The ‘conservatives’ immediately started planning for the next election five years down the road. Are they insane? Do they seriously think France, as a European nation, will still exist five years down the road? The only consolation for Frenchmen and the rest of Europe, because we are all in the same boat as the French, is that the election of Le Pen would not have done much to stop the Islamization of France. After all, Le Pen is a French Revolutionist; she did not campaign for the restoration of the French monarchy and the repudiation of Jacobin democracy. “Of course, she didn’t,” you tell me, “That would be absurd.” But why is it absurd? The European people thrived and flourished when their governments were Christian. They have taken sick, and that sickness is unto death, during the democratic era of multi-cultural, religiously diverse (which means anti-Christian) governments. Nothing good will ever happen to the European people, as a people, so long as they remain under the thralldom of Jacobin democracy.

When Fox heard of the capture of the Bastille, he claimed it was the “the most glorious event, and the happiest for mankind, that has ever taken place since human affairs have been recorded.” Price and Priestley also went into raptures over the French Revolution. And even men of a more pragmatic nature, such as Pitt, failed to see anything wrong with the French Revolution in its initial stages. When the Reign of Terror began, the fanatics such as Fox, Price, and Priestley still supported the Revolution, while the pragmatists abandoned it. But no one in the ruling elites of the European nations, save Edmund Burke, saw the French Revolution for what it was: the enthronement of Satan in the midst of Christian Europe:

Instead of the religion and the law by which they were in a great politick communion with the Christian world, they have constructed their Republick on three bases, all fundamentally opposite to those on which the communities of Europe are built. Its foundation is laid in Regicide; in Jacobinism; and in Atheism; and it has joined to those principles, a body of systematick manners which secures their operation.

If I am asked how I would be understood in the use of these terms, Regicide, Jacobinism, Atheism, and a system of correspondent manners and their establishment, I will tell you.

I call a commonwealth Regicide, which lays it down as a fixed law of nature, and a fundamental right of man, that all government, not being a democracy, is an usurpation; that all Kings, as such, are usurpers, and for being Kings, may and ought to be put to death, with their wives, families, and adherents. The commonwealth which acts uniformly upon those principles; and which after abolishing every festival of religion, chooses the most flagrant act of a murderous Regicide treason for a feast of eternal commemoration, and which forces all her people to observe it—this I call Regicide by establishment. – Edmund Burke

There was a horror of the French Revolution among ordinary Englishmen, but they were too unsophisticated to understand that you must be tolerant and accepting of Jacobinism, atheism, and regicide. It has always been thus. The men of reason – the theologians, the lawyers, and the academics — will sup with the devil because they live by abstractions, which are good or evil according to their whims. But a man who is not divided against himself, a European with a Christian heart, will have an instinctive horror of the devil and his works. The liberals in church and state have made the destruction of the European people’s natural abhorrence of the devil and his works their special mission in life. And they have been very successful. There is no opposition to Jacobin democracy in the European nations. There are European nations that adhere to a post-Robespierre Jacobinism in which they try to reconcile religious toleration with Jacobin ideals, but those countries are merely playing the ‘lose slowly’ game. Modern democracy is Jacobin in origin, and Jacobinism is anti-Christian and anti-white. The English commoners who burned down Priestley’s house and forced him to flee to America acted the way Christian men should act. They saw evil and they struck home. That should be every Christian’s response to Jacobinism. Until we have the same instinctive horror of democratic Jacobinism as those English commoners had for Priestley’s Jacobinism, and until we have that same violent response to Jacobinism, we will continue to live, not in nations or communities, but in collective farms, in which we live, when we are allowed to live, to serve ‘the people,’ who are the colored races of the worlds.

There is no resistance to the liberal, colored, barbarian onslaught, because there are no Christian Europeans of the old stock. The new breed of Christians want to blend Christianity, Jacobinism, and negro worship into one integral system. But such a Christianity is not Christianity. Our Lord tells us where our treasure is, “there will your heart be also.” If Christians such as Jayda Fransen of the Britain First party organize non-violent protests of the Islamic invasion, support a multi-racial Britain, and make the support of the nation state of Israel part of their Christian faith, they are not European Christians, they are new age Jacobin Christians who will always end up serving the liberals and their colored allies.

The conservative liberals have a messianic faith in democracy; for them the democratic process is an end in and of itself. The mad-dog liberals hold their kingdom in order by taking advantage of the conservatives’ delusional faith in the democratic process. They know that they cannot be ousted from power since they know that conservatives will never act outside the parameters of democracy. This gives the liberal a great advantage, because he does not believe that the democratic process is sacred. He will be democratic when it suits him, and he will act outside the democratic process whenever the democratic process does not serve his end. And toward what end is the liberal moving? He is moving toward the kingdom of Satan on earth, a world without white Europeans, who fouled paradise with the religion of Christ crucified, Christ risen.

