Like to a Tenement or a Pelting Farm

This blessed plot, this earth,
this realm, this England,
This nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings,
Fear’d by their breed and famous by their birth,
Renowned for their deeds as far from home,
For Christian service and true chivalry,
As is the sepulchre in stubborn Jewry,
Of the world’s ransom, blessed Mary’s Son,
This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leased out, I die pronouncing it,
Like to a tenement or pelting farm:
England, bound in with the triumphant sea
Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege
Of wat’ry Neptune, is now bound in with shame,
With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds:
That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.
Ah, would the scandal vanish with my life,
How happy then were my ensuing death!


All of the modern European nations fit John of Gaunt’s description of a debased England. They have been leas’d out to Moslems, colored savages, and stubborn Jewry. What is happening in the small town in which I live is a perfect example in miniature of what is happening in the European nations on a larger scale. The town used to be an all-white town. Older people of the town, whose hearts indignant break over the changes they have seen in the town over the last 70-plus years they have lived here, tell of a bygone time when no negroes, mulattoes, Mexicans, or Moslems lived here. But that has all changed. Every block of the town has a few genuine white homes which are surrounded by rental units with the usual assortment of negroes, mulattoes, Mexicans, and Moslems. Diversity is everywhere, even in small town America. Who rents to the third world invaders? Slum landlords, who have moved out to the country, not to farm – heavens, no – they have moved out to avoid the colored hordes that they rent to, because the government guarantees their rent. Like the revelers in Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death,” the slumlords hope to stave off the colored plague by moving further away from it, while it consumes the poorer whites who cannot flee to the country. Serves them right anyway, their very poverty proves that they are unfit to live in the gated communities and country houses of the white elect – the liberals and the liberal conservatives who hate the whites, their own people, while loving and worshipping, from a safe distance, the colored strangers. Of course, in Poe’s tale the revelers in the gated-community house do not escape the red death. Nor will our modern white revelers escape the Moslems and the colored savages. The people who know only sacrifice, not mercy, will not stop at the gates of the white liberals. They will invade the gated-community homes and the country estates as well, because a people without a racial home will not have the spiritual backbone to defend their geographical homeland.

The great liberal death wish that Muggeridge wrote about in 1979 exists, but it does not exist in quite the way Muggeridge described it. The liberals do not wish to die themselves. They fear death as Poe’s revelers feared the plague. That is why they have a death wish; they wish for the death of the white race so that they will be spared. You see, their death wish has a liberal caveat: “If we sacrifice our people, we shall be saved.” The Moslem and colored hordes did not consent to the liberals’ caveat, but the liberal believes in that caveat. This is why the liberal, and the grazers whom the liberal commands, does not bat an eye when South African whites are butchered and murdered by their colored overlords. “Those are the bad whites. They must be sacrificed so the colored gods will be appeased and let the good whites live.” But since the colored barbarians are not gods of mercy, they will not let the white-hating liberals and the stupefied grazers live, but the liberal and the grazer do not believe that. ‘Though he slay thee, yet will I love and serve my savage god,’ is the creed of the liberal and his grazers.

When a town or a nation is leased out to strangers, people who have no knowledge of or interest in the traditions, manners, and customs of the people who used to reside there, the older traditions, manners, and customs die out. And that is what has happened in the European towns and nations. The Moslems and the colored savages have imposed their traditions, manners, and customs on the European people.

The liberals rejoice in the death of everything European, but they reserve the right to enjoy the pleasurable fruits of European culture. For a little while they can indulge their hypocritical lifestyles, but for how long? I recently saw a few minutes (which was all I could take) of a PBS special on Mary of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame. The matronly, liberal, earth goddess lived on a beautiful country estate, still singing radical folk songs, and still enjoying an opulent, white lifestyle that had been acquired by singing folk songs about evil white people. Had the liberal Mary taken that jet plane, along with Peter and Paul, to blackest Africa and stayed there, she would still be a disgusting liberal, but at least she would be a consistent liberal.

