Light and Darkness

Liberalism represents an attempt to superimpose on reality an artificiality, to substitute that which is sham for that which is real. In its determination to obliterate distinctiveness (Aldous Huxley said somewhere that “Good is that which makes for unity. Evil is that which makes for separateness”) and reduce everybody and everything to a grey uniformity, Liberalism reveals that it amounts to nothing less than a war against Life itself. Liberal intellectuals are all intellect and no instinct. They have no ‘ground’ and no compass to guide them. This is why they habitually use words and expressions without any meaning, because they have no meaning in themselves. They perform cerebral circles in a spiritual desert and end by dying of thirst. And this is excellent, except that tens of millions of white people are persuaded to accept them as guides; and along with their ‘guides’ are led deeper and ever deeper into the waterless deserts of Liberalism, there to perish with them.

Due directly to Liberalism, we are the only race in the whole world that is being taught to despise itself.

–Anthony Jacob, White Man Think Again!


That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.

-Shakespeare, Richard II


Certain 20th century conservatives have made reference to the cultural war, and they are right — there is a cultural war that is raging. But it is not the cultural war that the 20th century conservatives thought was taking place. The 20th century conservatives, the TCCers, thought that the cultural war was between the liberal left which supported the dechristianization of Europe through the various radical -isms – Jacobinism, socialism, and communism – and the conservative right, which supported the Greco-Roman, Christian traditions of Europe. The problem with the TCCers’ assessment of the cultural war was that they overestimated the power of their own intellects and they underestimated the subtlety of the devil. The devil is quite capable of getting the zealous anti-Christian liberals to take the direct path to hell while, at the same time, getting the liberal conservatives to take the indirect route to hell that is disguised with the false outer façade of the heavenly city. What the TCCers failed to comprehend was that rationalism, whether it was rooted in the thought patterns of the ancient Greeks, the medieval scholastics, the 18th century philosophers, or the 19th and 20th century scientists, was part and parcel of the wizardry of liberalism. No matter that a man professed an intellectual preference for theological Christianity or a philosophy of the ancients, so long as his professed admiration was of the mind and not the heart, that conservative was part of the wizardry of Liberalism, which gets its inspiration and ethos from the devil.

Chateaubriand, who was a befuddled atheist before the French Revolution (his family was wiped out by the Jacobins) and a committed Christian after the Revolution, cut to the heart of the Europeans’ fall from grace when he delineated the eternal conflict between the devil’s appeal to rational wizardry and Christ’s appeal to the human heart:

…Adam wanted to know every thing at once. Observe, too, what is very important: man had it in his power to destroy the harmony of his being in two ways, either by wanting to love too much, or to know too much. He transgressed in the second way; for we are, in fact, far more deeply tinctured with the pride of science than with the pride of love; the latter would have deserved pity rather than punishment, and if Adam had been guilty of desiring to feel rather than to know too much, man himself might, perhaps, been able to expiate his transgression, and the Son of God would not have been obliged to undertake so painful a sacrifice. But the case was different. Adam sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that over-powered it. The equilibrium was instantaneously destroyed, and confusion took possession of man. Instead of that illumination which he had promised himself, a thick darkness overcast his sight, and his guilt, like a veil, spread out between him and the universe. His whole soul was agitated and in commotion; the passions rose up against the judgment, the judgment strove to annihilate the passions, and in this terrible storm the rock of death witnessed with joy the first of shipwrecks. –The Genius of Christianity

