We Labor and Weep

You find it perfectly ridiculous, and unfit for me in particular, to take these things as my ingredients of commiseration. Pray why is it absurd in me to think, that the chivalrous spirit which dictated a veneration for women of condition and of beauty, without any consideration whatever of enjoying them, was the great source of those manners which have been the pride and ornament of Europe for so many ages? And am I not to lament that I have lived to see those manners extinguished in so shocking a manner, by means of speculations of finance, and the false science of a sordid and degenerate philosophy? – Edmund Burke


As if the United States wasn’t bad enough already, now we must suffer through a visit from an atheist pope whose ‘religious vision’ is a combination of Marxism and Al Gore’s ‘global warming of the earth’ philosophy. For me the Pope’s visit highlights the huge gulf that exists between organized Christianity and Christ. Perhaps the European people were more necessary to the faith than the organizational men thought. But of course I’m being disingenuous when I say ‘perhaps.’ It is crystal clear that the only true church was — and is — the European people that believe in the historical Jesus who dwelt by their racial hearth fire. And it is also crystal clear that the Pope and all the forces of Liberaldom, which are the forces of hell, are totally against the Christian folk of Europe. As Bassanio says of Shylock, we can also say of liberals such as Pope Francis:

“Yes, here I tender it for him in the court; Yea, twice the sum. If that will not suffice, I will be bound to pay it ten times o’er, on forfeit of my hands, my head, my heart. If this will not suffice, it must appear That malice bears down truth.”

Yes, malice has borne down truth. What is our truth, the European folk, and what is their truth, the liberals from hell? Our truth is that the Christ-bearing people brought the negroes from darkness to light and did all that was humanly possible to do for savages who resisted the light with all their heart, mind, and soul. The liberals’ truth is that the white man destroyed the civilizations of noble savages and imprisoned great saints such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Our truth is that there is no mercy, no charity in Islam and that faith must be fought for in the name of the God of charity and mercy. The liberals’ truth is that the good Muslims must be welcomed to the West, because Islam is a nobler and purer faith than Christianity. Our truth is that all the modern ills – feminism, institutionalized sodomy, negro worship, and Western democracy — stem from the fact that Europeans have rejected the historical Jesus, the God of our ascending race, for the blended Christ, for the science lab, and for the negro. Their truth is that all the modern ills stem from European Christianity and that feminism, negro worship, science, and institutionalized sodomy will cure the cancer of European Christianity. There can be no compromise between two such divergent views of existence. One people must be wrong and one people must be right. I find it hard to believe (but I must believe it because it happened) that a European cannot see that it is impossible to blend the Christian folk of the old, provincial, racist, Christian Europe with the liberals of the new, multiracial, universalist, atheist Europe. One people must triumph and the other must die. At present it is old Europe that has died. If we spend what remains of our lives reversing that defeat we will not be rejected when we stand before our Maker at the last judgment.

I certainly do not have an inkling as to the day and the hour of that final reckoning when the true King will return, but it does seem like this, our modern Satania, engenders a feeling of Armageddon. Because of the great institutionalized evils of feminism, negro worship, sodomy, democracy, and science, we feel that all the forces of hell have been arrayed against us. The fumes of Hell are in the very air we breathe. “It must be time to rise and ride,” is the unspoken yearning of every European who remains a European.

Satan took over Europe through the home-grown horde of sophisters, economists, and calculators that Burke opposed so mightily. Through the press and the academy those calculators, sophisters, and economists could deluge the nations with lies that became true-lies to the people, because the truth was never heard; it was buried in the propaganda of anti-Christian liberalism, whose greatest proponent was Rousseau:

“Through him they teach men to love after the fashion of philosophers; that is, they teach to men, to Frenchmen, a love without gallantry; a love without any thing of that fine flower of youthfulness and gentility, which places it, if not among the virtues, among the ornaments of life. Instead of their passion, naturally allied to grace and manners, they infuse into their youth an unfashioned, indelicate, sour, gloomy, ferocious medley of pedantry and lewdness of metaphysical speculations, blended with the coarsest sensuality.” – Burke

The new religion of utopian lies was very powerful in Burke’s day, but prophets like Burke could still have an influence. Burke could not stop the ongoing march to oblivion that continued after Robespierre’s death. But he did, almost singlehandedly, turn the British people against the French Revolution. It gives me great satisfaction to know that his English neighbors burned down Priestley’s house; it’s a pity Priestley escaped the fire. Oh to be in London when Priestley’s house went up in flames. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be hoped for and fought for – to see the whole liberal house of cards go up in flames.

