Against Principalities and Powers

Ah, why should wrath be mute and fury dumb?
I am no baby, I, that with base prayers
I should repent the evils I have done.
Ten thousand worse than ever yet I did
Would I perform if I might have my will.
If one good deed in all my life I did,
I do repent it from my very soul.

– Aaron the Moor


It occurred to me while watching the liberals exult over the re-election of The Obama that here in America we have become the complete inverse of Christian Europe. The American republic is truly Satandom. An old Christian hymn describes Christians thronged around the Savior’s throne. On the night of Obama’ re-election we saw the spawns of Satan thronged around their little anointed black devil. And unfortunately the other European nations are rushing to become more American, which translates to more satanic. They too want to become the inverse of Christian Europe. When I was a young man, I had a hard time reconciling a belief in hell with a belief in a loving Savior. But as I got older and met more liberals up close and personal, I began to understand about hell. Christ cannot force our love. There are those so obdurate in their hatred of the light that God must reluctantly let them go where their hatred drives them to go. Will the liberals be happy once they get to hell? I doubt it, because they are not happy with the hell they have created here on earth. I know they exult over satanic triumphs like the re-election of Obama, but after their celebration they will go back to their sterile, empty, anesthetized lives and hate each other as much as they hate white, Christian Europeans. “See how they love one another,” was said of the early Christians. My observations of the liberals reveal the inverse: “See how they hate one another.” Do I pity them? Not while they are in power. I reserve my pity for my people who the liberals are attacking with the relentless fury of Satan, their master. When the liberals are locked up where they can’t do any more harm, then I will pity them and attempt to ease their self-induced suffering, but until that time it would be inhumane to show sympathy to the devil’s own who are persecuting my people.

This brings me to the victims of liberalism, the hated and vilified white people without whom there can be no civilization worthy of the name civilization. But first let me distinguish between depressed and profoundly depressed. The Obama re-election was depressing to me as candid photos of a fat man at a family reunion would be to the fat man. “I know I’m fat; do you have to shove a picture in my face to emphasize it?” I know I live in negro-worshipping Liberaldom, but I don’t like to see vivid, obscene pictures of it. The profoundly depressed white people are more like people who thought they were in relative good health and then found out they had a terminal cancer. These people are in desperate need of consolation, and we live in Liberaldom where there is no consolation for suffering. Of course Christ is the hope of the hopeless, but who among us does not need human conduits to Christ? The great achievement – great in the satanic sense – of American liberals is that they have cut off all human conduits to God. The seventy-year-old woman who doesn’t want to leave her house anymore because she might meet someone who voted for Obama, the mid-fiftyish women who thought that God simply wouldn’t permit our nation to slide that far down the slippery slope, the young white male who wants to get a gun and start shooting liberals, the old man who yearns for an apocalyptic end of the world are all emblematic of the profound depression that has beset decent white people in the wake of the Obama victory. Can I, or any other antique European, be of some help to these suffering white people? Unfortunately not, because with the exception of the young white male, who I may be some comfort to, the decent whites are the prisoners of the liberal clergy. If I tell the catechism-Aquinas-pope-loving Catholic or the Bible-alone-without-any-human-conduit Protestant that there is strength and comfort in the European tradition and men such as Burke, who said, “If we do not hate where we should hate we will not love where we should love,” and men such as Kipling — “When the Saxon began to hate”  — they will simply stare vacantly and say that it is wrong to hate; their clergymen told them so. What can be done with such people? Prior to Obama’s re-election, I would have said nothing could be done with such people. But I have noticed a slight change. The same people who twenty years ago dismissed the notion that liberals were spawns of Satan who worshipped the negro are now open to the idea. The unadulterated liberal sewage that is spilling out everywhere has had its effect. Whites who never said a bad word about negroes or liberals are now thinking, albeit with some lingering feelings of guilt, bad thoughts about negroes, Mexicans, and liberals. The thought is father to the deed, so let us fan those thoughts into a fire. (1)

The fact that the liberals no longer care to sanitize their sewage shows us just how confident they are of their invulnerability. And for a time the liberals might seem invincible, but liberalism depends on institutionalized superficiality in order to survive. Liberals won’t be able to keep every single European on their superficial level. When white men with European hearts start to fight for the deeply held faith of their European ancestors, Liberaldom will crumble. But we shouldn’t wait for a majority of whites to agree with us before we act. That type of thinking belongs to the defeatist conservatives of the failed democratic era. In the new European era, which is really a return to an older era, the ethos of fairyland will prevail over the ethos of the democratic era. In the fairy tales, the hero ventures forth without a majority coalition and without consulting an expert in theology. And when he drives his sword through the heart of the evil entity, be it witch, dragon, wizard, or liberal, his people who seemed dead are restored to life. Just as Christ rose from the dead so can a hero consecrated to Christ reanimate his people who languish in a liberal-induced, deathlike sleep. The essential thing is to be an integral European, who has severed his ties to everything modern and liberal. Such a man will be truly free; he will be the master of his arm and the scourge of Liberaldom.

