That Which Endures

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. –  1 Peter 8


And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold two men stood by them in shining garments: And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead? – Luke 24: 4-6


I recently saw a column by Patrick Buchanan in which he stated that Western civilization was dead whether Trump won the Presidency or not. My response to that assertion is similar to Horatio’s response to Hamlet –

HAMLET: There’s ne-er a villain dwelling in all Denmark —
But he’s an arrant knave.

HORATIO: There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave
To tell us this.

There have been thousands of ‘death of the West’ books; we don’t need another book or column stating what is obvious. Instead let’s look at what is not quite as obvious, let’s look at something that is not dead and shall never die.

The western civilization that died and is now a rotting corpse is not Western civilization. What St. Augustine said was impossible, that the city of God and the city of man could form an incorporate union, became a reality when our people, the Europeans, made Christ the lodestar of their civilization. While the theologians kept saying a Christian civilization was impossible, the Europeans continued to act on the contrary principle – it was possible. It certainly was, and the proof is in the Europeans’ past. If we take the European people and their culture “for all in all” we see that they did indeed create that entity, a Christian culture, which our theologians told us was impossible to create.

From within that European Christian culture, Satan arose. He infiltrated the organized churches and he toppled Christian governments. Burke and Dostoyevsky have chronicled this satanic subversion of Christian Europe. By the time of the First World War Christian Europe had been replaced by liberal Europe. There was more than a remnant of believing Christians left, but their leaders no longer looked to Christ to lead them into battle, and they no longer looked to Christ for the wisdom to govern. Reason, science, and psychiatric voodoo replaced faith, hope, and charity.

What we see before us now, in church, state, and civil society is the rotting corpse of the anti-European, anti-Christian civilization that replaced Christian Europe. Like the Ancient Mariner the modern European looks about him and sees only death:

I looked upon the rotting seas
And drew my eyes away;
I looked upon the rotting deck,
And there the dead men lay.

I looked to heaven, and tried to pray;
But or ever a prayer had gusht,
A wicked whisper came, and made
My heart as dry as dust.

I closed my lids, and kept them close,
And the balls like pulses beat;
For the sky and the sea, and the sea and the sky
Lay like a load on my weary eye,
And the dead were at my feet.

There was life for the Ancient Mariner when he repented and turned to God, just as there is life for the European who returns to Christian Europe. No atheist pope, no modern Christian Zionist, can change the moral essence that is Europe. Those who adhere to that moral essence are greatly diminished in numbers since Europe’s halcyon days, but are we worse off than in the days of Noah? And we still have their example, the antique Europeans, to give us the strength to look at the dying corpse of democratic, Jacobin, race-mixing Europe and see the real Europe that has been obscured, but not eclipsed, by rotting corpse Europe.

We adhere to old Europe, because He resides there and because there must be some men of the Christian Europe to serve as a sign of contradiction to the death-in-life creatures who inhabit rotting corpse Europe. Does anyone ever return from that city of desolation? It does not appear so. But God does not require us to win the numbers’ game. He requires us to be faithful – “As for me and my house…” Nor is it written that no one ever returns from rotting-corpse Europe. The God who rose from the dead on the third day can bring even rotting corpses back to life.

I don’t forget for one second what we have lost. The ‘death of the West’ men are right, up to a point. But I take issue with the death of the West cataloguers as regards the identity of the dead body. The body of Western civilization still lives. It is the demon-based offshoot of Western civilization that is dying right in front of our eyes. There is no life in negro worship, there is no life in Judaism or any of the pagan faiths. There is only the death in life existence of men and women who have forsaken the living God for Satan. As rotting-corpse Babylon perishes, we must maintain the old world which is forever new. The real Europe can be difficult to see while the smoke from the burning corpses of Babylonian Europe gets in our eyes, but that Europe, which we see with our heart’s eye, is our Europe. As Ratty said of his river, “It’s my world, and I don’t want any other,” so we say of Christian Europe. Everything that is evil has been institutionalized in rotting-corpse Europe – feminism, negro worship, sodomy, Islam, and Christ-less Christianity. Everything that is pure and noble that stems from old Europe has been banned – honor, love, white pietas, and Christian charity.

Is Europe sacred because of her physical beauty? No, Blake is right about nature: “Where man is not, nature is barren.” Europe is sacred because it was there that the white race formed an incorporate union with Christ. Wherever that moral essence exists – “where two or three are gathered together in my name” – there is Europe:

Mere locality does not constitute a body politick. Had Cade and his gang got possession of London, they would not have been the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council. The body politick of France existed in the majesty of it’s throne; in the dignity of it’s nobility; in the honour of it’s gentry; in the sanctity of it’s clergy; in the reverence of it’s magistracy; in the weight and consideration due to it’s landed property in the several bailliages; in the respect due to it’s moveable substance represented by the corporations of the kingdom. All these particular moleculae united, form the great mass of what is truly the body politick, in all countries. They are so many deposits and receptacles of justice; because they can only exist by justice. Nation is a moral essence, not a geographical arrangement, or a denomination of the nomenclator…. The Regicides in France are not France. France is out of her bounds, but the kingdom is the same. – Edmund Burke

Those whites who are true to the moral essence of Europe are the true Europeans no matter where their geographical location is. In the 1960’s, for instance, the white South Africans were the most European nation on the earth. And now? The European faithful are in the same position as Alexander Smollet was vis-à-vis the pirates:

Now you’ll hear me. If you’ll come up one by one, unarmed, I’ll engage to clap you all in irons, and take you home to a fair trial in England. If you won’t, my name is Alexander Smollett, I’ve flown my sovereign’s colours, and I’ll see you all to Davy Jones.

