The One Great Truth

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. –Burke


Squeers caught the boy firmly in his grip; one desperate cut had fallen on his body—he was wincing from the lash and uttering a scream of pain—it was raised again, and again about to fall—when Nicholas Nickleby, suddenly starting up, cried ‘Stop!’ in a voice that made the rafters ring.

‘Who cried stop?’ said Squeers, turning savagely round.

‘I,’ said Nicholas, stepping forward. ‘This must not go on.’

Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens


Since the French Revolution, the forces of utopian unreality have been at war with the European folk who lived by the accumulated wisdom of their ancestors, who relied on the non-utopian intangibles such as faith, hope, and charity to maintain their civilization. The utopians eschewed such ‘hackneyed and antiquated’ intangibles for an abstract future, which was always about to come to fruition but never quite materialized. In the meantime the utopian liberals have put all the propaganda machines of the western world into the business of utopia. By maintaining a stranglehold on what people see and hear, the liberals have kept utopian unreality in the forefront of the Europeans’ lives, while the reality of the European folk, the reality of home, race, and faith has gone underground, never – the utopians hope – to appear above ground again.

One would think that reality would have some advantage over unreality, but when have men ever preferred reality to unreality? Except for that span of years in which the Christian Europeans walked this earth, unreality has always been the preferred existential state of mankind. The utopian revolt of the Europeans was and is an attempt to become like the pagan non-Europeans – to return to sex and blood cults in order to escape the unbearable reality of existence in this world. It is impossible to transcend, rather than escape reality, without faith in Christ, because without faith in Christ life is unbearable. Virgil knew that he needed a savior that was more than nature, and so did Sophocles, but such poets were a minority in pagan times.

The utopians will always attack anyone who says or does anything that even remotely resembles a truthful revelation about the reality of existence. I thought of that fact as I listened to The Obama drone on about the necessity of gun control in the wake of the shootings at that small college in Oregon. And I thought of that fact when I saw how the media reported and continues to report the Muslim invasion of Europe. In the case of the school shootings, the liberals’ good little black puppet droned on about the necessity of gun control; nothing was said about the necessity of negro control. In fact the shooter was a half-breed; his father was white and his mother was black. But you wouldn’t know that if you looked at the doctored photo of the shooter put out by the mainstream media. And why dwell on the unreality of the gun-control red herring? The cities with the strictest gun control have the highest crime rates, which makes sense to everyone but utopians. If criminals know that the citizens they hope to victimize are armed, then they are less likely to attack the armed citizenry. This is why liberals advocate gun control; they do not want any negroes to be injured or killed as they go about their holy work, which is the extermination of white people. In Baltimore and Ferguson the negroes have carte blanche power to kill the whites, because of the perception that the police in those cities are racist, which means no white man in those cities must ever defend himself, his family, or his friends; all whites must give themselves up for sacrifice to the black Moloch.

The liberals in Europe proper have dealt with the Muslim invasions just as the European American liberals have dealt with the Mexican-negroid invasion. They have demonized the whites that oppose the invasion, and they have lied about the support, among whites, for the invasion. The liberal Stentors (those people in control of the propaganda machinery) pick out a dozen or so stooges to meet the Muslims at the train stations in order to show that native whites are truly happy to have Muslims in their native land. But the millions of anti-Muslim protestors are ignored. Hungary is called a “disgrace” by the liberal Stentors, but the real Europeans, the native-born, support the Hungarian government and wish their governments had the backbone to do likewise. The feminist prime minister of Germany, Angela Merkel’s, reaction to German protests to her ‘one million Muslims’ policy was to demand Facebook shut down criticism of her inhuman utopian support of the Muslim invasion of Germany. Ganelon’s treachery pales in comparison to Merkel’s treachery. If merciless cruelty comes with utopian platitudes we are supposed to accept it. Why? I applaud those Germans and other Europeans who are protesting their governments’ anti-white policies. If this new wave of Islamic invaders is not stopped, Europeans will have no recourse other than the violent overthrow of their respective governments. When a government hates its own people, when it has become Ganelon-ized, it ceases to be a government; it has become a tyrannical cabal of bloodthirsty fiends who must be destroyed before they destroy their own people, whom they regard as disposable waste, not as their people.

