The Resurrection of Europe

A brilliant morning shines on the old city. Its antiquities and ruins are surpassingly beautiful, with the lusty ivy gleaming in the sun, and the rich trees waving in the balmy air. Changes of glorious light from moving boughs, songs of bird, scents from gardens, woods, and fields—or, rather, from the one great garden of the whole cultivated island in its yielding time—penetrate into the Cathedral, subdue its earthy odour, and preach the Resurrection and the Life. The cold stone tombs of centuries ago grow warm, and flecks of brightness dart into the sternest marble corners of the building, fluttering there like wings. – Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood


During the course of my search for the last outposts of civilization — those remaining book stores that contain many a volume of quaint and forgotten lore — I encountered a woman in her mid-seventies, who was of Southern extraction but living in the North. Over the course of a year we had what were at first, at least on her part, very guarded conversations. But then as she began to trust me she opened up on the subject of the negro and the South. She felt compelled, as all older Southerners do, to insist she wasn’t prejudiced, but… The gist of my friend’s caveat was that integration hadn’t worked. The blacks had stayed savages and the whites had become less civilized. She made that observation with a furtive glance around her and with an expectation that I would disagree with her. But instead of disagreeing I went further: “The blacks have become much more savage now that the whites don’t control them, and the whites have set up a kingdom of god on earth with the negro as god.” The woman from Georgia didn’t disagree, which actually surprised me somewhat. It usually takes a little time for a person to see the connection between liberalism and negro worship. But apparently, in this case, the notion of negro worship had already been crystallizing just below the surface of her consciousness. “We’re still fighting the Civil War, aren’t we?” she asked.

“Yes, but now there is only one side fighting. It’s the liberals and the black barbarians against a white remnant who can’t or won’t fight back.”

The thought that there is one single “racist” out there makes the liberals mad. But I don’t think they are overly concerned about the existence of one mid-seventyish woman who doesn’t worship the negro. “Such people will die out,” the liberals reason, “and then there will be heaven on earth.” The liberals are right: such honorable, decent Europeans are dying out, but I’m not so sure there won’t be others to take their place. History is made by human beings, and human beings are not the passive slaves of a biological process. Spengler was wrong: birth, maturity, decay, and death apply to vegetable matter, not to human beings created in the image of God. A man only becomes a slave to the biological process when he no longer sees himself as a man with an immortal soul. Then he acts according to rote and becomes a mere lab specimen devoid of all humanity.

Every governing body of the European nations has rejected Christianity and the white race in favor of an anti-white, anti-Christian, utopian ideology in which the noble black savage presides over what is supposed to be a beautiful, utopian village, but is in reality a soulless city of desolation. Not every European nation arrived at their utopian villages by exactly the same routes or by the same methods, but they all got there, which indicates to me that there is one suicidal common denominator among all the European nations. Of course we don’t need a master sleuth to help us find the suicidal common denominator, we know what it is: all the nations of Europe were once Christian and now all the nations of Europe are post-Christian. Three European nations, France, Russia, and the United States, went to utopia by way of a violent revolution, while the rest moved toward their Babylonian paradises without violence. The United States, which the Ayatollah Khomeini correctly called the “Great Satan” but for the wrong reason, differed from France and Russia in this regard – the real American revolution, the Utopian revolution, did not come from outside of the government. In 1860 the American government itself waged a war to make the nation safe for egalitarian democracy. Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal? So the northern utopians said. What was the truth? The northerners were half right. Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin, the most influential of the Constitutionalists, were ‘brave new worlders.’ But the Southern cavaliers, as Thomas Nelson Page points out, were not new worlders, they were Europeans who wanted nothing more from life than to extend Christian Europe into the heathen lands.

The Northern colonies of Great Britain in America were the asylums of religious zealots and revolutionists who at their first coming were bent less on the enlargement of their fortunes than on the freedom to exercise their religious convictions, however much the sudden transition from dependence and restriction to freedom and license may in a brief time have tempered their views of liberty and changed them into proscriptors of the most tyrannical type…

The Church, which viewed the independence of the Northern refugees as schism, if not heresy, gave to this enterprise its benison in the belief that “the adventurers for the plantations of Virginia were the most noble and worthy advancers of the standard of Christ among the Gentiles.” The company organized and equipped successive expeditions in the hope of gain; and soldiers of fortune, and gentlemen in misfortune, threw in their lot in the certainty of adventure and the probability that they might better their condition.

Under such auspices the Southern colonies necessarily were rooted in the faith of the England from which they came—political, religious, and civil. Thus from the very beginning the spirit of the two sections was absolutely different, and their surrounding conditions were for a long time such as to keep them diverse. – Thomas Nelson Page The Old South

The last incorporate body of Christian Europeans on the North American continent were finally defeated in the 1950’s when they succumbed to integration. What remains hovering over the South is a lingering cloud of suspicion, the suspicion of racism, that every new generation of Southerners, ever since the sixties, attempts to dispel by being more anti-racist, which means hating the white and worshipping the black, than any northern liberal.

My bookstore friend was correct: we’re still fighting the Civil War. We are fighting it throughout all of Europe, because this is not a war of geography, it is a race war. The same dynamic that was present in the American Civil War is present today in all the European nations. A numerically small governing body of passionate, negro-worshipping, white-hating liberals are attempting to exterminate the white race, while the great majority of whites sit and graze in the pastures of oblivion. The whites in Haiti took the first utopian salvo, and then the Southern whites were under the gun. Now it is all whites, but it was always every white that had to die. The liberals’ strategy is to isolate the “bad whites” in Haiti, in the South, in South Africa, while making the white grazers believe that they will be spared if they only behave. But the grazers do not realize that the dynamic of utopia demands the sacrifice of all whites. Even if a white grazer was willing to sell his soul by betraying his people in order to save his life, he would still find himself in the black stewpots. The bad whites are really all whites – you can’t escape from your racial nation by betraying your race. Your destiny will catch up with you. Fight or die, but stop grazing in the fields of oblivion.