The culture of magic is Satan’s world. When the European conservative talks about our Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian democratic traditions, he is not being true to the European tradition. He is merely adhering to another part of the “pride of science” alchemist tradition of the anti-European, utopian element of the European people. “You shall be as gods,” is the promise of Satan. He is forever encouraging mortal man to turn to a system which contains God, instead of looking to the vision of God that the antique Europeans held in their hearts. That there is a deeper magic than the devil’s intellectual magic, a magic of the human heart, is what the Europeans, in union with St. John, who placed his head on Christ’s sacred heart at the last supper, and in union with St. Paul, whose heart saw Christ on the road to Damascus, discovered when they eschewed the magic of the devil for the love of the God-Man. “The love that once was there,” the love which comes from human hearts linked to His divinely human heart, is what is missing in modern conservatism. We can’t love a system. Only intellectual wizards such as the neo-cons and their liberal cousins in the mad-dog liberal ranks and in the liberal-conservative ranks can get excited about “Our democratic traditions,” or “The workers’ paradise,” or “Free Market Capitalism,” or any other of the –isms of liberalism. But we can love our people, through whom we learn to love the Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Look through all the conservative anthologies of the 20th century, and you won’t see the only real conservative of the 20th century, which was and is, Anthony Jacob. He didn’t love an –ism, he loved his people. Like Burke, who thought that whatever –ism went against the heart and soul of his people was evil, Jacob championed his people over systems. At the heart of all good governments is a particular, racially distinct people whose hearts are connected to His heart. All true conservatism then, according to Burke and according to Jacob, had to be rooted, not in the wizardry of Satan, but in the hearts of the people of Europe who had given their hearts to Christ. Burke and Jacob stand with those other great European poets such as Shakespeare, Scott, and Dostoevsky. They loved much, and gave of their heart’s blood in an effort to turn their people’s heart back to His Europe and away from the wizardry of Satan’s universalist death trap, which is often camouflaged by intellectual systems which promise paradise and leave us bereft of faith, hope, and charity.

If Trump wins the upcoming Presidential election it will be no more than an irritating mosquito bite on the body of Liberaldom, but it will mean something infinitely more if the Trump victory is a sign that a significant amount of white grazers have stopped listening to the voice of Satan as it comes to them through the churches, the government, and the mass media. (1) That doesn’t mean that the grazers who vote for Trump are Europeans in the mold of Alfred and Walter Scott. Far from it. But the rejection of the wisdom of wizardry is a beginning. It is up to the remnant band of Europeans to fill the void in the grazers hearts by standing as a sign of contradiction to the gnostic coalition in church, state, academy, and media.

The reason that it is so hard to get a grazer to resist liberalism by standing with the Christian Europeans of old Europe is because the modern Christians in the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant ranks always side with the liberals. And they always side with the liberals because they are “deeply tinctured with the pride of science,” which is the eternal Achilles heel of fallen man. From that sin comes negro worship and the hatred of all things human – the European hearth fire and the virtues that go with that hearth fire, which consists of the love of one’s own, heroism, and the charity that never faileth. A world without the hearth fire virtues is not a culture, it is the absence of a culture. Whites who try to blend with the anti-cultures of the colored heathens soon become non-persons. They are not pagan enough to become colored, but they are not white enough to be Christian Europeans. They live in limbo. If and when Christian Europeans make their presence known as men who fight for charity’s sake against Satan and his minions, then, and only then, will the European counter-revolution begin.

How did it come about that everything stemming from Christian Europe is deemed evil, even by such “Christians” as Pope Francis, and everything stemming from modern Liberaldom is good? Is a society that legalizes sodomy and abortion better than a society that abhors such practices and makes laws against them? Is a society that worships negroes and encourages the extermination of white people better than a society that separates whites from blacks and supports the white race? Ah, there’s the rub! The liberals do claim that a society that worships blacks and hates whites is a superior culture. Every evil under the sun must be allowed to the liberal ruling elite, because they promote anti-racism. And white racism (not black, brown, red, or yellow racism, which is lauded) is the original sin in the liberals’ twisted theology. Pride of science, which views the natural world and the Lord of the natural world, the negro, as superior to the Christian God is not seen as sinful, it is seen as the way to the kingdom of heaven on earth. That kingdom of heaven on earth is always in the future. It will come about when what the liberals call white racism, and what we call pietas, vanishes from the earth. When the white grazers finally realize that it is their loved ones, their kith and kin, whom the liberals want to murder, will they fight back or will they submit to the slaughter? They are submitting to the slaughter of whites in South Africa and in the city streets of the United States, so what makes us think that whites in other nations won’t submit to their own extermination? The whites’ shameful conquest of themselves began when they preferred Christian wizardry to the love of Christ Jesus. Such an assertion is always guaranteed to elicit a sneer from the liberal and the neo-pagan, but what or who, if not Christ, is the last refuge of the European people? If we don’t love where we should love we will not hate enough to fight for our people. Dylan Thomas’s rage against the dying of the light was magnificent, but that rage must be directed against the liberal wizards in church and state and the demon whom they serve, in the name of the Light of the world, if we are ever going to see the Europe we love flourish again on this earth.

