A Homeland for Whites

“The liberals’ incredible double-dealing is obvious. On the one hand we are told that we must abort all babies born in the European nations, because there are too many babies being born. And then on the other hand we are told we must allow an unlimited amount of Muslims into European nations. Why must we do this? Because we are commanded to go over the cliff with the swinish liberals who are possessed by the devil.” – CWNY


Mahomet planted in Arabia a new Religion, directly opposite to the Christian Religion; yet such as did in a good Measure express in Words, the Life of a great Part of the Christians. This Religion was first embraced by the Saracens, who revolted from the Emperor Heraclius; whose Arms quickly subdued Arabia, Syria, Palaestine, Egypt, Persia, and afterwards they invade Africa, and came over Sea into Spain. But the Power of the Saracens was derived to others, particularly to the Turks, a very war-like People, who after many long Engagements with the Saracens, being desired to enter into a League, they easily embraced a Religion agreeable to their Manners, and transferred the Imperial Power to themselves. Having taken the Cities of Asia and Greece, and the Success of their Arms increasing, they came into the Borders of Hungary and German… This Religion, which was plainly calculated for Bloodshed, delights much in Ceremonies; – Hugo Grotius


When something as dramatic as the Paris massacre occurs, I briefly, ever so briefly, hope that my people will “wake up” and become white men again. But then, like the man in the song called “The Green, Green Grass of Home,” I realize that “I was only dreaming.” (1) Men interpret external events according to the a priori passion that is in their hearts. I see the Paris massacre as the inevitable result of the white man’s rejection of Christian Europe for multicultural, democratic Europe. The liberal sees the massacre as a temporary setback on the way to utopia.

What is the difference between the Islamic Jihadist and the liberal? They both desire the death of white people, because of the whites’ Christian past, so why do the liberals seem outraged? The modern liberals are like the Jacobins who finally turned on Robespierre. They weren’t repudiating the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity, they were just repudiating Robespierre’s excessively violent way of going about the business of liberty, equality, and fraternity. If Robespierre had scaled down the blood-letting and toned down the rhetoric, he could have blended right into democratic-regicidal France. Let us never forget that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said as recently as 2009 that France was a regicide nation. And so are they all – every single modern European nation – regicide nations. They have murdered Christian Europe and are committed to the extermination of the Christ-bearing race. So it is the excessive violence of the Jihadists that the liberals object to, not the Jihadists goal of eliminating every last remnant of Christian Europe.

The liberals’ second objection to the perpetrators of the Paris massacre has to do with the two camps’ differing views of utopia. The liberals envision a multicultural state in which everyone subscribes to liberal ideals. The Jihadists envision a utopian Moslem state in which everyone adheres to Islamic law. It is the mythical belief of the liberals that the Jihadists are not the real Moslems. In the liberals’ eyes of unreality the Jihadists are the bad Moslems who won’t settle down and enjoy the fruits of multicultural Liberaldom. (2) This is why the conservatives, who are not conservative, and their liberal allies never talk about expelling all Moslems from the European nations. That would run counter to the liberals’ faith that all religions except the Christian religion, and all races except the white race, can live in perfect peace and harmony so long as they make their utopia the complete opposite of Christian Europe.

The liberal stentors run the European nations, so the great lie, which would not have convinced a five-year-old from the 19th century, has become the constant refrain of the liberals: ‘Islam is good, those Jihadists are the small minority… etc.’ What can we expect from the people who have already told us that Mexicans and blacks are sacred?

As a result of the liberals’ ‘good and bad Muslims’ narrative the retired generals want to step up the bombing over there in order to get the bad Moslems. That would be a wonderful strategy, wouldn’t it? The American bombers destroyed Saddam Hussein’s government, which kept ISIS-like groups under control, so let us see if we can further destabilize the region with more bombing. Every solution but the obvious solution is suggested, the obvious solution being that we put an end to multiculturalism and expel all Moslems from the European nations. That is also the solution to the black and Mexican problem as well. But we will never see such a policy from European governments, because all the European governments are Jacobin governments, which cannibalize their own people in the name of democracy and multiculturalism.

If Africa, Europe, and the United States are to be reserved for the black race, if Mexico and the United States are to be reserved for the Aztec race, and if Islam is going to be the religion of the Europeans as well as the Arabs, where will white Christians dwell? It is not inhumane to send the heathens and the colored strangers back to their own lands, it is the only humane, Christian policy that a European can follow. If you don’t defend your own racial hearth fire, you are not a Christian; in point of fact you are worse than the heathens.

The white race is not being driven off the earth because of the Moslems, the Jews, or the colored barbarians. The white race is self-destructing, because liberalism has made white people defenseless in the face of the enemy. If you believe that it is sinful to love your own people, to feel a sentimental attachment to those smaller, familial, and racial units of life that Burke celebrates, you will not fight for your people. You will most probably fight against your own people. The antique Europeans had their problems with the Jews, the Moslems, and colored barbarians, but they managed to preserve their civilization despite having to battle the anti-Christian (and therefore anti-European) forces arrayed against them. And because they preserved their racial hearth fire they were able to turn a Christian Europe over to their heirs. Is our modern Babylon really better than Christian Europe? Is legalized sodomy better than heterosexual love sanctified by marriage? Is a culture that permits miscegenation better than a culture that does not sanction such a blasphemy? Should that charity of honor culture give way to the cruelty of Islam and black voodoo? It is liberalism that must be defeated before white people can reclaim their identity as a people and recapture the spirit to fight all the satanic coalitions of heathens and colored barbarians that our ancestors fought against so successfully.

