One Man, One Vote is the Path to Hell

In considering South Africa, it needs to be repeated that the campaign against her is nothing more or less than a campaign against the White Christian race itself. It is actually a misnomer to call it an anti-South African campaign. It is an antiWhite campaign. It is a war against all of us. – Anthony Jacob


I first read Anthony Jacob’s book White Man Think Again in the early 1980s, before South Africa’s De Klerkian capitulation to the snarling wolf pack called the Western world. When the Afrikaners did surrender to the forces of ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’ it was impossible not to compare the Afrikaners before the fall and after the fall, without feeling an incredible sadness. Before:

South Africa is the only country in all Africa which has a future as a major world power. Moreover as a major world power it will be ideologically what it always has been – a power unreservedly on the side of the traditional West. If the desired revolution comes along (the revolution as desired, not merely by the East and the rest of Africa but by our brave white brothers in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, etc.) and the white race in South Africa is reduced, at best, to Black servitude, all hope of South Africa developing into a major power and major bastion of the West will be gone. The question then will be: What will have been proved or gained? In what way will our cherished Evolution have been served?

Though it is democratic for the sheep to lead the shepherds, the outcome is always Confusion. The rule of shepherds is minority rule, like South Africa’s. The white man has a genius for civilization which the black man, to put it mildly, does not have. In South Africa this White minority rule is firm but benevolent, efficient but humane. But above all it is White rule, which is all that should matter to us. For are we not White?

So proud and so noble! And after the fall? So much innocent white blood has been shed. Even the guilty were not spared: the Judas, De Klerk, lost his first wife to the new South Africa: she was brutally murdered by a black security guard in the building where she lived alone. “And thus the whirligig of time brings in its revenges.” But did the rest of the white South Africans deserve their fates? No, they did not. They deserved the support and homage of the entire Western world for serving as a European light in the dark night of liberalism, for so many years. And there are now reports that the Boers might still show the world how white men with white hearts can fight and win against the white-skinned men with black hearts and the black-hearted men with black skins. Some Afrikaners have organized training camps for a white paramilitary force designed to fight the liberal-black coalition that is systematically murdering the whites in South Africa. The movement shows more promise than the Orania experiment, because this new paramilitary organization is not trying to cooperate with the existing South African government; they mean to violently oppose it, which is the only way to deal with a Jacobin government proposing the death of all white people. The white liberals are quite angry and upset that some white South Africans are not willing to accept their own extermination: ‘Why can’t they march quietly to the executioner’s block? Why make such a fuss? Don’t they realize that all whites, especially white Afrikaners and white Southerners must die to atone for their racist past?’

Should the white Afrikaners who are resisting white genocide actually start to mount a serious threat to the black Marxist state of South Africa, the anti-white forces throughout the Western world, with the United States leading the charge, will go against the Afrikaners, first with military aid for the South African government and then with combat troops if it is deemed necessary. But it will not be foreign aid or foreign troops that will stop the Afrikaner counter-revolution. If the counter-revolution runs aground — and such an outcome is not written — it will be the result of a loss of faith within the counter-revolutionary forces; the Afrikaner youth will be co-opted by the liberals and will start doing T.V. interviews about their unenlightened days within the ranks of – Horror of Horrors! – racists.

A determined few can never be defeated by overwhelming numbers unless they lose faith. On the surface it may appear that history contradicts that assertion, but it doesn’t contradict it, history confirms it. The South did not lose the Civil War in the 1860’s. They fought to avoid the Haitization of the South. That process was aided by their loss of the battle called the Civil War, but the war itself wasn’t lost until the Southern people lost faith, in the 1950’s, and caved in to integration. It was the same in South Africa. When the people lost their faith in the essential rightness of apartheid, the end was nigh. I remember white South Afrikaner athletes just prior to the 1993 debacle, talking about the evils of apartheid and the goodness of integration. That is how white worlds end, from the inside, when white men develop black hearts.

The white man can’t proceed against the liberals and the colored heathens with any faith other than the ancient faith of his people. If he places his faith in democracy or science he will be like unto the liberals and will never stay the course of racial integrity long enough to help his people; he will abandon them in midstream.

There is a direct connection between a belief in Christ as the Son of God and a hostility to the scientific method as applied to human beings. Because we have stomachs that need food and bodies that need sleep does not mean we are mere products of the natural world that can be played upon by the scientistic, ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’ crowd. Our greatest need is God, the God who revealed to us that our white skins are part of our spiritual essence, without which we are wanderers in the desert of modernity. Our church men have no faith, because they have attempted to blend scientistic thinking, which is really a type of non-thinking, with the Christian faith. Such thinking, isolated from the heart and blood, produces Christian atheists who will always fight with the ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’ utopians against their own people. Better to have leaders like Paul Kruger, president of the South African Republic from 1883 to 1900, who believed that the earth was flat and was not ashamed of his Christian faith. You might ask what kind of leader a man like that can be who ignores such an obvious fact of science. Such a man makes an excellent leader, because he recognizes the irrelevancy of such trivial facts of science compared to the fact of Christ’s resurrection from the dead and His love for His people, in and through their racial hearth fire. The further we get away from the scientific rationalists in Church and state the closer we will come to counter-revolutionary success. If a man does not believe he has a spiritual homeland within his own race, he will not fight for a geographical homeland. A few weeks ago I said the South African whites were the most persecuted whites in the world, but maybe they are more spiritually prepared to fight than the rest of the European people, who seem to believe that retreat, compromise, and capitulation is the Christian way to handle black barbarism.

