The End of Democracy Is the New Dawn of Europe

They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.

-Edmund Burke


O worthy Duke,
You bid me seek redemption of the devil.

Isabella in Measure for Measure


When the irreverent Dr. Price exulted when Louis the XVI was led in triumph through the streets of Paris by the Jacobins, Burke demanded to know why Dr. Price should exult in the King’s humiliation and dethronement:

But the Reverend Pastor exults in this “leading in triumph,” because truly Louis the Sixteenth was “an arbitrary monarch;” that is, in other words, neither more nor less than because he was Louis the Sixteenth, and because he had the misfortune to be born king of France, with the prerogatives of which, a long line of ancestors, and a long acquiescence of the people, without any act of his, had put him in possession. A misfortune it has indeed turned out to him, that he was born king of France. But misfortune is not crime, nor is indiscretion always the greatest guilt. I shall never think that a prince, the acts of whose whole reign was a series of concessions to his subjects, who was willing to relax his authority, to remit his prerogatives, to call his people to a share of freedom, not known, perhaps not desired by their ancestors; such a prince, though he should be subjected to the common frailties attached to men and to princes, though he should have once thought it necessary to provide force against the desperate designs manifestly carrying on against his person, and the remnants of his authority; though all this should be taken into consideration, I shall be led with great difficulty to think he deserves the cruel and insulting triumph of Paris and of Dr. Price. I tremble for the cause of liberty, from such an example to kings. I tremble for the cause of humanity, in the unpunished outrages of the most wicked of mankind.

Burke in Reflections on the French Revolution

So must I demand to know why Hillary Clinton exulted in the 9th District Court judges’ refusal to uphold Trump’s order to temporarily restrict Moslem immigration from a handful of Moslem countries. Why would a citizen of the United States or any other European nation object to such a small restriction on Moslem immigration, especially considering that a complete ban on Moslem immigration and the deportation of every single Moslem in the European nations is necessary for the protection of the European people? Hillary exulted for the same reason that Dr. Price exulted: The Moslems are committed to the destruction of the white Christian race, just as the Jacobins were and Hillary is committed to the destruction of the white Christian race.

There has never been, nor can there ever be, a multi-cultural or multi-racial nation. There might be little counter-cultural enclaves and other slave races within a dominant racial culture, but there will always be one dominant culture and one dominant race within a nation. The striking thing about the European nations of the late 20th and early 21st centuries is that the majority culture, the people who were in charge of the government, willingly made the colored heathens into the dominant culture and the dominant race. There was, in South Africa, before the ascendency of the black government, a minority culture ruling a majority culture. But in that case, the colored heathens did not willingly give up their dominance. It was taken from them as was also the case in British India. It is only the European people who willingly ceded their racial dominance and cultural identity to the heathens of other races. Why have they done this? Let us turn to Herman Melville for an answer, as he describes in Moby Dick, the man keeping watch atop the masthead:

There is no life in thee, now, except that rocking life imparted by a gently rolling ship; by her, borrowed from the sea; by the sea, from the inscrutable tides of God. But while this sleep, this dream is on ye, move your foot or hand an inch; slip your hold at all; and your identity comes back in horror. Over Descartian vortices you hover. And perhaps, at mid-day, in the fairest weather, with one half-throttled shriek you drop through that transparent air into the summer sea, no more to rise for ever. Heed it well, ye Pantheists!

A religion based on philosophical speculation cannot sustain a people. Once faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ, was replaced by organized propositional religion, the Europeans became Pantheists; they blended their Lord and Savior with philosophy and the heathen faiths. At the moment such a philosophical blending takes place the stage is set for racial blending and then racial suicide. The white race is the first and only race to commit racial suicide, because the white race is the only race that attempted to love the Savior in spirit and truth. But if you falter, having once taken up the cross, what will happen? You will hover over “Descartian vortices” for a certain time and then plunge to your death in the sea of racial and religious universalism.

