Have Mercy on Thy People, Lord

Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord. – Psalm 130


There have been huge protests by native born Germans of Angela Merkel’s Islamization initiative, but still she plows ahead and even has her picture taken with Moslem invaders. (Remember when Jane Fonda had the photo op with the Vietcong?) Now let’s go across the pond to the United States. When the Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts placed a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on the municipal building the police asked him to take it down. He refused. So the police ‘respectfully’ and ‘nonviolently’ protested the Mayor’s refusal. Why did Angela Merkel not respond to the protests of the native-born Germans? And why did the white Mayor of Somerville side with the Black Lives Matter barbarians over the police? There are two reasons. The first reason is the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Syndrome. In the liberals’ fantasy world the good and downtrodden blacks, Moslems, and every other nonwhite barbarian race of people will be grateful to their white benefactors. They will kill the liberals’ enemies – the bad, racist whites – but they will love, respect, and honor the good liberal whites who helped them overcome the racist, bad whites. No amount of atrocity reportage about the Moslem and black outrages will move the liberals. They have hardened their hearts against all humane feelings. They care only about their own exalted selves. They sit back and dream of the moment when all the non-Christian, non-white people of the world will come to their liberal wine and cheese party and thank them for being so kind to them and delivering them from racism – “Stand up, your father is passing.” Of course, it won’t be like that at all, but the liberals have lived so long in the pigsties of liberalism that they have become just like the demon-possessed swine in the Gospel. Over the cliff they shall go with no more comprehension of where they are going than the swine had.

The second reason, which is like unto the first, why the liberals always side with the barbarians of color over their own people is fear. The liberals fear the Moslems and the blacks. Is Angela Merkel worried that some white German who opposes her plan to make Germany a Moslem nation will kill her? No, she isn’t. But she is worried that some angry Moslem might kill her if she doesn’t cater to his every whim. It’s the same in the United States vis a vis the black barbarians. Does the Mayor of Somerville worry about white cops killing him if he doesn’t remove the Black Lives Matter sign? No, of course he doesn’t.

We have already enacted this tragedy of white genocide. The failure of the anti-abortion movement was a rehearsal for the failure of the anti-white-genocide movement. Why would a doctor, who has no humanity, stop doing something that makes him rich? He won’t stop unless he fears losing the one thing he treasures more than money, his life. It is the same with the anti-white liberals. They are possessed by the devil, so no appeal to their humanity will move them. In fact that will just fuel their hatred, because like the devil they serve, they cannot stand anything that stinks of humanity; it distracts them from their dreams of a utopian world devoid of humanity. Without the fear of death to deter them, the liberals will continue on their treacherous way, and millions upon millions of white lives will be lost as a result of their treason.

Are the liberals in Europe welcoming the Moslem invaders into Europe as the result of a misunderstanding? Do the liberals in the United States allow blacks free reign to rape and murder because of a misunderstanding? To put it bluntly – Is it possible to reason with a liberal? No, it is not possible. The liberals understand what they are doing now just as they understood what they were doing when they legalized abortion. They understood that they were killing babies and they understand that they are destroying the white race. Where do we go from here? Do we continue to appeal to the liberals’ humanity? They have none. Do we appeal to their reason? They have already reasoned it out – white people must die.

Some of the more perceptive liberals such as Norman F. Cantor (The Meaning of the Middle Ages) have pointed out the link between medieval scholasticism and modernity. I don’t disagree with Cantor, but I don’t see the birth of modernity as a good thing, because unlike Cantor I am not a liberal. The scholastics’ reordering of God’s plan of salvation according to their more streamlined, logical systems gave birth to the rebellion against God that became institutionalized in Europe after the French Revolution. Burke sounded the alarm in his writings on the French Revolution, and Dostoyevsky followed suit in the Grand Inquisitor section of his master work, The Brothers Karamazov. “I reject God’s world,” was Ivan Karamazov assertion. So did the scholastics and so does every utopian liberal who has followed in their train. That God comes to men through the God-Man, that the Cross is the ultimate and most sublime reflection of God’s love and our only hope in this world and the next, is not an appealing idea to the logical, practical men. There must be a system that bypasses that absurd story of the suffering servant. My objection to the neo-pagans is not that they criticize the Jews, it is that they are like unto the Jews. They reject Christ and the European people who championed Him, in favor of a mind-forged biological determinism that leaves the European people without their Lord and kinsman. And so it is with all the modern –isms: They leave us without a faith. So Satan steps in and fills the void in the soul of modern liberals. They have joined with the colored heathens to make war on the white race. So long as whites continue to stay within the framework of liberal democratic society and politely protest some liberal policies, instead of attacking liberals as spawns of Satan, they will be the liberals’ sacrificial offerings to their heathen gods of nature.

Let’s pause on that word ‘nature.’ It has come to mean biological nature. But man’s nature is not biological, it is spiritual. What is truly natural is the Christ-centered European. All biological cultures, the non-white cultures and the modern techno-barbarian cultures, are unnatural. They represent man’s desire for oblivion. The old Christmas carol tells us that after Christ’s birth we knew the “soul’s worth.” When we no longer see our souls as something distinct from nature, we lose our sense of the distinctiveness of the people who believed in the Savior who told us of the imperishable nature of the human soul. We have been overwhelmed, in church, state, and civil society, by an avalanche of propaganda which tells us that biology is destiny. Against those theologies of the dung heap is the empty tomb. The further we get away from the European hearth fire, the further we get away from ‘Christ is Risen,’ and the closer we get to the black night of biological determinism.

