The Violent Take It By Force

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Ephesians 6: 11-13


Gloucester: These injuries the King now bears will be revenged home; there is part of a power already footed. We must incline to the King.  

King Lear


One of France’s greatest heroes did not preside over a victory, he was the commander of the French rearguard during Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. The man’s name was Michael Ney, and he has been quite rightly called, by Frenchmen who still care about such things, “the bravest of the brave.” Commanders who heroically defend a retreating army and save the lives of a defeated remnant seldom get the plaudits of the world, but what they do is of vital importance from a Christian, humanitarian standpoint. Their men are defenseless and facing almost certain death at the hands of the enemy. The rearguard commander saves the remnant to go home and recover from their wounds and then take up the cause again, or to live out their days on a rocking chair telling their children and grandchildren about the Great War.

One should never devalue a rearguard effort, because such efforts save the lives of your countrymen. But at the same time, you shouldn’t regard a successful rearguard action as a victory. No Frenchman believed that the French had won the war because of Michael Ney’s heroic rearguard defense, but many Americans do believe a Trump win will be a victory rather than a successful rearguard action after an ignominious defeat in the major war. And what was our defeat? We suffered the same defeat as all the people of Europe suffered: we allowed a cabal of anti-white Jacobins to rule our respective nations. And they have been systematically exterminating the white race through a process they call ‘diversity’ and/or ‘multiculturalism,’ but which in reality is white genocide. President Trump might stem the flow of Mexican and Moslem immigrants, but he will not evict the Moslems and Mexicans already here. Nor will a President Trump re-segregate America and make interracial marriage or abortion illegal. It is the same in all the European nations, whether it is Le Pen, a BNP candidate, or an AfD candidate who wins office. When such things happen — and none of the above have actually occurred — they are successful rearguard actions, which are important, but they are not victories over an implacable foe that will not cease from Jacobin strife till the white, Christ-bearing race is no more.

I know there are no counter-revolutionary rumblings amongst the whites in America. A kindly lady who puts out an Islamic, Jihadist-awareness blog pretty much sums up the American whites: “If Hillary and Ryan get in, we’re through.” If we have hope in the democratic process only, then we are of all men…Whether Hillary wins or loses, ‘we’ – meaning white people – were democratically finished a long time ago. We were finished when we became secondhand people who no longer loved God in and through the people of their own race. We will reclaim our nations when we reclaim our racial home, but people who will not go outside the democratic process, who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ and who won’t disobey their local clergy will not stop white genocide. Most American whites have been cowed by democracy and anti-racism, while a sizeable number have been cowed by their anti-white clergymen.

What of the mother continent? Is there any European resistance to the onward and upward march of the liberals? It doesn’t appear so, but the European nations have more ‘free speech’ restrictions than the United States. Are there still some members of the invisible European empire planning to do what has to be done? I find it hard to believe that all European people have succumbed to democracy, fear of racism, and clergy worship. The liberals — from Tony Blair, who tells us that “Britain must be multicultural,” to Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and the French Prime Minister who has told his people that they “Must get used to terrorism,” (translation: “The white race must die”) are clearly evil. Are there no Europeans who will quietly do what our European kinsmen, the original Ku Klux Klan, did to preserve the South? When a German councilwoman wags her finger at the assembly and tells the ‘right-wingers’ that Germany will become a Moslem state, will that councilwoman be found dead in her bed the next morning? Will French police who stomp on Frenchmen protesting the Islamic invasion of Calais be found hanging in the village square the next day? Will Angela Merkel…you get the picture. It is not something to delight in, but it is what needs to happen. (1) The liberals will not stop their killing by Moslem- and negro-proxy because white people hold protest marches and write angry letters. Does anyone with one ounce of European blood in their body believe that liberals will stop their killing sprees unless they, the liberals, are killed?

What the liberals call democracy was just a transition stage to a totalitarian state. The age of democracy is over, and now comes the age of white genocide. The liberals and the colored heathens will kill and keep killing until they are defeated or until they have killed every last white. The liberals who make themselves useful to the heathens might be spared for a time, but that will only be for a time; the colored heathens, because they are colored heathens, must kill all the whites even if they kill the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg by doing so. I don’t know if the French priest who was murdered at the altar by the Moslems was a liberal or not. The point is that the Moslems look on all whites, whether they are Christian or liberal, as Christians. And as Christians they must be killed. Why can’t the white grazers understand that simple fact of existence? The heathens will always rage against the Light of the world, and the white race, in the eyes of the heathens, is forever connected to the Man of Sorrows who was born to be King of us in this world and the next. And Satan, who opposes Christ’s Kingship, strikes out at Him by attacking His people through his liberal and heathen minions.

There is no system, particularly no utopian system designed by anti-white liberals, that will save the white race. That was the weakness of 20th century conservatism. The conservatives were only concerned with preserving an older form of Jacobin democracy and a capitalist economic system. “Why preserve white people since race has nothing to do with Western culture?” was the stated creed of the systems-obsessed conservatives. But their Gnostic faith in systems has led us to our current genocidal state of existence.

