The Burning White Child

We are afraid to put men to live and trade each on his own private stock of reason; because we suspect that this stock in each man is small, and that the individuals would do better to avail themselves of the general bank and capital of nations and of ages. Many of our men of speculation, instead of exploding general prejudices, employ their sagacity to discover the latent wisdom which prevails in them. If they find what they seek, and they seldom fail, they think it more wise to continue the prejudice, with the reason involved, than to cast away the cost of prejudice, and to leave nothing but the naked reason; because prejudice, with its reason, has a motive to give action to that reason, and an affection which will give it permanence. Prejudice is of ready application in the emergency; it previously engages the mind in a steady course of wisdom and virtue, and does not leave the man hesitating in the moment of decision, skeptical, puzzled, and unresolved. Prejudice renders a man’s virtue his habit; and not a series of unconnected acts. Through just prejudice, his duty becomes a part of his nature. – Edmund Burke On the Revolution in France


In Shakespeare’s Macbeth two men stand on the heath facing evil incarnate. Both were tempted. One man, Banquo, calls on divine grace to help him resist the devil:

Merciful powers,
Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature
Gives way to in repose!

While the other man, Macbeth, succumbs to the devil:

I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?

Was there a noise when Pope John XXIII was full of “charity and forgiveness” for the blacks who tortured and murdered his people? Did he feel any pangs of conscience? No, because he was much further down the slippery slope than Macbeth. Macbeth had a guilty conscience because his ideological armor was not as strong as Pope John XXIII’s armor. The armor of liberalism is proof against any assault from that cumbersome thing called a conscience. The post-Christian, the liberal, is too fastidious to torture and murder directly, so he kills and tortures second hand. He takes a voyeur’s pleasure in watching the colored barbarians torture and murder white people, especially white children. The more innocent the victim, the greater delight the liberal takes in their suffering. It is now the standard practice in our society to hand white babies and white children over to black apes to be tortured and murdered. And at the top of the list is Jonathan Foster, a 12 year old white boy, who was kidnapped by a black, female, subhuman in 2010. He was tortured and murdered with a blowtorch. Which gives the liberals in church and state great delight. They like to think on the pain and suffering of Jonathan Foster. Did he repent of his whiteness before he died? Or did he die without comprehending why he had to suffer and die? And all of these satanic black torture murders never get the punishment they deserve. The Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom torture-murderers are still seeking retrials, while liberal lawyers plead for their “rights.”

That we must suffer much on this earth and die is the result of original sin. But that white people must be singled out and made to suffer more than mankind’s traditional allotment of suffering is a result of the liberals’ inverted Christianity. The abstracted faith of the medieval scholastics became the faith of a few European intellectuals, and over time that abstracted faith spread, like the green slime in the campfire horror stories, and engulfed the European people. Now virtually all Europeans, except the few that have broken free of the green slime of liberalism, experience life second-hand: they love and hate in the abstract.

And their abstract hates and loves, because the Europeans were once Christian, are expressed in the forms of medieval theology. The devil is the white man, so the liberals delight in hearing tales of his sufferings. And the new Christ is the black man, so the liberals delight in the tales of his triumphs over the devilish white man. Communion takes places wherever two or three liberals are gathered together in the black man’s name.

The liberals are covered with the green slime of Satanism and they love it. They have become monsters of cruelty because they are abstracted from everything human. God’s grace comes to us through human rivulets and streams, and if you dam up those waterways you have cut yourself off from God. Those Europeans, the men and women I call grazers, have taken off some of the green slime but not enough to see clearly and resist liberalism. Lacking a religious view of life the grazers are unable to recognize the religious dynamic of liberalism. The Christian hero is a hero because he can see good and evil clearly. Lacking that Christian second sight the grazer accepts the liberals’ multi-faceted justification for black atrocities. When the atrocities are in South Africa: (1) “Such atrocities only happen to bad whites”; when they happen to whites in European countries: (2) “They are just isolated incidents; you can’t condemn a whole race of people for one isolated madman”; when a white child is tortured and murdered: (3) Nothing – there is silence, as if the torture and murder never happened. And if you say it did happen, you are a racist. And racism, only white racism, is the original sin.

The grazer is forever seeking redemption from the devil. Just as Blanche DuBois depended on the kindness of strangers, so does the white grazer depend on the kindness of liberals. But there is no kindness or mercy in the hearts of men and women who have hardened their hearts against the living God. Only a lack of negro energy and opportunity prevents every single white child from suffering the same fate as Jonathan Foster. “If we had but world enough and time,” the colored barbarians lament. “We will make sure you get world enough and time,” the liberals respond.

Burke, and then Richard Weaver in agreement with Burke, insisted that a man could not live without his prejudices. Our prejudices stem from our deepest intuitions about the nature of existence. The rational mind can only guide and direct the passions of the heart. If our heartfelt prejudices about life are held to be null and void we will be lost souls, because abstracted reason cannot sustain the inner man. A man without prejudices is a caricature of a man, all outer husk and empty inside.