Many white people in town and nation bitterly regret the death of a way of life that they loved, and they look back wistfully at the days gone by. But bitterness and a nostalgic regret are not sufficient. There must be righteous anger at the loss of our European culture. Why is that essential link in the chain, righteous anger at what has been taken away from us, missing in the European people? I place the blame squarely on organized Christianity, which has become a greater anti-European, anti-Christian force than organized Jewry. The first indication that organized Christianity was a breeding ground for the religious indifference that makes a man incapable of defending his culture and his people was the French Revolution. The reason ten thousand swords did not leap from the scabbards of French cavaliers when their King and Queen were threatened was because the French clergy were advocates for their intellectual system of Christianity over and against the Pauline Christianity of the heart. They were indifferent to what was in the hearts of their people so long as their people rejected all other Christian systems and gave outward assent to the system of the French clergymen:

I have no doubt that some miserable bigots will be found here, as well as elsewhere, who hate sects and parties different from their own more than they love the substance of religion, and who are more angry with those who differ from them in their particular plans and systems than displeased with those who attack the foundation of our common hope. These men will write and speak on the subject in the manner that is to be expected from their temper and character. Burnet says that when he was in France, in the year 1683, “the method which carried over the men of the finest parts to Popery was this — they brought themselves to doubt of the whole Christian religion. When that was once done, it seemed a more indifferent thing of what side or form they continued outwardly.” If this was then the ecclesiastical policy of France, it is what they have since but too much reason to repent of. They preferred atheism to a form of religion not agreeable to their ideas. They succeeded in destroying that form; and atheism has succeeded in destroying them. I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story, because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves. – Edmund Burke

A Christian system, with its own philosophy and its special catechism, is not enough to sustain a man’s faith in Jesus Christ, because there is no room in such a system for human beings, human beings with hearts that yearn for a communion with His sacred heart. There was no French opposition to the French Revolution for the same reason there is currently no opposition to the Moslem and colored invasion of Europe. The clergy refuse to support the European Christ, who can only be known in and through His people. Such a Christ is an anathema to clerical bureaucrats who must abstract God so they can dissect Him in a science lab of their own construction. Once they have put God in their science lab, they can claim exclusive rights to Him. Only they, the men in the white lab coats, can dispense God to their followers. But such a God cannot stir human hearts. God is not dead, He still lives, but He has been replaced by a false, bloodless, academic God.

The vast majority of whites do not attend church, so why do I claim that it is organized Christianity that is the main obstacle to the Christian European counter-revolution? I make such a claim, because men are motivated by their religion. Men and women without religious faith are mere sheep that are acted upon; they are not actors in the pageant of human events. (1) The Jews, the Moslems, and the colored savages are all acting according to their pagan faiths. They differ in degree, but they are united in their pagan opposition to the one true religion, which transcends paganism. It is of no small consequence then that the leaders of the Christian churches have returned to paganism by way of the Academy. They have made Christianity into a pagan philosophy. But philosophy does not have the power to combat Islam, Jewry, or black voodoo. Philosophy lacks a human heart. The great haters of European Christianity are engaged with all their heart, mind, and soul in their war against the European people. But the European people, deprived of a heartfelt religious faith, can only latch onto one of the anti-European pagan faiths, be it Islam, negro worship, or Evangelical Zionism, in order to satisfy the longing in their empty hearts.

Is all this too fantastical? I don’t think so. Why do the people who once conquered the world now lease out their nations to heathens and colored savages? Falstaff withered and died because the “King hath killed his heart.” Christ was the heart of Europe. When our people were united to His heart, we did not make a shameful conquest of ourselves, but instead we conquered other nations in His name. The defense of Europe will not come from the academy in church or state. The defense will come from Europeans who break with Churchianity and return to the God who enters human hearts. I don’t know that such a return will come about, but I do know that there will be no defense of our people and sacred Europe unless that Pauline struggle against principalities and powers, which takes place in the human heart, replaces the mind-forged liberalism of the modern, Christ-less Christian churches. If we go back to those first Christian Europeans, the men who left Woden for Christ, we do not see universalists. Those men, our brothers in the faith, did not think that they had to betray the people of their own hearth fire in order to follow Christ. Their love of Christ intensified their love for their own people. That intense love for one’s own, in and through the Savior, marked off the European Christian from the pagans who loved their generic tribe outside of the personal love of the living God. Now the antique European must ask the modern Europeans, “You all did love Him once, not without cause, for what cause have you now abandoned Him?” Of course, the answer comes back to us on a silver plate which would total 30 pieces of silver if melted down. “We have left Him, because we value the fleshpots of Babylon in this world more than eternal kinship with Him in this world and His hypothetical world to come.” So be it then, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. +


(1) We know, and it is our pride to know, that man is by his constitution a religious animal; that atheism is against, not only our reason, but our instincts; and that it cannot prevail long. But if, in the moment of riot, and in a drunken delirium from the hot spirit drawn out of the alembic of hell, which in France is now so furiously boiling, we should uncover our nakedness, by throwing off that Christian religion which has hitherto been our boast and comfort, and one great source of civilization amongst us, and amongst many other nations, we are apprehensive (being well aware that the mind will not endure a void) that some uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition might take place of it. –Burke

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