Of the twelve apostles, one, Judas, was a liberal, and ten others were grazers who wanted to be on the side of right but were afraid of the consequences of espousing Christ’s cause openly. And then there was John, who stood at the foot of the cross. Because he loved much, he was not afraid of the Jews or the Romans. The other ten were to become like unto John. They took their stand, after Christ’s ascension into heaven, at the foot of the cross and did not yield, even unto death. What changed men, who had denied their Lord, into men who said, “Yes, I know that Man”? They were given the opportunity after His resurrection from the dead, to see in the flesh (“Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have”) what John saw in his heart that night in the upper room when he placed his head upon Christ’s Sacred Heart. That is the essence of Western civilization. The European people, like St. John, placed their collective head upon His sacred heart and knew with a certainty surer than rational systems and scientific research that the ‘secret’ of existence was contained in the mystery of Christ’s divine manhood. When we stay close to our European hearth fire, we stay at the foot of the cross, and nothing, no force on earth or in hell, can defeat us. But when we leave the foot of the cross? We become grazers, who stand by while Moslems cut the throats of Christians, right on the altars of their churches. Or worse yet, we become liberals who encourage the Moslems and the negroes to cut the throats of white Christians. The slaughter of whites will not be halted until Europeans are moved to action by a genuine heartfelt connection to the people of old Europe, who lived, loved, and hated in response to His Sacred Heart.

In my town, and I’m sure it’s the same in all white towns throughout the white nations, there are white grazers who watch their sporting events, attend patriotic activities, and support the troops and their local police. They engage in all the aforementioned activities in a semi-somnolent state. But when a national disaster occurs, such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, or fire, the semi-somnolent grazers become very energetic, committed, rescue workers. Then when the emergency ends, they return to semi-somnolence. Why can’t such men be stirred to act in the greatest emergency of all – the war against the white race? They won’t fight for their people because there is no white leader who will tell them to fight for the whites. No matter how many jokes the white grazer might make about the powers that be in church and state, the sad fact is that he is morally cowed by officialdom. And officialdom is run by liberals. No respected political party member, no church leader, no media personality ever tells the white grazers that they are in a war to the death with an implacable enemy who will kill them with less remorse than they would kill an insect. So the grazer sits back, waiting to help out in certifiable national emergencies, while the liberals and their heathen henchmen destroy the white race.

In Arthur Koestler’s autobiography he said that some people left the Communist party after a whole series of events that they could not reconcile with their consciences. With others it was one blinding ‘Road to Damascus’ experience that made them leave the Communist party. For instance, one woman said she left the party because, “One night I heard screams.” So it will be with the grazers, who after all are supporters of a Jacobin system just as heinous as communist Russia was. Most will remain grazers till it is time for them to be butchered in the liberals’ stockyards, a remnant will convert because of a series of events that cannot be reconciled with their consciences, and some will convert because one night they heard screams.

It doesn’t matter, once you have determined that Liberaldom is evil, whether you think your chance of getting any support in your war against the liberals is very remote. If they are evil you must fight them, for the same reason Hamlet defied augury. Life is a spiritual battle against principalities and powers; we don’t surrender to the principalities and powers of the devil simply because he has superior numbers and earthly power. But it is not even a question of a division of the spiritual realm and the practical realm, with action in the spiritual realm guaranteed to fail and action in the practical realm more likely to succeed. The two realms cannot be separated, because man is created in the image of God, he is of the spirit. It is not practical to deny the spiritual life, which is what all those attached to Liberaldom have done. Practically and spiritually we don’t know what might happen if a king or prince, with only a symbolic role in the modern world, were to call on his people to throw out the liberal government and rally behind their ancient King to drive out the invaders from France, from Britain, from Germany, and so on. Farfetched? Nothing is farfetched if we look at the Europeans’ history. It is time for fairytale heroics that come from a childlike faith in the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. +

(1) The intellectual Christians and the ‘conservatives’ think that if they advocate a theory of nonviolence for white people there will be no violence. They, like their mad-dog liberal brethren, think that all evil is in the white race. So if the white race refrains from violence, there shall be no violence. But is this true? Why is there more violence now than ever before, the most barbaric violence imaginable, even though the white race has renounced violence?

Is it humane, is it Christian, to dogmatically renounce violence while your people are being slaughtered by colored heathens, urged on by techno-barbarian liberals? What do you think liberals mean when they promise a nonracist police force? What do you think all those Lady Macbeth councilwomen in Germany mean when they tell you that Germany will be a Moslem nation? They are telling you that you and your kith and kin are going to be exterminated. What type of people tolerate that without fighting back? A people who have no leaders who see them as a people whose lives, culture, and heritage deserve to be preserved. Violence won’t cease if white people are nonviolent. It will increase, because the worse kind of barbaric heathen violence flourishes when whites refuse to be violent in defense of their people and their heritage.

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