We can’t really call the ongoing extermination of the white race a race war because only one side, the liberals and the colored barbarians, are fighting the war. It will be a step up, a consumption devoutly to be wished for, when white men actually start fighting back. This will happen when the white man recovers his religious sentiment. At present the liberals have a religious sentiment for the black man and the other auxiliary gods of color. But the conservative has let the liberals sneer him out of his faith. Read through Thomas Nelson Page and then through Richard Weaver if you want to see that which is lost. Or better yet, read through Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind and then through Anthony Jacob’s White Man, Think Again! Weaver and Kirk are not in the wrong; what they write is very objective and true. But they are “passion-spent,” too reasonable, too scholarly, too balanced. Partisanship is not unreasonable, especially when it stems from love. Page and Jacob have more than just an intellectual understanding of the crisis of Western civilization because they love the people who made Western civilization. And because of their heartfelt love, they see what has to be done to restore Christian Europe much more clearly than the calm, detached conservatives. A burning, sentimental attachment to our racial nation, to our European river, is what is needful. While the conservatives were trying to eliminate their sentimental attachments to the European people the liberals were and are indulging their religious sentiments. For example, the contemporary liberal opinion on the death of Little Nell in Dickens’ The Old Curiosity Shop is that it is a piece of “cloying sentimentality.” Oh really? The Victorians did not think the death of a saintly child who came to know the Savior was “cloying sentimentality.” They thought that Dickens had drawn back the curtain and given them a glimpse of the Savior who turns all our human tragedies into divine triumphs. The Victorians wept openly when they read of the death of Little Nell:

She was dead. No sleep so beautiful and calm, so free from trace of pain, so fair to look upon. She seemed a creature fresh from the hand of God, and waiting for the breath of life; not one who had lived and suffered death.

Her couch was dressed with here and there some winter berries and green leaves, gathered in a spot she had been used to favour. ‘When I die, put near me something that has loved the light, and had the sky above it always.’ Those were her words.

She was dead. Dear, gentle, patient, noble Nell was dead. Her little bird–a poor slight thing the pressure of a finger would have crushed–was stirring nimbly in its cage; and the strong heart of its child mistress was mute and motionless for ever.

Where were the traces of her early cares, her sufferings, and fatigues? All gone. Sorrow was dead indeed in her, but peace and perfect happiness were born; imaged in her tranquil beauty and profound repose.

And still her former self lay there, unaltered in this change. Yes. The old fireside had smiled upon that same sweet face; it had passed, like a dream, through haunts of misery and care; at the door of the poor schoolmaster on the summer evening, before the furnace fire upon the cold wet night, at the still bedside of the dying boy, there had been the same mild lovely look. So shall we know the angels in their majesty, after death.

In contrast, the liberals weep for Trayvon Martin and his many equivalents, fictional and actual. Such people, whose religious sentiments cause them to hate and sneer at all that is good, pure, and noble, and deify all that is evil, base, and ignoble, are a people eminently suited to build hell on earth, but not fit to live with or worse yet, govern Christian Europeans. Whom do you want to stand with? The Victorians who wept at the death of Little Nell or the liberals who exult in the torture murders of white children and weep over the death of a black thug?

Without a deeply felt, passionate, religious sentiment a man is nothing. I once read an article by the former Stormfront leader, Kevin Strom, in which he stated that the white man needed a new religion. Such a vile suggestion illustrates the problem with the white conservatives and the white nationalists. They have no heartfelt attachment to the Europeans’ past or to the Europeans’ God. What faith they have is in their own intellects. Such a faith cannot sustain a man in this world or in the world to come. The liberals have a faith in the negro, the colored barbarians have faith in their various heathen gods which are merely the personification of the murderous, licentious vices of the colored tribesmen. These are the gods the white men are flocking to because they no longer have a heartfelt, sentimental attachment to the Christian God. About 17 years ago a pseudo-religious expert named Peter Kreeft wrote a book called Ecumenical Jihad. In the book, Kreeft argued that Christians should join with Jews and Moslems against the liberals. This is a desperate attempt by a man without a vital faith to latch on to what he perceives to be the more vital faiths of the unrepentant Jews and the militant Moslems. It just won’t do. The Europeans have one God, Jesus Christ. If a man, a European, cannot form a heartfelt, sentimental attachment to that God and the people who championed that God against the sneering pagan intellectuals and the murderous barbarian hordes of color, he will become the wretched man that Walter Scott writes about:

The wretch, concentred all in self,
 Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonor’d, and unsung.

To a man, the sneering clerics, the merciless liberals, and the ecumenical conservatives all tell us that we must give up our ties to our racial nation in order to save their greater nation, whether it be negro-worshipping Babylon or the democratic republic of free markets and Super Bowls. Whatever new nation is thrust upon us is always based on the repudiation of the white man’s past and a commitment to liquidate the white man as we progress into the future. Those Europeans who have formed a sentimental attachment to the God and the people of old Europe will not go peacefully into the hellish future of the utopians.

As the darkness deepens, so must our faith. The strength to endure comes from a connection to our past. If we love much, uniting our faith in His resurrection with our faith in eternal Christian Europe we will not be overwhelmed by the arrows from the colored barbarians or the pestilence of the liberals. +

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