On Bended Knee

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In reeking tube and iron shard,
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding, calls not thee to guard,
For frantic boast and foolish word
Thy mercy on thy people, Lord!

-Rudyard Kipling


America is governed by a revolutionary tribunal government with a slight twist on the Jacobin and Russian models. In our nation the twin-evil system is used. There are two parties, both sworn enemies of the other, who beg Americans to choose their party come election time lest the country face economic and moral ruin. But this is part of Satan’s plan. Both parties are committed to Jacobinism, the democracy of ‘some are more equal than others.’ Our elections, like our court proceedings, are merely for show; the results will be the same whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected. Negro worship will remain the national religion, Christian Europeans will remain a persecuted race, and everything vile and loathsome, such as Lady Macbeth-feminism, sodomy, and miscegenation will be exalted while everything decent and good that stems from the older, white culture will be vilified and denigrated.

The revolutionary nature of the American experiment in democracy becomes crystal clear when we see how all the various branches of the revolutionary tribunal respond to black atrocities. It is that response which highlights the first principle of the revolution – ‘Some are more equal than others,’ namely, the black savages, because they are completely untainted by anything that stinks of the sins of the antique Europeans.

In the extremely rare instance when a white man kills blacks, as in the case of the North Carolina church shootings, it is always (as it should be) the shooter’s fault and it is also (as it should not be) the fault of the entire white race. Groups are formed (‘Black lives matter’), marches take place, and whites go into a frenzy of mourning and ‘what can be done?’ self-flagellation. What happens when the all too frequent torture murders of whites and the simple, regular murders of whites by blacks take place? When the atrocities cannot be ignored, which in most cases they are, the black atrocities are blamed on whites. Very learned whites gather together to try and discover what whites have done and are still doing to make blacks do such horrendous things. No academic ever blames blacks for their murderous deeds; it is always the white man’s fault. Why is it never, in the opinion of the white academic, the black man’s fault? Because there is no sin in the black man; only the white European is invested and infected with original sin. ’Keep looking,’ the academician says, ‘eventually you’ll find the reason for the hideously inhuman and savage behavior of the black man. It will be white racism.’ You see the liberal has already made an a priori assumption about the evil of the white man and the goodness of the black man. No historical reality can alter his a priori assumption.

At this writing the city of Baltimore is in ruins while negroes are running amok. This is because whites are acting under the assumption that they can stop black violence by not responding to black violence. ‘Just let them riot, murder, and rape so that they will see that we are not racist. And once they see that we are not racist they will cease to riot, murder, and rape.’ That is perfectly logical if – and it is a big if – the black race really is free from original sin.

Blacks of course are not free from original sin, which is part of the human condition. But they are free from original sin and every other type of sin in the eyes of the liberals. And this belief of the liberals is destroying the white race. To build your society on the belief that the most savage and anti-Christian element of your society are special deities to be petted, pampered, and adored as the sacred cows are petted, pampered, and adored by the Hindu is to commit racial suicide.

There is a species of bird called the cowbird that lay their eggs in the nests of other birds when the nests are unattended, to be hatched by the nest owner. If their eggs are rejected by the nest owner, then they return and destroy the others’ eggs in retaliation. The ‘enlightened’ liberals of the revolutionary tribunal have gone one better: they have invited the cowbird-negro into the racial hearth of the European people in order to destroy the European people. The liberals are allowed to do this now, because they are powerful. To oppose them means the loss of livelihood and often the loss of life. They were allowed to do this in the past, because they presented themselves as the intelligent and enlightened purveyors of the new utopian age. If a man wants to share in the fruits of utopia he has to go along with the new ethos of utopia that highlights miscegenation, feminism, legalized abortion, and the mandatory acceptance of sodomy. Do we really get so much from our revolutionary tribunal government that we should support them as they destroy everything our people once held to be sacred?

The revolutionary tribunal government in America does not differ greatly from the revolutionary tribunal governments in Europe. The European nations permit multiple political parties, but whenever a third or fourth party – let’s say, an anti-immigration party – starts to become successful, the major liberal parties unite to defeat that party. The important thing is that the revolutionary tribunal government must stay in power. Third party platforms are only adopted by revolutionary governments when their platforms support the revolution.

