Counter-Revolutions Start in the Hearts of Men

Welcome be your sentence–I am weary of your yoke of iron. A light beams on my soul. Woe to those who seek justice in the dark haunts of mystery and of cruelty! She dwells in the broad blaze of the sun, and Mercy is ever by her side. Woe to those who would advance the general weal by trampling upon the social affections! they aspire to be more than men—they shall become worse than tigers. I go:–better for me your altars should be stained with my blood, than my soul blackened with your crimes.

-Walter Scott in The House of Aspen


In Ian Maclaren’s book Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, in the chapter “His Mother’s Sermon,” he tells us of a young preacher who is all set to deliver his first sermon in the true modern style, using phrases such as “Semitic environment,” but then he thinks of the dying request of his mother: “Speak a gude word for Jesus Christ,” and he delivers a simple sermon in which he honors his mother’s request:

It was no masterpiece, but only the crude production of a lad who knew little of letters and nothing of the world. Very likely it would have done neither harm nor good, but it was his best, and he gave it for love’s sake, and I suppose that there is nothing in a human life so precious to God, neither clever words nor famous deeds, as the sacrifices of love.

Throughout his Drumtochty stories, Maclaren sets the Christ of the Gospels over and against the theological Christ, the Christ that the men of the hardened hearts find in their abstract theories about God. It is the theological men that are furthest from God, because they have emptied their hearts of all natural affections in the mistaken notion that men have no natural affections that lead them to God. In the minds of the theological men, all natural affections are in a lesser, biological realm, divorced from the supernatural virtues of the mind. This conflict between the theological Christian and the natural, hearth fire Christian represents the conflict between Satan and Christ. Satan never failed, in all the European centuries, to have an impact on Christian civilization, but it was not till the 20th century that Satan, not Christ, became the spiritual ruler of Europe.

Satan became the ruler of Europe through the theological back door of Christendom. The provincial Christ who enters human hearts was and always shall be the heart and soul of the Christian faith. But that faith, the faith in Jesus Christ, was always in competition with the “smart” faith, the faith in systems about God, created by the human mind. The Satanic playwright of unhappy memory, George Bernard Shaw, points out in his preface to Back to Methuselah that it was not paganism that destroyed the Europeans’ faith in Christ, it was science. But I would amend that assertion and say that science is the white man’s paganism. He worships nature through science. Why has the European returned to paganism through science? Because the moral virtues are not cumulative. Each generation cannot show moral improvement over the previous generation. Everyman, that but man is, must “walk that lonesome valley by himself.” He can take inspiration from his ancestors’ faith in Christ, but they cannot hand him the inner strength to embrace that faith and see the shadow of the cross in everything he does. But scientific knowledge, which is cumulative, is the tool of the devil, because Satan can use man’s fascination with scientific advances to deceive him as the witches deceived Macbeth on the heath:

That trusted home,
Might yet enkindle you unto the crown,
Besides the thane of Cawdor. But ’tis strange:
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

Yes, the European man has allowed himself to be betrayed in deepest consequence. He equates scientific knowledge with morality, science means intelligence, and intelligence is virtue. So it follows that the unvirtuous, the non-scientific Europeans, should be damned. The Europeans who still maintain their Christian faith have embraced the scientized Christianity of liberals such as Teilhard de Chardin and Pope Francis. That type of faith is the non-faith, the fusionist faith, that St. John warns us about in the Book of Revelation. And the more secularized liberals have simply inverted Christianity, making the intellect of man the father, the colored savage the savior, and science the holy ghost. There has been no Christian counter-attack against the liberals’ demonic faith, because the “Christians” will not attack the liberals’ trinity; they will not blaspheme against the liberals’ holy ghost. We must all bow down before the science that tells us biology is all, only the scientific-minded man can see the truth, which is that the biologically natural man, the colored savage, is God. Against this scientistic Christianity, who dares to point to the Christ depicted by Rembrandt in his sketch of The Adoration of the Shepherds with the Lamp (1654)?

In that painting, Rembrandt surpasses the studied formalism of the other Renaissance painters and shows us Christ’s divinity through his humanity. The simple Jesus, meek and mild, is the true Savior of the world. We all believed that once, “not without cause,” so why is falsehood, the theology of science, more appealing to us now?

