The Warm, Beautiful Summer of Christian Europe

The demon said this was very amusing. When a good or pious thought passed through the mind of any one it was misrepresented in the glass; and then how the demon laughed at his cunning invention. All who went to the demon’s school – for he kept a school – talked everywhere of the wonders they had seen, and declared that people could now, for the first time, see what the world and mankind were really like. They carried the glass about everywhere, till at last there was not a land nor a people who had not been looked at through this distorted mirror. They wanted even to fly with it up to heaven to see the angels, but the higher they flew the more slippery the glass became, and they could scarcely hold it, till at last it slipped from their hands, fell to the earth, and was broken into millions of pieces. But now the looking-glass caused more unhappiness than ever, for some of the fragments were not so large as a grain of sand, and they flew about the world into every country. When one of these tiny atoms flew into a person’s eye, it stuck there unknown to him, and from that moment he saw everything through a distorted medium, or could see only the worst side of what he looked at, for even the smallest fragment retained the same power which had belonged to the whole mirror. Some few persons even got a fragment of the looking-glass in their hearts, and this was very terrible, for their hearts became cold like a lump of ice.

— Hans Christian Andersen in “The Snow Queen”


Now that the Christian churches of the West have become multiracial, ecumenical adjuncts of Liberaldom, the liberals feel no need to undermine the Christian churches. They do feel the need to keep heaping live coals on the heads of Christian Europeans of the past, however, because those European Christians were the enemies of Liberaldom. Any counter-revolution will come by way of the Europeans who are still connected to old Europe, so the liberals keep a close watch out for any resurgence of European Christianity, which is the only true Christianity.

While the undermining process was still an ongoing affair, the liberals presented themselves as the true existentialists. Such writers as Camus and Sarte claimed they wanted no fairy tales. “Man’s existence precedes essence,” was the war cry of the existentialists. No theoretical creed or abstract theology was allowed to get in the way of man’s confrontation with reality. But were the existentialists really existentialists? Did they ever face the reality of existence without an a priori conviction of their own, which was just as abstract and false as the abstract theories of the Thomists and the legions of Christian theorists who followed in St. Thomas’s train? Accepting the existentialists’ own definition of existentialism, that reality minus any theoretical, partisan pleading was their guide, we find that the existentialists were not existential after all. St. Paul was an existentialist as were Burke and William Shakespeare, but Camus, Kafka, Faulkner, Sarte, and the entire pantheon of 20th century philosophers and literati were not existentialists. They were the crippled, maimed children of the scientific age who were unable to see reality, the reality of Christ as He appeared in the collective face of the European people, because of the material, scientific wall that blocked their vision. By assuming à la Descarte that a man must invent himself anew, aren’t you denying reality? Yes, you are, because the reality of life includes the truths that have been passed on from generation to generation. Granted, those old truths must be sifted in the new hearts of every generation, but they are part of reality, just as our intuitions about existence are part of reality. The scientific reduction of man’s nature to mineral and vegetable matter is not realistic, because we have seen that a man has that within that cannot be explained scientifically. Faith, hope, and charity cannot be seen under a microscope or in the dissected body of a corpse, but they are part and parcel of human existence. The false existentialists of the 20th century have brought on the negro worship of the 21st century. The negro is the incarnation of the blank, materialist, scientific wall of nature.

The a priori vision of the modern “existentialists” was the same as the psychologists and the scientists – Nature is all. Samuel Becket’s last play, in which we see a large mouth and nothing else on stage is the final anti-vision of the modern European. Small wonder that fantasy tales such as the Harry Potter stories, which have no connection to Christianity, have replaced the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, which were stories grounded in the reality of the Christian faith. (1) Small wonder as well, that a multi-racial Babylon of sex and blood has replaced the home and hearth-centered Europe of the antique Europeans. If Christ be not risen — and the scientists have told us He is not risen – then reality is unbearable and it must be avoided at all cost. Everything that takes a man away from European Christianity and toward the sex, blood, and Harry Potter-like world of the liberals is good. And everything that pulls a man toward that blessed realm of the spirit, the Christ-forged world of old Europe, is an anathema to the liberals.

