The Rage That Stems from Charity

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

–Dylan Thomas


What the former British Cabinet Minister Lord Mandelson revealed about his liberal government is true of every single government in the Western world. They have set up a quota system designed to change the racial composition of their countries. There are not supposed to be any more white nations, because it is self-evident that white people are evil and colored people are good. So it follows that a bad nation, which is a white nation, can become a good nation by replacing its white people with black people. The colorization of the European nations is now proceeding at an accelerated pace, because even the conservatives in church and state have conceded the need for ‘diversity.’ There can be no resistance to diversity because… “Well,” the liberal fumbles for a reason, “because diversity is good.” But of course when the liberal invokes ‘diversity,’ he is really advocating a non-diverse nation of colored people. In Liberaldom, diversity means the extermination of white people.

How have white people responded to their own extermination? The ruling liberal elite in Church and state have responded with joy to the extermination of the white race. De Klerk of South Africa is representative of all liberals throughout the European nations. Under the name of diversity, he sold out his people, turning them over to black savages, in return for a guarantee of immunity for himself. He might live out his own life without feeling the full effects of ‘diversity,’ but his children will most certainly become part of the diversity cauldron. The liberals hope that their own children will mix with the black race so that they can have black grandchildren. All those whites who refuse to allow their whiteness to be obliterated by blending will be exterminated with the blessing of the liberals. So it is written, so it shall be, so long as liberals rule.

What of the grazers who constitute the majority of white people within the European nations? How do they feel about their own extermination? They are in a state of stupefied denial because, having lost their religious vision, they cannot distinguish between good and evil. So long as evil puts on a virtuous façade the grazers remain stupefied. This stupefaction of the grazers is painful to behold. For instance: A few days ago I saw, on an alternative news site, a group of Swedish grazers rallying to protest against an imported black savage who was molesting little girls. The black savage claimed it was racist to prosecute him for molesting little girls because it was not considered a crime in his culture. And of course, under the rules of ‘diversity,’ which say that nothing stemming from the blacks’ culture can be wrong, the black savage was correct. Still, the white Swedish grazers had some lingering prejudices, left over from the Christian ‘dark ages,’ which made them resent the black savage’s sexual practices. But what did the Swedes do about it? They protested. And to whom were they protesting? The government, that’s who. And who instituted the quota system, allowing black savages to enter Sweden? And who forbids the worship of the white Christian God and mandates the worship of the black gods? Do you see the point? If you seek redemption from the devil, you obviously have lost your ability to distinguish good from evil. The governments and the churches of the West are satanic: you will not be able to redress any wrong or stop any black atrocity by appealing to the institutional source of the wrongs and the atrocities. I liken the white grazers throughout the European world to the pro-lifers. For years the ‘pro-lifers’ have been appealing to the same court system that gave us legalized abortion to end legalized abortion. The massacre of babies and whites will continue so long as white grazers fail to see that their churches and their governments are evil. It is time to appeal to some authority that is above our churches and our governments.

I don’t mean to suggest that an appeal to Christ will immediately restore Christian Europe. But I am asserting that when a determined band of Europeans make war on the liberals, the liberals in state and church, a new Europe much like the old Europe will be the final result, albeit, after centuries of struggle. The new-old Europe won’t be utopia, the good will often die young, iniquity will often go unpunished, but our suffering and deaths will once again have meaning, because our lives will be lived as Europeans ought to live, connected to Christ through the love of our people.

I haven’t left the Swedes who wanted the spawns of Satan in their government to punish their negro foster child. If the Swedish protestors believed in the Christ of old Europe, they would not look for redemption from the devil. They would kiss the hilt of their sword, which is also a cross, and kill the black rapist. There are atrocities occurring throughout Europe that cry out to heaven for vengeance. It’s useless to expect mercy or justice from the liberals or the colored savages, so what is the white man’s alternative? What does that charity of honor demand that he should do?

