For Sympathy

The time seems long; their blood thinks scorn
Till it fly out and show them princes born.



What I would laughingly call the conservative Christian remnant, except for the fact that their cowardly apostasy is not a laughing matter, is in the process of severing all their ties to European Christianity. They have embraced miscegenation and negro worship to please the liberals, and they have made the Jewish people, the Christ haters, their people. In both instances the “conservative” Christians are going against the Christian faith of their European ancestors. It simply won’t do to claim that the modern conservative Christians are clearing up a few misconceptions of the antique Europeans, while maintaining the core of their faith. Such a disingenuous explanation won’t wash. To practice miscegenation or not to practice miscegenation and to claim allegiance to the unrepentant Jews or to Christ’s people are not minor moral issues. To say your ancestors were wrong about race-mixing and the Jews is not like saying that they were wrong about tooth decay or laundry detergents. Either the liberals are right when they claim Christianity is a myth like all other myths, and race-mixing, negro worship, and Judaism are the necessary opiates to make up for the void left by Christ’s dethronement, or else our ancestors were right: The Christ story is true, Christ is risen, and we should not tamper with God’s creation by trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel or uniting with the people who crucified Christ.

The conservative Christians remind me of the Mormons. When it became apparent that they would always be outcasts so long as they practiced polygamy, the Mormons announced a new revelation in which God told them they should stop being polygamous. For many years they held to the belief that the negro could not obtain the same place in heaven as the white man. When that belief ran contrary to popular opinion, they once again announced a new revelation that welcomed the colored races into the Mormon fold. The Mormons are good, practical children of Mammon, just like the conservative Christians, who profess to be so appalled at the Mormons’ rejection of the divinity of Christ. How do the Mormons differ from you, Mr. Conservative, except for the fact that you have embraced race-mixing, negro-worship and Judaism with an even greater zeal than the Mormons?

It was inevitable that the conservative churches would follow the liberal churches out of the Christian fold and into the satanic mainstream, because the conservatives had no living faith; they had only, like their liberal brethren, a faith in a system. And systems do not fulfill the very human need for a savior and a people. Enter the negro and the Jews.

In my undergraduate days, I had a very knowledgeable professor, a lapsed priest, for a course in Greek antiquity. My professor, who was a great admirer of Greek philosophy, could never understand how such an intelligent people could have such an infantile religion. I disagreed then and I disagree now. And I think the reason for my disagreement with my professor was the reason why he was a lapsed priest rather than a believing priest.

The assumption that philosophy, which talks of man in impersonal terms and treats the universe as a closed system that can be grasped by the human mind, represents a much higher form of wisdom than poetical truth which speaks of men in personal terms and only intuits truth through a glass darkly, is still the short-sighted, superficial view of the cleric and the academic. But what the “childish” Greeks intuited in their “fantastical” gods and goddesses was a racial memory of a great God who had ruled over man, who had created man in His own image, and who, after man’s fall from grace, gave the promise of a redeemer. Such a religion is only ‘infantile’ if all the longings of the human heart are infantile. What happened when Greek philosophy destroyed the people’s faith in the gods? Did they all become philosophers? No, they went to the mystery religions which gave people what they longed for: contact with a personal god. A system about God or about the essence of the universal mind of the universe might satisfy a few proud minds (although I have no doubt such proud ones will seek the gods of sex and blood in their private lives) but it will not answer the longing in people’s hearts.

All Christian churchmen after St. Paul always erred on the side of pagan philosophical systems rather than the personal, poetical, passionate element within man. But was Christ the answer to the longings in the human heart or was He the answer to a problem in philosophy? If He was the latter, then His passion and death on the cross was not necessary; mankind only needed His teaching. Our European ancestors did not see Christ as the great philosopher. They saw Him as the true Zeus, the true Woden, the God above the Gods who was a God because of His supreme humanity not because of His philosophical lack of humanity. Because passion is messy and dangerous, the churchmen went with philosophy and worked on killing the yearnings in the human heart. They succeeded so well that they left the Europeans bereft of a living God. The people, as the French proletariat, the Russian workers, then as the sacred negroes, became the saviors in a new faith, whose devotees worshipped a god whom they saw embodied in their culture just as Christ was once embodied in the culture of the antique Europeans. Destroy that ancient culture, cut the strings leading to the European past, and you have successfully turned the Christian faith into a negro worshipping offshoot of Judaism in which the hardened heart, armed against the Son of God, rules.

