The Day Is Ours

Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight–

-Psalm 144


For many years, from 1917 to 1956, whoever was head of the Russian Communist Party was the liberals’ pope and Russia was the holy land. But when a sitting pope, Nikita Khrushchev, denounced a former pope, Joseph Stalin, the liberals were in a quandary. Khrushchev’s repudiation of Stalin was their Vatican II. Do we go with the living pope or the dead pope? Most liberals rejected Stalin (not all though; I had a professor who was still a devout Stalinist), but they didn’t embrace the chubby Nikita; instead they went over to the non-European communist leaders such as Mao Tse-tung and Ho Chi Minh, who became the new popes. When the Asian communists lost their luster, they were replaced by the colored tribesmen of all nations, with the negro serving as the penultimate representative of “the people.” You must, if you are a liberal who despises the white race, have a utopian people to hold up as the all-virtuous, all-holy alternative to the white race, because if evil is endemic to all races how can the white race be demonized? There must be a utopian people who will “astound the world” with their virtue if only the white race can be exterminated.

Even though the liberals’ enthusiasm for communist Russia waned, they still maintained a soft spot in their hearts for the communist pigs of Russia. The divorce was an amicable one, because the communist pigs’ ideals were closer to the liberals’ ideals than they were to the beliefs of an antique European such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In point of fact, Solzhenitsyn earned the liberals’ wrath when he came to the West and told them that Christ, not liberalism, was the answer to communism. Had he told the liberals that their new kingdom of negrophile liberalism was a wonderful refinement of a slightly flawed communist system he would have become their hero.

The current leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has become an anathema to the liberals. They have already expressed greater outrage and disapproval of him than they ever expressed against Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of the communist popes. Why is this? Is Putin more murderous than Lenin, Stalin, and company? Hardly. Putin is not a Christian knight, but he has done nothing to justify the moral pariah label the liberals have pinned on him. Putin is hated by the liberals because he is a Russian nationalist and not a multicultural liberal. He has publicly told minorities in Russia that they must adhere to Russian cultural norms or leave Russia. And he has told homosexuals that they will not be allowed to foist their homosexual agenda on the Russian people. Shouldn’t any sane leader seek to defend his people from the dangers of multiculturalism and homosexuality? Putin is not my hero, because he is a pagan warrior not a Christian Goth, but I don’t see how any white European can quarrel with his attempt to defend his people against the multiculturalists and the homosexuals. If the Russian people accept multiculturalism, then they will cease to exist as a people. My only criticism of Putin is that he is not strict enough. For example, I don’t think having a black man on the Russian basketball team serves Mother Russia. The Russians don’t need to win basketball medals in the Olympics; they need to keep Mother Russia white. All multicultural encroachments are to be shunned. We cannot let the desire for liberal approval and for success in international sporting events make multicultural cowards of us all.

Russia under Putin has not made a pilgrim’s regress to a Christian nation, but Mother Russia is still infinitely sounder than the Western nations. Whenever a people resist multiculturalism there is hope that their nation might “regress” toward the light. The essence of communism was its rejection of the light in favor of a Godless kingdom of heaven on earth. It is ironic that the negrophile nations of Europe are now more communistic than Russia.

The liberals’ “we-must-be-multicultural” mandate means that all white nations must permit the colored strangers to exterminate their people. We all, we Europeans, are in the same boat as the white Russians. If we don’t fight multiculturalism, refusing to be broadminded and understanding when the murderous hordes of color invade our land, we will surely perish. Our resistance must amount to more than mere disapproval: we must hate the multiculturalists as we hate the devil. It’s no coincidence that as the Europeans lost their faith in Christ they also lost their desire to fight Satan and his minions. Putin cannot be our guiding light, because he is a pagan. What we need are Christian warriors. We need Alfreds and Tells, Christian men who are not under the thumbs of the clergy, who will fight for their people no matter what the odds against them.

