European Pietas

I believe in the validity of my racial identity and treasure the continuity of my national traditions. I believe in, and honour, all those time-hallowed values and factors which have led us to greatness in the past, and which if retained will guarantee the greatness of our posterity. For unless we maintain the highest standards of which we are capable we shall not survive except as the slaves of others, which in the long run would mean that we would not survive at all. Thus I am indeed biased and prejudiced. I am indeed a ‘racist’ and in fundamental matters an extremist.

– Anthony Jacob


You all know what these Indians have done to New England. For near a hundred years they’ve been sneaking up on our towns and farms, cutting folks to pieces while they were still alive, roasting ‘em alive, torturing ‘em every way a sick mind could think of. Well, we’re going to put an end to that. Remember our orders – kill every fighting man among ‘em, but let the women and children alone even though they’ve killed and captured ours.

– Robert Rogers’ exhortation to his men before their punitive raid against the Abnakis Indian tribe


The liberals have always lived by the rule – “Whenever the democratic process is working toward our ends we shout, ‘The rule of law must be paramount.’” Whenever the democratic process is not working towards the liberals’ ends they break the law in order to achieve their ends. When abortion was still theoretically illegal in the 1960’s, most of the liberal state governments disregarded the law. Now, when abortion is legal, those who protest abortion are – horror of horrors – ‘breaking the law.’ The same liberal shell game is taking place again with the anti-Trump rallies. No white dared to disrupt any of Obama’s rallies when he ran for President, for fear of being called a racist, and white nationalists such as David Duke were constantly, obsessively exhorting white people not to shoot Obama. Not so with the liberals and the usual assortment of colored barbarians. They feel no compunctions about disrupting Trump rallies and threatening to shoot him. Why do the liberals and their colored and heathen allies think they can adhere to such a blatant double standard? They do so because they are without sin; they are not racist, while Donald Trump and all of his supporters are racist. Therefore, there is no law on the face of the earth that can protect their rights, because racists have no rights. Anti-racism is the liberals’ faith. They are willing to violate lesser laws in order to be loyal to their higher law. If Trump actually wins the nomination and then the Presidency it will be a minor setback for the liberals, because a Trump Presidency will slow down the accelerating pace of the process by which whites are being exterminated. But the reigning ideology of anti-racism will still be supreme. That satanic creed must be purged before whites can have a homeland.

The term ‘racism’ was not invented by Trotsky, but he was the man who first used the term as a means of destroying the white man’s will to defend himself against the worldwide Jacobin Communist revolution. It has been the most effective weapon that has ever been used against the white race. In the last one hundred years since ‘racism’ has been used as the liberals’ nuclear option, the whites have left their empires in the colored lands and become the prisoners of colored heathens in their own lands. The old adage that “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me” is incorrect. The fear of being named a racist has done to the European people what sticks, stones, bullets, and bombs could not do. It has destroyed their will to survive as a people.

Before Obama’s election it was quite common to hear white grazers say that they didn’t agree with any of his policies, but they were going to vote for him anyway in order to show that whites weren’t racist. The liberal-conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer expressed a similar sentiment about a potential candidacy of the negro Colin Powell. He didn’t agree with his politics, but he would vote for him to heal the racial divide. In Europe, those with the courage to protest the Islamic invasion are constantly claiming, “I am not racist.” One Brit, exiled for his ‘racist’ opposition to the Islamic invasion of Britain, tried desperately to plead his innocence, but to no avail: he was found guilty of the unpardonable sin – racism. It is always to no avail for a white man to claim he is innocent of the dreaded charge of racism. Did Obama’s election stop the liberals’ and the colored barbarians’ charges of racism? No, in fact, the charges of racism against whites increased after Obama’s election. Have the liberals’ stopped screaming racist at the whites who oppose the Islamic invasion of the European nations? No, they haven’t, despite the fact that those whites who oppose the Islamic invasion have never voiced their opposition in racial terms. The liberals will never listen to whites who plead innocent in their anti-racist courts. The white man will always be guilty in their courts, because the liberals’ anti-racist creed has no more to do with truth and justice than Jacobinism had anything to do with liberty, equality, and fraternity. Anti-racism, as a creed, is opposed to everything white and Christian, because it is the spiritual child of Jacobin Communism.  Until whites grasp the fact that the anti-racism banner of the liberals is the banner of a bloodthirsty, unrelenting, merciless foe that knows nothing of honor, charity, or love, they will be nothing more than cattle marked for slaughter, no matter who is elected in any of the American or European elections.

