True to Our Blood

Conservatives have written volumes about the dumbing down of our children. But unfortunately they are only talking about declining scores on math and English achievement tests. The real tragedy of the European people has been and continues to be the deterioration of their spiritual nerve endings. They have been desensitized to things of the spirit. How else can we explain this unholy zeal to mate with and worship the negro? This deification of the Mau Mau, this unholy trinity of Satan, the negro, and the liberal, should be opposed by the European Christian with all his heart, mind, and soul. If a man says he is a Christian but will not fight against the unholy trinity, he is neither a Christian nor a European: he is one of Satan’s own.  –CWNY


After Obama legalized millions upon millions of Aztec invaders by imperial fiat, the conservatives pointed out that his imperial fiat was the act of a despot, not the act of a president of a constitutional republic. Of course it is the act of a despot, but why should we expect a man with African blood to understand how to run a republic founded by white men? A black man knows how to get what he wants from white liberals, but he hasn’t the slightest idea about running any government besides a tyrannical, cruel, despotic government. Only conservatives who don’t believe in racial differences would expect a black man to honor the laws, customs, and the people of a white republic. Obama is being true to his blood. He wants to exterminate the white race. Why should he let some paper-and-ink scruples of white men deter him from his bloodletting by fiat?

What prevents a ruler from acting as if the nation he governs exists only to fulfill his selfish needs? Only a sense of duty that is stronger than his selfish instinct for self-aggrandizement and power can keep a ruler on the right path. And from whence comes a man’s sense of duty? It comes from the faith that is in him. Nelson’s dying words were, “Thank God I have done my duty.” Such an ethos stems from a bred-in-the-bone faith in the Christian God; it does not come from out of Africa or from a book of philosophy.

Only white men of the old stock, men who believe in that charity of honor, are fit to rule white nations. Liberals and colored barbarians, who know everything about power and entitlements but nothing about honor and duty, are not fit to rule over rats in a garbage dump let alone white men in white nations. But liberals and black men do rule over white men in white nations. The slaughter of whites will not be stopped until the liberal techno-barbarians and the colored barbarians are no longer the rulers in white nations.

The United Negro-Worshipping States of American is currently having a larger than usual Negrogeddon because a white police officer was found not guilty in the self-defense shooting of a negro barbarian. Every day white children, white women, white men, and white policemen are tortured, raped, and murdered by black barbarians. The liberals and the black barbarians never protest against those atrocities. In fact they put the racist label on anyone who dares to protest against the negro atrocities. And once the magic racist label is used, the negroes and the liberals cannot be held accountable for barbarities committed or countenanced. Yet one self-defense killing by a white police officer has set off what the blacks and liberals feel is a justifiable Negrogeddon.

In the midst of Negrogeddon the conservatives cite the Constitution, which is like trying to put out a raging inferno with a water pistol. Something greater than an intellectual affirmation of the “rule of law” is necessary. But genuine conservatism died with the South. Twentieth century “conservatives” want to preserve a generic people living in a generic nation. It was, and is, of no consequence to the conservatives whether their nation consists of black or white people, because they look on all people as interchangeable cogs that exist solely to be manipulated by the abstracted minds of the conservative intellectuals. Right after Obama’s fiat I heard the self-professed conservative Mike Huckabee proclaiming that he was not against colored immigration; far from it — he welcomed it. What he was against was illegal immigration. That has always been the mantra of the “conservatives.” They are not against white genocide: they simply want it done in an orderly fashion. This is sheer lunacy. The extermination of whites is wrong whether it is done legally or illegally. What is legality outside of His reign of charity? There is no such thing: it is an invention of the greatest legalist of them all – Satan.