Mortals are not meant to be continually happy. This world is indeed a vale of tears. But we are not meant to be so profoundly depressed that we feel bereft of all spiritual sustenance. And that is the depression engendered by the triumph of Liberalism; white Europeans feel bereft of everything that makes life in this world bearable. Our love of the hearth fire where kith and kin dwell keeps us connected to the living God. This is why the attack on the Europeans’ whiteness has been so unrelenting and vile. Within our racial home is our kith and kin – destroy that home and you destroy the Europeans’ link to God. Liberals have replaced the European hearth with a satanic cauldron. They severed their connection to Christ in order to be connected, through negro worship, to Satan. The profound depression of the Europeans who do not want to be connected to Satan through Obama, is that they have been forbidden by their clergy to take sustenance from their racial hearth fire. So what is their plight? They are wanderers on the face of the earth. They can’t fully accept the satanic reign of the negro-worshipping liberals, but they have no place to call home.

Come December a remnant band of Europeans will celebrate the birth of the God-man Jesus Christ, who took flesh and dwelt among us. But His birth is now viewed by liberals as significant and important only because it was an event that prepared the way for the worship of the negro, whose deification will be solemnized and celebrated on Jan. 20, not just by liberals in America but also by liberals throughout the European world. It’s not possible to avoid this stark and somber reality. The Man of Sorrows has been given a subordinate position to the gods of color. The liberals have institutionalized the worship of Baal. At the inaugural ball the modern Europeans will dance around the black idol Obama as the ancient Hebrews danced around their image of Baal. This celebration of all that is unholy should fill the Europeans with something akin to anger, only much greater than anger. It should, but it doesn’t. Will there ever be a time when the persecuted white men will rise up and strike down the liberals and their colored gods? It doesn’t seem possible at this moment in history, but history is full of surprises. The life of the spirit cannot be put in a rationalist box forever. There is no telling how many people might follow a remnant band of Europeans whose anger is beyond anger and whose ties to their race and the God of their race are indestructible.

For centuries European liberals have tried to condemn Christianity by presenting a certain type of Christian Phariseeism, depicted by Scott in Old Mortality, François Mauriac in Woman of the Pharisees, and Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter as the real Christianity. They told us that they were the cure for such an unholy religion. But look at what they have given us: a satanic liberal Phariseeism that makes the older Christian Pharisees look gentle and benevolent in comparison. The liberals, in the name of their black gods, condemn the white race to eternal damnation. Nothing the white man can do will change the fact that he is, in the liberals’ theology, irredeemable. And nothing the black god does can be wrong because he is god and what he does is always good. There is no goodness outside god, so when the black god kills, rapes, and pillages, then murder, rape, and pillaging are good. What about mercy, justice, and charity? Those concepts are alien to the black gods, so they must come from the white devils, which means they must be banished from the earth. “There shall be no justice, no mercy, and no charity in the new Babylon.”

St. John gives us the hope to persevere in the face of the liberals’ unholy crusade to destroy the white race. The Christian European living in Liberaldom is every bit the exile that St. John was on the island of Patmos. St. John conveys to us, the European remnant, the orders of our Lord and Savior, we are called upon to be steadfast: “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” If we are content to sit at the foot of the throne of Satan’s anointed one we are not listening to what the spirit hath said unto the churches. Christ, not The Obama, is the Europeans’ bright and morning star. The profound depression of white people who did not vote for the Obama stems from their feeling of hopelessness in the midst of Liberaldom. But an internal vow to refuse to render homage to the heathen gods of Liberaldom is a life-giving and life-sustaining vow that will have a ripple effect throughout the mystical body of the church. The race war is a religious war. Once the white man sees that reality he will become a whole man again and he will gird up his loins and fight and conquer the principalities and powers of Liberaldom. +


(1) Immediately after Obama’s re-election while the liberals were exulting, I heard some very impolitic and correct responses from the usually timid white people who did not vote for the Obama. But then they talked to their clergymen, and they calmed down. “Mustn’t be a fanatic,” “Let’s agree to differ; we are all God’s people,” blah blah blah. The tiny fire in their hearts was quickly squelched. Some day whites will proceed with the counter-revolution without the blessing of their clergymen.>

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