Christ is Greater Than the Negro: Up from the Pigsties of Negro Worship

And ye shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves – Ezekiel 37: 13


And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. – Revelations 21: 4


In olden days when I was a schoolboy “creeping like snail unwillingly to school,” we read the Greek and Norse myths from Bullfinch’s mythology. I don’t think modern students read Bullfinch anymore, but I found his retelling of the Greek and Norse myths quite fascinating. As an undergraduate I read the myths again in literature and religion courses, but they were not as fascinating to me as objects of study as they were when they were just stories. There’s a moral there somewhere, but that is not what I want to write about on this occasion. What I want to focus on is the Greeks’ and the Nordic Europeans’ transfers from pagan believers to Christian believers, and then move on to the modern cult of negro worship.

The Greeks of antiquity have been studied and probed more than any other people, with the possible exception of the Hebrews. What I find the most interesting in the Greeks’ religion is the effect that rationalism had on their faith. As we know, their assembly of gods went from primitive nature gods to the pantheon of gods depicted by Homer in The Odyssey and The Iliad. But already in Homer we can see the beginning of the rationalism that was destined to kill the Greek gods, because if the gods cannot provide mortals with immortality, then of what use are the gods? The belief that the whole living man survived after death due to the beneficence of the gods was the belief of the pre-Homeric Greeks, who worshipped at their racial and familial hearth fires. But Homer’s heroes no longer had that comfort; in his works mortal men only survived after death as lifeless shades of their former selves:

“O strange! Then even in
Hades homes – and I knew not this
They have spirit and shape,
but in these no life there is.”

-Achilles in The Illiad

And then this:

“Rather would I be a hireling
to drudge in the fields all day
With a landless master, who
squarely would feed me
and niggardly pay,
Than over the hosts of the
dead which have perished a
scepter to sway.”

-Achilles in The Odyssey

That less than joyous vision of the afterlife came from a poet who was passing from faith to rationalism. It was left to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to put ‘paid’ to the account of the Greek gods. When Christ came onto the scene, the old Greek gods were merely State gods; the people had embraced the various mystery religions and the intellectuals were stoics, epicureans, Platonists, etc. The Greeks came to believe that their more miraculous faith in a full-bodied resurrection was irrational and therefore false, so they sought other gods and eventually bent their knees to the Christian God.

The Nordic Europeans took a slightly different path to Christ than the Greeks. They never rationalized Odin and Thor; they were pagan believers when they encountered Christ. They left a full-blooded, vital pagan faith for a full-blooded, vital faith in Christ. Much is written about what the Roman Christians brought to the followers of Odin. They brought the Christian faith, but they also brought Greek rationalism, the same rationalism that destroyed the Greek gods. Could Christ withstand the rationalist attack that killed Zeus and his pantheon of gods? It was the mission of the Europeans, the only people who accepted Christ as conquerors rather than as the conquered, to stay close to their own hearth fires, to love Christ in and through their own people, and by doing so, keep the rationalist serpent from strangling the European faithful. It was a glorious battle over the Christian centuries: every time Satan, the great rationalist, launched a new attack, the Lord God made a counterattack through His people, the Europeans. But in the 20th century, the battle became too one-sided; there was no European counterattack and it seemed like Satan had triumphed. It’s like trying to figure out why a perfectly healthy man contracts a hideous wasting disease. We can see that he’s sick, we know the name of his sickness, but why did he succumb to it? Western man is sick and dying from a surfeit of rationalism, but why wasn’t he able, as his ancestors were, to fight off the disease?

The fiendish rationalist, the man of the detached intellect and the satanic, caustic wit, George Bernard Shaw, spelled it out for us in Back to Methuselah. The belief in Christ gave way to rationalism, because the Europeans could not maintain their belief in Christ’s resurrection from the dead and the truths of science. Shaw also realized that men could not live without a mythic faith that they believed to be true, so he suggested that his myth should be substituted for Christianity, the myth of creative evolution. But Shaw’s new myth was too much like Homer’s myth; it was mystic rationalism; there was no flesh and blood God in Shaw’s new faith, so his new faith faded away before it ever came to be. I only know of one Shavian devotee who ever tried to adapt it, and he quickly fell into despair.