Our modern universities were all outgrowths of the various churches. They were originally divinity schools where young men (only later did they include young women) learned about God. Of course, the universities were a complete failure. You cannot learn about God by studying God in the abstract. If we believe that the “Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,” and if we truly want to know Him in spirit and truth, then we should look to the people who took the incarnate Lord into their hearts.  But that is not what happened in the Christian colleges. Against the natural tendencies (I mean natural in the spiritual, not the biological sense) of man, the Christian academics did not look to the incarnate Christ, the Christ of the Gospels and the European hearth fire, they looked to the cosmic Christ who could be universalized into a product of the natural world. By killing the natural affections, what the liberals call racism, the Christian academics paved the way for the Christ who was a subordinate God to nature and nature’s gods, such as Mohammed and the sacred negro. The more secularized liberals took the universalist Christianity of the Christian colleges and made that Christianity the new anti-Christianity of the modern Europeans. The offspring of the Christian academics have turned their parents into their children. The modern clerics never take a step without the approval of academia, which has become in loco parentis to the clergymen. The late John Paul II, also of unhappy memory, used to meet with academics every week in order to make sure his faith was up to the standards of academia.

I have spent more time in academia than is good for a man’s soul. You are forever washing the spiritual slime from your soul when you are surrounded by academics. But there are no longer safe havens from the academic plague. The universities are the satanic factories, but there are adjunct factories in town and country throughout every European nation. There are no peasants anymore. And by peasants I am not referring to those who till the soil. I am referring to the European Christians who used to live apart from academia and its tributaries, the men who worshipped the Christ in Rembrandt’s Adoration of the Shepherds by their racial hearth fire. There are no such hearth fires anymore because the ironclad liberalism of academia has enveloped all of Europe. The liberals have justified their war on the natural affections of the European peasant with the war cry of “racism.” But we can only know God through Christ and we can only know Christ through the natural affections, our love for kith and kin. So where does liberalism leave us? It leaves us in Merlin’s hollow oak after he surrendered his soul to Vivien; it leaves us bereft of our people and our God.

There is one man that the liberals hate above all other men. That man is St. Paul. Very few liberals will attack Christ head-on. They neutralize Him by making Him a civil rights worker, a focal point for Marxist revolutions, or a thousand and one other roles that serve liberalism. But St. Paul can’t be neutralized. He will not allow any other vision of Christ than the true vision – Christ is the son of God. What can be done with such an unpolitic, uncompromising man? He must be killed. And St. Paul was killed, but his people, the gentiles, followed in his train. Have they all been killed? Are there no Europeans left who believe that charity, the charity inspired by the love of Christ, never faileth? I once, while browsing in a Daughters of St. Paul bookstore, saw a copy of Peter Kreeft’s book Ecumenical Jihad. I went up to the front desk and told the nun that she should destroy that book. When she asked me why, I told her that St. Paul, who they claimed as their patron saint, would not have approved of a book that blended Christ with Islam and Judaism. This is the modern alliance, the alliance of intellectual Christianity and liberalism, which the Europeans must reject—“A plague on both your houses,”—and return to the Christ that St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus.

Successful counter-revolutions end with victories on the battlefield. But successful counter-revolutions start in the hearts of men. Nothing good will happen in the European nations so long as the Europeans remain allied with the hard-hearted academics in church and state who have declared war on the white man’s natural affections. The colored barbarians and the Moslems are very adept at murder, rape, and pillage, but they are not good at soldiering. They cannot defeat Europeans on the battlefield. If–and that ‘if’ is all in all—the European people regain their natural affection for their own people, and for the Christ of old Europe, there will be no Moslem or colored barbarian conquest of the white nations.

Charles Robert Maturin, in his novel Melmoth the Wanderer, and Sir Walter Scott, in his play The House of Aspen, have shown us quite frightening glimpses of “religious” men who have only an intellectual faith in their mind-forged systems. They have faith without hope and without charity, because they treat the natural human affections as diseases to be stamped out. Is this not what our liberal governments throughout Europe have done and continue to do? They have issued an imperial decree condemning white pietas. The white man must have no natural affections. And he can’t appease the liberal powers-that-be by denouncing his natural affections for his people and his God. He is still guilty. The white man is always guilty, no matter what he does. It’s a terrible thing to stand condemned before a tribunal of Shylockian liberals, devoid of mercy.

All seems cheerless, dark, and deadly now, just as it must have seemed cheerless, dark, and deadly to St. John when he knelt at the foot of the cross. Our people once believed that Good Friday was good, because He rose again on the third day. I don’t see why we have to succumb to the liberals’ science when Christ has overcome science and the powers of this world. If it appears hopeless then let us appeal to the “help of the helpless,” let us appeal to the European Christ who comes to us through the natural affections. We will stay with the Christ of the European hearth fire in spite of, and in defiance of, the liberals and their master, who is and always shall be the Archangel Satan. +

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