But of Thee, O Lord

Viewing things in this light, I have frequently sunk into a degree of despondency and dejection hardly to be described: yet out of the profoundest depths of this despair, an impulse which I have in vain endeavoured to resist has urged me to raise one feeble cry against this unfortunate coalition which is formed at home, in order to make a coalition with France, subversive of the whole ancient order of the world. – Letters on a Regicide Peace


Let me pause and honor Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away a few days ago. I am not a ‘Founding Fathers,’ free market, democracy-loving Americanist; that aspect of Mrs. Schlafly’s agenda never held any appeal for me. Nor did Mrs. Schlafly take a stand against negro worship, which is one of the two great issues of our times. But on that other issue, the issue of “Unsex me here,” Phyllis Schlafly took her stand and held it, never yielding unto death. She opposed cop chicks, soldier chicks, infanticide, and the demonization of the Christian patriarchal family. For that I honor her and say, “God bless you, Phyllis Schlafly,” as I’m sure He will.

Speaking of death (“I didn’t know we were,” you reply), my body played a rather cruel trick on me this past August. After seven years without so much as a sniffle I was plagued with an illness that I thought, at one point, was going to take me to that country from whose bourn no traveler returns. You can accuse me of hypocrisy if you want – “How can a professed Christian be so unwilling to die and be with his Lord?” – but I prayed the “Please, not yet” prayer. I remember making a similar prayer some thirty years ago when I received a head injury while working as a police officer. But there was a crucial difference between the two events. During the first, I didn’t want to die because I wanted to be there for my family, and because I still wanted to enjoy those thousand and one earthly things that our Lord has put on this terrestrial ball for our enjoyment. During the second, the recent illness, I didn’t want to die because I still wanted to be there for my family, but the desire to enjoy life had vanished and been replaced by a certain longing for death. That longing was nowhere near as strong as my desire to still be a stay and support for my family, but that new longing had definitely replaced the zest-for-life longing of thirty years ago. Because I’m a reflective, “melancholy Dane” type, upon my recovery I thought about what had changed inside me over the past thirty years to destroy those “joys of this earth” yearnings. And I concluded that it has to do with what Blake wrote: “Where man is not nature is barren.” The liberals have done such a thorough job of destroying Christian Europe that there is no living human remnants to be found. When our European culture was Christian, there were “sweet vale of Avoca” moments when God, man, and nature seemed one. Now, when Satanic Babylon has replaced Christian Europe, man, nature, and the devil are one. A world peopled by Cornwalls, Gonerils, Regans, and Calibans is not a world of infinite delight, it is hell.

The dying Laertes says,

The foul practice
Hath turn’d itself on me.
Lo, here I lie,
Never to rise again. Thy mother’s poison’d.
I can no more: –the King
The King’s to blame.

Yes, the King was to blame, but he never was the true king. Hamlet was the legitimate heir of his father, King Hamlet. And the intellectual Christians are not the true church, they are false prophets who preach a false Christianity envenomed with the poison of liberalism.  Christ left His church in the hearts of His people, and Satan’s allies have attacked that church by creating an anti-church alongside it, with all the outer accoutrements of Christianity but with a spiritual core that consists of a death’s head. Intellectual Christianity is Pope John reacting to the torture-murder of his own people at the hands of black barbarians with “loving forgiveness” for, and reverend worship of, the murderous black savages. Intellectual Christianity is Pope Francis placing Christ on the same level as Mohammed and below Allah. Intellectual Christianity is the betrayal of all things white and Christian by Christian democratic leaders such as Angela Merkel. Intellectual Christianity is the persecution of the white race under the banner of ‘fighting racism,’ while in reality it is Satan who has organized the attack. Never accept the anti-European lie. The European people are under attack because Christian Europe was a sign of contradiction to Satan. Our modern, inhumane, Christ-hating Europe is a sign of contradiction to the Man of Sorrows who once ruled Europe through the hearts of His people. While the intellectual Christians tried to make their man-made, mind-forged theologies the universal law, the true church was held together by the European people who loved the Savior in and through their kith and kin:

