By What Right Do Liberals Rule?

There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief. I well remember, at every epocha of this wonderful history, in every scene of this tragic business, that when your sophistic usurpers were laying down mischievous principles, and even applying them in direct resolutions, it was the fashion to say, that they never intended to execute those declarations in their rigour. This made men cautious in their opposition, and remiss in early precaution. By holding out this fallacious hope, the impostors deluded sometimes one description of men, and sometimes another, so that no means of resistance were provided against them, when they came to execute in cruelty what they had planned in fraud. – Burke in A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly


When Richard II unlawfully seized the lands of Bolingbroke, thus setting off the War of the Roses which would finally end with the death of Richard III at Bosworth Field, his uncle York warns him that he is only king by “fair sequence and succession.” If he violates fair sequence and succession to seize his cousin’s lands, does he not invalidate his right to be king? But Richard ignores his uncle’s advice, and he does indeed lose his crown and his life as a result:

DUKE OF YORK. O my liege,
Pardon me, if you please; if not, I, pleased
Not to be pardon’d, am content withal.
Seek you to seize and gripe into your hands
The royalties and rights of banish’d Hereford?
Is not Gaunt dead, and doth not Hereford live?
Was not Gaunt just, and is not Harry true?
Did not the one deserve to have an heir?
Is not his heir a well-deserving son?
Take Hereford’s rights away, and take from Time
His charters and his customary rights;
Let not to-morrow then ensue to-day;
Be not thyself; for how art thou a king
But by fair sequence and succession?
Now, afore God–God forbid I say true!–
If you do wrongfully seize Hereford’s rights,
Call in the letters patent that he hath
By his attorneys-general to sue
His livery, and deny his offer’d homage,
You pluck a thousand dangers on your head,
You lose a thousand well-disposed hearts
And prick my tender patience, to those thoughts
Which honour and allegiance cannot think.

KING RICHARD II. Think what you will, we seize into our hands
His plate, his goods, his money and his lands.

DUKE OF YORK. I’ll not be by the while: my liege, farewell:
What will ensue hereof, there’s none can tell;
But by bad courses may be understood
That their events can never fall out good.

Richard the Second

With the same arrogance of Richard, but without his Shakespearean poetic, the satanic Prime Minister of Canada recently announced that Canada was not a nation. If it isn’t, then by what right is Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada? By right of liberalism, the Canadian Prime Minister tells us. Canada is simply a group of people who believe in humanity. But what is humanity in the abstract? The liberals have told us the answer to that question through their deeds. ‘Where your treasure lies so lies your heart.’ The liberals treasure the colored races and the heathen faiths. So humanity consists of the colored races and the heathen faiths in the aggregate. That is what Justin Trudeau fancies himself the leader of – an aggregate herd called humanity. But his title of Prime Minister is only valid because of an older rule of fair sequence and succession instituted by white Christian Europeans. If he violates that rule, he is a tyrant masquerading as a legitimate ruler.

The white Canadians, like the American Midwesterners, are more open about their liberal agenda, but they are no different than the liberals in all the other white nations. Liberals do not look on themselves as leaders elected to defend and protect the white citizens of their nations. They look on themselves as an elect group of men and women with the right and duty to exterminate the white people within their realms in order to advance the interests of the colored barbarians. And whites who petition and plead with the liberal elect for rights within liberalism will find, like Sisyphus, that they can never quite get the ‘white people have rights too’ rock up the democratic, multi-cultural hill of the liberals.

Bolingbroke knew that if he allowed Richard to divest him of his lands and title, he would lose his name and his identity, and his heirs would lose their names and identity. And he also knew that if he let Richard seize his lands and titles, Richard would feel free to take his life, so he fought back. But the modern Europeans, who have been robbed of their identity as a people by liberals who seek their lives as well, seem to have no desire to fight back. Why?

The first reason is that the modern Europeans have ceded a divine right of kings to those officials who are democratically elected. James I of England, Scotland, and Wales tried to foist such a right on the British people, but he, and his Stuart successors, failed to establish that right, because the European people had a bred-in-the-bone faith that put Christian limits on their sovereigns. ‘I serve the King, and the King serves Christ,’ was their rough-hewn code. And when a King didn’t respect the Christian faith and the Christian rights of his subjects, he was deposed.

Thomas Hughes, author of Tom Brown’s Schooldays, was of the opinion that if the new age of democracy failed to recognize that Christ, not the democratic process, was the ruler of Europe, then Europe would descend into the dark night of Babylon. And of course that is what has happened. The European laws that were grounded in our Christian faith were sacred, but laws grounded in liberalism are far from sacred. They are, in fact, satanic. Until Europeans rid themselves of the notion that any law decreed by men elected democratically must be followed as holy writ, you can keep digging those mass graves for the Europeans who refuse to fight.

