Mankind’s Whole Tale

O boundless heart, kept fresh by pity’s dews! – John Sterling


I was saddened to learn of the passing of Stan Musial. He was one of the heroes of my youth, but my initial sadness at Musial’s death was deepened tenfold when I heard him praised, in passing, for his whole hearted acceptance of black players in baseball. “Say it ain’t so, Stan.” It’s rather pathetic, what little praise that is afforded to a white man who has done something of note in this world is given to the extent he aided the ongoing liberal campaign to deify the black race. Had Musial been as courageously anti-integration as Ty Cobb and Dixie Walker, he would have earned the hatred of the liberals, but he then would have been truly worthy of his name, “Stan the Man.”

The liberals never miss an opportunity to preach their gospel. The life lesson preached at Musial’s funeral and countless similar occasions has not been lost on young white people. “You can have a life” — albeit a secondhand life — “to the extent that you denounce your own racial identify and serve the cause of the great cosmic negro.” Is this the promised end of the white man? Is this what God intended us to do with our lives, to serve the negro with our whole heart and soul? The liberals say, “yes, we are on this earth to worship and serve the negro.” And surprisingly the Christian church men also tell us that we must worship the negro. I say surprisingly because the Christian church men all work for organizations that once worshipped Jesus Christ. The mainstream churches have openly repudiated Christ as the Son of God, turning him into a social worker who wants all mankind to worship the negro, while the conservative splinter churches are attempting to fuse Christian worship with negro worship. I prefer the outright repudiation practiced by mad-dog liberals to the fusionism of the conservative liberals, but in either case the white man becomes a less than human creature dependent on the colored races, especially the negro, for confirmation that still he lives.

To this pass the European has come because he lost his lifeline to the living God. He loved his theory about God more than God. And the theoretical God did not need to become incarnate in a people; he did not need to enter human hearts, he could come direct to special men with giant brains. But the special men with the ‘Giant Brains Faith’ ran aground and left the white man without a God and without a people. Our Lord said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Why did the European intellectuals not take Him at His word?

It is not enough to know the truth intellectually: men must love the truth. And we are so constituted that that we cannot love the truth unless we see it embodied in humanity. Christ took flesh and dwelt among us so we could see and love the truth. The European people of the olden times took Christ into their hearts and as a consequence their culture reflected the true image of Christ, the God of mercy and love. Without that incarnational vision of Christ, mankind is left without a true vision of the living god. All we have is intellectual concepts of the heathen gods and false “Christian” intellectual systems in which Christ appears as some kind of a peace-loving guru or a special forerunner of Martin Luther King Jr., but not as the Man of Sorrows or the King of Kings.

The apologists for a Christianity without a Christian Europe tell us that the more natural, colored people of the earth will take Christ into their hearts and place the Christian churches on the true path, purified of the European defilements, toward paradise. There are none so blind as those who will not see. When left to their own devices, separate from Europeans, what do the colored people make of Christianity? Does Christ live in the hearts of the African negroes? Have Africans astounded the world with their Christian civilization, as John Paul II told us they would? Have the Asians as a people shown us any indication that they intend to turn from their merciless, cruel gods and embrace the European Christ? Need I go on and ask the same questions about the red and brown people of color? It isn’t necessary. They all — red, yellow, black, and brown – are people who cannot see the Truth and love Him. Miracles do happen. There are the colored Gunga Din’s who become Christian, but they do so because they have been vouchsafed a vision of the living God who took flesh and dwelt with the European people. If the Europeans blend with the colored peoples of the world, or if they allow the colored people to exterminate the white race, there will be no dwelling place for the living God. Truth will be an outcast man huddled in the crags and crannies of the earth while heathen falsehood is a pampered guest at all the banquet tables in multi-racial Babylon.

The mad-dog liberal hates Christ hence he seeks to destroy Christ’s image in man by destroying the Europeans’ past so that they can never reclaim their identity and their God. The liberal conservatives differ slightly from the mad-dog liberals. They love their various Christian systems, so long as their systems survive they are indifferent to the fate of the Europeans. Though not as manically opposed to the European people as the mad-dog liberals, the liberal-conservatives do not see why multi-racialism and Christianity are incompatible. They cannot see the truth staring them in the face because their mind forged systems have blinded them to the heartfelt faith of their ancestors. Their pride of intellect overcame their hearts and they succumbed to Babylon. With might and main they struggle to make their churches more “diverse” so that the mad-dog liberals will let their churches alone. But what good is it to have a church without Christ or His people?

Can there be a non-European Christ? Have we, the European people, looked at a false Messiah through a distorted lens? That is what the liberals and Satan would have us believe so that then we would be forced to give up our racial identities and beg to be absorbed into the great, cosmic, multi-racial dung heap. “Blessed be oblivion, blessed be our nondescript multi-racial personalities, Amen.” But it won’t work. Cover the Europeans of the past with ridicule, with scorn, with moral condemnation, with endless charges of stupidity, and still the European Phoenix will rise from the dead just as He rose from the dead on the third day. The liberals and their mentor, our ancient foe, can never understand that there is something invincible in the soul of a European who has felt the warmth of a European hearth-fire. The love and passion of our Lord provides the divine warmth of that fire, and hearts so warmed cannot rest easy in Liberaldom. They must destroy it.

When we look at what the liberals hold sacred and what the antique Europeans held to be sacred we can see a very clear fairy tale world of good vs. evil. In the European fairy tales the devil visits the earth in the form of a black man. Haven’t the liberals, with a satanic sixth sense, sought to deify Satan through the good offices (or should we say bad offices?) of the black man? Behind the façade of “civil rights” and “diversity” is the deification of the black man who is the conduit to Satan.

And what of the much vilified white man? To whom or what is he a conduit? I think I’ve made my opinions on that subject known. The white man can lead the Satanic men of color against his own kind, or he can be as a white man is meant to be, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, making straight the way of the Lord. What John Sterling said of Shakespeare can be said about the divine mission of the white man:

O boundless heart, kept fresh by pity’s dews!
O wit humane and blithe! O sense sublime!
Transcendent form of man! In whom we read
Mankind’s whole tale of impulse, thought and deed!
Amid the expanse of years, beholding thee,
We know how vast our world of life may be;
Wherein, perchance, with aims as pure as thine,
Small tasks and strengths may be no less divine.

That is what the race war is all about. The antique Europeans, through their culture, told “Mankind’s whole tale of impulse, thought and deed!” They told of a world redeemed by the blood of the lamb. They told us we were not born to die, we were destined for that vast world presided over by the King of Kings.

The liberals have spared no pains, and will continue to spare no pains, in eradicating the heartfelt tale of the ancient Europeans, because the liberals want all mankind to build their lives upon the liberals’ tale, which is a tale of savage beasts preying upon each other. There is no sublimity in the liberals’ tale, no redeemer, no grace. I prefer the tale told by my people in the not-so-distant past. I will stay by the European hearth fire, because it is my world, and I shall never want or seek any other. +

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