Shaw’s new myth did not take hold of Western man, but he did pinpoint Western man’s weakness: Western man couldn’t answer Dostoyevsky’s question in the affirmative, ‘whether a man, as a civilized being, as a European, can believe at all, believe that is, in the divinity of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, for therein rests, strictly speaking, the whole faith.’ If the ‘civilized’ European can only believe in Christ’s humanity, but not in His divine humanity, then Christ is not God, He is just an earthly demigod, and the resurrection of the dead goes back to Homer: we are only shades of ourselves when we die. Nothing is sadder in all of literature than the scene in The Odyssey when the still mortal Odysseus tries to embrace the shade of his deceased mother in Hades. Three times he tries to embrace her and three times he fails. Is this the promised end? About twenty years ago I read a book by a supposedly ‘conservative’ Catholic theologian on the subject of the resurrection of the dead. His description of the resurrection seemed to come right out of Homer. We survived as ethereal shades, not as integral, body and soul human beings. The great theologian ridiculed the Victorian notion of a heaven in which all one’s loved ones were gathered together, in the flesh, around the same hearth fire they had shared on earth. Isn’t that a childish notion? Yes, it is, and I believe in that childish notion. Doesn’t the Bible tell us to believe in such childish notions?

Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live; And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

The belief in the resurrection of the dead is intimately connected to our attachment to our racial and familial hearth fire. If we never love our own with an intensity that makes us feel that death cannot be final, if we don’t yearn to embrace our loved one’s after death as we embraced them on this earth, then all we need is the Homeric life after death of the intellectual Christians, or, worse yet, the worship of the negro in this world and eternal oblivion in the next.

What is going on in Baltimore, where mobs of rock-throwing blacks force armed police officers to retreat, because the police are afraid to fire at and kill a sacred black, is going on throughout the Western world in one form or another. (1) The white men are in retreat, because they no longer believe in the bred-in-the-bone Christianity of the antique Europeans. Men must have a mythic faith, a faith that they believe to be true in their blood, the source of all true wisdom. Rational, intellectual Christianity is not faith, it is a caricature of a faith. The police officers in Baltimore cannot shoot the black rioters, the Brits and French cannot halt the Muslim invasion, because they have nothing to fight for, they have no attachment to their own racial hearth fires or to the God of their ascending race. The suicidal retreat from the hordes of color will not cease until white men believe, heart, mind, and soul in the one true myth of the incarnate Lord, Jesus Christ.

In fleeing from the irrationality of a faith that posits the resurrection of the dead, the liberals of the Western world have adopted a faith that is irrational as well as morally reprehensible. It is not rational or moral to provide free food, housing, and education to a criminal race of people who have declared war on the white Christian race. The sacrificial altars for the black gods are everywhere. In church, at work, and at play, the white man offers tribute to the black gods, because he does not believe there is any other god beyond this world.

The myth of the noble black savage has one great advantage over the Christian myth. The black savage is not a god who can raise the dead, hence he does not insult the ‘intelligence’ of the liberals. He demands tribute and homage in this world only. But what does he give in return for tribute and homage? It doesn’t seem like he gives us anything but hatred, murder, and rapine. He is indeed the savage god who comes to us in a tide of blood. It’s useless to argue, or plead with the liberals who worship the savage black god; they are much farther beyond reason than the most zealous of the Christian mystics, and they are completely immune to pleas of mercy, because they are without mercy. Can anything be done with such creatures? No, there is no chance of any rapprochement between a white man and a liberal.

The whole history of the modern Europeans’ descent into hell was delineated for us by Walter Scott in the preface to Quentin Durward. We can become like unto Louis XI and view the caustic wit of the devil as the penultimate of human existence, in which case we will worship the devil through the sacred black man, or we can forsake the cleverness of this world for the foolishness of the vision of Christ crucified, Christ risen.

There is no love, no charity, no honor in the pigsties of negro worship, yet the white man continues to wallow in them. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: If the Europeans look at the world through the prism of science and reason they will only see pigsties, and the negro will be their Lord and Master for all eternity. But should they look at existence through the spiritual eye of the heart, they will see visions and dream dreams, and they will forsake their negro gods for the one true God. Our people now resemble the ancient Hebrews cavorting around the golden calf. The return to grace starts with a refusal to worship the heathen gods. From that refusal comes divine aid, which is surely something the European people need. We have lived so long without miracles, because we have been too long in the pigsties of negro worship. +


(1) It should be noted that the FBI gave orders to shoot to kill in the case of Randy Weaver’s wife, who was standing in her own doorway with her baby in her arms. Yet the police in Baltimore refused to shoot any of the black rioters with rocks, not babies, in their hands.

The riot wasn’t about Freddie Gray; the negroes couldn’t care less about Freddie Gray. Had he lived a few months longer he would have met his death at the hands of one of the ‘sainted’ rock-throwing black thugs. The Baltimore riots are the Western world in miniature. Whites retreat before black barbarism, because they don’t believe they have a moral right to defend themselves. In fact they don’t believe they have a moral right to exist.

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