If the clergy have given their blessing to negrophile liberalism how can Christian men support them? We can’t. We must oppose them as we would oppose the devil, because where negro worship is present the devil rules. These “Christian” clergymen who have elevated the negro to divine status and repudiated the Christian faith of our European ancestors are merely the lap dogs of the liberals, seeking the favor of their masters for doing the right tricks such as running off to Africa to “help” the African Ebola victims and then returning to the West to infect the evil whites who deserve what they get “because of slavery.” The hatred of the white and the love of the negro is what motivates the liberals. So long as we allow the Christian churches to sustain that love and hate we shall live in the pigsties of Liberaldom, waiting for our final extermination.

The hero of Walker Percy’s mock heroic novel, Love in the Ruins, tries to invent a machine that will reconnect the European’s brain with his soul. Of course no machine can perform that miracle, but it is necessary for the post-Christian European to come to the same conclusion as Orlando in Shakespeare’s As You Like It: “I can live no longer by thinking.” The portals to hell run through academia, which was spawned by the churchmen who thought that it’s better to have an intellectual concept of God than to know Him in and through the love of our people. There seems to be no limit to the degeneracy of a thoroughly trained academic. He is a man without any of the attributes that distinguish a man from a demon. So long as the spirit of academia, the demonic spirit which possessed Louis IX, governs white men, they will continue to look on the negro as a god who must be appeased with the blood of the white man.

I hope the Ebola illness is not spread throughout the Western nations, but whether the disease spreads or its progress is abated, the Ebola crisis gives us a window into the perverted souls of the liberals and the completely cowed souls of the conservatives. A nurse, recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, refused to accept a quarantine of 21 days. “It is unconstitutional and unscientific,” says the liberal star of the moment. “Her heart is in the right place,” the liberals and the conservatives intone, “She wants to help Africans.” No, the woman’s heart is in the wrong place, in fact, she has no heart. People who care nothing for their own kith and kin love only themselves. The nurse in question and the doctors who go over to West Africa and return for treatment to American medical centers are taking a gamble with their lives, but they are not taking that gamble because of a love for the sacred black man. They are taking that gamble because of an exalted egotism. They want to be worshipped as Atticus Finch was worshipped. And so far it is working. These monsters of selfishness (one Ebola-infected doctor came back, rode the subway, and went bowling!) couldn’t care less about their own family or their own people: all that pales in comparison to the praise they hope to receive for serving the negro gods of the Western world.

Liberals, a new breed of subhumans, have no humanity, because they reject God’s channels of grace. They will not love small, through their familial and racial hearth fires, they must love big, and they will love an abstract people who are deified because of their natural nobility, untainted by the sinful white man. That is the liberals’ view of existence. Our people, of the not too distant past saw life through an entirely different prism:

God gave all men all earth to love,
But, since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should prove

Beloved over all;
That, as He watched Creation’s birth,
So we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good…

So to the land our hearts we give
Till the sure magic strike,
And memory, Use, and Love make live
Us and our fields alike–
That deeper than our speech and thought,
Beyond our reason’s sway,
Clay of the pit whence we were wrought
Yearns to its fellow-clay.

— “Sussex” by Kipling

Yes, the liberals love big. But the antique Europeans loved small. The former have never seen the face of God in their kith and kin, because they have rejected their kith and kin and as a consequence have gone whoring after strange gods and an alien people. The latter have seen the living God, because they never looked upon their familial and racial hearth fires as evils to be shunned. They saw Christ in those hearth fires, and they learned to love and felt what it was like to be loved, at those hearth fires. We have not supped full of horrors yet. The satanic tentacles of liberalism are always expanding and increasing in strength. But my heroes, the bards, warriors, and everyday men and women of Christian Europe, have shown us another world, a world consecrated to an entirely different God than the god of the liberals. Surely if we love that God in and through our people, we will, at the last trump, be able to say, “The day is ours, by the grace of God.” +

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