The Return to Our European Hearth Fire

“I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee.” Luke 15: 18


In my twenties, shortly after legalized abortion reared its satanic head in America, I used to pass out anti-abortion literature on street corners and at malls. Abortion proponents would frequently tell me that unless I could tell them what was to be done with all non-aborted babies I had no right to rail against abortion. Of course the pro-aborts were trying to evade the central point by focusing on my inability to tell them how the non-aborted babies were to be cared for. Their feigned concern for starving non-aborted babies was simply demonism masquerading as a social conscience. The central point was, “Should we permit the murder of infants?” No specious pragmatism could change that central point.

I often feel like I’m back passing out the anti-abortion literature and arguing with the pro-aborts when I talk about the necessity of white solidarity, which entails the segregation of the white race from the colored hordes. Liberals condemn white apartheid as evil, and the more conservative types say, “It’s not practical; how would you do it?” If I can’t give the latter type of individual a ten point plan for achieving perfect, non-violent segregation then I am deemed impractical, and Mr. Conservative goes back to his failed policy of “winning the colored people over” to whatever solution Mr. Conservative is peddling, which is usually democratic capitalism. But Mr. Conservative, like the abortion proponents, is missing the central point. There is no dichotomy between what is moral and what is practical. If apartheid is the correct moral response to the “race problem,” then there can only be debates about the means to achieve racial apartheid: there can never be any question of giving up on apartheid because it is deemed too difficult to achieve.

I for one don’t believe apartheid is too difficult to achieve, because I don’t believe that anything white people want to achieve is impossible. Look at the miracle of Christian Europe and then try to tell me apartheid is too difficult. You can’t do it. What is lacking in the European people is the moral will to keep their faith, which they have lost, and their people, which they have abandoned, separate from the colored hordes. Once the moral will of the Europeans is restored, which is one and the same as their faith in Christ, they will become a separate people again, loving their own and defending them against the colored tribesmen.

Of course there is no magic wand that can make the European people become a Christian people again. Something much greater than magic must occur. There must be that meeting, depicted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, of the hand of God with the hand of the European. The European must let go of his systems, which are the gold and silver caskets which promise paradise but bring hell, and take up the leaden casket wherein the Christ of the European hearth dwells. In that casket is life eternal, in this world and the world to come.

Recently, a friend sent me an article about Orania, a “self-sustaining” white community on the fringes of South Africa. A small group of whites, about 1,000 people, have formed a community which uses no black labor and is based on mutual aid and the religious principles of the Afrikaners, the Boers. I don’t know for how long the “Shoot the Boers” President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, will allow Orania to exist, but I do think that the desire, among whites, to be separate from the colored tribesmen and to cling to their own people and their peoples’ past is a very good thing that whites throughout the world should imitate. And in saying that I am not suggesting that whites in Britain, France, America, etc., should necessarily imitate the specific economic measures and political structures of the people of Orania. Some managerial types think that the most important thing in life is to think up a system, be it economic, political, or religious, and impose that system on all people everywhere. I hold with Burke, who supported France’s monarchial system for France while asserting its impracticality for Britain, when he said that economies, governments, and social structures must spring up organically from the lifeblood of the people: they cannot be superimposed upon them from without by abstract theorists. What I found heartening about the Orania venture – and I hope the information I received was true – was the example of a white Christian people determined to live apart from colored people and support each other. The means will vary according to the varied difficulties whites face in their own nations, but all whites should want and seek apartheid.

What whites should not want is to be part of democratic, multi-racial Liberaldom. My heart soared when I heard there was an organization called the English Defense League, and it sank when I heard that the English Defense League was a multi-racial, multi-religious group of men and women committed to a rainbow coalition against violence. How can you be an English Defense League if you’re not committed to defending white English people, who are the only kind of English people? And how can you fight violent thugs while allowing members of thuggish religions and races into your coalition? A nation consists of men and women of one race and one faith; there is no other kind of nation. People who gather together under any other national banner besides race and faith are liberals, who are a bastard offshoot of the human race, having the outward forms of human beings while resembling inhuman devils inside.

