Upon the Heath

Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear
Your favours nor your hate. – Banquo


Though it seems obvious to an antique European that the modern Europeans have replaced Christianity with negro worship, it is not so obvious to the modern European. He has been taken in hook, line, and sinker by Satan’s shell game. Once the white man allowed Satan to make Christianity a propositional faith, the road was clear for negro worship. Halfway-house Christians become indignant when you tell them that they too, despite their professed Christianity, are members of the liberals’ negro worshipping cult. The confusion lies in the halfway-house Christians’ failure to understand the nature of an institutionalized state religion. In such a religion there will always be the zealous devotees, who believe with all their heart, mind, and soul, the lukewarm devotees, the practical devotees – “it’s best to go along with the powers that be” – and the sincere, but non-fanatical devotees. The zealots set the tone for the rest of the devotees – sincere, practical and indifferent. It is their rules, the zealots’, which must be adhered to.

Chris “The Tingler” Matthews, who says he “tingles” from head to toe when Obama speaks, is an example of a negro-worshipping zealot. He was trained by Jesuits, of which he is inordinately proud considering his hostility towards Christianity, but has retained nothing of the faith the Jesuits taught him except a belief in the infallibility of human reason. Matthews’ tingling admiration for everything The Obama says and does, and his unwillingness to speak ill of any black man no matter what his crime, are proof of Taine’s assertion about the inability of reason to control the passions of our hearts:

In every doctrine which wins men over to it, the sophistry it contains is less potent than the promises it makes; its power over them is greater through their sensibility than through their intelligence; for, if the heart is often the dupe of the head, the latter is much more frequently the dupe of the former. We do not accept a system because we deem it a true one, but because the truth we find in it suits us. Political or religious fanaticism, any theological or philosophical channel in which truth flows, always has its source in some ardent longing, some secret passion, some accumulation of intense, painful desire to which a theory affords an outlet…

Of course Matthews is not wrong because he has passions, he is wrong because his passion is for the negro rather than Christ, for negro-worshipping America rather than Christian Europe. Men must have a faith they can feel passionate about. The upper echelon of liberals has been able to impose their passionate faith in the negro on the less intense, but pliable (because they are without a passionate faith) rank and file Europeans. The Christian church men have joined the liberals and excused their apostasy with the great lie: “The colored people will pick up the mantle of Christianity discarded by the Europeans.” Oh really? Is that happening in Africa? In China? In Mexico? The colored people have returned to their heathen faiths, which they only superficially left to appease white people, while the Europeans have “progressed” to utopia, which resembles, in all its particulars, the subterranean dwelling that is not supposed to exist except in the discarded faith of the antique Europeans.

In the old Christian faith, the faithful were enjoined to hate the devil and all of his works. So too in the negro-worshipping faith are the faithful enjoined to hate the devil and all his works. But in the new faith it is the white man who is the devil. It is not enough to love the sacred negro; you must hate the devil, the white man. This new faith puts the Christian clergyman in a paradoxical position. Christianity has always been a European phenomenon; its only sincere practitioners were to be found in Europe and the countries settled by Europeans. So it would seem to be in the self-interest of the Christian clergyman, and in the interest of the Christian churches, that white influence and white dominance should be spread to all the regions of the earth. But such is not the case. The Christian clergymen work diligently to rid the world of the white man. How do we explain this paradox? One line from Hamlet explains the white hating clergymen: “things mortal move them not at all…” The European clergymen despise all things human. They consider themselves as the Illuminati, or the enlightened ones, who receive and dispense the esoteric knowledge necessary for “enlightenment.” The people who built a culture, a truly human culture, based on their love for the God-Man, are despised by the Illuminati, because anything that stinks of humanity is an anathema to the enlightened members of the clerical caste.

Years and years of compromise with paganism have brought the Europeans to this inhuman pass. Now, as in all “enlightened” religious systems, the basest forms of race-mixing and sexual perversions are permitted as part of the religious ritual. And race-mixing is not just permitted, it is a holy rite. So too is sodomy, becoming, in the citadels of once Christian nations, a holy rite. The negro, the sign and symbol of racial and sexual Babylon, will always be exalted in the new esoteric religion so that savagery and inhumanity will thrive under the all-knowing and all-seeing eye of the Illuminati.

