Dismantling the Kingdom of Satan on Earth

Mau Mau was something in the African blood, calling imperatively and irresistibly. It was a revolt of savagery against all things sane and Christian and civilized and White. 

White Man Think Again


Hell is empty
And all the devils are here.

The Tempest


The moral Rubicon has been crossed by the liberals of the West. Except for an occasional deathbed conversion, the liberals, who have become a new people separate and distinct from the antique Europeans of Christian Europe, will stay on the satanic side of the Rubicon. They have emptied their hearts of every decent human sentiment and placed an iron curtain, a much more evil one than the Iron Curtain of the Cold War era, around their hearts to keep Satanic cruelty and blasphemy in and Christian faith, hope, and charity out.

Just as Dickens told us that nothing wonderful would proceed from the story of the Christmas Carol unless we grasped the fact that Marley was dead, so must I insist that His reign of charity in Europe’s green and pleasant land will never be restored until we see that the liberals’ professed love of the negro and all the other colored races is nothing other than an attempt, a successful attempt, to make Satan the Lord of the earth.

It is most particularly in their worship of the negro that the liberals reveal the demonic nature of their souls. The complete absence of charity in the negroes horrified the Christian Europeans, but the modern liberal delights in it. They proclaim that the negro’s lack of charity is the sign of his nobility. He is a natural, noble savage at one with the animals of the jungle:

The film represented in silent form the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At the scene in the Palace where the Roman soldiers struck Him with whips and placed a crown of thrones upon His head, excited cries of ‘Pika! Pika!’ rang out from the Congolese. Pika means hit or strike, and quite naturally, as in a Western film we cheer on the goodies and boo the baddies, they were encouraging the strong against the weak.

Another film depicting in symbolic form the ending of the Arab slave trade by the white man was greeted with equal enthusiasm—each slash of the long whip on the wretched black man’s back was cheered wholeheartedly, and when in coming to grips with the Arab the white hero is momentarily thrown to the ground—their shouts reached a crescendo of support for the Arab—not as representing a race, creed or idea—but simply because he symbolized power and force.

Congo Cauldron by D. P. Dugauquier

Always it is the ethos of the jungle that prevails in a society ruled by blacks. And when whites decide to fashion a society in which the blacks are worshipped, the charity and mercy that used to exist in white Christian Europe will disappear from the face of the earth.

In view of what Savanhu considered to be European unfitness to govern Rhodesia, we might examine what he would consider to be African fitness. Having already glanced at African political fitness we can leave that on one side. But where for example the African’s purely humanitarian regard for their own kind is concerned, we find the Native Affairs Department reporting that film scenes of African children suffering from disease and starvation are greeted with shrieks of laughter by African audiences. “We have found that a distressingly large proportion of our rural population see nothing but humour in the sufferings of other people,” Mr Nesham, the N.A.D. senior information officer, reported. Similarly, Mr Guy, of the Rhodesian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, stated: “I have met no Coloured, Asiatic or African workers in the campaign against tuberculosis. Is it too much to ask members of these communities to come to our assistance?” Likewise, the only African-managed orphanage in Rhodesia reported that it has to rely entirely on White generosity for its support, as Africans themselves refuse to contribute because they feel that is “the white man’s job.”

–White Man Think Again

Can there be any doubt when we survey the negro-infested world of the West that Europe has become Africa, and charity and mercy have been obliterated in the name of diversity, integration, democracy, and—the ultimate blasphemous inversion—Christianity? Faith in Christ is a two-edged sword.  When men believe with their whole heart and soul, they can walk on water—witness the miracle of Christian Europe—but when they begin to doubt they start to sink, and then they forsake God and look for manmade life-rafts.

This new scientific, natural world in which the ethos of the African jungle is our guiding ethos is so much better than the Christian ethos of old Europe, is it not? A whole string of popes and a glittering array of Protestant clergymen have told us that the negroization of the world is something we should work and strive for in the name of Christ, the social worker. So many clergymen just couldn’t be wrong, or could they?

In the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s the Belgian and the British governments turned their people in the Belgian Congo, Kenya, and Rhodesia over to the sacred negroes of Africa. Unspeakable atrocities were the result. Liberalism was deeply rooted in the West at that time, but because of the numerical superiority of whites in the Western countries, their transfer from a European culture to an African one has taken more time than in Africa. Now the new world of brutal, bestial African cruelty is upon us through the good offices of the liberal elite in state and church.

South Africa didn’t cave in to negroization until the 1990’s because their nation was not controlled by a European nation. They finally succumbed to the pressures from a worldwide community of liberals, who held them to be moral pariahs. No one likes to be called names and shunned, but I wonder how many of the white South Africans who voted for the ending of apartheid would gladly become, once again, the moral pariahs of the Western world in order to see their murdered loved ones alive again? Of course the biggest traitors such as de Klerk are still living quite well off the blood of their countrymen whom they betrayed.