The vicious barbarian race of blacks are permitted to murder whites with impunity, because the liberals are satanic devils who have made the prejudiced European a proscribed criminal. What do liberals look for every time one of the infinitude of black atrocities becomes public? They look for the prejudiced white man. They want to know if there is a white man who dares state the obvious: “These black murderers should be killed instantly, without reference to our satanic court system or the white-hating, Christ-hating clerical wolves in sheep’s clothing.” A real European should never play the “Let’s be moderate – Mustn’t be prejudiced!” game every time there is a black atrocity. “I won’t be rational and moderate: I will be prejudiced, because I hate the devil and his minions and I love my people,” should be the European response to the vicious black butchery that surrounds us. What did the British do to the torture murderers of their own people in the devil’s den of Cawnpore? They tied the perpetrators to canons and blasted them into little pieces. They did this because they were prejudiced: they loved their people in and through Christ, and they hated Satan and his colored devotees. Their prejudices were right and pure and noble. Far from eliminating such prejudices we should seek to strengthen them so that we will respond to black barbarism as Europeans should respond.

A few days ago there was a report of a murder committed by two negroes and a mulatto. Christopher Lane, a young Australian man, visiting his girlfriend in a rural Oklahoma town, made the mistake of going out jogging, and three subhuman creatures followed him in a car and gunned him down in a drive-by shooting. When they were taken into custody, according to the District Attorney, the sub-humans just laughed. They know nothing of consequence will be done to them; they are the liberals’ gods. They should be strung up on the nearest tree, but instead they will be sent to some recreational facility for a short while and then sent out to murder more white people. The whites always treat such atrocities as something that can’t be helped, like some natural disaster, or what the insurance companies call ‘acts of God.” And to the liberals the black outrages against whites are just that: they are acts of God, the sacred negro god to whom all whites must be prepared, at all times, to offer up their lives. Nor does it stop with the white man’s life. He must also offer up his soul to the great black gods. “As he wills so shall I do,” is the sacred oath of the white to his black god.

Every white government has proclaimed the negro to be the supreme God, with the other colored tribesmen serving as subordinate deities. So in every white nation, “acts of God,” which mean bloody black atrocities committed against whites, will be in direct proportion to the amount of blacks that liberals can cram into their nations. Rich liberals will try to survive the holocaust they are responsible for starting, by living in gated communities away from blacks, but the colored hordes cannot be avoided forever. If they are not stopped the only way colored hordes can be stopped, they will eventually kill every last white, just as they did at Cawnpore. Colored tribesmen must be either ruled or killed; there is no other way to deal with them. Of course you can worship them if you hate the Christian God and yearn for the extermination of the white race.

The pride of reason makes the white man reject Christ in favor of abstract systems of thought. In this the white man resembles the Orientals who have always regarded the Incarnation as foolishness. But the Oriental has no Christian past, so he remains as he always has been: an addict of abstract philosophical and mystical systems. He does not need a savior in his systems, because he never, as the white man did, abandoned his abstract systems for Christ. The post-Christian white man has returned to abstract, irreligious philosophies, but with an added dimension. Unable to live without a savior, because of his Christian past, the liberal replaces Christ with the negro. It is the white man and only the white man who worships the black race; hence it is the white race and only the white race which is committing racial suicide.

Macbeth, who had supped full of horrors, horrors largely of his own making, still had problems with his conscience. Lady Macbeth (“Unsex me here”) was finally unable to resist her conscience. And yet our modern liberals have an amoral armor that can resist the strongest pangs of conscience. They are truly dead to all grace. Should we consent to let such people set negroes loose among us to torture, rape, and murder whites at will? We must live among liberals, but we should never be of them. The beastly white sluts who cohabit with negroes and turn over their white babies from previous couplings to their negro mates to be murdered, the liberal academics who teach negro worship in the schools, and worst of all the white-hating, anti-Christian churchmen, must be held accountable for their murderous treachery. These people and their colored gods are our mortal enemies. We won’t be reasonable, we won’t be law-abiding, and we won’t be non-violent in the face of the unspeakable black atrocities which are encouraged and abetted by them. Jonathan Foster and every white victim of black atrocities, especially the children, must be avenged. That charity of honor demands that we do so.

I have lived among liberals my entire life. And I was brought up to be of them, but by the grace of God I am not of them. There is a line separating the liberal from the European. It is the line of abstraction. When once the European abstracts, because his ego demands that he abstract so he can create an abstract world ruled by him, he becomes a liberal and ceases to be human. He loves only his abstract creations, such as his negro gods, and he hates everything human, particularly those people who championed the non-abstract, humane God. Only the love of something human, that seems more than human, can keep a European from becoming a liberal. If a man, a European, can look at the collective face of his ancient people without seeing Christ and falling down on his knees in reverence and awe, he will become one with Satan and he will dwell in an eternal Babylonian night in this world and the world to come.

I go back to the first Europeans. They were the conquerors of the great Roman empire, yet they fell on their knees before Christ. And He bid them rise and ride, to go forth and subdue the heathen and protect innocence, above all to protect innocence! That burned, tortured child, Jonathan Foster, will always be part of me; we mustn’t forget him and we must never allow the cruel, inhuman liberals and their cruel, inhuman negro gods to revel in their barbarities unopposed by men who love and hate with all their hearts. Monstrous, merciless egoism built Liberaldom.

The passionate love of our European hearth, presided over by the King of Kings, shall bring it down:

It was not long ere it made its way,
A thrilling ceaseless sound:
It was no noise from the strife afar;
Or the sappers under ground.

It was the pipers of the Highlanders!
And now they played Auld Lang Syne.
It came to our men like the voice of God,
And they shouted along the line.

And they wept, and shook one another’s hands,
And the women sobbed in a crowd;
And every one knelt down were he stood,
And we all thanked God aloud.

From “The Relief of Lucknow” by Robert Trail Spence Lowell +

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