I spent too much of my life in academia. It is not good for the soul, but I did not come up from hell empty-handed. I saw that the academics had one particular hatred that surpassed all their other pet hates – they particularly hated the European authors of the 19th century who championed the Christian hearth fire. They were fine with Tolstoy, but they hated Dostoyevsky. They liked the social criticisms of Dickens, but they hated Tiny Tim, David Copperfield, Little Nell, and Samuel Pickwick. Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas, that magnificent Christian work, was labeled a Gothic thriller, and Ian Maclaren’s Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, was labeled sentimental mush. What all the great works of the late 18th and 19th century had in common was a very provincial, what would now be called racist, view of Christ. He was the God of human hearts, hearts that came to life around their familial and racial hearth fires. Thomas Hughes (Tom Brown’s School Days) thought those hearth fire relationships of the European people were their links to Christ. He was right.

This coalition of techno-barbarian liberals, Moslems, and black barbarians is biological determinism on the march. We are supposed to fear the sheer numbers of this invincible force of nature. And they are our destiny if we do not, as St. Paul advises, put on the whole armor of God. The Moslems tell us that they are strong, fertile, and invincible. The black barbarians do not plead for equality, they demand that we sacrifice ourselves to them. (1) And the liberals give them what they demand. We should go out and meet the Moslem invader as Charles Martel and his Franks went out to meet them. And we should answer the “demands” of the black barbarians as the soldiers at Rourke’s Drift answered the Zulus. But we won’t do this until we become hearth fire Europeans again.

Perhaps the European people have lived so long in Liberaldom that they cannot return to their European hearth fire. But we are of the people who believed that Christ would be there for them at the last trump. Surely that must count for something? Our racial memory is like unto the dark woods in the European fairy tales. There are witches, goblins, and demons there, but there is also redemption. There is a light in the woods. If we follow that light we will find that it emanates from a small European cottage. But when we enter the cottage it becomes a castle with a royal King sitting on a throne. “Why did you wait so long to come home?” the King asks.

“I didn’t know where to find my home, and I’m still not sure I’m home.”

The king showed me His hands where they nailed Him to the cross, and He bid me touch Him where the spear pierced His flesh. “Don’t weep, those are the scars of love.”

“What shall I do?”

“Take my love and my blessing into the dark woods and never again forget where your home is.”

We won’t conquer through the democratic process nor through any of the systems of the religious experts who want to make God in the image of their mind-forged theologies. We will conquer when we fight our way through the dark woods and open the door of that European cottage where our European ancestors dwell. They want us to remember that outside the European cottage “are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murders, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Within that cottage is “the bright and morning star” of eternal Europe, which is the only Europe that matters.

Some weeks back I saw a video in which Alex Jones was asking God to spare his children from the wrath to come. I’m not a Founding Fathers conservative, nor do I follow all the conspiracy theories that circulate on the internet, but I was deeply moved by Jones’ prayer for his children. I feel the same way about my children. I drank deeply from the cup of liberalism in my youth, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will, of the hell that is to come. But my children have never dabbled in the black arts of liberalism. I pray that they will be spared from “the pestilence that walketh in darkness.” For liberalism is truly a dark pestilence that the European people are going to have to fight and struggle to overcome. Already the technology that was created because Christian Europeans saw there was a God above nature, who wanted us to use the gifts of the natural world for the benefit of man, is being used to destroy the image of God in man. Hospitals are used for the murder of infants and the murder of old “useless” white people. As the white technicians who man the machines are killed off there will be more uncontrollable plagues and uncontrollable natural disasters. I’m not a survivalist who is looking forward to the final stages of liberalism’s dark night. I pray that my family and the non-liberal European remnant will be spared to rebuild Christian Europe. We can’t hedge our bets and pray to be spared just in case science and democracy fail us. If we believe that liberalism is from the devil and that Christ is Lord of this world and the next, we should pray as the psalmist prayed:

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say more than they that watch for the morning. Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is plenteous redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Christ is the Lord, and we are His people that He shall redeem if we seek His mercy. +


(1) Released by Black Lives Matter, 8-1-2016:
1. End the war on black people
2. Reparations for past and continuing harms
3. Divestment from the institutions that criminalize, cage and harm black people; and investment in the education, health and safety of black people
4. Economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure our communities have collective ownership, not merely access
5. Community control of the laws, institutions and policies that most impact us
6. Independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society

Those six demands of the black barbarians are not the pleas of poor Tom Robinson. They are the fiendish demands of hellhounds determined to exterminate the white race.

Three white counter-demands:
1. We will no longer countenance your criminal activities – the rape, torture, and murder of white people by blacks, will now cease.
2. Blacks will have complete economic and political freedom in their own nations, but they will never again be allowed to live in a nation occupied by whites.
3. Any white who advocates that whites should mix with blacks in any way will be sent to live with the blacks in their own barbarous, black state.

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