The Satanic Core of the Liberals’ ‘Niceness’

It is a dreadful part of the example, that infernal malevolence has had pious apologists, who read their lectures on frailties in favour of crimes; who abandoned the weak, and court the friendship of the wicked. To root out these maxims, and the examples that support them, is a wise object of years of war. This is that war. This is that moral war. It was said by old Trivulzio, that the battle of Marignan was the battle of the Giants, that all the rest of the many he had seen were those of the Cranes and Pygmies. This is true of the objects, at least, of the contest. For the greater part of those, which we have hitherto contended for, in comparison, were the toys of children.

The October Politician is so full of charity and good nature, that he supposes, that these very robbers and murderers themselves are in a course of amelioration; on what ground I cannot conceive, except on the long practice of every crime, and by its complete success. He is an Origenist, and believes in the conversion of the Devil. All that runs in the place of blood in his veins, is nothing but the milk of human kindness. He is as soft as a curd, though, as a politician, he might be supposed to be made of sterner stuff. He supposes (to use his own expression) “that the salutary truths which he inculcates, are making their way into their bosoms.” Their bosom is a rock of granite, on which falsehood has long since built her strong hold. Poor Truth has had a hard work of it with her little pickaxe. Nothing but gunpowder will do.

Letters on a Regicide Peace


When I was growing up the use of weights in sports was discouraged. My football coach, like many coaches of that time, told me to stop lifting weights, because he thought that weightlifting would make me ‘muscle-bound.’ Some twenty years later, every pro team in the country and most of the college teams had strength coaches, and movies like Pumping Iron had made body building a major sport. Ironically, as weightlifting came out of the closet, it changed from an activity that could enhance strength and health to a narcissistic activity that destroyed a man’s health and virility.

The puffed-up, steroid-using, body builders and athletes of today are the complete opposite of the old time strong men. Without access to exercise science gurus armed with PhDs, and without the use of steroids and total gyms, the old time lifters built bodies that stood the test of time. Many of the old-time strong men maintained their strength and vitality right to the end of their lives. George Hackenschmidt was still lifting massive weights in his mid-eighties as were most of the old time lifters who practiced the now antiquated ‘three days a week, with rest in between’ program.

Nor have the modern exercise science men discovered anything new about exercise. The old timers knew about circuit training and other such ‘modern’ innovations; they just didn’t have a fancy name for the ‘new’ techniques. But that is the essence of the modern world, gimmickry without substance.

I don’t intend to start an exercise blog – there are too many of them already – but I do want to segue from the modernity of the modern body building culture to the modernism of the liberal-conservatives. I dismiss the straight-out mad-dog liberals; they are the swine going over the cliff. It is the conservatives who are not conserving, going over the cliff with the liberals, that I want to discuss.

Burke was very clear about what a European statesman was duty-bound to conserve: the institutions, customs, manners, and prejudices that helped the Euopean people preserve their faith in our Common Hope. All changes in government must be changes to preserve the foundations of a Christian government, just as you would shore up a sacred monument with mortar and plaster, rather than tear it down and put up a new monument. Burke denounced the French Revolution with Shakespearean eloquence and passion, because he saw that the French Revolution was a radical break with the customs, manners, and prejudices of the European people who had believed, for over 1,500 years, in our Common Hope. Henceforth the battle would not only be with the pagans from without Europe, it would also be a battle against the post-Christians within Europe.

The modern conservatives are the spiritual counter parts of the modern steroid body builders. They claim to be improving and conserving while they are really helping the mad-dog liberals to tear down Western civilization by injecting a harmful poison into the European people. And what is that poison that is supposed to improve, but in reality kills? It is the poison of cosmic intellectualism as articulated by Albert Einstein in 1931:

“In primitive peoples it is, first of all, fear that awakens religious ideas—fear of hunger, of wild animals, of illness, and of death. Since the understanding of causal connections is usually limited on this level of existence, the human soul forges a being, more or less like itself, on whose will and activities depend the experiences which it fears…

“An important advance in the life of a people is the transformation of the religion of fear into the moral religion. But one must avoid the prejudice that regards the religions of primitive peoples as pure fear religions and those of the civilized races as pure moral religions. All are mixed forms, though the moral element predominates in the higher levels of social life. Common to all these types is the anthropomorphic character of the idea of God.

Only exceptionally gifted individuals or especially noble communities rise essentially above this level; in these there is found a third level of religious experience, even if it is seldom found in a pure form. I will call it the cosmic religious sense. This is hard to make clear to those who do not experience it, since it does not involve an anthropomorphic idea of God; the individual feels the vanity of human desires and aims, and the nobility and marvelous order which are revealed in nature and in the world of thought.”   – quoted in One Race, One Faith, One Shepherd (CWNY)

Who are the exceptionally gifted individuals that do not need “moral religion”? They are virtually all the European intelligentsia, both liberal and conservative. And the grazers, the people who should be the Christian faithful, have followed their leaders. For who wants to be ‘as stupid as a rhinoceros’ by subscribing to an intellectually inferior religion and the customs, manners, and prejudices attached to that religion? “Who is here so prejudiced, who will not support the massive influx of negroes and Aztecs into the European nations? Who is here so lacking in compassion that he will not welcome Moslems into the European nations? And who is so racist and illiberal that he wants his nation to be white and Christian while shunning all others? If any, speak, for we will purge that man from cosmic, multi-cultural Europe.”