It’s one thing to hand a man a printed sheet of paper that lists the reasons why Christ is the answer to the problem of existence, and it is quite another thing to show a man the face of Christ in the heart of His people. The former, rational apologia leads a man to an empty wasteland while the latter, non-rational apologia leads a man to the foot of the cross. And it is there, where crucified love abides, that a man becomes the type of man who will not tolerate the extermination of his people.

In the wasteland of the 20th century, one magnificent, heartfelt plea to God stands out. From the tortured soul of Dylan Thomas came the battle cry of the European:

Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Where has the rage gone that once existed in the hearts of the European people? The light of Europe cannot be allowed to die. Thomas raged as his European ancestors raged. United in arms with their pagan gods they fought to the last against the forces of evil and death. Then, because they raged against the dying of the light, they saw Christ pick up the sword of Woden and stand in the forefront of their warrior band, fighting, not just to the end, but through the ending of the world to the beginning of a new and eternal world that belongs to those who rage, with a burning fire of charity, against the dying of the light. Our Lord told us it would always be thus:

From the time of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent bear it away.

It goes against the blood faith of the white man to slay the innocent or kill because of a lust for gold or power. Such acts are blasphemy to the European. But is it not equally as blasphemous to refuse to fight for your people against all the forces of hell? An evil and adulterous people will fight for an abstraction such as the sacred negro, if that abstraction promises them they will obtain their heart’s desire, a kingdom of Satan on earth. But a Christian European of the old school, of Alfred and Tell, fights for the non-abstract Christ, the God-Man who, through His divine Humanity, has shown us that there is a divine-human connection in our ties to our kith and kin. Break those ties and you have broken the ties between the European and Christ. The snake in the European garden has always been and always shall be the philosophical abstraction. Abstract the God-Man and you will end up with the negro man-god.

When the European followers of Woden bent their knees to Christ, it was not the Christ of the philosophers they knelt to; they gave homage to their Lord and Kinsman whom they felt drawn to by ties of blood that went back to the beginning of time. They kept their racial memory of the true God alive because of their closeness to their kith and kin just as the colored tribes keep close to Satan by cannibalizing their kith and kin. The white man raged against the dying of the light because he saw the light of the soul in the hearts of his fellow Europeans. Small wonder that he was ready to accept the God-Man who fought against the dying of the light.

In the early part of the 20th century the apostate intellectuals of the West made it their business to de-emphasize the differences between the European people and the people of color. They told us that the Christian faith was similar to the coloreds’ faiths, and the Europeans’ virtues and sins were the same as the colored races. Then in the latter half of the 20th century we were told that there was a huge discrepancy between the white man’s history and the colored man’s history. The white man’s faith and the culture that stemmed from that faith were evil and inferior to the faith and cultures of the colored people. The church men responded to the liberals’ demonization of European Christianity by denouncing the European and keeping the “pure” philosophical Christianity, which is a religion without a living God, fit for men without souls. How can white men fight negro savages who torture, rape, and murder white people while imprisoned by a mind-forged Christianity that is the antithesis of the one true faith, the faith of our European forefathers? They can’t.

The reason whites are being exterminated throughout the European world was summed up for me recently by a pious, Christ-hating theologian of the West. In an interview he was asked why the church was turning more and more toward the third world. He replied that it was imperative that the church should divest itself of her European trappings. “In the past,” the great man intoned, “we over-romanticized the church’s debt to the European people.” Oh really? Is it possible to “over-romanticize” the church’s debt to the European people? No, it is not possible. The Christian church consists of those who believe in the Man of Sorrows. Tell me what people, other than the European people, ever believed, as an entire people, in the light of the world. What has happened to that light now that the Europeans have gone over to negro-worship and philosophical Christianity?

The racial war and the religious war are one. When we have defeated the anti-European Christianity of the church men, we will also be imbued once more with that charity of honor which enabled our forefathers to smite the heathen and defend their people. A people are defined by their heroes. We are the people of Alfred, of Tell, of Havelock, of Robin Hood, and of Lee. We are not the people of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mandela. The European romance, the romance of old Europe, which Scott and Burke championed, is the one true romance of life.  It’s in our blood and we must be true to our blood if we are to triumph over the liberals’ negro worshipping kingdom of Satan on earth. +

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