Dostoyevsky was correct when he said that there was only one issue to be decided: Could an intelligent man, a European, believe in the divinity of Christ? The intelligentsia of 20th century Europe answered, ‘No,’ to Dostoyevsky’s question. And then they proceeded to intellectualize the European peasantry. By the end of the 20th century, the peasantry was intellectualized, and no member of the intelligentsia in church, state, or academy was willing to support the vision of Christ, which St. Paul saw on the road to Damascus and which the antique Europeans made an integral part of their culture. When the political ‘conservatives’ of the 20th century made conserving Jacobin democracy their goal, and when the conservatives in the church sought to conserve their abstract systems instead of the faith of the European people, the demise of the European people was inevitable. Without their faith they lost their spiritual backbone and became the bond slaves of the religious Jacobins and their colored allies.

In my early twenties I was the student representative in what was supposed to be a roundtable discussion on the subject of faith. The discussion was sponsored by the university’s religion department. I found it striking then, and I still find it striking, that the various ‘Christian’ academics, an assortment of practicing ministers and priests combined with an assortment of ex-priests and ex-ministers, were all of the opinion that Christianity had to be either rationalized or abandoned. It could not be the faith of any modern man in its pre-20th century form. But the Moslem professor on the panel believed in eternal Islam; he saw no need to rationalize Islam. Nor did the Oriental on the panel see any need to rationalize Buddhism.

Why is it that only the Christian faith of the European people could not withstand the rationalist onslaught? Is Islam and the other black voodoo faiths that are like unto Islam easier to defend than the Christian faith? It’s easy to see why the various Oriental faiths survive – they have never claimed to be transcendent faiths, they are ‘this world only’ faiths of a rationalist-mystic nature. But why do the dark faiths such as Islam survive? They survive because their adherents, who are predominantly dark-skinned, are incapable of adhering to a religion of charity. They need a sex and blood faith. They are not intimidated by any rationalist criticism of their faith, because they do not acknowledge the validity of reason. They only believe in sex and blood.

The liberals do not believe in Islam, nor do they believe — even though they often try to adhere to them — in the Orientals’ naturalistic, mystic faiths. What then do the European liberals believe in? They believe in the hatred of all the European people and their God. Reason is the sword the liberals have used to attack Christianity, but the irrationality of Christianity has not caused the liberals’ rejection of Christianity. The real cause is their hatred for Christ. As Ivan Karamazov hated Christ, so do the liberals hate Christ. The European Everyman, who does not hate Christ, has allowed the liberals to destroy his faith by falling for the rationalist gambit: ‘Do you want to be stupid?’ Some Europeans, such as Yeats, have tried to take refuge in the mists of pagan Europe. But that, as off this stage we have shown, is not possible. The European is naked to his enemies because he cannot believe in the divinity of Christ and he cannot become a complete heathen. “What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven?”

Such souls should break the chains of rationalism and see the liberal Jacobins for what they are – the enemies of Christ and His people. They will never cease their satanic onslaught on the Christ-bearing race, because they hate much. When we look at what the liberals have already wrought and what they intend to do in the future, we weep. But is that all that is left to us? Can we only weep as the colored barbarians, be they Moslems, negroes, or some other variation, sweep every last vestige of Christian Europe and every last European into the dustbin of history? Yes, that is all that is left to us. But tears, if they come from hearts filled with that charity of honor, do have redemptive and restorative powers. Didn’t Rapunzel’s lover regain his sight when her tears of charity fell on his eyes? If we truly weep for Europe and her people, because we love much, then we will fight for Europe and her people in defiance of democracy, rationalism, and Satan’s colored legions. We are a dispossessed people in danger of extinction because we are afraid to be Europeans. Christ is in us and we are in Him. If we believe that and go deep once again, then it won’t be ‘last post’ for the European people. No matter how mathematically certain our demise seems to be, there is always the mysterious Stranger, that Man of Sorrows, who is capable of calling us back to our roots, to our people, and to our God, the God of the European hearth fire.

It is not just France, or Britain, or Sweden, or the United States that is perishing. It is all of Europe. It seems that I am always facing the great ‘if’ – “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” If the European people could… If they could see, once again, with their hearts. “Did not our hearts burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures?” Is it impossible for the European people to respond with a simple ‘yes’ to Dostoyevsky’s great question? We once loved Him, and it was not without cause. In the European fairy tales, beggars, with hearts that burn within them with that charity of honor, become princes and they do ride. But such miracles only happen in His Europe, they do not occur in multi-racial, multi-cultural Europe. Contra Tony Blair and the satanic anti-European legions, we must not be multi-racial, we must not be multi-cultural. We must be provincial and racist, loving our own and hating everyone and everything that threatens our people and our God. +

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