I’ve always felt akin to the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, because we both were drawn back to the Christian faith in the same way. When the revolutionary Bakunin lectured his new convert, the young Dostoyevsky, on the necessity of burying all sentimental attachments, even one’s sentimental attachment to Jesus Christ, Dostoyevsky wept. He couldn’t do it. I felt the same way when I entered the university.  The philosophical defenses of Christianity disappeared like the mists of the morning, but His sacred image, the image of the European Christ, stayed with me. The theologians and the modern conservatives give us nothing to hold on to. A man can’t go into battle with a syllogism; he must have a faith in the heroes of his race, and through them he must have faith in The Hero. The negro barbarians are burning and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, because one of their own, a thieving murderous thug who had just beaten and robbed a shop owner and was trying to wrest a white police officer’s gun from him, was killed. Not one single rioter cares about Michael Brown. They care about black power: white people cannot be allowed to defend themselves against black violence. Ferguson, Missouri is a mirror of the European world. There must be no resistance to black violence, because black people are the chosen ones: they are the man-gods who have replaced the God-Man in the hearts of the liberals.

Conservative intellectuals who favor abstract people of no particular race over the people of their own racial hearth fire are no match for the liberals and the colored barbarians. Their universalism is not a moral evolution, it is a descent to a Gnostic Christianity diametrically opposed to the Christianity of our European ancestors. The conservatives are all in favor of God, but they want to be in charge of God. From their standpoint God is messy and inefficient. “Why is it necessary,” they ask, “to pass on divine truths through the blood? Why can’t we all just discipline our minds so that we can understand and know God through our intellects?” No doubt God could have done things as the managerial conservatives in church and state wanted, but then He would have been something other than the God who imparts to human hearts: He would not have been our Lord and Savior. And that is the problem with the new universalism of the kindly conservative grazers. They want to make everyone happy in the abstract by ignoring God’s channels of grace. The colored savages and the liberals know what they want: they want to exterminate the white race. The former want to do so because they have never known Christ, and the latter want to do so because they hate the living God. The European grazers do not know what they want, because they have been denied their racial hearth fire where love, honor, and duty reside. It’s time for the Europeans to rise and ride, but they must be led by Europeans who love their own people more than humanity in the abstract.

What was unthinkable in Christian Europe is commonplace in liberal Europe. Savage barbarians of color are exterminating the white race while liberals look on with “remorseless glee.” It would take a miracle to revive the European people. But haven’t such miracles occurred in the past? Was not Christian Europe a miracle? Will He forsake His people? That is not possible. We have left Him: that is why we are defenseless before the hordes of color.

While waiting in the dentist’s office the other day, I got to talking with a man in his mid-nineties who had spent 40 years as a postman. He loved his route and the people on his route until his route became colorized. He watched, over the course of 40 years, a nice white neighborhood become a crime-ridden negro neighborhood. He made the same point that Anthony Jacob made in reference to Kenya: “I retired and moved farther out into the country, but eventually they’ll come out here.” Yes, eventually they’ll be everywhere. There are already parts of London that the police are afraid to enter for fear of the Moslem tribesmen. And most of the cities in the United States belong to either the Aztecs or the Mau Maus. Why should whites accept this as the natural order of existence? They should not, but they will accept racial Babylon so long as they are afraid of being racist. Is it wrong to hate the spawns of Satan who tell us by their words and actions that they are determined to destroy our people and our culture? “Yes, it is wrong,” the liberals tell us. But who gave the liberals the right to make the white man’s love of his own people a crime punishable by death? They are the satanic enablers of the demon races of color. Look at their faces: their satanic sneer tells us all we need to know about liberals who murder whites with the aid of the colored barbarians.

In the past our ancestors kept colored barbarians at bay and punished the slightest violation of the color code. That was not so far back in time. Those Europeans were giants of faith, hope, and charity. Are we not their spiritual heirs? God’s grace is not bound by time. If we love our people in and through our Lord, without blending our Christian faith with negro worship, Islam, or any other –ism, miracles will occur. The colored barbarians rule because whites have abdicated. It is time for whites to become racists, to fight for our kith and kin. If we are true to our blood, we will be true to our Lord and then, thank God, we will have done our duty. +

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