Sacred Memories

“Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming, can’t you see their spear points gleaming?”


The liberals danced around their savior’s throne in robes of liberal finery, but a savior must save, so we must ask the liberals what, or whom, is the Obama saving them from? I don’t think we will get a coherent answer to that question from the liberals, which means we’ll have to extract an answer by observing the actions of the liberal herd. The answer is that the Obama is ‘saving’ the liberals from the white bogeyman. Just as Victorian nannies scared their young charges with stories of the black bogeyman, the liberals now scare themselves and their fellow liberals with stories of the white bogeyman. Let’s leave aside, for the moment, the question of whether the white bogeyman actually exists while we look at the liberals’ white bogeyman to whom all manner of evil is attributed.

In the liberals’ bible there is a Satan just like there is in the Christians’ Bible, but the liberals have a different version of the Genesis story. The liberals claim that the earth was once a wonderful paradise, a self-sustaining paradise, where the rule of nature was the rule of the earth. Everyone in paradise was natural, loving, giving, and non-white. The black man ruled a multi-colored people of red, yellow, black, and brown. Then one day an evil white man appeared in the garden. He cunningly subverted the good and noble black rulers and gained control of paradise. He then brought other white people, who had been hiding in Bogeyland, into paradise and set up a new and unnatural kingdom over the ruins of the black man’s paradisiacal kingdom of nature. No longer could the loving, caring, sharing people of color continue their natural practices of murder, rape, cannibalism, and free unbridled sex. The white bogeyman curtailed those natural practices and introduced an unnatural, heinous religion. The white bogeyman told the wonderful, natural people of color that there was a God above nature who looked on their natural practices as abominations. They were, the white bogeyman insisted, in a state of sin. We know the rest of the story. Despite the fact that the white bogeyman told the people of color that there was a savior who would save them from their sins and the death which was a consequence of sin, the colored people fled from the white bogeyman’s world and created their own purer, more natural worlds where rape, murder, cannibalism, and unbridled sexual license were the norm.

So two separate cultures existed, that of the white bogeymen and that of the natural men and women of color.

Then the wonderful thing happened. In the cruel oppressive land of the white bogeymen, a magnificent new type of man emerged, a sport of nature, a mutant. This new man was called The Liberal. The liberal hated his own race, his father, his brother, his sister and all of his kinsmen. But he loved the colored people of the world. Black (particularly black) and yellow, red and brown, the liberal loved them all, not as particular human beings — he was incapable of that kind of love — but in the abstract. Because of his great, abstract love of the colored people — the men he called the noble savages — and because the liberal sport of nature wanted to do what the coloreds did – namely have unbridled sex and cannibalize his own people – the liberal tried to rebuild paradise over the ruins of white Bogeyland. He was successful. White Bogeyland has disappeared, and paradise has been regained. But for a time, since paradise has only been recently regained, the liberal will worry about the return of the white bogeyman. He, like the child in the Victorian era nursery, needs to be reassured that he is safely tucked in and there is no bogeyman under the bed and no bogeyman lurking outside the house trying to break in. The Obama re-coronation reassures the liberal baby poohs that the white bogeyman won’t get them, and all is well in paradise.

Was there ever really a white bogeyman who wanted to impose his ‘evil’ religion on the naturally superior tribes of color? Yes, there was, although I wouldn’t call the white man of old a bogeyman and I wouldn’t call the colored barbarians a naturally, superior people. But let that pass. There was such a thing as a white European who stood in opposition to the world of the liberals and the colored tribesmen. Modern day conservatives have tried to dispel that notion, because they would like a place in Liberaldom, but the liberals have correctly ascertained that the white man can never be part of Liberaldom. The white man belongs to a different world than the colored tribesmen and the white sports of nature. The white man’s world was infused with the spirit of God, and he must live in that world and that world only. If the liberals allowed white men back into their “paradise,” the white men would immediately start to rebuild a white man’s world, a world where the spirit of God dwells. The liberals have vowed that such a thing, the rebuilding of Christian Europe, shall never happen so long as they live. They are right. It shall never happen while they live. I saw a liberal’s column on the occasion of Obama’s re-coronation in which he stated that the conservatives’ tears over Obama’s re-election made him laugh. I hope such creatures continue to laugh right up to the moment of their death. What the liberals do not realize is that it is only the conservatives, who put their faith in democracy, that are crying now. The antique European did his crying a long time ago. Only a morally anesthetized man could have failed to see that Christian Europe became Liberaldom many years before the Obama took office. His coronation was merely the final, crowning blasphemy. Having mourned and dried our tears long before the Obama blasphemy, we, the Europeans who are still faithful to Europe, must now find a way to strike home against the treacherous, murderous liberals.