We cannot look at any aspect of the Europeans’ history as a people without looking at their faith. Prior to the 20th century Europeans saw no dichotomy between the love and protection of one’s own, through apartheid and other measures, and the love of Christ. Loving your neighbor meant, to the antique Europeans, loving your own and respecting the right of the stranger to love his own. But this older Christian practice gave way, in the 20th century, to the hatred of your own kind and the worship of the colored races, particularly the black race. This new doctrine seems, from my perspective, the perspective of the old Christians, to be a satanic reversal of the Christian faith, changing the religion of Christ into the religion of Satan. And if you look at the fruits of this new Christianity as espoused by the organized “Christian” churches, I do not think it is possible to come to any other conclusion than: “They have gone over to Satan.”

If the modern churchmen are right – that the negro really is the true god – then we are of all men most to be pitied. It means we have believed a lie. But there is still the Church of Christ which exists where two or three are gathered together in His name. Those two or three have met by their racial hearth fire and called on Him by name. In Him, through Him, the people of the mists, the Europeans of old, were close to Him because they were close to the people of their own race. So long as we are closer to our organized, negro-worshipping churches than our own people, we will remain a people without a faith and without a nation.

The pride of the modern churchmen is without parallel in the history of a church that holds pride to be the original sin. But of course sin, in the new dispensation, only exists in the racist past of the white man. There is no sin in the modern churchmen. And they prove their sanctity by denouncing the “selfish” white people of the present, and the “racist” white people of the past:

“Mirror, Mirror, on the liberals’ wall,
Who is the most wonderful cleric of them all?”
“I am, I am,”
They all shout with glee.
“I hate the white and love the black–
Surely that is a saintly pedigree.”

Let me go back to the abortion wars. On several occasions I stood in front of an abortion clinic, trying to baptize the child about to be aborted. I don’t believe God damns a baby for a mother’s sin, but then again one has to believe that baptism makes a difference because our Lord enjoined us to do it. On one occasion an irate black woman, about to abort, cursed at me and called me a European. I thought about that intended insult later. A European? Little did that negress realize that to me the title “European” is a sacred badge of honor. I have no illusions. When the roll is called up yonder, I will be at the end of the European line. I am the least of the Europeans, lacking the heroic mettle of those who came before me. But I have chosen to stand with them, so the least of the Europeans will still be of them. How could I, or any European with a heart that still lives, not desire to stand with them rather than with the negro-worshipping minions of Satan? In an old western a villain who robs and kills in hot blood tries, in the presence of the hero, to disassociate himself from his companions  in crime who rob, rape, and kill in cold blood. “I’m not like them,” the head villain asserts. The hero isn’t buying it. “You ride with them!” The clerics ride with the negro-worshipping, white-hating, Christ-hating liberals: they have crossed the bar of humanity and entered the domain of Satan.

The key to the return of the white man is not a magic key. It is a sacred key that opens the door to the Europeans’ past. I have read many a volume of quaint and forgotten European lore. I know that the antique Europeans were not all saints. I see them without rose-tinted glassed, but having acknowledged their very human weaknesses we must, if we respect the truth and love what is good and noble, acknowledge that the antique European people showed us how a people should live, loving their own in the presence of the living God, who shed His grace over the people who reached out to Him and called upon Him by name. “Because he hath set his love upon me; therefore, will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.”

Now the European sets his love upon the negro and abstract systems about God which have no living God within them. When all of the liberalism is burned out of the European’s blood, the liberalism in church and state, then he will once again set his love upon the living God. The passionate love of our people in and through Christ, and the hatred of the liberals and their colored allies, will be the white heat that burns Liberaldom to the ground. The new Europe that emerges will not be like the old Europe in its externals, but the new Europeans with hearts of fire will be like their ancestors in spirit. That which is within, the better part, is what unites us to our ancient people and their God.

Within the ploughed furrow and frequented pasture of our own race is the grace abundant that leads to God. Outside our own furrow and pasture there is no grace, there is only a universalist mirage that cloaks an arid desert of modernity. When we are true to our racial hearth fire as Ratty was true to his river we will see our Lord as he meant us to see Him, and we will act and love like Europeans were meant to act and love, as defenders of our own against all the world. And our return home will be as the prodigal’s return:

“For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.” +

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