The writers on public law have often called this aggregate of nations a Commonwealth. They had reason. It is virtually one great state having the same basis of general law; with some diversity of provincial customs and local establishments. The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The whole of the polity and economy of every country in Europe has been derived from the same sources. – Edmund Burke

Yes, from the same sources, from the same wellspring – the blood of the Lamb who taketh away the sins of the world. Every European man and woman knew that their nation was a nation because His divine charity ruled over their racial hearth fires. A breach of custom or a breach of law was immoral because their customs and laws came from Christ. But when the laws and customs of the European nations come from Jacobinism, spawned by intellectual Christianity, the European people must oppose such laws and customs lest they become the subhuman servants of the liberals, just as the Eloi became the prey of the Morlocks in H. G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine.

Burke took great pains to show the people of Europe that the French Revolution was not a mere change in government, not the exchange of one ruling family for another. Nor was it the change of a Royal King for a Lord Protector. It was a change from a Christian commonwealth to a satanic commonwealth. For liberals, it was the dawning of a new day throughout Europe; for Burke, who saw with blinding sight, it was the beginning of the end. The “unbought grace of life” would disappear from Europe if Europeans allowed the Jacobin serpent to enter therein.

The history of Europe since the French Revolution has confirmed Burke’s prophetic warnings. All the European wars since the French Revolution, except the American Civil War, which was a war of Southern European loyalists against Northern Jacobins, have been wars between competing factions of Jacobins. The history of Europe under Jacobinism has been like the tale of The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains without a Christian hero to kill the griffin. Now, every European battle, political and military, spawns new, young griffins just as Jacobin and venomous as their ‘different in degree but not in kind’ enemy. The old right was not conservative in that they wanted to return to Christian Europe and side with the King against the Jacobins. All the old right wanted was a larger piece of the Jacobin pie. And the new alternative right is a very old alternative right. They are young griffins who want their share of Jacobin Europe. But whether it is the old right, which was never from the Right, or whether it is the new alternative right, which differs from the liberals and the old right in nothing except possibly the extent of their sneer against all things Christian and European, matters little.

Ah, the sneer. That seems to be the link between all the modern movements. The ‘smart ones’ sneer at the antique Europeans because they were noble, whereas the modern sneerers are ignoble; the ‘smart ones’ sneer at the antique Europeans because they were dumb (why else would they worship a gloomy Gus who died between two thieves?). And on it goes – all that made life worth living, the romance that accompanied male and female relationships was deemed sentimental slop (maybe some of it was, but it certainly was superior to the ‘let’s do it in the road’ philosophy of the moderns); the faith that lessened and finally transcended the sting of death (Death, where is thy victory?) was replaced with macho existentialism and the ‘absorbed into the elements’ faith of the nature-loving liberals. And worst of all the charity of honor disappeared from the face of the earth because it disappeared from the hearts of the European people. No European political movement or organized insurrection can have any validity or worth unless it stems from that charity of honor bred into the bones of our European ancestors at their racial hearth fire.

“In the midst of life we be in death:” But what is death? Our Lord tells us that death is the beginning of life eternal. Why does that belief play no part in the grandiose schemes of the liberals, the conservative liberals, and the alternative right? Why must they kill old Europe? Our Lord said that the pure in heart would see the living God. Is that why the people who saw Christ and made Him the light of their culture must have no rights of memory in this distracted globe? They must not be remembered, because they remind us that “in the midst of life we be in death.” We can’t face that truth without faith; it is too horrible. Just as the man who knows only Lady Macbeths, the man who never had one whispering silken gown across his life, cannot bring himself to fight for a woman’s honor, so is the man who has never known the Christ of old Europe incapable of mounting a charge for his King, his people, and his God.

Some force greater than intellectual Christianity, neopaganism, or liberalism must come into the European’s heart and purify his vision. Is such a miracle possible? It is certainly possible. And it should be every European Christian’s prayer that the Europeans, who currently sneer and mock all that is good and noble in the European people of the past and those who follow in their train in the present, will be converted to the faith of their ancestors or else die on the swords of the men who love so much that they have seen His blood upon the rose. +

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