To Love Our Own

Some feelings are to mortals given,
With less of earth in them than heaven;

–Walter Scott in Lady of the Lake


The old ditty goes something like this:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.
Please do put a penny in the old man’s hat,
If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do,
If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you.

The modern ditty is quite different:

Election day is coming, negrophile Liberaldom is a fact.
No self-respecting politician will wear a white hat.
If you haven’t got a dark skin, a half-dark skin will do
If you haven’t got even a half-dark skin, then the liberals damn you.

The white-hating liberals and the white-hating barbarians of color have an infinitude of candidates to vote for, because all the candidates, whether they be Democrat, Republican, or Independent, are committed to the ongoing extermination of the white race. There are no white candidates, candidates who have campaigned for the preservation of the white race. So vote for the candidate that believes in a slower extermination rate, but do not think for one second that voting will stop the extermination of whites. The liberal hierarchy has flown their colors; they believe in the sacredness of the negro and the evil of the white man. They shall not cease from mental strife until their colored minions have killed every last white.

“Haiti is the world,” the liberals cry with all the fervor of the devotees of a cruel barbarian mystery cult. As they gather round the sacred fire, they kiss the bloody knives of their black gods and start chanting, “Blood, blood, blood, we must have more white blood.” We can hear Charlie Brown asking, “Can anyone tell me what elections are all about?” Linus responds, but not with approval: “Thou shalt love the negro and hate the white man: that’s what elections are all about, Charlie Brown.”

The sickness unto death that has come upon the whites who still have something in their souls is the result of living in negrophile Liberaldom. Spiritually, it is the equivalent of living in a dark, rat-infested room, presided over by a demon who never lets you see the light of day but continues to let more and more rats into your room. The rats bite you as you fight with them for the scraps of food the demon jailer throws on the floor of your cell. Every other year the demon jailer gives you light enough to vote for a new jailer and for a different set of rats to gnaw at your entrails. Once you have voted, the lights go out again and the extermination process proceeds. Is not democratic, negrophile liberalism the very best of all possible worlds?

In the 6th Narnia book, The Silver Chair, the English children spend so much time in the Underworld under the influence of the evil witch that they begin to doubt that there ever was an Overworld. The Europeans have reached that state of existence. The liberals started in the overworld, the land of Christian Europe, and they have slowly transformed the European overworld into the Underworld. What is needed is a loving remembrance of that which was lost and a will to reclaim that which was lost. In a Spenglerian universe of birth, maturity, decay, and death, that which is lost remains lost. But Europeans do not live in a Spenglerian universe.

We can’t overlook the part the churches have played and continue to play in the destruction of Christian Europe and in the building and maintenance of a negrophile underworld, which has become the overworld, that keeps white people in a perpetual state of despair. From time immemorial organized Christianity has been at odds with paganism and Judaism, because both religions denied the incarnation of Christ. Why then did the church rely so much on the pagan philosophers and the Jewish system? The people of God, the Europeans, were not accorded their proper place in the church. Without the people of God, the Europeans, there is no human conduit for the divine presence. The human theater was empty, so the stage was set for a new people, a better people, to emerge. First, there was the Jacobin, then the proletariat, and finally the negro. The personal, human element that organized Christianity rejected for pagan philosophy and pharisaical Judaism, when the human element consisted of Europeans, became the keystone of Liberaldom once the negroes became the people of God, and then became the gods of a new Christless, Babylonian Christianity.

Satan is not threatened by an intellectual Christianity. In fact he encourages it, because he can make intellectual Christians do whatever he wants. Without a blood faith they will go whoring after new gods, such as the negro, or they will seek to blend Christianity with Islam or with the rapture of Israel.