The utopians always regard traditional Christian views of God, marriage, and private property as evils that must be eradicated. And the eradicators are the elect, a small cabal of thinking men who dictate, for the good of the people, what must be done so that utopia can flourish. White people are always found to be, by the elect, too moribund, too attached to the old ways, so the men of intellect look to the heathens of color to fill up the utopian ranks. Every single European government is committed to the implementation of Utopia, which, from a Christian perspective, is the implementation of the kingdom of hell on earth. All the propaganda apparatuses of the western world, which are considerable, have been developed to obscure the one utopian fact of life from the European people – In order for utopia to thrive, the Europeans must die. They can watch sporting events and porno as they go to their deaths, but they must die, because of the sins of their fathers, who eschewed utopia for the reality of Christ crucified, Christ risen. Ah, there’s the rub. The utopians do not believe in Christ risen, so they seek to raise generic mankind, minus the white race, from the chains of Christianity.

However, if the Europeans’ visionary eye is diverted from the stentorian shell game of utopian democracy, new vistas of opportunity open up to him. He can form alliances with other Europeans who are opposed to utopia and gradually develop a government within his nation that will ultimately replace the utopian government. It’s not the work of a moment; the visionary eye must be focused on the cross and the empty tomb, but once the unreality of utopian liberalism is seen in all its satanic evil the men who see with blinding sight will begin to dismantle utopia.

The moment of moral clarity must come before the European can claim his own again. Nicholas Nickleby finally sees that there can be no compromise with Satan: “Stop, this must not go on,” he commands as he steps forward to stop the torture of innocent children. The greatest warriors on earth are Europeans who step forth, motivated by charity. “There are people of our own race being murdered there,” Havelock said of Cawnpore and Lucknow. Our people are being murdered in the here and now, but the utopian murders go deeper than the murders of Europeans at Cawnpore and Lucknow. The modern Europeans are being murdered in their soul as well as in the body. To live in Liberaldom, subject to the laws of Liberaldom, is to live defiled. A man who cannot see anything beyond the colored gods and utopian creeds of Liberaldom is a man without a soul. To leave the soul-killing fleshpots of Liberaldom, a man must see the moral vision of the antique Europeans, who truly were and are the Christ-bearing people. Faith, hope, and charity cannot be sustained without a people who can give those intangibles a local habitation in their hearts and can give a name to the God who is the embodiment of our faith, our hope, and our charity.

We know neither the day nor the hour, nor do we know if our Lord shall find faith on earth when He returns. But we, the Europeans, do know that the best of our race bore witness to the reality of evil and the reality of one who was born to redeem us from evil. The desolation – the drugs, the sexual perversions, the suicidal despair – of modern Europe points to the truth of the ancient faith of our people. We cannot live in Utopia! We were meant for something much better than this ‘earthly paradise’, which is in reality a hellish nightmare. This nightmare phase of the European pilgrimage must end in our complete destruction — or in our deliverance. The European people will have all or nothing; we cannot be content with a pagan in-between. Because of our Christian past, we can never return to the ‘happy’ pagan state to which the utopians want us to return.

If we look at the reality of life on this earth, we will not see happy pagans. Sophocles had the last word on paganism: “Better for man that he was never born.” There is no utopia; that is a reality. But is there a place for us in His Father’s house? The European people who refused to be part of utopia told us of such a place. As the heathen Muslims and the colored hordes descend upon Europe, at the invitation of the liberal elites of every European nation, the European people need to decide whom they believe – the utopians or the Christ-bearers? If they believe in the vision of the utopians, then they should lay down and die, for that is what their utopian leaders have commanded. But if they believe in the vision of the Christ-bearers, they have work to do. They must practice the type of charity that fights in defense of one’s racial hearth fire, which encompasses all those intangibles – faith, hope, and charity –that the Christ-bearing people, the true Europeans, once championed and defended in spite of the opposition of the entire pagan world. What are numbers to Christian soldiers armed with the one great truth — charity never faileth? +

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