All nations, even anti-nations such as the modern revolutionary tribunal nations, have a moral essence. The moral essence of the old European nations was European Christianity – one race, one faith. The moral essence of the new European nations is a utopian moral essence. Whatever is anti-Christian and anti-white is part of the moral essence of the new Europe. This is why you will never get anywhere by protesting black crime, abortion, or gay rights. Such things are part of the moral essence of the liberals’ utopia, and they will defend them to the death – your death. If, however, you wish to protest the lack of women in your local fire department or the small number of black doctors, your protests will be heard, and the powers that be will try to redress the ‘injustice.’

Shakespeare tells us, through Banquo, that ‘tis strange’:

And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

When they are out of power, the revolutionaries often tell us honest trifles about the Ancien Régime: ‘The King picks his nose’ or ‘The Queen has too many hair dressers,’ etc., in order to lead us into a betrayal of the Ancien Régime, which shall ultimately hurt us in deepest consequence. None of the Ancien Régimes can stand up to the scrutiny of utopian liberals. They will all be found wanting. But why, once the Ancien Régimes are toppled, are not the revolutionary tribunal governments held to the same standards to which the Ancien Régimes were held? The answer is quite simple – the new revolutionary regimes are moving toward utopia; therefore, everything they do, which usually includes shedding the blood of millions of innocent men, women, and children, must be forgiven.

In contrast to the revolutionary regimes, the more traditional Ancien Régimes such as Czarist Russia and monarchist France did not need to shed the blood of the innocents to maintain their regimes. Perhaps this was because the Ancien Régimes were not utopian regimes. Perfection demands bloodshed. The revolutionary tribunal governments have no qualms about shedding blood, because their hearts are pure; they are building the new Babylon.

The white blood being shed in the utopian states of Europe and America will not be lamented by the revolutionary tribunals. In fact the murder of whites is the proof of the revolutionary governments’ sincerity. Utopia cannot become a reality until the non-utopian whites, the original sinners, are eliminated. That is the new catechism – all atrocities are permitted so long as blacks commit the atrocities; there is no valid criticism that can be leveled at the revolutionary governments, because their hearts are pure, and there is no evil that cannot be countenanced so long as it moves mankind, minus white mankind, toward a future state of utopian bliss.

A government can stand without the enthusiastic support of the bulk of its citizens; it needs only the enthusiastic support of a tiny minority and the passive acceptance of the rest of its citizens.  It is clear who makes up the ranks of the enthusiastic supporters of the revolutionary tribunal governments of the European nations. The mad-dog liberals, fueled by satanic hatred for the people and culture of old Europe, make up the ranks of the ruling elite of the new, anti-white European nations. But why do the grazers acquiesce? Why do they permit the liberals to rule? I’ve had many years to think about that question, and though there are many different reasons why the grazers do not oppose the liberals’ revolutionary government – fear of economic deprivation, the need for the approval of society, the need to participate in and watch state-sponsored sporting events – all these are reasons why the grazers stay with the revolutionary tribunal governments, but they are not the reason. The European people, even in their decadent grazing state of existence, ultimately are motivated by their religion. The Christian churches, after World War I, started preaching a blended Christianity. Out and out enemies of Christianity were able to win the church-going Christians over to their side on many issues, such as miscegenation, because the churches started to lend their support to such perversions. Gradually the churches lost their independent voices and became very tiny adjuncts of the revolutionary tribunal governments. The European people, the most religious people on the face of the earth, will not break from the revolutionary tribunal governments, because they will not break faith with what they perceive to be their religion, a blended religion that combines Christianity, negro worship, Judaism, and paganism.

Kipling and Thomas Nelson Page got it right. When the white man loves and hates with all his heart, miracles occur. When we shake the superflux (1) of blended Christianity off and go back to that hovel with King Lear, we will discover that a European hovel becomes a manger where “love and all love’s loving parts” reigns. The onward and upward march of the utopians leads to hell. The bended knee at the foot of the cross, the symbol and substance of the true Europeans, leads to His kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. +


(1) Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel,
That thou mayst shake the superflux to them
And show the heavens more just.

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