The cold, deliberate extermination of whites is no longer confined to Africa. There is an ongoing extermination of the white race throughout every European country. The slaughter will not cease so long as liberalism is the ruling theology in the West. The numerically larger hordes of colored barbarians would mean nothing if liberals ceased to rule Europe. Just a few committed white men could easily defeat the colored barbarians. It was the liberals who encouraged and countenanced the slaughter of whites in Africa and it is the liberals who encourage and countenance the slaughter of whites in the nations of Europe. They won’t be converted, so they must be defeated. The capitalist liberal who sees men as economic units only wants the freedom to hire the more servile colored races, and the socialist liberal wants the freedom to live in his hermetically sealed pleasure dome without the restrictions of the white Christian God. The great black god will not inhibit the liberal’s pleasure: all the liberal has to do is sacrifice his fellow whites to his black god. De Klerk is an infamous, shining example of the liberal in a brave, new world of pleasure, purchased by the sacrificial offerings of white people to the savage gods of color.

At the moment in history when faith in Christ became faith in theology, the angels wept, Satan exulted, and the stage was set, even though the drama was to be acted out many centuries later, for the construction of Satan’s kingdom on earth through the worship of the negro. God cannot be known by the human mind. All theological systems teach men to believe a lie when they make God an intellectual concept. It is only through the heart that men come to know the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. Took flesh and dwelt among us! God is God because He is human. His incarnation revealed that the soul comes to life through the flesh. How can the human mind grasp that? European hearts did grasp that impossible intellectual concept, and they acted upon it for centuries, in a land called Christian Europe.

The theological God is a distant God. And a distant God who eschews contact with human hearts sees mankind only as intellectual constructs. I once read a Roman Catholic theologian’s calm assertion that the loss of European Christians to the faith was made up for by the addition of millions of Mexicans to the Church. Even if we accept the Roman Catholic’s arrogant Feeneyism, should we not recoil at the notion of God as a super stat-geek, counting the aggregate gains and losses and smiling contently when He comes out ahead? Dostoyevsky gets it right in his Grand Inquisitor scene of the Brothers’ Karamazov. When Ivan presents his case against God, Alyosha does not attempt to make an intellectual refutation of Ivan’s rational arguments; he does not, a la Milton, attempt to explain the ways of God to man. Instead he bids Ivan look on the face of the Suffering Servant.

Theology turns God into an accountant and men into statistics. In the statistical realm, the suffering of white men means nothing because statistics don’t suffer. And in the statistical realm, blacks are worshipped because the flesh cannot be sanctified. Therefore it follows that the most “natural” people, and not the God-Man of the spirit-infused white people, should be worshipped as gods.

There can be no true thought unless the heart is brought into play. By thinking alone we are all dead letters, doomed to live and die as meaningless statistics. If we contemplate the nothingness of the universe and the mathematical certainty of our own suffering and inevitable death on this earth, we will quite naturally—and I stress the word ‘naturally’—seek to anesthetize ourselves throughout our entire lifespan and then pass into the great void. Samuel Becket has expressed this modern angst quite well. It is a disease that infected the European people when theology became their religion.

In college I had a professor who did his Ph.D. dissertation on Samuel Beckett. We both shared a passion for Dostoyevsky and Shakespeare, but he saw only the Samuel Beckett elements in Dostoyevsky and Shakespeare: he did not see the Son of God. A few years after getting my degree, I visited my former professor at his home. After a few pleasantries, we got down to the serious matter. I confessed that I had come to believe in the God-Man. He fussed and fumed for awhile and then told me of a student of his who had professed to believe in Christianity. He asked his student how she could believe in a loving God considering all the suffering in the world. “What about cancer, for instance?”

“I think God is trying to teach people a lesson by letting cancer run rampant. They need to return to God.”

“Oh, so when people believe in God they don’t get cancer…”

The girl’s arguments were easily ground into the dust. Maybe, even quite probably, the girl was a sincere believer in Christ, but she was defending Christianity as Satan wants Christianity to be defended, from the mind and not from the heart. That type of defense leads to an anesthetized world where white people are exterminated by black abstractions. Yes, I said abstractions, because the liberals do not care about the blacks, except as executioners of white Christians. If they really cared about their black demi-gods, they would want to restore white-ruled Africa and white Europe so that the whites could once again stop blacks from murdering blacks. I don’t ever mean to suggest that white rule should be restored because it is good for blacks. I am merely showing the liberals’ theology in all its naked ugliness. They are incapable of any type of genuine love for any racial group because they have forsaken their own people and the God-Man who lives and reigns in the hearts of the European people, the remnant of Europeans who have not reasoned God and His people into statistical nonentities.

Let me go back to that atheist professor. I responded to his “why is there cancer?” attack on God with Alyosha’s response to his brother Ivan. He didn’t fall on his knees and become a Christian, but he didn’t sneer either. Of course a Beckett-devotee is not as far gone as a theological liberal of the secular or the religious variety. Their theology arms them against all human feelings. And one must have some human feelings in order to know the humane God.

European men, armed with statistical indifference to the God-man and cold hatred for His people, have built a negro-worshipping world devoid of faith, hope, and charity. European men who do not care about statistics and who have an irrational, illogical, heartfelt attachment to their own people and their God, the Man of Sorrows, will dismantle the liberals’ negro-worshipping kingdom of Satan on earth. +

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