Wherever there are white people who love their people in and through the European Christ (who is the one and only Christ, just as the Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street is the one and only Santa Claus), you’ll find the nation that started out as a land mass and became a moral essence of men and women consecrated to the living God. If the black barbarians, the feminists, the Moslems, and the other creatures of rotting-corpse Liberaldom will come up one by one we’ll clap them in irons for a fair trial. But if they won’t surrender voluntarily… well, then Alexander Smollet’s ultimatum can serve as our own.

We are not disembodied spirits, we need lebensraum. But doesn’t that need for a homeland come from our love for our people and our God? We want our loved ones to have a hearth and we want our God to preside over that hearth. But the spirit cannot be divorced from the homeland. When I went to Stratford-upon-Avon, I thought it was beautiful because the Gentle Bard was born and raised there, not because I loved woods and streams in and of themselves. It is the same with all the European nations. The land is sacred, because of the people and the God who dwelt there. So it is not accurate to say, “Western civilization is dead.” Western civilization is still very much alive in the hearts of the European people who still love old Europe. There are no eleventh hour time limits on the love that is inspired by the passion of Christ. That love endures for all eternity. What is true is that the institutions of the West, church, state, and academy, are morally dead. They are the purveyors of rotting-corpse liberalism, which had its brief day and will now become part of the universal dung heap of heathenism. We triumph still if we cling to old Europe while in the midst of rotting-corpse liberalism. The Ancient Mariner was brought back from the brink of death by “happy living things” –

The selfsame moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.

So will it be with us. The selfsame moment that we feel connected to the living culture of the antique Europeans we will be able to pray to the living God, and the Albatross of rotting-corpse liberalism will fall from our necks. Blessed relief! Blessed moment!

The liberals are the Midases of death. Everything they touch turns from something living to something dead. The churchmen have turned the living God into a social worker, they have turned women, the life bearers, into the great destroyers of life, they have turned demonic black barbarians into angels of death, and they have placed the Islamic god of death and destruction above the living God. This charnel house of evil cannot be called a civilization, it is the absence of a civilization. We must, we few, we Europeans, cleanse our European nations of the death-in-life liberals and replace them with men and women wedded to His Europe. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished for, fought for, and prayed for.

Judging by the amount of horror movies made about the undead, we can assume that the public has an insatiable thirst for movies that depict rotting corpses who attack human beings. The corpses are animated by Satan, who keeps them alive to do his will. Of course the purveyors of the undead films do not realize that they are depicting liberals, but there were Christian poets who did know what the unholy union of abstract reason and utopianism would bring down upon mankind. Stevenson, in his short story called “Thrawn Janet,” tells us of a young minister, filled with modern ideas about the Bible and the perfectibility of man, who takes a woman into his home as a housekeeper, whom the villagers believe to be possessed by the devil. If you read the story you will see the modern drama of satanic liberalism at war with Christian orthodoxy. The young minister wins his battle against Satan, but only when he completely rejects Christian atheism:

‘Witch, beldame, devil!’ he cried, ‘I charge you, by the power of God, begone — if you be dead, to the grave — if you be damned, to hell.’

An’ at that moment the Lord’s ain hand out o’ the Heevens struck the Horror whaur it stood; the auld, deid, desecrated corp o’ the witch-wife, sae lang keepit frae the grave and hirsled round by deils, lowed up like a brunstane spunk and fell in ashes to the grund; the thunder followed, peal on dirling peal, the rairing rain upon the back o’ that; and Mr. Soulis lowped through the garden hedge, and ran, wi’ skelloch upon skelloch, for the clachan.

That same mornin’, John Christie saw the Black Man pass the Muckle Cairn as it was chappin’ six; before eicht, he gaed by the change-house at Knockdow; an’ no lang after, Sandy M’Lellan saw him gaun linkin’ doun the braes frae Kilmackerlie. There’s little doubt but it was him that dwalled sae lang in Janet’s body; but he was awa’ at last; and sinsyne the deil has never fashed us in Ba’weary.

But it was a sair dispensation for the minister; lang, lang he lay ravin’ in his bed; and frae that hour to this, he was the man ye ken the day.

If we come to know what Stevenson’s young minister came to know, and if we hold to that uniquely European vision of the great battle between Christ and the devil, we will see clearly. We will not mistake a city of rotting corpses animated by the spirit of Satan for a green and pleasant land consecrated to Christ, the God of charity and mercy. There is only one civilization that is not a rotting corpse animated by Satan; that Western civilization is not dying. The number of people adhering to that civilization has greatly diminished, which is why the devil wants the Christian Europeans to play the numbers game. If the rotting corpses outnumber the Europeans, it is the devil’s hope that the Europeans will despair and become part of rotting-corpse Liberaldom. But the Europeans who love much will not despair and make peace with Satan’s kingdom of rotting corpses. We will walk the narrow way and stay with the civilization that still lives, because it is animated and sustained by Christ: Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of rotting-corpse liberalism, we shall fear no evil, because the Christ of the European hearth fire is with us, “alway even unto the end of the world.” +

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