A Covenant Renewed

Precious memories, unseen angels
Sent from somewhere to my soul,
How they linger, ever near me,
And the sacred past unfolds.


There are so many atrocities committed by blacks against whites that it has become impossible to give each white victim the attention they deserve. By rights every murdered white should have their name put on a war memorial, because they lost their lives in our nation’s bloodiest war, the war that only one side is fighting. Amidst the barbarities of any war there are always some victims that stay in your memory permanently. One such victim who stays in my memory and my prayers is Jonathan Foster, the young boy who was burned to death by a demonic black woman. I know there are some Christian groups that do not believe in prayers for the dead, but how can we put a limit on God’s grace? That poor child: surely our prayers must be able to comfort him?

Another white victim who will stay with me forever is Brendan Tevlin, the young teenager in New Jersey who was murdered this past summer by a homegrown black Moslem jihadist. “He had to die,” the sub-human negroid monster declared. There was no outrage in the white community over Brendan’s murder. There were no cries for “justice” as there were when the murderous black thug, Michael Brown, was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Nor did our black attorney general or our black president come forward and condemn black America for making the murder of whites such as Brendan Tevlin a common occurrence in our nation. Instead we were treated to the spectacle of liberal sycophants and black hoodlums such as the Rev. Al Sharpton being wined and dined at the White House as they spewed out one anti-white tirade after another. One white chief of police, who is unfit to live let alone be a chief of police, suggested that white police officers should just walk away from confrontations with black thugs. That is the unwritten law right now. But should the law become codified the predatory negro savages, who already have very little fear of white reprisals, will be able to completely indulge their blood-thirsty appetites. Maybe that is best; after all we don’t want to stifle the natural impulses of the noble, black savages.

When I worked as a police officer our instruction manual encouraged us to “aggressively confront those who break the law.” We quickly learned how hypocritical our manual was. Aggressively confronting crime meant aggressively confronting black barbarians, and that meant facing an aggressive prosecuting attorney who asked you why you struck, beat, or shot that good, pure, and noble black man. If you make the rules of engagement too complicated and too one-sided in favor of the criminal, white police officers will be at an enormous disadvantage when confronting black barbarians. And as a consequence a great many white officers, who could survive if they knew they were really allowed to “aggressively” confront black thugs, will be killed by black savages. But of course that is what the liberals and the colored barbarians want. They want whites to be completely defenseless against the colored tribesmen. In London the colored jihadists screamed as they chopped off a British soldier’s head, “Your police won’t protect you!” That is essentially correct. We must protect ourselves now, not because white police officers are cowardly; they are not. But they are not paid to protect and serve white people, they are paid to protect and serve the negro. The Swedish police put it quite succinctly when they said that there was “good violence,” which was black on white violence, and there was “bad violence,” which was whites defending themselves against black violence. Is it not horrifically obvious what is going on throughout all of the European nations? When whites defend themselves the liberals and the colored tribesmen unite to make sure such a horrendous event never happens again. But the daily massacre of whites does not even warrant a comment. The liberals and the colored barbarians say nothing, because when blacks murder whites, the world is as it should be: the sacred black gods are destroying the white devils. The white grazers say nothing about the massacre of whites, because they are afraid of being called racist, which is the ultimate scarlet letter in Liberaldom.

The modern police force came into being to counteract the criminal gangs that were roaming the city streets. The citizens hired their own gang to fight the criminal gangs. Now we must face the fact that the police are not hired to protect white people from black criminals, they are hired to serve the negrophile government. That is why the white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri had to resign and must live in fear for his life and the possibility of federal charges against him. He did not protect and serve “the people” who are and always shall be, so long as liberals reign, the sacred negroes.

I have nothing against hunting or sports per se, but I do have a grudge against the modern white hunters and sportsmen. In Walter Scott’s Europe, hunting and sports were a means to an end. They helped a man to prepare himself for the real battle against principalities and powers. In that battle a man, if he is a true European, must adhere to the code of chivalry. A man without chivalry is not a man. Winston Churchill said in reference to Rommel: “In modern war there is no room for chivalry.” The Europeans cannot accept such cynicism. There must always be room for chivalry; it falls on us, the remnant, to make sure that there is a Christian European presence in the modern world. And by “presence,” I mean a fighting presence. Our people are being slaughtered: “Is it time to jest and dally now?”

Hunting and sports in Liberaldom are dog bones the liberals throw to the white grazers to keep them content. What if the same amount of masculine energy currently being spent in sport and hunting was diverted to the chivalrous defense of whites? That would be a sight to behold: white men actually fighting back against liberals and the colored barbarians! Such a blessed event does not seem possible, because white men appear to be completely and invincibly passive in the face of evil. If you threaten to take their dog bones away, they grumble, but if you kill their people and make them worship the negro gods they remain docile and compliant. Obviously, the root cause of the white man’s tragic indifference to white genocide stems from a deeply ingrained disease of the spirit. The white man has walked away from his past, and in doing so he has walked away from his soul.

In 1944 there was a remarkable movie made called A Canterbury Tale. (1) It was not a retelling of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; it was a tale about miracles, and the grace of God. The unlikely hero of the story is a man who pours glue in women’s hair. Both Butterfield and H. V. Morton described how the British people gathered strength to fight through the war by reconnecting with their past. The hero of A Canterbury Tale lives a life that is connected to his people, living and dead. He is not connected to them solely through the intellect, through a perusal of an old document, or through an adherence to a traditionalist sect. He is connected to his honored dead “feelingly”: his heart beats as one with their hearts: “The action of my life is like it, which I’ll keep, if but for sympathy.” The white counter-revolution will come from the ranks of men such as the hero of A Canterbury Tale, men who go into the future while holding onto the strings of the past.

An intellectual people, as distinct from an intelligent people, do not go into the future holding onto the strings of the past; they sever all sentimental ties to the past and look to the future for sustenance and inspiration. A intellectualized modern might reference the past; he might even express a preference for the philosophers and theologians of the past, but if his heart is dead, if he doesn’t connect spiritually with the “good old folk from long ago,” he is a man with a “soul so dead,” a man who prefers a postponed life, waiting for ensoulment to take place when his abstractions become reality and take the place of the God who he has never really known.

The colored tribesmen have, as yet, no history; their lives are an endless cycle of bloodlust. The liberals look to a Jacobin future with the negro as the penultimate representative of the new man, devoid of the imperfections of the evil white man. And the conservatives, the men who quote the old documents, look to a future where managerial men, who live only from the neck up, rule a world devoid of human imperfections. I do not see anything of value, anything human, in colored paganism, in liberal Jacobinism, or in abstract, managerial conservatism. I see only hell fire and the pit in those monstrous vehicles of inhumanity.

We had a covenant with our European ancestors, a covenant of blood. Not the type of blood covenant that unites the colored tribesmen in their satanic hatred of the white race. No, our ancient covenant was a covenant of spirit and blood. When we broke that covenant we lost our souls. The modern Europeans are spiritual nomads without a place to call their own. Our people, who rest in the arms of the Lord, are calling us home, home to our racial hearth fire where He has prepared a place for us in this world and the next. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; why don’t we renew the covenant and become Christian Europeans again, men who will not permit our people or our heritage to be blotted out of existence by colored barbarians and liberal techno-barbarians? We are a people with a sacred past. If we rise and ride, united with the people of that sacred past, miracles will occur, and the Europeans, the people of Christmas, will ride triumphant over ruin and death. +


(1) If you ever get a chance to see A Canterbury Tale, make sure you see the British version. The American version has been cut by a half-hour. Apparently the American distributors of the film felt that Americans were too restless to sit through a two-hour movie.

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