Blood, Hearth, and Faith

Dickson groaned. What had become of his dream of idylls, his gentle bookish romance? Vanished before a reality which smacked horribly of crude melodrama and possibly of sordid crime. His gorge rose at the picture, but a thought troubled him. Perhaps all romance in its hour of happening was rough and ugly like this, and only shone rosy in the retrospect. Was he being false to his deepest faith? – John Buchan


But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. – Romans 2: 29


The late John Tyndall heroically supported the BNP even after he was ousted from the party by mean-spirited bureaucrats. Tyndall still supported the BNP after the leadership was wrested from him, because he loved Britain. It was his belief that the majority of Britons agreed with the nativist principles of the BNP but were afraid to openly support the BNP, because the BNP had no power. For that reason, Tyndall maintained, it was imperative that the BNP should continue to run candidates for local and national officers in order to gain power. This has been the standard response to the liberal-barbarian assault on the West throughout the European nations: Gain power through the democratic process and democratically slow down or stop the invasions of the West.

This policy of halting the invasion of the West through the democratic process has been a colossal failure. The West has been invaded, at the invitation of democratically elected Satanists, and the hope of openly nationalist candidates getting elected and actually halting or reversing the blood red tide of colored and Moslem invaders has become a non-hope. (1) Why has the democracy gambit failed? It has failed because you cannot “seek redemption form the devil.” All our modern democratic governments have their origin in that anti-European, anti-Christian movement called Jacobinism. Burke managed to turn Britain and the rest of the European nations against Robespierre and his bloody cohorts, but he was not able to drive home the far more important message: The Jacobin revolt was not a mere palace revolution that replaced one European government with another; it was a revolt against all things European and Christian. It called for the enthronement of Satan.

Instead of the religion and the law by which they were in a great politick communion with the Christian world, they have constructed their Republick on three bases, all fundamentally opposite to those on which the communities of Europe are built. It’s foundation is laid in Regicide; in Jacobinism; and in Atheism; and it has joined to those principles, a body of systematick manners which secures their operation. – Burke

Burke thought we should never make peace with the regicides, but the European people did make peace with the regicides, and one by one the European nations became democratic, regicide nations, committed to the extermination of the European people and the eradication of their culture. How can the extermination of the European people be halted through the process expressly set up for their extermination? If we elect different executioners every four or five years, do we stop the executions?

In the old serials and pulp novels of the 1930s and 1940s, the dastardly villain is never content with merely killing the hero. He must think of some diabolically clever way to end the hero’s life. Despite the protest of his henchmen, who merely want to see the hero dead, the villain concocts an incredibly elaborate way for the hero to die. And of course the hero always escapes and then kills the villain. Why do the fiendishly clever villains never learn to simply kill the hero as quickly as they can and then proceed with their plans to conquer the world? P. G. Wodehouse tells us that while the master villain was growing up, his parents were always praising him for being a clever little fellow. Thus the super villain grew up with an insatiable need to be praised for his cleverness. That need is the main reason Batman, Nayland Smith, Bulldog Drummond, and countless other heroes who tried to stop the arch-villains from conquering the world, were successful. They had great pluck to be sure, but it was the villains’ desire to be clever that saved the heroes and Western civilization.

The white man who wants to resist the onslaught of the colored barbarians and the Moslems has unknowingly succumbed to the same temptation as the super villains. He has been told for over a century now that white men do not fight in defense of their own people. They can organize protest marches, if they get protest permits, they can climb tall buildings and throw pamphlets into the streets, but they must not kill the people who are killing their people or the people who ordered the murders. Why mustn’t they kill in defense of their people? They must not kill in defense of their people because Jacobins rule the Western nations. And the first rule of Jacobinism is that only ‘the people’ have a right to revolt; all non-people must submit to their own extermination. At first, ‘the people’ were the French proletariat, but over time all white people became the aristocrats; they were the non-people who had to be purged. The term “white privilege” is used to justify the extermination of the white race; we are all, from the white street person, to the Wall Street executive, guilty of white privilege. And we all must die. The liberal does not wish to die — he does not have a death wish; he wants all whites, excepting himself and a few elite liberals, to die while the blacks stand with their hats in their hands as the great white liberal passes. If you can see the liberals’ favorite film without vomiting take a look at the scene where Atticus Finch walks by the negroes in the balcony of the courtroom. “Stand up, your father is passing.” Does the liberal, who cries every time he sees that scene, but remains dry-eyed over the torture murder of babies in the womb and of white people in South Africa and the United States, ever ask himself why the blacks hate that movie? They hate that movie because they don’t want to worship the great white liberal god. They want Babylon unvarnished and unpolluted by any white presence, even the presence of the self-anointed liberal messiahs.

What if baby killers started dying by the thousands? What if government officials who proudly proclaimed that Europe would become Moslem by 2020 were found dead in their beds? What if black barbarians and Moslems who rape, murder, and pillage were killed by masked raiders instead of pampered and pardoned by a liberal, white-hating, ‘justice’ system? (2) It would be very undemocratic to be part of any type of action against the Jacobin establishment. But why are the Jacobins and their anti-European, anti-Christian governments sacred? Why must we refrain from killing those people who are killing our people? In 770 a small group of Spanish Christians met in a cave and took a vow, “To the Knife!” Some 700 years later The Cid drove the Moslems out of Spain. Now the Moslems, the black barbarians, and every other heathen race have descended upon the European nations. Yes, we always have eternal Europe. And if we are the last Europeans left on the face of the earth we should go down fighting while holding eternal Europe, His Europe, before our eyes. But does the kingdom of temporal Europe have to die? What will be the result if a few Europeans take the vow, “To the knife”? We don’t know. The death of the West statisticians cannot tell us, because they don’t know; no one but God knows. And it is God’s will that we should not know. He wants us to stay loyal to His Europe, not to be historical prognosticators.

