Till the Ending of the World

But never the gloom that lowers over the fortune of the cause, nor anything which the great may do towards hastening their own fall, can make me repent of what I have done by pen or voice (the only arms I possess) in favour of the order of things into which I was born, and in which I fondly hoped to die. – Burke in his Letter to William Elliot


I was saddened to hear of the death of Walt Disney’s older daughter, Diane Disney Miller, a few weeks ago, but I was very heartened to know his daughter was intensely loyal to her father’s memory her entire life. She even founded the Walt Disney Family Museum to counteract all the negative press her father received from the liberals. Why have the liberals hated Walt Disney so? They’ve hated him because like Walter Scott and Hans Christian Andersen his imagination was grounded in Christian Europe. He saw beauty — moral beauty — in the people of old Europe.

The modern Disney Studios feed off the moral imagination of Walt Disney. Every new picture they make is a blasphemous celebration of Satanism, yet they still retain the name of Disney and maintain the original Disney films, because they know without the Disney name and the real Disney films their financial bankruptcy will become as great as their moral bankruptcy. The liberals running the Disney Studios feed off the moral patrimony of Walt Disney while simultaneously renouncing it.

The same process of feeding and renouncing is taking place in the European nations as a whole. The liberals use the moral patrimony of Christian Europe to further the ends of Satanic Europe. Traditional stories which came from authors whose imaginations were rooted in the traditions and faith of old Europe are put through the liberals’ wringer. By changing the characters’ colors and sexual orientations the old stories are made the support and prop of a new Europe consecrated to racial diversity and sexual depravity. The same process is taking place in the churches. The church men change the Christ story of old Europe to make it coincide with the new Europe, Satan’s Europe.

Why bother to keep the old stories and the outward symbols of the old faith around at all? The reason is not complicated. Liberalism is pure negation. It is an ideology without a soul to sustain its adherents, so, like a succubus, it must latch on to a living organism in order to keep itself alive. Where would the liberal be without his bastardized, inverted, distorted Christian faith in which original sin exists in the white man and salvation comes by way of the negro? He would have to self-destruct, which he often does, when in the dark recesses of his forsaken soul he starts to doubt his god. Just as the old-time Christians tried to band together to spread the faith and to support each other in those dark nights of the soul when a disciple wonders, “Sentry, are you there?,” so do the modern liberals gather together in church and academy to keep their vision of the sacred negro and racial Babylon alive.

The feeding off of and the renouncing of Western civilization cannot continue much longer. An academic acquaintance of mine, a woman who should be imprisoned for her intense hatred for all things European, regularly goes to England to become “revitalized.” Will she still be revitalized when Britain is a Moslem nation? No, I don’t think she will. Nor will my mad-dog, liberal sister, who sends her daughter to a white, private school while insisting she just loves her black brethren to death, survive the mandatory diversification of all schools, private and public. A fleeting remnant of the unbought grace of life has lingered over Europe during the 20th century, often called back to life during wars, but we are now seeing a new generation of young white people who know nothing of their past and the moral patrimony bequeathed to them by their distant ancestors. These young people, bereft of all hope save their hope in the negro, either kill themselves outright with drugs or else commit racial suicide by mixing their blood with the blood of the barbaric negro gods. This a consummation most devoutly not to be wished for, but there is no other fate for white people who no longer believe they are a people.

It is during the Christmas season that the feeding and denouncing dynamic is at its height. What is too loathsome to be endured at any time of the year becomes doubly loathsome at Christmas time. Academics who spew their bile on Christian Europe throughout the academic year take their Christmas breaks and give their two quality children presents placed under a Christmas tree, a symbol of the cross on which the Savior, whom they despise, died. It’s true that more and more liberals, usually those without children, are dispensing with even the outward show of Christianity. That is for the good. I would prefer the liberals make their Satanism as blatant as possible. Let us have Herod Day instead of a Christmas Day, and Caiaphas Day instead of Easter. And shouldn’t we continue to make Martin Luther King Jr. day our most holy day of the year? Of course, we should if we are going to make our holidays correspond to the spirit of our nation. (1)