Liberalism is a reenactment of the fall of man. The liberals have hardened their hearts against the Light of the world and turned to Satan for salvation from the Christian God. Adam and Eve hid from God after their fall from grace. The liberals seek to destroy all remnants of Christian Europe so they will have no nagging reminders of their fall from grace. And white people, even those whites who have completely repudiated Christian Europe, are a reminder of the pre-satanic era of European history. They must die. Such is the credo of the liberal.

Once we grasp the fact that the liberal’s heart is envenomed with a hatred for Christ and His people, we can understand why everything he does seems contrary to reality. We can understand why the liberal governments disarm their white citizens in black and Moslem urban zones of terror. We can understand why white “racism” is deemed a greater threat than colored barbarism, and we can understand why the protection of white people is considered an unholy blasphemy. In the liberal’s hardened heart, Satan is lord, and he sees everything from Satan’s perspective. Satan desires the physical destruction of the white race, but he also desires their spiritual destruction as well. This is why the liberals’ attack on white people always includes an attack on their past, their Christian past. “Despair and die,” Satan tells us through his liberal stentors. “Fight in my name and triumph,” our Lord tells us.

The violation of our race is the moral equivalent of a home invasion. If we don’t hold our racial home as inviolable then we have no soul that we can call our own. We will be mere shadows of men and women, roaming the earth hoping to find that which was lost. The conservatives who will not fight for that which was lost, our racial hearth fire, are not conservative. They are simply appendages of the liberals.

The Paris massacre is a slightly more dramatic event in the continual war against the white race, but it is not an aberration. The massacre is part of the liberals’ fantasy – a white-free world. No liberal or liberal conservative has changed one iota because of the massacre. The liberals still talk about kindness and compassion for the terrorists and the conservatives talk about bombing bad Moslems in order to make the world safe, not for white people, but for democracy. Right after the Paris massacre the Canadian Prime Minister announced his determination to go ahead with his plan to admit thousands of Syrian ‘refugees’ into Canada. Obama, Merkel, and all the church groups remain steadfast as well; they will not abandon their ‘compassion’; they will open up their hearts to their Moslem brethren. (3) And why are the Moslems the liberals’ brethren? Their lifestyle seems completely opposed to the liberals’ lifestyle. But then the blacks’ and the Aztecs’ lifestyles seem completely opposed to liberalism as well, so we are still left with the ‘why?’ Of course, we know why. The liberals have one overriding passion in their heart, one faith – there is one evil and that is whiteness. Whoever opposes the white race is good, no matter what they say or do that seems contrary to liberalism. Because the liberals believe that the Christ-bearing race must be destroyed, even if whites have ceased to carry the Christ Child, one is tempted to offer some practical advice to the white Europeans: “Since you are damned as the Christ-bearing race, why don’t you pick up that burden and actually become, once again, the Christ-bearing race?” But such advice is not really practical. Christ wants great lovers, not utilitarians. We must love Him with an overflowing heart that believeth and hopeth all things. We must become like unto the woman in the Gospels who had “an issue of blood twelve years.” She said, “If I may touch but His clothes I shall be whole.” If we could but touch His clothes, reconnecting with our white, Christian ancestors, we too will be made whole and be more than a match for the pestilence of liberalism and the savage onslaught of the Moslems and the colored barbarians. +


(1) The old home town looks the same
As I step down from the train
And there to meet me is my mama and my papa

Down the road I look and there runs Mary
Hair of gold and the lips like cherries
It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

Yes, they’ll all come to meet me
Arms reachin’, smiling sweetly
Oh, it’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

The old house is still standing
Though the paint is cracked and dry
And there’s that old oak tree that I used to play on

Yeah, down the lane I’ll walk with my sweet Mary
Hair of gold and the lips like cherries
It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

Yes, they’ll all come to meet me
Arms reachin’, smiling sweetly
Oh, it’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

Then I awake and look around me
At four gray walls that surround me
And I realize I was only dreamin’

There’s a guard and there’s a sad old padre
Arm and arm we’ll walk at daybreak again
I’ll touch the green, green grass of home

Yes, they’ll all come to see me
In the shade of that old tree
As I lay me in the green, green grass of home

By Burt Bacharach and Hal David

(2) What is never taken into account by liberals or conservatives is the extent to which contact with the Christian Europeans altered the behavior of the followers of the Jewish, Moslem, and Asian faiths. Their people became kinder and gentler without realizing the reason for their alterations. Now that the Europeans have repudiated the European Christianity of their ancestors the pagan faiths are resurfacing in all their naked Christ-hating fury.

(3) We should not have to prove that the Syrians entering the United States and Europe are terrorists before we deny them entre, any more than we should feel compelled to let a stranger into our home simply because he has proved he is not a murderer. Our nation, like our home, should only be welcome to our kith and kin.

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