European Hearts that Still Live

If ever from your eyelids wip’d a tear
And know what ‘tis to pity and be pitied,…

Orlando (As You Like It)


Every once in a while I make contact with a European, a man or woman who has some sense that something has been lost. “Everything seems so devastatingly horrible,” “I am so lonely and depressed,” “Everything seems hopeless.” Those are the type of things I hear from people who have souls that still live, who have not yet anesthetized their souls with the liberal opiates that one needs in order to dwell in the kingdom of Liberaldom. I wouldn’t dare tell such suffering souls that things are not as bad as they seem, because I believe things are worse than they seem. We have reached, under liberal rule, the depths of horror and desolation: “All is cheerless dark and deadly.” But there is more than just a tiny ember of hope in the fact that there are still Europeans left whose souls have not yet become anesthetized, who still recoil in horror from an inhuman, soulless world in which the extermination of white people and the destruction of their ancient culture is countenanced under the guise of “diversity” and “fighting racism.” The extermination process will continue so long as the liberals rule, because those who worship darkness cannot abide the light.

Men are not meant to be in a perpetual state of happiness. Darkness and gloom are part of existence. But what concerns me about the remnant Europeans, the men and women who “indignant turn” from the horrors of Liberaldom, is not that they have their dark moments – that is as it should be – but that they are being driven to total despair. And I think the total despair of the European remnant comes from their loss of a racial hearth fire. Human beings, at least those human beings of European stock, do not lose heart when they have to fight against impossible odds, but they do lose heart when they have nothing to fight for. To that pass the European remnant has come. The liberal has something to fight for: he fights for a utopian world free of white people and ruled over by the negro. The colored races have something to fight for – the extermination of the white race. But the European, who cannot fight with any enthusiasm for the forces of liberal darkness, feels bereft of a cause. Who or what can he fight for? The greatest tragedy in life is not having to fight to the death for what you hold dear; it is not having anything or anyone to fight to the death for. If the European could see his way clear of all the liberal filth and return to his racial home, he would find a God and a people to fight for, and he would not pine away with a sickness unto death.

Liberalism started out as a small movement of sick, degenerate individuals like Rousseau and Voltaire, who, allied with the Jews, sought to destroy the people and the traditional Christian culture of Europe. Over time the liberals succeeded in institutionalizing Satanism in the nations that once constituted Christian Europe. And the major ploy that was used by the satanically inspired liberals was the ‘boundaries’ ploy. The liberals depicted God’s channels of grace as hideous boundaries that kept a man enslaved in a world of pain and suffering while they, the liberals, promised the Europeans freedom if they would courageously break through the hideous boundaries that separated them from happiness. Who would be so base to prefer servitude to freedom? As we have seen, the vast majority of Europeans, over time, fell for the liberals’ satanic gambit.

The first channel of grace, or in liberal terminology, the first ‘boundary’ that had to be destroyed, was the European’s racial home. A man needs to belong to a particular race of people because he is not an abstraction: he needs a particular people and a personal God whom he learns to love and revere through and in his people. If you take away that familial and racial particularism and replace it with a universal, abstract people and a universal, abstract God, you will kill the European’s will to live, because you have left him without a people or a God to fight for.

Once the racial ‘boundary’ is transgressed all other boundaries are fair game. If our racial home is not a channel of grace but instead a restrictive boundary, then why should we put up with any boundaries? Why control our sexual appetites, our appetites for wealth, or any of our appetites? We are the people without boundaries, are we not?

Fortress Liberaldom seems impregnable because the European remnant is still under the spell of clericalism, democracy, and science. The despairing European that still has a heart capable of love for the good and hatred of evil would like to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war on the liberals, but he doesn’t dare. The clerics tell him that a white man must never act in a “racist” manner, considering himself a white person with a special attachment and special responsibilities toward the white race. A white is only allowed to fight when he fights racism. But since there is only one kind of racism, white racism, the white man is only allowed to fight against white people, who are really not his people because there is no such thing as white people, except when they are racist, and then there are white people. Are you getting all this down? You must learn your liberal catechism.