Scrooge lived a life apart from the rest of society because he made a conscious decision to renounce the God of charity and mercy. The repentant Scrooge walked through the door of his nephew’s home and rejoined his fellow Europeans because he had come to believe in the God of charity and mercy. The European of today who believes what the repentant Scrooge believed must reverse Scrooge’s spiritual pilgrimage. He must walk away from a society dominated by liberals and find his own upper room, a room prepared for the followers of the Man of Sorrows, the Christ of old Europe. From that upper room he must build up his resistance to and prepare for the war with the liberal world surrounding him. What can the ungodly offer us? They can offer us a place in Babylon if we are willing to renounce our people and our God. To sit in the seat of the scornful might be the sum and substance of the liberals’ desires, but an antique European desires something quite different. He wants to remain with Christ, whom he has come to know in and through his people, “the dear old folks from long ago.”

The French Jacobins killed their King, and the Russian Bolsheviks killed their Czar to show there was no turning back. Forward to Utopia and the reign of the people! And the bloody reign of the people continues. The blood-red tide of colored violence against whites has reached tidal wave proportions. There can be no turning back, no charitable license, because the people must rule, and “the people” are the barbarians of color. If the church men such as Pope Francis were really Christian men who believed that all men were created in the image of God, they would be concerned about the slaughter of the white race. But they are not concerned; in point of fact, they encourage the slaughter of the white race. If there is no black or white then why do the white-hating, Christ-hating clerics worship the black race and hate the white race? Call it a “knockout game” or “slap-happy,” but colored violence against whites by any euphemistic name still is colored violence against whites, and it cries out to heaven for vengeance. Has there ever been a time when a violent, merciless foe was defeated by pretending there was no such thing as a violent, merciless foe? Of course not; nominalism has its limits. The white-hating liberal and the murderous, white-hating black are not fantasies concocted by right-wingers. They are part of the everyday fabric of our existence, and they will not go away until they are confronted by an enemy who will fight them on every front because he knows who it is they fight for and who it is he fights for. Christ does not give us any guarantee that He will give his followers the victory. Maybe that is why so many white nationalists try to use the magic talismans of science and democracy to defeat the liberal techno-barbarians and the barbarians of color. But if we don’t triumph in Christ’s name, then we have not won. The Christ-bearers must be true to their high calling. It is only the utopians who look for a system that will provide mankind with a final victory here on earth. The Christian Europeans knew that there is no final victory in this world only. The life of the spirit is a continuum, from this world to the next. C. S. Lewis expressed this so well in his Chronicles of Narnia. By manmade logic it seems like an unsolvable problem: that our success in this world depends on how much we disregard the logic of this world – but it is not unsolvable in Him and through Him. Heaven visited Earth in the form of Jesus Christ and from that fact of history we few, we Europeans, have always derived the strength and the will to fight for innocence. Because he was gentle and loved much, we must be gentle inside, gentle enough to strike back at the colored barbarians who have made the rape, torture, and murder of white people their national pastime. And we must hate the liberals as we hate the devil: they sit in the seat of the scornful and make merry over the death of white people. That charity of honor commands us to hurl the liberals from their Satan-forged thrones.

This Christmas I’ll read Dickens’ Christmas Carol with my family, we’ll sing the traditional Christmas carols, and we’ll feast. But I won’t forget for one moment the burning white child, Jonathan Foster, and all the other white victims in the ongoing war of the colored barbarians and liberals against the white race. There is no Christmas truce when the enemy does not believe in the author of Christmas. Christian gentleness does not preclude fierceness in the face of evil. Far from it: in the name of gentleness and mercy we must be fierce. Because the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Him, we fight without ceasing against them, this Christmas and every Christmas till the ending of the world. +


(1) If you needed any more proof of the real faith of the liberals, just take note of the adulation and deification of the recently deceased Nelson Mandela, of whom we can justly say as some anonymous historian said of King John of England: “Hell is defiled by his presence.”

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