The Babylonian Captivity of the European People

Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their yokes from us. –Psalm 2:3


It’s obvious to all those who have eyes to see that the changing demographics (more negroes and Hispanics voting) render it virtually impossible for a white Republican male, such as Mitt Romney or Ronald Reagan, to win a Presidential election. It’s not a case of running a more personable white candidate – Romney was quite personable and actually got a higher percentage of the white vote than Regan did some thirty years ago – it’s a case of a third world invasion that white liberals welcomed and white conservatives were unwilling to oppose. The white conservatives have no chance of winning the blacks or the Hispanics over to their side nor do they have a ghost of a chance of converting the 35 – 40% liberal minority who always vote with the colored tribesmen. But we, the European remnant, cannot say as the old Scottish Jacobite said, “All that can be done has been done, and all’s been done in vain.” We cannot truthfully echo the fallen Jacobite’s words because we have yet to hear from the non-democratic, non-diverse European. Thus far we have only seen pygmy-souled men, the men of the democratic era, on the world stage.

The European man has, like Odysseus, been waiting in the wings to see if any of the evil suitors could string and shoot the great bow. He watched as democratic man failed. And he saw, much to his disgust, clerical man go over to the suitors. Now it is his time. He must string the bow, draw it, and purge his racial stronghold of the liberals and colored tribesmen who have defiled it. It’s not the work of a day, but it is time for Europeans to begin the reconquest of their European homeland. The enemy is always the most vulnerable when he is in the midst of his victory celebration.

I don’t know the exact date that each and every European government decided to turn their people over to the colored hordes, but every European government has made such a choice. In European America the choice was made in 1965. That’s when Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill which changed the non-white immigration quotas from 90% European to 90% non-European was passed. It would be easy to just blame our present debacle on Ted Kennedy: “He was a sneaky, conniving degenerate.” Yes, he was, but why did Republican and Democrat members of the Senate and Congress go along with Teddy? Because it was popular with the American people? That is ludicrous. If such a bill had been put before the American people, it would have been voted down. And why did every European nation pass bills similar to degenerate Teddy’s bill? We are faced with the incontestable fact that all of the ruling oligarchies in the European nations started, in the latter half of the 20th century, to replace their own white people with black, brown, red, and yellow people from foreign lands.

We don’t have to look far to see the reason why the ruling oligarchs of every white nation decided to betray their own people. Just look at the statements of the Catholic popes and the leaders of the evangelical churches on the subject of colored immigration, be it legal or illegal. John Paul II was representative of all the mainstream churches. He maintained that faith in Christ mandated that white people should open up their hearts, their borders, and their homes to the colored people of the world. Just after the election I saw a cross-section of evangelical “Christians” who had voted for Obama joining together to demand unrestricted colored immigration. But no South African white was eligible. Apparently God, in the liberals’ eyes, is a “some are more equal than others” type of God.

When I was younger I used to call the white-hating Christians well-meaning but misguided. That is nonsense. They are not well-meaning. They hate their own people and wish to see them exterminated. And their desire to eliminate their own people stems from their hatred of God. They are incensed with God for failing to follow any of their rules for the proper ordering of existence, so they strike out at God by attacking His people. Dostoevsky depicted this drama of Christian atheism so well in the Grand Inquisitor scene of The Brothers Karamazov. The secret of the Grand Inquisitor was that he hated God for not ordering the world as he, the Grand Inquisitor, would have it. The liberal churchmen believe they are smarter than God, but in restructuring God’s benevolent ordering of existence according to their rationalist schemas the churchmen, who were the first liberals after the devil, plunged the Europeans backward in time to the failed philosophical faiths of the Greeks and the Romans. There was a reason why the men and the women of the late Roman Empire sought out the mystery religions. The devotees of the mystery religions could be one with a personal God who was nowhere to be found in the philosophy of the Greeks and the ethical systems of the Romans. But is intimacy with God enough? If there is no silken tie of sympathy between a man and his God, can there be a genuine faith? Christ triumphed over the mystery religions because of His humanity, but did He triumph over the Greco-Roman rationalists? In provincial Europe He did triumph, but he never completely conquered the rationalist element in the upper echelons of the Christian academies where love of the syllogism and rationalist theology predominated over the love of our Savior. That ever-present academic snake in the grass would eventually breed a multi-headed viper that would poison all of Christian Europe. The Europeans worship the negro in the 21st century because the rationalist snake was scotched rather than killed in the first centuries of Christian Europe.

Men cannot live with reason alone. They need faith in a living God beyond reason, but the church men placed Christ in a rationalist box only they could open, so the Europeans went a-whoring. The synthesis of rationalism and negro worship is the Europeans’ attempt to combine the vitalism of the mystery religions with the rationalism of the Greco-Romans. What is missing in this synthesis? The living God and the people of Europe who were wedded to the living God. Provincial Europe, the Europe of a particular race of people with a faith in a personal God of their ascending race, has been buried under an avalanche of satanic filth. No matter that the filth is multi-colored and diversified; it is still satanic filth.

The proof of the universalists’ atheism is their defiance of God’s benevolent ordering of the world. “God loves everyone,” the universalists tell us. Yes, he does, which is why He gave us all racial strongholds in this world where we could learn about God’s love through the love of our kith and kin. The universalist Christian ends up loving an abstract race of noble savages while hating his own people. Is this Christian? No, it is not. It is something far worse than paganism even; it is liberalism, which is the synthesis of all the evil ‘isms’ that have ever been created by the satanically inspired minds of men.

There is a depth of feeling that can only be engendered in a man by the love of his kith and kin. Without that depth of feeling a man cannot know, on an intimate level, the Son of God. Why then do the church men tell us that we can only become truly Christian if we become less attached to our own people and more attached to a diversified ant heap of people? Let’s try to understand our instructions. In order to be more Christian, we must become less Christian? “Yes,” Mr. Liberal tells us, “you’ve grasped the point perfectly. Christ will become less of a God and the Europeans will become a non-people.”

“Then what?”

“Then there will be peace and happiness on earth.”

Once, in an endeavor to dissuade a liberal priest from his liberal viewpoints, I pointed out to him that a great work such as Handel’s Messiah was great because Handel’s vision of Christ was non-diverse. The Hallelujah chorus and the entire sacred oratorio are so moving because every word sung and every chord of music is a paean to the King of Kings. How would that sacred oratorio be performed today? It is too horrible to dwell on. Suffice it to say that we would not be inspired by a hymn to the Obama and one universalist Satan-worshipping nation. But let me return to the liberal priest. He agreed with me about Handel’s Messiah: “It wouldn’t be a magnificent work without its purity of theme.” Then came the disclaimer: “Poetry and reality are two different things.” Are they? Isn’t our faith in Christ based on a belief that what touches our heart at the deepest level, at the poetic core, is true?

So let us state what is true. God reveals Himself to us through the intimate, mysterious human relationships we form with our kith and kin. The moral beauty of the European hearth, where our kith and kin dwell, points us to the Star of Bethlehem. The moral depravity of the syncretic religion of rationalism and diversity points us toward the kingdom of Satan. The most counter-revolutionary thing that a European man can do is to refuse to bend his knee to the new diversity of races and faiths. Such a refusal will make the European man a sign of contradiction to Satan and his minions. And such is the European man’s destiny. He was born to bear witness, through his fidelity to the European hearth, to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world. +

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