Where Does Faith Dwell?

Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19: 13-14


Love now consists in word and not in deed,
Faith depends on reason not on the Scriptures, as it used to be;
Religion has ascended from the heart to the head
It now dwells in the brains, and the heart, alas! is empty.

-Jeremias de Dekker


The liberals’ response to the recent Islamic terror attack was the standard response. Theresa May said there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist attack, there are only Islamist terror attacks, which means (when translated) that no true Moslem ever does anything evil. And the Moslem mayor of London told us that we have to ‘accept’ a certain amount of Islamic terror attacks if we live in a major city. Why must we accept such attacks? I suppose we must accept such attacks because Tony Blair and his ilk have told us that we must be culturally diverse.

Then there is the Britain First party, the party that claims to be for Britons first, but its proponents do not believe in a white Britain. They believe in a multi-racial Britain in which people of all races sing “God Bless the Queen.” What was their response to the Moslem attack? Jayda Fransen told her fellow Brits to come out and protest. From whence comes this mystical faith in protests? Do protests work? Yes, they work if those in power are sympathetic to your cause. The British government wanted to get out of India because they were sick of the white man’s burden, so they responded to Gandhi’s protests. The U. S. government wanted to establish black supremacy throughout the United States, so they responded to the black protest movements. But when the whites in Kenya lined the streets to protest the British government’s plan to turn Kenya over to the Mau Maus, the whites’ protests were ignored. And when prolifers in the U.S. got signs, Bibles, and rosaries out to protest the slaughter of the innocents, their protests fell on deaf ears and hearts of stone. When will white people realize that liberals do evil because they are evil? They will not respond to anti-Moslem protests because they want to see the Islamic flag over England’s green and pleasant land and they want to build the kingdom of Satan on earth with the blood of the innocents in the womb and the blood of the irredeemable white race. You can’t protest such creatures away. Would there have been a Western civilization if Charles Martel had waited unto the Moslems had entered Europe, slaughtered over half the population, and conquered Europe, before he got off the couch and marched around with a protest sign deploring the Moslem invasion?

The boast of Britain, the United States, Sweden, Holland, and so many of the Western nations is that they have peaceful transitions of power from one democratic administration to the next. (That has changed slightly in the U.S. due to Trump’s victory.) But if you have peacefully turned your country over to satanic liberals and colored heathens is that something to brag about? And if, once you have turned your nation over to the forces of Satan, you pat yourself on the back for confining your protests to letters to the editor and protest marches, should you be proud of your pacifism? Peaceful protests are only effective when you are protesting something, such as garbage removal, that the powers that be do not have a vested interest in opposing. But to peacefully protest the extermination of an entire race of people and the murder of the innocents is not only counter-productive, it is immoral. If you and your family were being besieged by an armed force of colored marauders and government storm troopers, would you feel comforted if your “friends” said they were going to organize a march to protest the murder of you and your family? This issue of European survival is a very basic, provincial issue; it cannot be universalized away any longer. It is not an abstraction that is being slaughtered, it is our people.

Before proceeding any further let me respond to the American exceptionalists. Every time a European nation has an Islamic terrorist attack, and most particularly when there is a terror attack in Britain, the American nationalists, the exceptionalists, come out of the woodwork to 1) insult the manhood of the Britons, and 2) to laud the exceptional nature of America – ‘It can’t happen here because… well, because we are Americans and we are immune from the problems of Europe.’ But such is not the case. The United States is only exceptionable in a negative sense. Unlike the nations of Europe, the United States never had a traditional, Christian, European government. Our government was always secular and always committed to the destruction of all things Christian and all things European. The Southern rebellion was a rebellion of the European people against liberty, equality, and fraternity. It ended in the 1950s when the Southern people finally decided to love the negro.

What is exceptionable about America, other than its exceptionable anti-European origins? Haven’t we surrendered to the same anti-European forces that are destroying Europe? Are Americans committed to driving the Moslems from their nation? Have Americans made any attempt to end the negroes’ reign of murder, rape, and pillage? The mere ownership of guns does not make American men more manly than the males of Britain and other European nations who do not own guns. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride, and if gun ownership in and of itself made a man a man, we would not have a white genocide crisis; we would have a land without Moslems, a land in which blacks were segregated from whites, and a land in which liberals were locked up instead of given positions of power and authority. There is something greater than Americanism and guns that is needed before Britain, America, and all the nations of Europe can become the green and pleasant lands they once were.

The Christian theologians do not like phrases such as “England’s green and pleasant land” because such descriptions of European nations suggest that there was something called Christian Europe that was distinct from and better than the non-European nations. How can that be, since murder, lust, avarice, and all the other deadly sins can be found in Europe as well as in the non-European nations? The theologians are morally blind, because they see with their mind’s eye instead of through their heart’s eye. If you read straight European history you will see only the external events. But if you see European history “feelingly” through the eyes of the heart as such poets as Scott, Shakespeare, and Dickens do, you will see a Europe that differs from the Europe that the analytical theologians see. You will see that there once was a living, breathing entity called Christian Europe. What their wisdoms, the theologians, could not bring to light, was brought to light by the European bards’ faithful chronicles of their people. The bards saw through a glass darkly, but they did see, they saw that Jesus Christ was the founder of European civilization.