There is not yet any resistance to death in life liberalism, because the conservatives have confined themselves to a critique of liberalism without offering an opposed vision of reality. They look at the liberals’ wall of science and see that it is not a vision that sustains a people, but they have no alternative. It’s as if they are saying, “It’s a terrible world that the liberals want us to live in, but unfortunately it is the real world, so why not find a place in that world for the European?” This is not possible. There is no reason to fight for a better place in a dung heap. If Christ be not risen, there is no need for segregation or any type of racial differentiation, because mere vegetable matter is food for worms, and worms do not discriminate; they have no prejudices.

There has been and there continues to be no resistance to the liberals’ kingdom of Satan on earth, because the white man has lost the Hans Christian Andersen element of his faith. His heart has been frozen by the evil, liberal Snow Queen. A well-planned electoral strategy by a white nationalist will not remove the ice around the white man’s heart. Only a heart that still remains connected to His sacred heart can melt the ice that the Snow Queen of science and negro worship has planted in the heart and the visionary eye of the white man.

“The Roses out on the roof were in full bloom, and peeped in at the window; and there stood the little chairs, on which they had sat when children; and Kay and Gerda seated themselves each on their own chair, and held each other by the hand, while the cold empty grandeur of the Snow Queen’s palace vanished from their memories like a painful dream. The grandmother sat in God’s bright sunshine, and she read aloud from the Bible. “Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God.” And Kay and Gerda looked into each other’s eyes, and all at once understood the words of the old song,

                Roses bloom and cease to be,
                But we shall the Christ-child see.

And they both sat there, grown up, yet children at heart, and it was summer, — warm, beautiful summer.

The wedding of the European and science has produced a child who stands in direct contradiction to the child that Christ enjoins us to be in order to enter the kingdom of God. In order to enter the kingdom of Satan we must be like unto and worship the noble black savage man-child who will lead us to the cruel, inhuman kingdom of Satan on earth.

The comfort that the Siegfrieds of pre-Christian Europe felt when they got to fight hand-in-hand with their gods against the forces of evil, was a sign of something within the European that was more than nature. Would vegetable matter rejoice to share its fate with other vegetables? The transition from Woden to Christ was an easy transition for the European because he felt, when he first heard the Christ story, that he had always known Christ. He was the true friend and kinsman that had been at his side in a thousand battles and would stay at this side in the last battle against death itself. Dark ages? They were the ages of light. These are the dark ages, when a race of heroes have forsaken their liege lord and kinsman for the negro. When the Europeans sought refuge from God in nature instead of fighting with their God against nature and the noble savage they ceased to be human beings; they became soulless mutants destined to serve as sacrificial victims to the gods of color.

The new ‘knockout game’ which the media blame on “misguided youths” is really another form of black on white crime. It is not a new game for the blacks – they have always “played” such games. When I was thirteen I used to stand in line at the local golf club in the hopes that I would be picked to caddy for a rich man who might give me a big tip. One cloudy morning I thought I had a good chance of going out because I was the one and only potential caddy there that day. Then four older negro boys came over to caddy. Still I was first in line so I thought I would get out to caddy. The negroes told me to get lost (I’m sanitizing their language), and I refused. They proceeded to beat on me. I did fight back, but I was younger, weaker, and outnumbered. I was in for it. But before I was beaten senseless, a very large, white maintenance man intervened. He slapped the heads of two of the negroes together, knocking them down, while the other two fled. He paid me all sorts of compliments for being plucky, which were undeserved because I had no choice in the matter – the fight was thrust upon me – and then he made sure that I got out to caddy that day.

That maintenance worker was a hero. He was a European deliverer. That is what all Europeans should be, because the Europeans saw the risen Lord and believed in Him, and they became the Christ-bearers. Such men imbued with that charity of honor will always fight for His reign of charity.

Always and everywhere it was the Europeans who delivered the weak and the helpless from the forces of evil, just as He will one day stand up for us and deliver us from the evil of death. The spirit of our ancestors must be present in us before anything significant will happen to alter the Babylonian captivity of the white man. Science has not delivered us from the pestilence of liberalism, and the destructiveness of the negro has increased tenfold since the white man abandoned the simple wisdom of Kay and Gerda,

Roses bloom and cease to be,
But we shall the Christ child see.

The people who dwell in that Europe, the fairy tale Europe of Kay and Gerda, shall never cease to be and they will never turn Europe over to the liberals and the savage hordes of color. +


(1) Do not mistake Hans Christian Andersen’s tale for the bastardized story that has just come out from the anti-Disney Disney Studios.

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