Those who repudiate their past (and in the past white men fought for their people) in the name of a utopian future always end up on the side of Satan.

The French, after the cataclysm of 1789, did not heal the wounds or tie up the threads again, did not take hold of themselves and turn a hatred of violent overthrows into a primary political principle. On the contrary, with Tradition and Reason frozen into permanent incompatibilities – hardening against one another in order to produce a standing discontinuity in the very structure of French politics. The overthrow of 1789 became a matter for glory and emulation – a thing to be repeated. There emerged therefore a romantic hypostasization of Revolution as such. – H. Butterfield

That romance, the satanic revolt against all things Christian and European, has become part of the blood faith of the European liberals. Wherever satanic revolt sprang up, the liberals supported that revolt and demonized the opponents of the revolt. The northern Jacobins supported the war to set the darkies free and demonized the white Southerners. The white Russians who fought for the Czar were ‘evil oppressors,’ and Trotsky and Lenin were the noble revolutionaries. Castro came down from the hills to free his people, while Franco, who came back from exile to free his people from Communist tyranny, was vilified his entire life. And now every black murderer and Moslem jihadist becomes a noble revolutionary, and their opponents are right-wing reactionaries. But are there any opponents of the liberals’ romance? No, there are not. A romance can only be defeated by another romance. When white men respond to white genocide with ten-point programs outlining the need for white identity, and when white people proudly declare their commitment to the principles of democratic government, even though democratic governments are destroying the white race, we can see that white people do not have that within which is necessary to defeat the Jacobin liberals and their temporary allies, the colored barbarians and the heathens.

Let us go back to our Apostle, the apostle who loved and hated with all his heart. St. Paul was not an intellectual, he was not an Erasmus type figure who was concerned with Christology, philosophy, and theology. There are no definitions of God in Paul’s writings, yet he gives us a much more distinct image of Christ than any theological or philosophical treatise ever did or could. It is not Mass attendance, or ten-step programs to a better understanding of God that concern St. Paul. He cares only about Christ crucified and Christ risen. Intimacy with that God is all and all to St. Paul. And how is that intimacy achieved? It is achieved through the charity that never faileth. There is a link between Burke’s defense of old Europe, where men had “that charity of honor,” and St. Paul’s “better way,” the way of charity. St. Paul set the church of Christ on the right course. Christ, not Christology, was to rule the church. It was the mission of our people, the Europeans of the hearth, the soil, and the blood, to place Christ, the hero-God, back in His proper place as true God and true man. The Europeans came as conquerors, but they bent their knees, not to a theology, but to their Lord, Savior, and Kinsman.

Jacobinism, which is institutionalized Satanism, arose in Europe as a result of the spread of intellectual Christianity over Pauline Christianity. When Christianity became a philosophical system, the romance of the Christ story was drained out of the church, and Satan filled the void in the Europeans’ souls with the romance of revolt. Burke, who still saw Christ as the first Europeans saw Christ, immediately knew what Jacobinism was. It was an assault on God by way of an attack on the traditions, prejudices, customs, and manners that stemmed from the Europeans’ heartfelt faith in Jesus Christ. It is the heart that sees the romantic vision. Kill the heart and the romance is gone. No power on earth nor the powers of hell could make the Europeans give way to the heathens and the colored barbarians if they still believed in the romance of the Christ story. But intellectual Christians, who have left the romance of Christian Europe behind them in the non-utopian past, must try to graft their Christian non-faith onto some aspect of the Jacobin faith in revolt. The Moslems, the black barbarians, the Jews, the philosophical speculators are all part of the Jacobin revolt. If they can graft their intellectual Christianity onto one of those branches of revolt, the new age intellectual Christians can become part of the romance of the revolt against Christian Europe. The modern world, which the Christ-less Christians have made their world, views everything from white, Christian Europe as unspeakably vile. But isn’t it a case of, “Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile; Filths savour but themselves.”? The difference lies in our heart’s vision. Can the romance of Christ crucified, Christ risen, be blended with the Jacobins’ romance of revolt? Almighty God, forbid it! When white ‘Christians’ give birth to black babies hatched in science labs, when Englishmen elect a Moslem Mayor of London, it is time to take the vow, “To the Knife!” The romance of revolt can only be defeated by the romance of Christ crucified, Christ risen, which was and always shall be the one true romance of the European people. +


(1) I hope the AfD party in Germany actually wins a national election, I hope Trump wins the Presidency, but such victories, should they occur, are only rear guard measures to cover the retreat of the white race. That charity of honor demands we stop looking to the democratic process as the white man’s only salvation. The liberals have made their intentions clear. They are committed to the destruction of the white race. Must we submit to that destruction if we can’t get enough votes?

(2) I am constantly hearing, from the white pacifists, that the vigilante violence of the masked youths in Sweden will only lead to anarchy and hooliganism. Are such pacifists so morally blind that they cannot see that what they call hooliganism and anarchy is a moral and necessary response to hooliganism and anarchy? It appears so. If our laws are not grounded in the traditional faith of the European people, they are not laws, they are the decrees of revolutionary tribunals determined to destroy God by destroying His people.

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