The Lost European Chord

Dore. Babylon fallen

In which the old man launches forth into his favorite theme… The Pickwick Papers


Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. – Matthew 23: 38-39


That the French Revolution was a magnificent event that gave birth to a new era of liberty, equality, and fraternity is an article of faith for all modern liberals. It also was and is an article of faith for the intellectual Christians such as Priestly, Price, and Belloc. But from a genuine Christian standpoint there can be no compromise with the apologists for the French Revolution. Nor can there be any tolerance for those who want to find a middle ground: “There were some excesses, but there were also some good things…” No, either Burke was right when he warned us that the French Revolution was from hell, or the liberals were right when they said the French Revolution would usher in a new age of peace and brotherhood.

…if, in the moment of riot, and in a drunken delirium from the hot spirit drawn out of the alembic of hell, which in France is now so furiously boiling, we should uncover our nakedness, by throwing off that Christian religion which has hitherto been our boast and comfort, and one great source of civilization amongst us, and amongst many other nations, we are apprehensive (being well aware that the mind will not endure a void) that some uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition might take place of it.

– Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France

Of course Burke, not the liberals, was right, but the liberals’ Jacobin ideals and not Burke’s faith have been institutionalized throughout the European nations. And the uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition that has taken the place of the Christian faith of the European people is negro worship. There are other articles of faith that go along with negro worship, such as the love of all the colored races and a preference for all the heathen faiths over the Christian faith, but negro worship is the cornerstone of the liberals’ faith, just as the worship of Jesus Christ was the cornerstone of the antique Europeans’ faith. Intellectual Christians who try to oppose Islam without opposing negro worship – “I oppose the Islamic invasion but I am not a racist” – and neo-pagans who oppose negro worship but sneer at the Christian faith of the antique Europeans are both doomed to failure, because both groups are trying to fight liberalism while retaining part of the liberals’ faith. The intellectual Christians want to blend Christianity and negro worship while the neo-pagans want to eliminate Christ and replace Him with their minds. The intellectual Christians are like the devotees of the mystery religions who made a rational decision to give themselves up to cosmic enthusiasm, much like the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s who wanted to get “lost in your rock and roll and drift away.” And the neo-pagans are like unto the Greek philosophers who thought they could dispense with the gods and make reason their god. The French Revolution started out as a rationalist rebellion against God and then, when rational atheism alone proved uninspiring, the Jacobins incorporated the rationalistic enthusiasm of the nature-based mystery religions into their system:

The conducting of this heathen mummery, which was substituted for every external sign of rational devotion, was intrusted to the genius of the painter David; and had it not been that the daring blasphemy of the purpose threw a chill upon the sense of ridicule, it was scarcely matched as a masquerade, even by the memorable procession conducted by the notorious Orator of the Human Race. There was a general muster of all Paris, (June 8,) divided into bands of young women and matrons, and old men and youths, with oaken boughs and drawn swords, and all other emblems appertaining to their different ages. They were preceded by the representatives of the people, having their hands full of ears of corn, and spices, and fruits; while Robespierre, their president, clad in a sort of purple garment, moved apart and alone, and played the part of Sovereign Pontiff.

Walter Scott, Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Volume 2

The combination of mystery, nature, and rationalism has been proof, so far, against all European counter-attacks. It is this old man’s contention that the Europeans have not been able to launch an effective counter- attack against the liberals because they have not put on the full armor of God. They have not used the shield of virtue, which is pietas, the passionate love of one’s own, nor have they wielded the sword of truth, which is faith in the vision of Jesus Christ bequeathed to us by our non-diverse, racist European ancestors.