Throughout our European history, the theologians have told us that there is no such thing as a Christian culture. There is only the city of God, which is the church of the theologians, and there is the city of man, which is the European people, who are no different from any other people of any other race. But doesn’t this ignore the truth of history? Do we not see the face of Christ in the culture of the people who loved Him? How can any man with a heart capable of love not love those people from long ago? But the theologian sees nothing there. He sees nothing because he wants to see nothing. He has eyes that do not see because he is lost in his own abstractions. If Christ never entered the hearts of the European people, then the theologians, the men of intellect, can forge ahead with their mind-forged systems about God, systems which ignore the living God who once dwelt among the European people. Small wonder that Christians raised on the principles of a religious system become Judaic Christians who worship the negro. In Judaism the savior has not come, just as the savior has not yet come in the minds’ of the theologians who deny that He dwelt in Europe’s green and pleasant land. If that Christ, the European Christ, the Christ of Handel’s Messiah, Dickens’ The Christmas Carol, and the European everyman who listened to Handel’s Messiah and read Dickens’ The Christmas Carol never existed, then who and what is Christ? Must we wait until a panel of experts tell us who He really was or if He existed at all?

The conservatives in Church and State have joined hands with the liberals to form a negro worshipping state, hardened and buttressed by the unhallowed leaven of Judaism. This coalition seems invincible. But then again so did the Spanish Armada seem invincible. The European hero, who is missing from the modern stage of Europe, knows not seems. It was the Europeans who turned Christianity back to its source, the son of God, when Roman systems threatened to turn the faith into a pagan philosophy.

The Nordic religion was not a religion of dread, or of magic formularies to propitiate hostile powers. Instead of covering its temples with frescoes of the tortures of the damned, it taught people not to be afraid of death. Its ideal was the fellowship of the hero with the gods, not merely in feasting and victory, but in danger and defeat. For the gods, too, are in the hands of fate, and the Scandinavian vision of the twilight of the gods that was to end the world showed the heroes dying valiantly in the last hopeless fight against the forces of chaos—loyal and fearless to the last. It is an incomplete but not an ignoble religion. It contains those elements of character which it was the special mission of the Nordic peoples to add to modern civilization and to Christianity itself. – G. M. Trevelyan’s History of England

“Be it known to you, that we consider it our duty to obey and submit to the church of God, to the pope of Rome, and to every good Christian – to love them in every situation and in all circumstances, and to assist all both by word and deed, in becoming children of the Lord. We know of no other obedience to him you call pope, or father; and this we are prepared to render to him and to every Christian for ever. Beyond this, we are subject to the archbishop of Caerleon, who is a guide and an overseer, under God, to direct and keep us in the spiritual path.” – Dynawt, the Abbot of Bangor-is-y-Coed

It was always the European hero, the Christian Woden, who fought for the true hearth-fire faith of the Europeans. We have had no other faith throughout our history. If we take the European Christ out of the Christian Church, then there is only a church of the negro, the Jew, and the Jacobin liberals.

If you are wrong about the way we know the truth about God, as my professor of antique religions was wrong, you will be wrong about everything important in life, despite your infinite knowledge of academic minutiae. The human mind acting alone, without the passions of the heart, can never know the living God, because he will not have any attachment to the human channels of grace that connect a man to God. A man whose heart does not within him burn at the thought of his racial hearth fire, will not be appalled when colored barbarians murder, rape, and torture his people or blaspheme against his God. “People?” the modern, soul-dead European responds, “I have no people and no God but the negro.”

The return of the European hero, the Christian Odysseus who will clean his house of the evil suitors, will not immediately awaken the souls of dead-to-life Europeans. But there will be some souls who appear to be dead, who will come alive again when they see a man who loves and hates with all his heart, standing alone against the enemies of his people from within (the systematizers) and from without (the colored barbarians). Such a hero will stir up a racial memory that a few Europeans, and that will be enough, will respond to.

‘Tis still a dream, or else such stuff as madmen
Tongue, and brain not; either both or nothing,
Or senseless speaking, or a speaking such
As sense cannot untie.
Be what it is,
The action of my life is like it, which I’ll keep, if but for sympathy.


The action of the lives of that special brood of heroes, the antique Europeans, should become the action of our lives because they had that charity of honor which can only abide with the people who made the living God the King of their racial hearth fire. If we keep faith with those Europeans, if but for sympathy, the shadows of Babylon will give way to the light of Christian Europe. +

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