The devil has an accumulated knowledge of man’s history on earth that gives him a tremendous advantage over mankind. But that advantage can be offset by the Christian man who has not forsaken his blood faith in Christ. If he retains that faith by adhering to the mores, manners, and prejudices of his European ancestors and eschewing the rationalism of the church men and their secular counterparts, he will not have to face a satanic adversary armed only with his own feeble brain. The lifeblood of Jesus Christ will flow in his veins and he will be able to prevail against the wickedness and snares of the devil. The Jacobins, Trotsky, and their liberal descendants were and are willing to invoke the devil in their war against the European people. Why are the Europeans unwilling to invoke Christ in their war against the liberals and the colored heathens? They won’t invoke Christ, because they think they can go it alone with their own reason.

The church men, by placing reason above the blood wisdom of God’s people, have killed pietas, the love of the people of our own hearth fire. In so doing they have replaced the charity that never faileth with the rationalism that always faileth. The prejudiced Europeans, the racist Europeans, loved God and their neighbor. Who does the new rationalist man love? He is incapable of love, because there is no love or charity in a purely rational man; abstracted reason is the mark of the devil.

There is only a passionate hatred of God and His people in the rationalism of the church men and their secular counterparts. We must be passionately racist, loving our own with a passion that surpasseth the hatred of the rationalists, if we are ever going to launch a serious attack against the devil and his minions. If we continue to accept Trotsky’s demonization of white pietas as holy writ, we will remain in the liberals’ hell and fall prey to either the Moslems, the colored barbarians, or our own despair. Is that the fate we were born for? Yes, the liberals tell us.

The Christian atheists, their liberal counterparts, the neopagan rationalists, the Ayn-Randian objectivists, and all the other competing groups of post-Christian Europeans are all playing in the same board game. The game is called “Find the Mathematical Formula of Existence.” But what if mathematical logic cannot solve the problem of existence? What if the illogic of the fairy tales contains the truth of existence? The lay of the European minstrel told us of great heroes whose hearts belonged to Christ, the Hero-God. The antique Europeans, who made the lay of the minstrel part of their blood, rode triumphant over the barbarian hordes of color and the heathens. Now that the Europeans no longer listen to or heed the lay of the European minstrel, they go round and round on the rationalist merry-go-round, which is not so merry, without any hope of getting off.

In Walter Scott’s novel The Talisman, Saladin, in a verbal exchange with a Scottish knight, boasts of his descent from demons who mated with mortal women. The Scottish knight is horrified and angry. Why would a man boast of a descent from demons? But if Christ is not the Son of God, and Saladin believed He was not, then why shouldn’t a man be proud of his blood connection to demons who can infuse strength and power into his blood? The Catholic popes’ great ecumenical movements, in which they seek to fuse their rationalist faith, which is an unfaith, with negro worship, Islam, and every other heathen religion, are attempts to revitalize their cold, rationalist faith with the blood faiths of the heathens who worship the devil. The Protestant evangelicals have taken a similar path. They have turned to Judaism in order to revitalize their bloodless, soulless, rationalist faith. The European racist does not need a blood connection to the devil to revitalize his soul. He has a spirit and blood connection to Christ through the people of his racial hearth fire. European pietas is our answer to Christian atheism, liberalism, Islam, negro worship, and every other false faith that bids us reject Christ and our people. +

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