The Christian churches followed in the train of the European intelligentsia. The liberals abandoned Christ entirely, and the conservatives betrayed Him by refusing to defend that which is essential for the survival of the Christian faith as a vital force in the life of the European people. We need to believe that we saw Christ face to face in the collective face of the antique Europeans. If they, the people who took Christ into their hearts, didn’t know Him, then how can we know Him? “We can know Him by a new, improved method, through the good offices of our intellects,” say the conservatives who have been shooting up with intellectual steroids to bulk up their highly developed brains. But is such a thing possible? What have the people on intellectual steroids produced? A world in which “mankind preys upon itself like monsters from the deep.” The barbarians of color kill whites and themselves with an increasing ferocity, the Moslems have marched right through the open gates of Liberaldom vowing that, “Your children shall be Moslems,” and not one public figure has called for the expulsion of the colored barbarians and the Moslems from the European nations. Why is this? Because the intelligentsia, the liberal elite that governs the white nations, do not believe in our Common Hope. If they did, they would not deliver up their own people to be tortured and murdered by colored barbarians. Nor would they allow the one true God to be replaced by the God of the Moslems.

The liberals and the liberal conservatives have detached themselves from humanity. They have invented a cosmic brotherhood of the intellect, which, from their point of view, makes them supernatural beings above the lot of common humanity. And they are right. They have left common humanity behind. They are like unto Satan, the archangel of intellect. Some, by the grace of God, might return to humanity and the humane God, but we can’t count on any member of Liberaldom joining the ranks of the European people. Their hardened hearts are poisoned against the light and we dare not mix with them on any terms other than martial ones, lest we be poisoned by them.

That leaves the white grazers, the men and women who have had so many false Aslans thrown at them that they can no longer see the real Aslan, the one who took flesh and dwelt among us, first in Bethlehem, Judea, and then amongst the people of Europe who took Him into their hearts. The white grazers are hovering between two worlds, the world of cosmic universalism where unspeakable cruelty and butchery dwell under the names of multiculturalism and democracy, and the world of His Kingdom come, a realm of charity forged out of a previously untamed pagan wilderness by the Knight Errant of charity and mercy. The people who loved much followed in His train and kept the flame of His divine charity alive through all the Christian centuries of their history. But now? Christ’s words come back to us with an overwhelming force: “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on earth?”

In White Man Think Again, Anthony Jacob writes of the one fatal flaw of the white Kenyans:

It is very far from being my intention to belittle the people of Kenya and to add insult to their unspeakable injury. Their only fundamental fault, after all, was to be too trusting and innocent a people to be a party to that which was supplanting them. They trusted Britain unquestioningly and assumed the Native would prove himself grateful for what had been done for him. They trusted everybody because they are a trustworthy people themselves…

Yes, in other words the ignorance of our Western liberal intellectuals is killing us. The distortion of their university-adjusted vision is such that even when they clearly perceive every detail of a given situation, the picture in the mirror of their intellects is invariably upside down. It is a form of insanity, ethical as well as intellectual; an insanity which takes the form of a blind belief in the efficacy of so-called ‘good’ principles regardless of the circumstances in which they are applied; such as the giving of The Vote to people who cannot read or write, and the granting of ‘National Self-determination’ to tribes of stark naked cannibals. It is a ‘sideways with the people’ insanity; one of the deadliest of its manifestations being the belief that true goodness consists in depriving oneself of the power to do good. It is an insanity compelling liberal politicians to delight in bringing about the utter subjugation of their own white race.

Therein lies the fatal flaw of all white grazers. They cannot see the evil of liberalism. They are constantly asking why their government doesn’t protect them from the colored barbarians from within and the Moslem invasion from without, but then they never believe you when you give them the answer: “The liberals hate the Christ-bearing people because they worship darkness and not the light.” This is unacceptable to the white grazer. His local clergyman is a kindly fellow, he preaches niceness and universal love, and he wouldn’t sell his people down the blood red river of diversity. Nor would his conservative congressman; he has a democratic love for all mankind. Until the grazer understands that behind the façade of liberal niceness lurks the cold malignity of the devil, he will be forever bound upon the liberals’ wheel of fire, asking for the bread of charity and receiving a stone. That is the essence of liberalism: a stone, just as hard and impenetrable as the liberal’s heart.

Burke had hope that a leader would emerge who would inspire the white grazers of his day to rally and throw off the ideological Jacobinism that was taking over Europe. He died thinking that a champion of old Christian Europe had yet to emerge. But his humility kept him from seeing that a champion had emerged, a champion who saw through the outward niceness of liberalism to its satanic core. That Christian champion was Edmund Burke, who stands with Shakespeare as the great champion and poet of the white Christian race. With blinding sight he saw that it was the Europeans’ passion to love the good and hate evil that made them a race distinct from all others. Their passion linked to His passion made Christian Europe, and their descent to niceness destroyed Christian Europe. It is the task of the true European conservatives to live up to that essential truth so passionately articulated and defended by Edmund Burke, the great Knight errant of Europe: “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” Forsake liberal niceness, love your people in and through Christ, and Liberaldom will come tumbling down, freeing the Europeans to do battle with and defeat the colored barbarians and the Moslem invaders.

The liberals’ little black puppet, The Obama, recently compared the new wave of Moslems invaders to the Pilgrims who came over from England many years ago. Is there any resemblance between a Moslem and a Christian? Is there any resemblance between the men who came to a geographical land mass to build a civilization and the men who now come to that same land mass to destroy a civilization? The whites will be pushed off the face of the earth if they do not forsake satanic niceness and start acting like their Christian forefathers. The false Aslan of Pope Francis and his ilk has poisoned Europe for much too long. It is time to look to the real Aslan, the Aslan of Alfred and Havelock, the one true God, who did not suffer, die, and on the third day rise from the dead so that men could celebrate satanic cruelty while flying the flag of multicultural, Christian niceness. “He is not a tame lion.” No, He is not, He is the Christ, the God of our racial hearth fire. If we forsake that hearth fire, we forsake charity, mercy, and Him. +

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