In the early 1900s William Graham Sumner wrote a book called Folkways in which he delineated what Burke had said almost 120 years earlier. Sumner called the antique Europeans who lived by prejudices rooted in tradition, ‘the folk.’ And he called the managerial overlords – the economists, calculators, and sophists – the stentors (named after Stentor, the Greek Warrior, “whose voice was as powerful as fifty voices of other men”). But as Weyl and Marina point out in their book American Statesmen on Slavery and the Negro, neither Stentor nor Graham or any other statesman of the pagan or Christian era of Europe could have foreseen just how powerful the stentor class would become in the mass media era, the era when science, the liberals’ Holy Ghost, could enable the ruling stentor class, the liberals, to spread lying propaganda throughout the entire globe in seconds. Without technology the liberals would have to do the slow pamphleteering of the bad old days of the French Revolution. “They were grand days, but it took too long to get out the message.” Solzhenitsyn remarked on this phenomenon when he first came out of the Gulag. He said that in America you could speak the truth but it was drowned out by the plethora of lies put out by the stentorian rulers of Liberaldom.

Solzhenitsyn made his statement about the truth being drowned out in the early 1970s. It is still drowned out, but because of the success of the stentorian campaign of lies, truth has gone further underground. You really must support the lies or you will not be allowed to speak. In Britain the late John Tyndall was sent to jail for a private, off the cuff remark about the Islamic invasion of Britain. Every European nation inflicts different penalties, but every European nation, led by liberal stentors, punishes the truth tellers and supports the great lie that the new Babylonian Europe, the Europe of technological barbarians united to colored barbarians and sustained by science, is the true Europe, and the folk Europe, the Europe of charity, mercy, and Christian romance, is the false Europe.

Can one man or a handful of men who live, with all their heart, mind, and soul, in old Europe, overcome all the forces of technological hell, which have been institutionalized in modern Liberaldom? The answer is ‘no, they cannot,’ if you look at their task from a material standpoint. To defeat the invincible forces of Satanism with material weapons is as impossible as moving mountains with a shovel. But what of the Christian romance? What of St. Paul, Alfred, and Gottschalk? If we see what they saw and invoke their God, can we defeat Satan and his minions? Yes, it is quite possible, if, as in all the European fairy tales, we fight in His name for that charity of honor.

My favorite of Walt Disney’s animated films was one of his last animated films. The critics didn’t like it, because it ‘didn’t break new ground,’ and it ‘just told an old fairy tale,’ but I loved it as a child and I love it still. The film is Sleeping Beauty. The finale pits young Prince Philip against Maleficent, the evil sorceress. After she has thrown obstacle after obstacle in Prince Philip’s path, who is trying to awaken Sleeping Beauty with ‘love’s first kiss,’ and has failed to stop Prince Philip with any of her fiendish obstacles, Maleficent is forced to reveal her true self. Right before she turns into an enormous, fire-spewing dragon, she says, “Now deal with me and all the forces of hell!” The Prince is undeterred. Armed with the shield of virtue and the sword of truth, he hurls the sword into the dragon’s heart. The dragon falls to the ground and all that remains is the sword of truth standing upright in the ground. “The sign of the cross, the spirit above the dust.” Not up to Walt Disney’s usual standards? Hogwash, it is the crowning achievement of his magnificent career as the Hans Christian Andersen of the 20th century.

It’s quite significant that the modern Disney studio, which, like our modern churches, keeps the old symbols of a Christian people while supporting Satanism, has released a new version of Sleeping Beauty in which Maleficent is the heroine. That is as it should be; a society dedicated to Satan should celebrate his triumph over the Christian folk of old Europe.

To say I admire Edmund Burke would be a huge understatement. I love him. He loved Christian Europe, and he sacrificed friendship, prestige, and money to defend Christ’s Europe against the legions of Satan, the economists, calculators, and sophists. To stand alone as Burke did is impossible for a man who does not see Christ in the civilization and the people whom he is defending. It is with me as it was with Burke: “It is impossible that a greater difference can exist on earth, than, unfortunately for me, there is on those subjects, between your sentiments and mine.” There is no possibility of coexisting with the haters of Christian Europe. To think and feel as they do would destroy our souls. Christ’s words come back to us when we think of assuaging our loneliness with just a little bit of liberalism: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” This incredible loneliness is like a sword thrust in the heart. But the fact that we can’t give up the romance, even if the loneliness kills us, tells us where we belong. We belong with Him, sword in hand, fighting the forces of darkness so long as we can draw a breath in this world. And afterwards? The fairy tale is true and Liberaldom is false. We shall see our Lord face to face. +

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