First the Americans and then the French tried to build a culture over the “Descartian vortices” of religious, racial, and cultural universalism. Then one by one all the nations of Europe followed the lead of the Americans and the French Jacobins. What the European clergymen had wrought came to fruition in the Europeans’ culture – they became the first race to commit racial suicide.

I had hoped, before Trump’s victory, that his election would serve as a rearguard action for the European people – that it would give them some time to prepare for the real battle, the fight against Jacobin democracy. But the rearguard movement has failed. Trump tried, as valiantly as Marshal Ney, but he has been unable to delay the liberal juggernaut. To defeat the liberals was never even a goal of Trump or his supporters, and that is probably why Trump could not even slow down the liberals’ process. If you can’t match the liberals’ passionate hatred of the Christ-bearing race with a passionate hatred for the liberals and the colored heathens, you will never defeat the liberals, and apparently, you will not even put a significant dent in their war machine.

What percentage of Trump’s supporters passionately hate the liberals and all their works? To what extent does Trump hate the liberals? Trumps’ victory has already been nullified because the coalition of whites that voted for him do not hate liberalism, nor does Trump himself. Trump called for inclusion at his inauguration, but how can a man be married to hell? The liberals have created hell on earth; we cannot and we should not try to come to some kind of peaceful accord with them. Firstly, they don’t want a peaceful accord with us – they want to destroy us. And secondly, we should not seek redemption of the devil. Trump is a man of courage and has some of the old bred-in-the-bone Christianity, but he doesn’t have enough of it to defeat the liberals. A European of the old stock, a Walter Scott or an Edmund Burke, would see the liberals for what they are – the spawns of Satan. You can’t deal with them democratically as if they were human beings with normal human feelings and aspirations. They have left their humanity behind and moved onward, to become a sub-human species that must feed on the blood of whites in order to maintain their soulless existence. And why must they hate the white race? They must hate the white race because they hate Him, with an unremitting, relentless hatred that is fueled by Satan.

The liberals always win because there is no passion on the other side. The European clergymen have gone over to the liberals, the conservatives are all pragmatic pantheists, and the grazers follow their pathetic leaders who tell them that civilized men are never passionate about anything. They do not hate with a passion, nor do they love with a passion. They just stand waist-deep in the tepid waters of moderate liberalism, waiting to be drowned by a tidal wave of radical Jacobinism.

Personally, I would like Trump to resign, because I’ve become quite fond of him, and I don’t want to see him and his family tortured any longer. He has, ever since he won the nomination, been playing Gloucester to the Regans, Cornwalls, and Gonerils of Liberaldom. Just as Gloucester was tortured for his defense of King Lear, so is Trump being tortured for his refusal to accede to the extermination of the white race:

Regan. To whose hands have you sent the lunatic King?

Gloucester. I have a letter guessingly set down,
     Which came from one that’s of a neutral heart,
     And not from one oppos’d.

Cornwall. Cunning.

Regan. And false.

Cornwall. Where hast thou sent the King?

Gloucester. To Dover.

Regan. Wherefore to Dover? Wast thou not charg’d at peril-

Cornwall. Wherefore to Dover? Let him first answer that.

Gloucester. I am tied to th’ stake, and I must stand the course.

Regan. Wherefore to Dover, sir?

Gloucester. Because I would not see thy cruel nails
Pluck out his poor old eyes; nor thy fierce sister
In his anointed flesh stick boarish fangs.
The sea, with such a storm as his bare head
In hell-black night endur’d, would have buoy’d up
And quench’d the steeled fires.
Yet, poor old heart, he holp the heavens to rain.
If wolves had at thy gate howl’d that stern time,
Thou shouldst have said, ‘Good porter, turn the key.’
All cruels else subscrib’d. But I shall see
The winged vengeance overtake such children.

Cornwall. See’t shalt thou never. Fellows, hold the chair.
Upon these eyes of thine I’ll set my foot.

