Of Home, of Faith, of Europe

Years may go by, and the wheel in the river
Wheel as it wheels for us, children, to-day,
Wheel and keep roaring and foaming for ever
Long after all of the boys are away.

Home from the Indies and home from the ocean,
Heroes and soldiers we all shall come home;
Still we shall find the old mill wheel in motion,
Turning and churning that river to foam.

You with the bean that I gave when we quarrelled,
I with your marble of Saturday last,
Honoured and old and all gaily apparelled,
Here we shall meet and remember the past.

-Robert Louis Stevenson


There are atrocities being visited upon the European people by the Moslems and the black barbarians that go far beyond anything we have seen in the history of the European people. And yet there has been no reaction against the atrocities. The liberals encourage and support the atrocities, because they are at war with the white race. The white grazers ignore the atrocities, because after years and years of life in Liberaldom, the grazers have no sense of kinship with the white race. What happens to one group of whites in another part of the pasture has no bearing on their lives. They will just keep grazing until it is their turn to be led to the slaughterhouse. And the white nationalists, who should be the leaders of a white counterrevolution, spend their time cataloging the atrocities and urging whites to “wake up.” But once they wake up, they are told to put pressure on the government and remain non-violent. If the liberals in power were Christians, such a policy might work, but the liberals are not Christians. We can’t negotiate with Satan. (1)

Can any man, with a heart of flesh, remain non-violent in the wake of the unrelenting, merciless onslaught of the colored barbarians and the Moslems? No white man living prior to World War I would have remained non-violent while his people were being tortured and murdered by a relentless, merciless foe. “Times have changed, we do things differently now.” Yes, we do. But why do we do things differently? Why do our hearts not burn with anger over the slaughter of the innocents and the torture-murder of our people? When Moslems walk the streets of Europe and tell us that our children will be Moslems and our people will be exterminated, why don’t we want to drive the Moslems into the sea? When the black barbarians kill and torture whites and then glory in their bloodletting, why don’t we kill them? Yes, I know that the liberal powers-that-be support the black barbarians and the Moslems, but that doesn’t explain the whites’ acceptance of the blacks’ and the Moslems’ atrocities. The powers-that-be were against the white Southerners during the so-called Reconstruction Era, and still the white men of that era struck back against the liberal-backed barbarian hordes of color.

There is no getting around the fact that something has changed in the soul of the white man: He no longer sees evil and wants to fight against it. Instead, he either declares the evil to be a great good, as was the case with Pope Francis who called the Moslem invasion of Europe a good thing, or else he laments the destruction of the white race, while calling upon all whites to remain non-violent. They must democratically protest against their own destruction by appealing to the liberal organizers of the extermination process. So, what is missing? It has to do with the blood. The European has, over the last century, had a spiritual blood transfusion. He has removed Christ from his blood stream and replaced Him with an abstracted intellect. And without a blood faith, a faith bred-in-the-bone, he cannot act as an integral man should act. Why should the modern white man be outraged at the torture-murder of other white men? Why should he be outraged at the rape of white women? Without a blood faith, the white man has no more concern for any living creature than he has for any other, and that is very little, because only a Christian European cares deeply enough about his own people to fight for them. And there are precious few Christian Europeans. There are millions of liberals and grazers who attend the anti-European, and therefore anti-Christian, churches, but can you take a church document or the Bible and use either one independent of the people who took Christ into their racial home and made Him the cornerstone of their culture? No, you cannot. You will be an un-man, incapable of responding to existence as a man should.

I recently watched a video of a Moslem man asking a confused white nationalist what he believed in. The young white nationalist couldn’t answer the Moslem. The liberals believe in hatred — they believe in the hatred of the white race and the hatred of the ancient faith of the white man. Whoever hates the white race and European Christianity receives the liberals’ support and adoration. I won’t say ‘love,’ because the liberals are incapable of love. The Moslems believe in Allah, and the blacks believe in themselves. What do the whites believe? To whom have they sworn allegiance? That is the white man’s dilemma. He is too rational to believe what the European people believed prior to the 20th century. As a result, he is too rational to fight for his people, because he no longer believes that every human soul, particularly his kith and kin, is created in the image of a living God. The rational European only believes in mankind; he does not believe in or love individual people.

The war against the Islamization and colorization of Europe was lost long before the invasions and colorization started. The war was lost in the spiritual trenches. While the great scholars of the West – the philosophers, the historians, and the theologians – were looking only at the sins of the Christian Europeans, which seemed to be the same as the sins of their pagan ancestors, they completely failed to observe what was taking place inside the European people. A miracle took place: The Son of God found a local habitation at the hearth fire of the European people.

After this miracle, in nothing, except externals, did the Christian European resemble the pagan. Something completely apart from and separate from paganism had entered the blood of the European. That something was charity. All races have fought for power, for money, and for bloodlust. Only the Europeans once knew, because of their blood connection to Christ, that there is something deeper and purer than bloodlust that motivates a man to fight. Burke said it best: there is “that charity of honor,” which stems from His love of us, the love that passeth all understanding. Europeans imbued with that charity of honor know when to fight and kill without reference to moral theology books or the treatises of psychiatrists. When their hearts were stirred with rage by the slaughter of their people, they fought and killed the heathens. There is one exchange in the movie Northwest Passage that clearly delineates the difference between the modern European and the Christian European. An English soldier asks Rogers, of Roger’s Rangers fame, why he is leading a punitive raid against the Indians. Rogers tells him, “They keep coming down into the valley and murdering our men and raping our women. What would you do in our place?”