That negro worship is the new faith of the Christian Illuminati seems to be self-evident, yet the mere suggestion that such is the case, that the modern Christian worships the negro instead of Christ, is guaranteed to bring scorn, derision, and punitive action down upon the suggester. Of course the hysterical reaction one gets when pointing out the true religion of the modern white man merely proves what we already know. The liberals will respond with fire and sword when their faith is challenged.

Although the church men spawned liberalism by emptying their churches of the human element – the European people and the God-Man – it is doubtful that the secular liberals will ultimately allow the churches to survive, because after clearing the ground for liberalism the Christian Illuminati have always lagged slightly behind the secular liberals. They embraced racial Babylon and then sexual Babylon after the secular liberals led the way. This could, despite their pathetic attempt to catch up to the secular liberals, leave the church men out in the cold when the kingdom of hell on earth is established. Doesn’t the Book of Revelation speak of a war between the secular heathens and the apostatized church men, with the former defeating the latter?

And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Possibly that is just wishful thinking on my part, wanting to see the apostate clergymen hoisted on their own petards, but I have observed, in my lifetime, the inability of even the most liberal of “Christian” clergymen to really please the mad-dog liberals. The mad-doggians still mistrust the apostates no matter how ardently and devoutly the apostate clergymen spout their liberal pieties and sing their paeans to the sacred negro. Their dilemma is much like Buckingham’s dilemma in Shakespeare’s Richard III. After doing every evil under the sun in compliance with Richard’s orders, Buckingham grows “circumspect” and balks at killing Edward’s young sons, the true heirs of the throne. He is killed because he wanted to be evil only to a certain point and then stop. But there is no stopping on the slippery slope that leads to Babylon. Once the Christian clergymen accepted racial Babylon, they had to go on and accept sexual Babylon and the destruction of the only people who stood in the way of racial and sexual Babylon.

What I said of Tony Blair is true of The Tingler. If Chris Matthews was one isolated mad man, we could lament over his personal tragedy, but we could ignore him as an isolated mad man. But The Tingler is not one isolated mad man, he represents Satan’s legions marching triumphant over the ruins of Christian Europe. What Chris Matthews represents is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.  Macbeth and Banquo both stood on the heath and confronted the witches. Each man made a fateful choice. Macbeth chose to cast his lot with Satan, and Banquo chose Christ. European liberals, embodied by The Tingler, have made their fateful choice on the heath, and they, like Macbeth, have chosen Satan. Matthews’ heart is hardened toward the millions of infants slaughtered in the charnel houses of Babylon, but his heart bleeds if one word of criticism is leveled at the black barbarian ruler of Babylon. Matthews’ face is truly the face of evil in all its banal, insidious, immoral superficiality. All such moral reprobates always end up contemplating a bloodstained world of their own making that resembles a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

A people with an upper crust of moral pariahs such as Chris Matthews ruling over them are a people that have lost their collective soul. There is no spiritual center to such people; they will be blown along by the satanic winds of change from one perversion to another. What would it take for the European people to reclaim their soul? They need to see with their hearts. They need to see a Europe that was, despite all her imperfections (which I could catalog for you better than any of her liberal detractors), consecrated to His sacred heart, not in some formal ceremony, but in the daily lives of her people who said with one voice, “Yes, we know that Man, in all His divinity and in all His humanity.” It is no small thing to have a people before us who had intimate knowledge of the living God. It is something more precious than gold, and certainly more precious than the esoteric knowledge of the liberals who bid us abandon our European past for a future where we can worship the negro and hate the Christian Europeans.

All the forces of Liberaldom, which are the forces of hell, have gathered together to condemn the white European. His doom has been pronounced and the sentence is irrevocable. But why should the European accept Satan’s death sentence? Why can’t I, or any European with a European heart, go and stand upon the same heath where Macbeth and the Liberal Europeans sold their souls to the devil? And why can’t I, and those other faithful Europeans, stand with Banquo and hurl our defiance at Satan and his liberal minions? No doom is irrevocable in the realm of the spirit. And such a realm is our Europe; it’s where our people and our God reside. If we seem to be bereft of God and without a people, it is because we have not had the courage to seek out the European realm of existence, where He is worshipped in spirit and in truth. If we hate where we should hate, the liberals and all their works, we will love the people and the God whom we should love.

It is time to renew the covenant; Christ will never forsake His people, and we few, we Europeans, will never forsake Him. We can be part of the New Babylon, in which liberals tingle from head to toe at every word spoken by their black barbarian gods. Or we can be part of a European world that was forged by hearts of fire who saw the risen Lord. It shouldn’t be a hard choice to make. +

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