The mesmerized European is forever going around in circles on the democratic merry-go-round. If he should actually summon up the spiritual energy to fight for what he holds dear to his heart, he must fight democratically because it is a modern given that all civilized men “categorically renounce violence.” But if the white man accepts that categorical imperative, which he has, he will only be allowed to vote for his own extinction. In a democracy some are more equal than others. It is the negro, who knows only how to murder, rape, and pillage, who is served in a democracy.

And finally there is the scientific quagmire. To claim a sympathetic, mystical attachment to the people of your own race is unscientific and therefore stupid. Who wants to be called stupid? But wait. The scientific whites have a mystical, sympathetic attachment to a particular race. They worship the black race and to a lesser degree the brown, yellow, and red races. Is this scientific? Yes, it is, because Western science is the ultimate voodoo religion, and its adherents must abandon all their humanity, their sense of honor, and their charitable instincts to become scientific-minded. All scientific thinking ends with the worship of nature and nature’s god, the negro.

Let me come back to the Europeans who still have souls but despair, even unto death. It is that mystical, sympathetic chord, their attachment to their own race, which will defeat their despair. But they have been trained by the clergy, the democratists, and the men of science to leave that chord, the chord of life, untouched. If only they would play that chord. It would touch their hearts, and they would once again know what it means to love God in and through one’s people. And that type of love, which is pure fire, would make them whole. They would dream dreams and see visions of His love upon the rose.

The liberal, who worships Satan through the negro, knows that negro worship and the demonization of the white is the bone and sinew of Liberaldom. But why can’t the despairing white (despairing because he sees the desolation of liberalism all around him) see that if the spawns of Satan are so obsessed with the worship of the negro and the demonization of the white then there must be some source of spiritual strength in our racial hearth fire that the liberals do not want us to tap into. Perhaps the love of their people and the recognition of the demonic nature of negro worship could lead white people back to Christian Europe.

Anthony Jacob correctly pointed out that “charity not only begins at home it perishes without one.” And our home is our racial hearth fire. All other faiths except the Christian faith deny that God can become incarnate. Thus the racial hearth fires in those other faiths are part of the endless cycle of dumb nature. Flesh begets flesh and then turns to worms and goes back to its source, dumb nature. But ‘tis not so at the European hearth fire. God incarnate dwells there; men at such hearth fires know that the spirit of God animates the bodies of men, and charity, not dumb nature, is our touchstone of reality. If a civilization has not charity, and only the despised civilization of the antique Europeans had charity, it is not a civilization. It is a city of Satan, the great hater of all that is truly human, especially the Divine humanity.

As we have seen, the liberals have remade Christianity in the image of liberalism, with the negro as the savior and all that is evil residing in the white man. The world will be redeemed when all white men perish. The conservatives in church and state have also jettisoned Christ. At the moment they cut the racial cord, the spiritual Rubicon was crossed. Now they keep the outward forms of Christianity while they desperately try to maintain some spiritual life by fusing their empty-husk faith with Judaism, Islam, Orientalism, and of course the worship of the negro. But what all the great liberal escapes amount to is this: The liberal believes that at the core of existence is nothing. Melville asks, “Sentry, are you there?” The liberal does not believe the Sentry is there, so he must divorce himself from reality as the opium crazed Orientals do:

Swooning swim to less and less
Aspirant to nothingness!
Sobs of the worlds, and dole of kinds
That dumb endurers be–
Nirvana! absorb us in your skies,
Annul us unto thee.

Is this not the ultimate aim of the liberal, to be absorbed into nothingness? And is not the negro the god who will annul the European by absorbing him unto himself? The hearts that will not be absorbed are those Europeans that find that lost racial cord and cling to it as the drowning man clings to a life raft. And then, up from his ocean perishing, comes the apotheosis of the European. In our people and through our people we come to Christ, the God of our racial hearth. +

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