The love of the negro and the hatred of the white has entered the bloodstream of the liberal. He now instinctually reacts against his own people. This hatred of the white unites him with the colored barbarians, because the hatred of the white race has always been in their blood. I saw a video a few days ago of several thousand German youths marching in Cologne in protest against radical Islam. Such things are good to see, but will that white rage be sustainable without a blood faith? Our rage and our eternal ‘no’ to racial Babylon must be rooted in the Cross of Christ. It is because Islam, negro-worshipping liberalism, and Judaism are opposed to His reign of charity that we rage against the dying of the light. Christ, despite what the clerics tell us, is not on the side of racial Babylon. It is up to those of us who still have a loving memory of the European past to show the sickness unto death Europeans that it was by the Cross that the Europeans of old conquered, and it is by the Cross that we shall conquer once again.

That Europeans should feel completely bereft of God and nation is the fulfillment of Satan’s dream, because when every channel of God’s grace has been destroyed he can rule unimpeded. When the European lost his racial hearth fire he lost his connection to the incarnate God. And all other gods are hollow caricatures of the living God. No true European can take sustenance from them. Yeats’ prophetic words, “The best lack all conviction,” can be applied to the modern Europeans.  The best of them know something is wrong, but they don’t know who their enemies are, and they can’t find any solid ground to stand on while they’re trying to fend off the slings and arrows of the unknown enemy. If we tell them their enemies are the liberals, gentile and Jewish, who, with the aid of the colored barbarians, intend to destroy them, they will not believe it. Their “natures are so far from doing harm that they suspect none.” This above all makes my blood rage against the liberals and the colored barbarians. The worst of the grazers are worth more than all of the liberals and the colored barbarians put together. And the best of the lot, who hate modernity but cannot believe in an evil as sinister and malevolent as negrophile liberalism, are so morally distinct from the colored barbarians and the liberals that they seem to be a different species altogether. Like Lear, they are more sinned against than sinning. A life spent protecting that remnant and avenging the slaughtered white innocents will not be spent in vain.

There are times in our lives when we must look at death head on. A loved one dies and we have only our “trembling faith” to get us through. It seems like no comfort at all at first, because we feel only the unbearable parting – someone who was supposed to be immortal is no longer with us. Tennyson expressed it better than anyone: “The tender grace of a day that is dead… shall never come back to me.” But over time, the pain can be eased if we come away from the coffin to a society in which all the everyday activities point us to the Savior. When that is the case death loses its finality and is ultimately replaced by the sure and certain hope in the resurrection of the dead, a hope that is almost completely buried in the coffin when we are still at the graveside. But when there is a racial and familiar hearth fire to return to, a hearth fire of precious memories and loving hearts who share those precious memories with us, we do not despair. And when there is no racial and familiar hearth fire? We push death away with drugs and the opiates of superficiality. But inside there is always the feeling that we are:

Like one, that on a lonesome road
Doth walk in fear and dread,
And having once turned round walks on,
And turns no more his head;
Because he knows a frightful fiend
Doth close behind him tread.

In a Christian society where the racial hearth fire is honored, all of the “trivialities” of life, such as sport, festivals, and business, point us to the Savior who destroyed the frightful fiend called death. The trivialities in such a society become something much more than trivialities: they become channels of grace. A man who does the everyday duties and participates in the every day festivities in a white, “racist” Christian culture is connected to the world of Handel’s Messiah. Death is swallowed up in victory. All this comes from that which the liberals and the colored barbarians despise, the Europeans’ racial hearth fire. No candidate for public office ever fights for that hearth fire, but we must, because it contains the only things that matter in this world and the next: Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The Europeans are currently being crucified with no hope of a resurrection. The frightful fiend, through negrophile liberalism, has laid hold of their souls. But he can’t hold us if we burst the devil’s bonds by returning to our racial hearth fire. The love that exists there, the love of kith, kin, and the Savior who sustains our Kith and kin, will make us heroes again. We will be men and women who love and hate with a sure and certain instinct more powerful than reason. Negrophile liberalism will prove unreal at last, and Christian Europe will prove to be eternal. +

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