Gloucester. He that will think to live till he be old,
Give me some help!- O cruel! O ye gods!

Regan. One side will mock another. Th’ other too!

Cornwall. If you see vengeance-

1st Servant. Hold your hand, my lord!
I have serv’d you ever since I was a child;
But better service have I never done you
Than now to bid you hold.

Regan. How now, you dog?

1st Servant. If you did wear a beard upon your chin,
I’ld shake it on this quarrel.

Regan. What do you mean?

Cornwall. My villain! Draw and fight.

1st Servant. Nay, then, come on, and take the chance of anger.

Regan. Give me thy sword. A peasant stand up thus?

[She takes a sword and runs at him behind.]

1st Servant. O, I am slain! My lord, you have one eye left
To see some mischief on him. O! [He dies.]

Cornwall. Lest it see more, prevent it. Out, vile jelly!
Where is thy lustre now?

Gloucester. All dark and comfortless! Where’s my son Edmund?
Edmund, enkindle all the sparks of nature
To quit this horrid act.

Regan. Out, treacherous villain!
Thou call’st on him that hates thee. It was he
That made the overture of thy treasons to us;
Who is too good to pity thee.

Gloucester. O my follies! Then Edgar was abus’d.
Kind gods, forgive me that, and prosper him!

Regan. Go thrust him out at gates, and let him smell
His way to Dover.

                                     Exit [one] with Gloucester.

How is’t, my lord? How look you?

Cornwall. I have receiv’d a hurt. Follow me, lady.
Turn out that eyeless villain. Throw this slave
Upon the dunghill. Regan, I bleed apace.
Untimely comes this hurt. Give me your arm.

                                  Exit [Cornwall, led by Regan].

2nd Servant. I’ll never care what wickedness I do,
If this man come to good.

3rd Servant. If she live long,
And in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters.

2nd Servant. Let’s follow the old Earl, and get the bedlam
To lead him where he would. His roguish madness
Allows itself to anything.

3rd Servant. Go thou. I’ll fetch some flax and whites of eggs
To apply to his bleeding face. Now heaven help him!

King Lear

Yes, may heaven help him. He is facing traitors from within and the devil’s minions from without. All this without the support of a Christian people and without a full understanding of the extent of the evil forces arrayed against him. May Christ defend him and his family against the wickedness and snares of the devil and his minions. And if you ask me why I feel outraged by the treatment Trump is receiving, I will reply to you with the words of Burke: “It is natural that I should.” Should not any man with a heart that still lives feel drawn to a “still strong man in a blatant land” that fights alone against the forces of evil?(1)

I’ve often wondered why Burke’s critique of the spirit of Jacobinism was completely ignored in the West once Robespierre died. “Everything is fine now, and we can go on with the business of democratizing the world,” was the attitude of the intellectuals in the European nations. And in the 20th century when Burke’s heir, Antony Jacob, condemned democracy as the great enemy of the white man, he was ignored. There was no need to vilify Jacob, because Anthony Jacob didn’t have a parliamentary platform from which to speak. Go through the back files of “respectable” conservative journals such as the National Review and see if Anthony Jacob’s magnificent prophetic work White Man Think Again!is mentioned. It is not. Burke and Jacob were kith and kin Christian conservatives who rejected the democratic, racial universalism of the liberals. For this reason, the one was vilified and the other was ignored.