The race war in South Africa, Kenya, and the rest of Africa has been extended into Europe. It is the final stage of the French Revolution. The people must rule, and the only true people are the people of color. Haiti was the model for all modern revolutionaries: ‘The whites must die.’

Liberalism and the type of conservatism that does not conserve white people are ideologies of death. Under the guise of democracy and Christianity, liberalism and modern conservatism are killing the Christ-bearing people. They are madmen, those modern Jacobins with black hearts, and we must treat them as madmen should be treated: “As to a change of mind in these men, who consider infamy as honour, degradation as preferment, bondage to low tyrants as liberty, and the practical scorn and contumely of their upstart masters, as marks of respect and homage. I look upon it as absolutely impracticable. These madmen, to be cured, must first, like other madmen, be subdued.” Burke is telling us what Shakespeare told us centuries before: You cannot reason with men who have hardened their hearts against Christian Europeans:

You may as well go stand upon the beach,
And bid the main flood bate his usual height.

The emergence of 2,000 Christian Spartans in South Africa and the non-emergence of any Christian Spartans in the rest of the European countries undoubtedly has much to do with the desperateness of the white South Africans’ plight. It is fight or die. Whites of the West are a few hours away from the same plight, but they do not believe that they have anything in common with South African whites. ‘They are the bad whites who segregated — that is why they are being punished now.’ But there is also something else at work here. The white South African remnant is closer to the proper vision of existence than the whites of Europe. The Afrikaner is not that far removed from one nation, one race, and one faith. That is the type of faith that produces heroes. In contrast the faith of the men of the West was a milk-toast compromise faith of abstractions and democratic platitudes for many years prior to their final apostasy from everything Christian and humane. And the mark of the milk-toast faith that leads to the worship of everything inhuman and perverse is the failure to recognize evil. The Western rationalist makes an abstraction of evil and then moderates it into ‘something slightly off the balance beam, but nothing that can’t be corrected.’ The collective wisdom of the West on the subject of the French Revolution is a perfect example of the moderate Europeans’ response to evil prior to the West’s complete capitulation to evil. All the rationalists conceded Burke’s critique had ‘some’ validity, because Robespierre’s ‘excesses’ were bad, but the men of moderation failed to see the satanic nature of Jacobinism. Let two of the prominent, moderate historians stand in for the entire herd, who are and were legion: “Burke himself was by now showing feelings of hatred for the French Revolution which at times seemed like an obsession.” (Andre Maurios, The Miracle of England). Case closed on Burke – he had an obsession, which implies that he was sick. And he was sick, if there is no ongoing struggle between God and the devil with the souls of mortal men and women hanging in the balance.

What type of universe do the rational moderate men live in? They live in a rational, closed-in universe where there may be some kind of cosmic mind that sets the universe in motion, just as the old watchmaker God of Voltaire and the deists did, but there is certainly no divinely human Savior who cares about His people, or a devil who roams about the world seeking the ruin of souls, in the rationalists’ universe. The moderate men believe that what the conservative Burke thought was a war between good and evil was really just a harmful dichotomy between two extremes, both of which were wrong by virtue of the fact that they were extreme: “Perhaps it was all inevitable, but the extremism of Burke’s thoughts on the French Revolution and Paine’s Rights of Man certainly did not make for mutual understanding.” (G. M. Trevelyan, The History of England, vol. III) And mutual understanding is good, isn’t it? The assumption in Trevelyan’s Emersonian mind is that understanding produces harmony, because there is no such thing as good or evil; there is only disharmony, which is caused by extremism. But Burke did understand Paine’s philosophy, which is why he went to extremes to oppose it; Paine’s philosophy was from the devil. And just as Burke understood the Jacobins, so do we understand the modern Jacobins with white skins and black hearts: they love the negro and hate white people, because they worship darkness and not the light.

I’m not close enough to the situation in South Africa to know the likelihood of a successful Afrikaner counter-revolution. In the West it is not yet possible, because the white Europeans of the West are still addicted to science, democracy, and Christless, intellectual Christianity. It is certain that they will not prevail against the colored heathen unless they return to their European hearth fire where the God of charity and mercy resides. It is not written that we have to retreat before the hordes of color in atonement for our ‘racist’ past. That ‘racist’ past bore witness to the living God. When Europeans in Africa and the Western nations love their own people enough to be ‘racist’, in defiance of the death in life liberals with the black hearts, the enemies who seemed invincible will no longer be invincible. It’s hard to believe that liberalism can be defeated, but that is because the whites of the West still play by the liberals’ rules. The Afrikaners fell, because they abandoned one race, one nation, one faith for one man, one vote. We too are under the same death sentence. Democratic nations have no moral essence, because they only value human beings in the aggregate. True nations are aristocracies of the spirit where men and women are valued according to how well they live up to the spiritual ethos of their nation. One man, one vote is not a spiritual ethos; it is a doctrinal declaration of a satanic people determined to make war on everything white and Christian.

Some heroic Afrikaners have decided to denounce Satan and all his works by denouncing the South African ‘rainbow’ government. We should follow in their heroic footsteps and denounce our rainbow governments as well. Is negro worship, which is what one man, one vote means, to be the moral essence of the Western nations for all eternity? Satan would not serve our Lord. Then shouldn’t we refuse to serve Satan? +

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