Every day in every European nation all the organs of state, press, television, and film demonize the white race. And that demonization has had a terrible effect. Whites are being exterminated in ever increasing numbers. Violence is not a magic talisman, a cure-all for every problem, but it would not be Christian, it would not be conduct worthy of Europeans, if we remained non-violent in the face of the liberal and colored onslaught against the white race. Why do the white grazers support the liberals’ bombing of the colored stranger over there in his own country but refuse to defend their own country against a colored invasion?

It should be obvious to any European who is not dead inside that the American liberals’ worship of the Obama is not just an American phenomenon. All European people are in the same boat. They are ruled by mad-dog liberals who want to eradicate any memory of Christian Europe and every living embodiment of Christian Europe, in the form of a faithful band of Europeans, from the face of the earth. It’s really a moot point whether America is slightly worse than other European nations or slightly better; we are all up against the same satanic foes. It’s truly remarkable that no matter whom I talk to, whether  a European from Finland, from France, from Australia, from England, etc, I find that all white people are facing the same national crisis: their liberal rulers are handing their nations over to colored barbarians. How could it be otherwise? Neither geography nor abstract theories of government make a nation. Race makes a nation. White people in America have lived in the same geographical area as blacks, and shared the same form of government for over one hundred years, and they are not a people. White people and blacks are completely separate people despite what the liberals try to tell us. The reason Burke was so concerned about the effect the heinous example of the French Revolution would have on the English people (besides the fact that he was the soul of honor) was because he realized that the European people were a spiritual entity. What affected one European nation affected all European nations. “The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The whole of the polity and economy of every country in Europe has been derived from the same sources.” And what happens to a people who deny the sources from which they came into being as a people? They become airy nothings trying to attach themselves to alien races in order to convince themselves that they are alive.

Organized Christianity has become a mere adjunct of satanic liberalism, because the church men have denied Europe. It sounds very proper in the year 2013 to say that the Christian churches should not be bound to one people, but Christianity was bound to one particular people. If we separate the European from Christianity, condemning European Christianity as something apart from and antithetical to genuine Christianity, then we have left incarnational Christianity behind and replaced it with a theoretical Christianity that is a hideous caricature of Christianity, which goes by the name of liberalism.

I’ve often seen inscribed on older tombstones the words, “Sacred to the memory of…” Such is the antique European’s sentiment about the Christian era of Europe. It is sacred to his memory. And so long as that memory is held in one faithful European heart, the light of eternal Europe will still guide all true and ardent seekers to the Man of Sorrows who reigns over and above the material world that the liberal sports of nature claim is the only world.

The word ‘natural’ in the liberal vernacular has come to mean truth. The black savage is natural, so he is a true and authentic human, in contrast to the white man who is unnatural and not authentic. But if the word ‘natural’ is supposed to represent the truth about man, then the antique Europeans, not the black savages or the other people of color, and not the liberal sports, are natural human beings. When Burke told the Reverend Dr. Price that he felt great sympathy for victims of the French Revolution, in contrast to Price who exulted in their deaths, he said it was because it was only natural that he should; “because we are so made, as to be affected at such spectacles…” Burke was and is right. If Christ is indeed the Son of God and we are created in His image, then it is natural that His people should hate liberal Babylon and love Christian Europe. So let us cling to our natural prejudices and our sacred memories in defiance of the liberal sports and their unnatural colored allies; the interim is ours. +

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