Within the Catholic ranks there are warring groups of Catholics who play the ‘revelations from Mary’ game. The traditionalists refer to a revelation from Mary in which she condemns Vatican II, and the Vatican II-ers counter with a revelation from Mary in which she says we must support Vatican II. And in the ranks of the evangelicals the unrepentant Jews have somehow become the chosen people of God who Christians are supposed to support without question because such support will bring about the coming of the Messiah. Excuse me, but I thought the Messiah had already come. As to His second coming, didn’t He say, “that day and hour knoweth no man, no not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

What is going on within the Christian ranks? Why are Christians looking for a sign? I maintain it is because they have left the Christ who can only be known in and through His people, the antique Europeans, to go whoring after false messiahs who can be made into the servants of some type of esoteric system that makes the Son of God more compatible with the minds of men who can’t abide the European Christ. In the modern church of Gnosticism I hear the voices of the acid-tongued rabble who said, “Thou that destroyest the temple and buildest it in three days, save thyself. If thou be the Son of God come down from the cross.” And I hear the mocking voices of the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders mocking Him and saying, “If He be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him. He trusted in God, let him deliver Him now, if He will have Him: for He said, I am the Son of God.”

Christ has come down from His cross, but not as the wizards wanted Him to come down from the cross. He has come down from the cross to enter the hearts of men. He has come down from the cross to abide with us at our familial and racial hearth fire. Is it His fault that the men of science did not recognize Him and then, because of their loneliness, they anointed the negro as the Savior of the world? No, it is not His fault, it is ours. Peter was forgiven for denying his Lord thrice, so will we be forgiven if we turn away from the false messiahs of modernity and turn to the Man of Sorrows who has been waiting outside on the doorstep of our racial home for an invitation to return to His people who  once saw a great light. +


(1) Isak Dinesen once remarked that a man was never completely reprehensible if he was at least a man. That is Donald Trump. He is not a Christian hero from a Walter Scott novel, which is a great pity, because nothing good will happen to the European people until we once again start producing Ivanhoes and Quentin Durwards. But Trump is a man with some small vestiges of pietas left in his heart, which makes him a better man than all the presidential candidates this nation has put forward since the death of Teddy Roosevelt. Again, Trump has some good instincts – I intend to vote for him – but I wonder if a few good instincts will allow him to withstand the wickedness and snares of the devil. All the forces of hell have been loosed upon him. All the hell hounds came out to attack Reagan when he ran, but the attack on Reagan was nothing compared to the attack on Trump. One thinks of Maleficent in Disney’s (the real Walt Disney) movie Sleeping Beauty, who says, “Now deal with me and all the powers of hell.” We have reached a point in our nations’ history and in the history of the European people when we are quite literally acting out Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Hillary Clinton is Maleficent, and she has called down all the forces of hell on Donald Trump, who wants to awaken the white grazers from their death-in-life sleep. But Donald Trump is not a Christian knight as Prince Phillip was, so he lacks the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. We, the Christian remnant, must supply that shield and that sword. God bless Donald Trump in the day of battle, in the name of Christ the Lord. Amen.

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