The colored heathens have a great advantage over the modern Europeans. The colored heathens are not divided against themselves. They see life as barbarians see life and they act accordingly. But the Europeans are different. Some, such as the liberals and the neo-pagans, think they have left Christianity behind, but their rejection of Christianity has not been total: they reject Christ’s divinity but they retain a Christian eschatology. The liberal sees a brave, new utopian world, devoid of white men and presided over by noble black savages while the neo-pagan sees a utopian future of great white minds ruling over a world of inferior minds. But in both cases, the liberal and the neo-pagan, it is the Christian belief that history has an end that comes to the forefront. No pagan Greek thought that history had an end; history was circular, not linear, to the Greek. Nietzsche said he wanted to go back to the pagan Greeks, but his Übermensch is of the future not the past. The liberal and the neo-pagan try to be like unto the pagans, but they always fail. What they achieve is the worst of all possible worlds. They have no God to guide them, yet they believe in moving forward. Toward what? Toward whom? They don’t know. (1)

The modern Christian is also operating under a considerable disadvantage. He wants to be a Christian in the liberals’ anti-Christian world without fighting against liberalism. If he leaves the God who had a local habitation (Europe) and a name (Jesus Christ) behind, he can be an intellectual Christian who gets to affirm his religious faith while rejecting the antique Europeans. The modern Christian, who is an apostate Christian that serves the devil, always appeals to the conscience of the liberal ruling class when he wants to stop something like legalized abortion or the Islamic invasion. But he is acting according to the older Christian European ethos, which he has repudiated, when he makes such protests. He refuses to see that only believing Christian Europeans will be concerned about the human things. Inhuman liberals do not care about man’s inhumanity toward man. If you want the benefits of living in a truly Christian society you cannot allow liberals to rule nor can you keep a foot in each world. If you are not an all or nothing Christian, fully committed to your people and their God, you will be a divided man, completely incapable of fighting against the enemies of your people and their God.

The squabbles between the neo-pagans, the liberals, the conservatives, and the intellectual Christians are family quarrels. They differ, but they all stay in the family. Judge Gorsuch was a perfect example of that family togetherness when he said you could disagree with the 9th Circuit Court judges’ opinions, but you must not question their motives. The Britain First protestors and the pro-lifers also represent the ‘one family’ belief of the whites who no longer have a white identity – they peacefully protest white genocide and infanticide as if they are politely disagreeing on the food to be served at Grandma’s 90th birthday party. (2) What binds these people together when, by their professed beliefs, they should be mortal enemies? They are bound together by their willingness to cut off all ties to the Europeans of the past. The liberal and the neo-pagan must sever all ties to the past in order to build their new dystopian worlds. And the rationalist Christian must sever all ties to the antique Europeans because he also envisions a brave new world, a world where pure Christianity, shorn of the racism, sexism, and the anti-Semitism of the old European Christianity can thrive and flourish. The rationalist, New Age Christian never asks himself why nothing good has come from the new blended Christianity. He just blindly affirms Christianity while undermining faith in Christ by repudiating the people who gave Him a place by their racial hearth fire.

If we look at the great divide between old Europe, in which Europeans fought to protect their racial hearth fire, and new Europe, in which the Europeans do not fight to protect their racial hearth fire, we see one striking difference: The men and women of old Europe had a childlike faith in Christ; they were not afraid to be considered stupid by clever people. That is the devil’s temptation. He always depicts a childlike faith as a stupid faith.

In the Garden of Eden Satan told Adam and Eve not to be fooled by God – they were told that only stupid idiots believed God’s story about the forbidden fruit. And we must not be stupid, we must be smart, like the devil. C. S. Lewis depicts this ‘don’t be stupid’ gambit of the devil in his book called The Last Battle. The dwarfs refuse to acknowledge the grace of God, because they don’t want to be stupid.

Our ancestors believed that the foolishness of God was wiser than the wisdom of men. They believed in the greatest fairy tale ever told, and because they believed in that fairy tale of the Christ, they slew pagan dragons, fought wicked liberal wizards and witches, and married women who were, spiritually, fair princesses. There is no magic formula that a modern rational-minded man can concoct to connect us to old Europe. We can only reconnect to those people through the human heart. If we don’t do that we will surely perish. If we do reconnect with those people we shall not perish as a people nor shall we die in pagan despair, we shall rise again through Christ our Lord. The two resurrections are intimately connected, the ‘like unto a child’ faith in Christ is our people’s only hope, as well as our own personal hope that He has gone to prepare a place for us. +


(1) Neither the European Christian nor the pagan Greek viewed history as something that was evolving toward a kingdom of heaven on hearth. That pernicious heresy is a product of neo-paganism, liberalism, and intellectual Christianity.

(2) The California state court has decided to prosecute the people who released the tapes of Planned Parenthood employees talking about harvesting the body parts of the babies they had slaughtered. Do we really want to keep acting like our disagreements with liberals are family squabbles that can be peacefully resolved through the democratic process?

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