There is a great divide separating us from the antique Europeans. Those ancient Europeans were a people, while the modern Europeans are a legion of Humpty Dumpties. “When I use a word, it means anything I want it to mean,” was Humpty Dumpty’s assertion. Such is the suicidal nominalism of the intellectual Christians. If you want to abandon Christ and your people in order to appease the liberal powers that be and still have a clear conscience, you simply invent a new Christianity. In the new Christianity a man’s sanctity is measured by the extent to which he loves and adores the black race. He doesn’t actually have to love blacks as human beings, he just needs to love the blacks in the abstract. And in that other hole-and-corner of Liberaldom, the neo-pagans hold onto their version of Humpty Dumpty logic. They love white brain cells while hating individual white people who believed that the foolishness of Jesus Christ was wiser than the brain cells of the philosophers, scientists, psychiatrists, anthropologists and all the other cosmic, universalist thinkers. It is this thing called intelligence that is the dividing line between the Humpty Dumptians of modernity and the antique Europeans. Does reason need to be illuminated by the human heart? No, it does not, say all the modern Humpty Dumptians, from the mad-dog liberals to the intellectual Europeans in the traditionalist and neo-pagan camps. But if human reason is self-illuminated, is it not illuminated by Satan? The light that shineth in darkness comes from His divinely human heart.

Europeans saw that light when their hearts were connected to His heart. The story of Christ’s nativity speaks to us still. The star of Bethlehem, that great light, came to earth through the heart of Christ. No man cometh unto the Father except through Christ. And no man cometh to Christ unless he comes by way of the human heart. The racial war is not, at least it should not be, a war about intelligence. The Europeans are not the Christ-bearing race because they are smarter than other races, they are the Christ-bearing race because their reason was illuminated by a heart-to-heart connection to Jesus Christ. The intellectual sneer at the sacred connection between the Christ Child and the European people is the mark of Satan, whether the sneer comes from the mad-dog liberal or from the neo-pagan. We are not the people of the blasphemous sneer, we are the people of the Christian hearth and the Christmas feast. Say not that the struggle does not availeth, it does availeth when it is grounded in His divine charity.

The proof that it is the heart that illuminates reason and not the reverse can be seen in the reality of our lives. Why did Reverend Price exult at the humiliation and execution of the King and Queen of France while the same spectacle made Edmund Burke weep? Why do our modern liberals exult at the presence of blacks and Moslems in formerly white nations while white Europeans of the old stock are sickened by the change? And why does the neo-pagan see nothing but a Jewish conspiracy in the faith that the European people gave their hearts and souls to? The answer is that reason can see only what the heart feels. The liberal hates, in his heart, the white Christ-bearing race so he exults in the triumph of the black barbarians over the white race. And the neo-pagan, in his heart of hearts, loves the idea of a world dominated by his giant brain. He hates all those who would put limits on his powers by bowing down to a sickening, weak-kneed God with Jewish antecedents.

The appeal to reason has not stopped legalized abortion, it has not stopped the liberals’ attack on the white race, and it has not stopped the neo-pagans’ assault on Christ-centered Europeans. We can’t reason the baby killers, the white-hating liberals, or the anti-Christian neo-pagans out of their maniacal hatred of all things Christian and European. Does that mean we give up? No, it means we give up rational debate and cling to what we know to be the true antique Europeans’ vision of the living God: that Christ, who presides over the hearth fires of the European people who have asked Him to abide with them, is the only life-sustaining vision that is worth fighting for. And it is the only vision that is grounded in reality. There is no truth or virtue in liberalism or neo-paganism. Freud, Darwin, Marx, and company were men whose evil hearts darkened their reason and made them the instruments of Satan, just as the men of intellect, the Ăśbermensches Nietzsche dreamt of, have cast their lot with the angel who would not serve. Is it really better to reign in hell than serve in heaven? That is only desirable to those who have never been touched by the Christ story. But of course that is the problem — the European people have become warring camps of Humpty Dumptians who have put their reason at the service of hearts that have rejected the Light of the world. Are there no Europeans willing to put on the whole armor of God and venture forth against the Humpty Dumptians of the hardened hearts? “Did not our hearts burn within us by the way?” But first we must have hearts of flesh. And then, and only then, will we find that “Lost Chord” of the European people – “that grand Amen” – which is preceded by the heartfelt prayer, “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.” +

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