The second reason that the modern Europeans won’t fight back against the techno-barbarians and the colored barbarians is that they no longer have an identity to fight for. What were the European people? They were the Christ-bearers. What are they now? The church men tell them that they are not the Christ-bearers; their ancestors worshipped a false Euro-centric Messiah that never was. The liberals tell them something similar – they tell them that their God was a racist, sexist, homophobic God as were the people who worshipped Him. ‘So who am I?’ the wandering European asks. ‘Where did I come from and wither am I going?’ The liberal’s answer – ‘You are an accident of nature, a loathsome boil on the body of humanity that must be lanced and then removed.’ And the white man accepts that piece of liberal doctrine, because he can’t defy nature. The old Christian Europeans could defy biological nature because they believed in a God above nature, but the modern European cannot defy nature because his God cannot transcend nature; he is bound, like Prometheus, upon that hard rock with the liberal and colored barbarian vultures attacking his entrails.

The Christian era of the European people was, according to the liberals, the age of superstition and unscientific thinking. But what could be more superstitious than the modern enlightened Europeans’ belief in science and democracy? What has been the end result of their belief system? The modern Europeans meekly submit to their own extermination as they chant the democratic-scientific litany: ‘We love the colored barbarians because they are natural and organic people, and we believe in the infallibility of the democratic process – onward and upward with democracy, science, and the noble savages of color.’

A Trump victory will not be a victory for white people. It will be a rearguard action that will give the white Europeans a little breathing time before their inevitable defeat. And their defeat is inevitable if they don’t reconnect with their past and learn to see existence feelingly. There is a passion gap between the modern Europeans and their ancestors. The antique Europeans had hearts of flesh that responded to any attack on His reign of charity. When innocence was attacked, when their people were attacked, they responded with the hatred that stems from love. You can’t sustain a long war – and a very long war is necessary to defeat the liberals – with a war cry of ‘We want our share of the Jacobin pie!’ The European people can only fight as they should fight, when they fight Jacobinism in defense of innocence – the aborted babies and the white victims of colored atrocities. No white candidate who does not make the abortion issue and the white genocide issue his main issues is not truly a white candidate. And there never will be a white candidate, because Jacobin democracy is anti-white and anti-Christian. Break your democratic chains, ye men of Europe, and fight in response to your heart’s promptings. Surely it is better to be an antique European who loves and hates with all his heart than a modern intellectual something-or-other who has nothing to feel passionate about?

Burke, and later Richard Weaver, echoing Burke, tells us that our prejudices are our heartfelt intuitions about the nature of existence. If we purge our ‘prejudices,’ we have no touchstones of reality; we are reeds for every wind that blows. We can see the reeds blowing in the winds when we look at the new intellectual Christians who have divested themselves of the superstitions and prejudices of the antique Europeans. The new, unprejudiced, intellectual Christians worship negroes and all the non-white races regardless of what they do or believe. The new intellectual Christians believe in the sanctity of the Jews despite the fact that the Jews don’t believe in Jesus Christ. And the new intellectual Christians always side with the liberals, the great haters of Christ and His people, against those who believe in Jesus Christ and try to defend His people against the colored barbarians and the heathen faiths. What will it take for the European people to once again become prejudiced, ‘To hate the devil and all his works’?

What makes a man turn his back on liberal Babylon and seek that other world – His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven? He must be touched, at the deepest level of his soul, by the love that passeth the understanding of the intellect. There is only one way to the Father, whose love passeth all understanding: It is through the Son of God. And there is only one way to the Son: It is through human hearts that love Him. There is no other Christ than the Euro-centric Christ. That Christ is not time-bound. He was and is at the center of the only truly human culture that ever existed on the face of the earth. Without a connection to the people who created that culture, in response to His divine love, there can be no faith, no hope, no charity, and consequently no resistance to liberal Babylon. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Wasn’t the miracle of Europe a direct result of Europeans who did indeed seek, first and foremost, the kingdom of heaven described to us by the Son of God? The European people will never throw off the yoke of liberal techno-barbarism and colored barbarism by a utilitarian affirmation of intellectual Christianity. They must love the Euro-centric Christ who enters human hearts. Within those European hearts is the death warrant of liberal Babylon. The love that is rooted in His passion can never be defeated. Wither does the European wander? Christ is his King by fair sequence and succession. When he loves enough to fight for his king, he will reclaim his European name and identity – the Christ-Bearer – and he will be triumphant over the satanic liberals and their colored minions. +

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