We can no longer ignore the kith and kin Christians of old Europe. Their passion is what is needed. We can’t “think” our way out of this democratic hell that the liberals have imposed on us. But we can love and hate with all our heart and fight our way out of this kingdom of Satan on earth. We must love Him and His people, the antique Europeans, and we must hate the liberals enough to fight as Alfred fought, as Forrest fought, and as Lee fought. Violence is not a magic panacea for every ill. But the conservatives and other democracy-loving white nationalists act like we have evolved beyond the need for violence. Only Gnostic men, who think we are all pure mind, can believe that. Human beings inhabit bodies. When we are combating the evil that liberals do we cannot just beat them in debates and think all is well. The prolifers always win the debate – of course the child in the womb is a human being and the right to the privacy is an invented right of the liberals. And of course white people should be accorded the right to live and rule in the nations that were created and sustained by them. But both the right to life of the unborn and of whites to rule in their own countries is categorically denied by the liberals despite the fact that reason and humanity are on the side of the unborn and the whites. What is our recourse? The liberals never shun violence, they will do whatever it takes to maintain their rule. So what is the white man to do? If you love much, you will fight to preserve your people and your faith. And a Christ-centered heart will keep your battle within the bounds of Christian chivalry. The liberals will not renounce violence, they will do whatever they deem necessary to destroy the white race. They are possessed by one passion, the hatred of the white, Christ-bearing race. If we refuse to match their hate for our people with our passionate love of our people, a love that inspires us to fight, then there is no hope for the white race, despite all our cleverness.

The new right and the old white nationalists, call them what you will, when they are not condemning Christians by treating them as Jews, are constantly telling them not to be so fussy about supporting white nationalist candidates. But it is not a question of supporting a white nationalist over a liberal – of course a Christian European should support a pagan white nationalist against a liberal. But the pagan white nationalist does not see the whole picture. If the European does not act in Christ’s name, he will not be able to defeat the liberals.

Christ’s name cannot be invoked with any success by those who do not believe in Him. We cannot judge a man’s eternal soul, we don’t know the reasons for his unbelief, but we must, if we are Christians, hold to the belief that no cause has any chance of success, nor does it deserve success if its champions do not go forth in His name. And it must be in His name, the Christ of the European hearth fire, not the universalist Christ of organized Christian Jewry or organized Churchianity which has become the Negroid-Moslem church of Satan. From whence comes the Promethean fire to defy the gods of Liberaldom if it does not come from Christ? Why did the Europeans once rule Europe and the colored nations? Was it because they played rationalist hopscotch better than the heathens? No, it was rationalism, devoid of faith, that destroyed the European people. A passionate connection to His passion is what made the European people the light of Europe and the world. You don’t win every battle because you invoke His name. Lee and Stonewall lost the war, for instance. But their people survived as a people until they ceased to invoke His name in the 1950s. We will only survive if our passion for our people and our Savior fills our heart. Without that passion we perish in the Descartian vortices of liberalism. +


(1) It is better that Trump resigns instead of remaining in office to be the target for liberal violence and libel. Every day he spends in office gives liberals the chance to show their power. They attack him and his family with impunity. The Federal law enforcement officials do not go after any of the vermin who encourage people to assassinate Trump, while the vanguard of Satan’s armies, the media, spew out their hatred of Trump every minute of their fake news broadcasts. Where is the spiritual reciprocity? Why is there no white passion to match the liberals’ passionate hatred? Ask not for whom the bell tolls. The attack on Trump is an attack on thee and me as well as on Trump. The liberals have rejected the love of God, which comes to those who are humble enough to receive that love at the European hearth fire. So we must make them know the wrath of God that will come to them through the Europeans who still cherish the God and the people of the European hearth fire.

Addendum: Trump’s courage was on display at the press conference, but the great weakness of the white people of the United States and throughout the world was also on display. It is always a given that we must help the blacks, yet it is always a given that we must not help them as the white Southerners of the pre-Civil War South helped them – by controlling their baser instincts and teaching them to conform, at least outwardly, to the ethos of Christianity. Is it really white people’s fault that blacks murder, rape, and pillage their own people as well as white people? Trump said he is not a racist. No, he is not. And that is his Achilles’ heel and the Achilles’ heel of the European people. If you don’t love your own people above all others you will not have the heart to extend some of that love to the stranger. The only people who ever helped the blacks were white “racists.” We should never lose sight of the fact that the liberals use the word ‘racist’ to destroy white pietas. Nothing good will ever happen to the white race until white people love their own above all others without apology and without the fear of being called racists.

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