The English soldier replies, “I’d do what you’re doing – I’d go get them.”

What the pagans did as a matter of course, killing for vainglory and bloodlust, became something that the Europeans of the Christian era disdained. Men were supposed to fight for innocence, for charity’s sake. The “lesser breeds without the law” fought for the heathen things. But what happens when that charity of honor is replaced by rationalism? When the Christian Goth, who loves and hates with all his heart, becomes an “intelligent modern man” who thinks really hard about philosophy, politics, and theology, we witness a great falling off. Such a European is an undine. He has no soul. Because he is white, he cannot fight as the heathens fight, for bloodlust, but he no longer has that charity of honor which made men like Havelock, Lee, Rogers, and Forrest fight for kith and kin. He is a rational man, and rational men don’t fight; they form think tanks, organize committees, and try to convert the savage hordes by sound reasoning and a very rational, doctrinaire commitment to non-violence and the democratic process. (2)

The Moslems, the black barbarians, the Aztecs, and all the rest of the anti-Christian and anti-white hordes of color are not that formidable in and of themselves. They were all kept in control when the Europeans loved their own in and through the Savior. But now that the Europeans have forsaken their past, they no longer know the Savior who was incarnate in old Europe. They have no hearth fire; hence, there is no animating spirit that stirs their blood and makes them want to defend their own against all the pagan world. When the Europeans lost their capacity to love, they lost their will to fight. Now any enemy, no matter how small they once appeared to the spiritual giants of our race who came before us, is more than a match for the European people.

It’s completely unrealistic of me to expect modern Europeans who have been reared by liberals in church, state, and academy to turn from liberalism and embrace the European Christ, the God of our racial hearth fire. But I do hope for it. There is the hope given to us in 1st Corinthians 13: 8:

Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

The Europe that I know was built on that very unreasonable and irrational sentiment of St. Paul. Surely the man who encountered the risen Lord on the road to Damascus could not be wrong? If he wasn’t wrong, then all things are possible for those who still have that charity of honor. Just as He drew His people to Him, so can the European who does not bend his knee to the heathens or the liberals, lead his people back to their racial hearth fire where Christ lives and reigns.

I love so many of the novels and short stories of Robert Louis Stevenson. But I think his most remarkable work of all was his collection of poems centering around his childhood memories of his home in Scotland. In these poems we see a childlike hope, a childlike faith in the European vision – there is a loving God that rules over the European hearth fire. His last short poem, published in A Child’s Garden of Verses, was written while he was on his death bed:

The world is so full of a number of things
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.

That is the type of faith a European childhood can inspire. If we return to our European childhood, where the God of charity dwells, we will defend our European garden and we will see visions and dream dreams that sustain us in the day of battle. +


(1) The subway beatings of the Moslem thugs in Sweden, the Russians’ response to their Moslem thugs, and the white South Africans’ paramilitary preparations represent the only possible response to the great haters – the satanically possessed liberals and their heathen and colored allies who seek the blood of the white man.

There are more whites that realize it has come down to kill or be killed than we realize. The liberal media ignores the slaughter of whites, and the alternative news sites try to influence the liberals and get the grazers to be more politically aware, so they do not issue a call to arms. But there is a remnant… Last summer, in the parking lot of a local shopping mart, I saw a man with a British flag prominently displayed on his car. I started singing “Hail, Britannia.” The man gave me a wave, and we both went on our ways. About three weeks ago, I saw the same man with the same flag, different car, displayed on his car. This time I started singing “Land of Hope and Glory,” and this time I stopped and talked with him. He was a man in his mid-seventies, London-born and bred. He usually gets over to the States twice a year to visit his daughter, who married an American. I asked him what he thought of the Moslem invasion. He went through a now-familiar tale of woe, talking about what his city used to be and what it had become, and he concluded his tale of woe with a very un-liberal sentiment: “It’s them or us, it’s that simple.” All the governments of the West, with the possible exception of the Russian government, have decided it is us. We have been designated for slaughter.

One Englishman in his mid-seventies does not constitute a counter-revolution, and how many of those fighting Swedish youths were Christians? Probably none. The churches have done more than brainwash the European people, they have washed their souls until there is nothing of the true faith left in them. I don’t like the declared ethos of the neo-pagans, which is a confused mish-mosh of Nietzsche and biological determinism, but any neo-pagan who loves his own people enough to strike a blow in their defense has more Christianity in him, despite his denial of the true faith, than ten million of the Pope Francis-type of white-hating, Christ-hating atheists.

That having been said, Europe cannot be saved by neo-paganism. She will stand or fall on the Christian faith of her people. If enough Europeans return to a bred-in-the-bone faith in Christ, Europe will be restored. The men of Europe will place their swords in the ground, then they will kneel and pray before the cross. And when they rise from their knees, they will remove their swords from the ground and do what their ancestors did when they had to defend their European hearth fires.

(2) There exists, in the soul of the post-Christian rationalist, a strange dichotomy. He will no longer fight for kith and kin, yet he will slaughter millions by proxy, for the sake of money. He will let loose the war planes on the heathens over there in order to force them to become democratic capitalists, yet he will remain indifferent to the invasion of his own nation by those same heathens. So long as you kill in the name of an –ism and not in defense of your race, you are in the right in the eyes of the “enlightened” European rationalist.

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