That Which is Essential

“O, happy living things! No tongue
Their beauty might declare:
A spring of love gushed from my heart,
And I blessed them unaware:
Sure my kind saint took pity on me,
And I blessed them unawares.
“The selfsame moment I could pray:
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.”


A New Zealand government official recently pronounced that the New Zealand government was “totally committed” to a more “diverse” New Zealand. In the state of Maine a group of activists representing Somalian immigrants threatened to sue when a government official suggested that the Somalians needed to adjust to the existing culture of their new country. In that once blessed plot of earth called England, a British MP declared that it would be necessary to build four new cities about the size of London in order to make room for the new colored arrivals, who somehow are considered essential to Britain’s existence. Not to be outdone by insane negro-loving liberals, a Mexican activist group demanded that the words “illegal immigrants” be abandoned because (isn’t it obvious?) the use of the word “illegal” is “racist.” It doesn’t matter what formerly European nation we go to, we always hear the same refrain: “We must become diverse,” which means, “We must destroy the white race.”

The great movement toward diversity is called progress. But why is it called progress? To what are we progressing? We are progressing toward a perfect world — though no one knows exactly when we will arrive there. What will the perfect world be like? We never hear anything definite from the utopians. All we know is that there will be no white people in the new world and there will be no Christ in the new world. This is acknowledged and applauded by the liberals and denied by the Christian atheists, who insist that what is going on in European countries is the inclusion of the colored races, not the destruction of the white race. What about the absence of Christ in the new world order? The Christian atheists also deny that such will be the case. “We are simply purifying the Faith by making it less European and more inclusive. A faith, like a nation, must be inclusive if it is to survive.”

The Christian atheists should not be allowed to get away with such outright lies. How can capitulation to a cabal of merciless liberals and bloodthirsty barbarians of color be called a “purification” of the Christian faith? And how can we have any touchstone of reality if we deny all of our acquired wisdom about the nature of God and man, derived from our deepest intuitions about things spiritual, for a new rationalist faith in intellectual vapor? The answer to that question can be seen on the faces of frightened, lost white people who have allowed their racial identities and their faith to be diversified.

I recently saw a video on YouTube put out by a group of young French men and women, who called themselves “Generation Identitaire.” Their heartfelt declaration of war against the diversifying powers-that-be was quite moving. They no longer shall be rootless and without an identity; they will be white and French was the thrust of their declaration. But let me insert an old man’s warning: There is no such thing as a white identity that denies, ignores, or skirts around the white man’s faith in Christ. Beneath the outward bravado of the pagan nationalists I see spiritual surrender in their souls. They have sided with the liberals on the central issue: “Did Christ rise from the dead?” And they have sided with the Christian atheists by conceding that whoever wears the collar or cassock has the right to define Christianity. Hence, when a clergyman says Christianity means diversity, the young pagans reject Christianity despite the fact that their people, the white Europeans when they were Christian, rejected diversity in the name of Christ. There is nothing new about the deification of youth. That is as old as paganism. And there is nothing new about the assertion that we should be proud of our race because our race, biologically speaking, is smarter and stronger than other races. That too is pagan. What the Christian European, who is now rejected by the liberal and the neo-pagan, brought into the darkness of paganism was a belief that youth was a thing of the spirit, not a product of biology; nor was skin color primarily a biological entity; it too belonged in the realm of the spirit. If our whiteness is not of the spirit, an external sign of our inmost soul, why should we desire to fight for it? And if youth is not of the spirit, if it is merely a transitory biological strength to be passed from one generation of apes to the next generation of apes, then of what use is the sweet bird of youth? It is an evil phantom masquerading as the Messiah.

Abstract theories about race and religion, whether they come from the right or the left, will always lead us away from our people and our God. We are men, as Burke so eloquently put it, who derive our knowledge of existence from our “untaught feelings” about the nature of existence. If we forsake those untaught feelings for modern research and utopian science then we will have only a gypsy’s faith in that diversified ant heap called nature.

When I read about such groups as the French Identitaire, I realize that we, the European people, have left the Christian hangover era behind. We no longer have any of the ethical remnants of Christianity left in the formerly Christian nations. Compassion and mercy are dead. There is only the technological barbarism of the liberals and the traditional barbarism of the colored tribes left. And white youths who quite rightly recoil at such barbarism have no knowledge of or feeling for the European culture of the past which was a culture diametrically opposed to the twin barbarian cultures of modern Europe. Those of us who have not lost sight of antique Europe and the God who presided over it must keep the bridge to that sacred past clear of liberals and colored barbarians. We do this for two reasons. First, our survival depends on keeping the bridge to the past secure. And secondly, there will always be some who will see beyond liberalism, beyond neo-paganism, to the Heart of Hearts. The bridge must stay clear so that those loving hearts can find their way home.

The Europeans’ apostasy parallels the apostasy of the ancient Hebrews. In a multitude of different guises the modern European worships nature. He has returned to Baal. The negro will always be at the center of such worship because he is the most ‘natural’; he is the embodiment of all that is primitive, dark, and deadly. So long as we accept the hideous lie that negro worship is an upward movement, we will continue to spiral ever deeper into hell.

In what is certainly Anthony Trollope’s best short story, “The Parson’s Daughter of Oxney Colne,” we read of the daughter of a country parson in the parish of Oxney Colne. The young woman is beautiful and virtuous, but she is also poor. A rich suitor comes along and falls in love with the young heroine’s outward beauty. To her inner beauty, he is indifferent because he is incapable of comprehending what inner beauty is. The couple get engaged, but the parson’s daughter begins to suspect that she is not appreciated for what she feels to be essential – her soul.

‘But I should wish to make you think how great is the leap in the world which you are about to take.’ Then again they walked on for many steps before she answered him.

‘Tell me, then, John,’ she said, when she had sufficiently considered what words she would speak;—and as she spoke a dark bright colour suffused her face, and her eyes flashed almost with anger. ‘What leap do you mean? Do you mean a leap upwards?’

‘Well, yes; I hope it will be so.’

‘In one sense, certainly, it would be a leap upwards. To be the wife of the man I loved; to have the privilege of holding his happiness in my hand; to know that I was his own—the companion whom he had chosen out of all the world—that would, indeed, be a leap upward; a leap almost to heaven, if all that were so. But if you mean upwards in any other sense—’

‘I was thinking of the social scale.’

‘Then, Captain Broughton, your thoughts were doing me dishonour.’

‘Doing you dishonour!’

‘Yes, doing me dishonour. That your father is, in the world’s esteem, a greater man than mine is doubtless true enough. That you, as a man, are richer than I am as a woman is doubtless also true. But you dishonour me, and yourself also, if these things can weigh with you now.’

‘Patience,—I think you can hardly know what words you are saying to me.’

‘Pardon me, but I think I do. Nothing that you can give me—no gifts of that description—can weigh aught against that which I am giving you. If you had all the wealth and rank of the greatest lord in the land, it would count as nothing in such a scale. If—as I have not doubted—if in return for my heart you have given me yours, then—then—then, you have paid me fully. But when gifts such as those are going, nothing else can count even as a make-weight.’

‘I do not quite understand you,’ he answered, after a pause. ‘I fear you are a little high-flown.’ And then, while the evening was still early, they walked back to the parsonage almost without another word.

In the Gospels there are men such as Philip the apostle who immediately see there is something special about Jesus. When Nathaniel asks him, “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?”, Philip answers, “Come and see.” In contrast, there are men such as Caiaphas who see nothing extraordinary about Christ because of their moral blindness. This is what we are up against in modern Europe. The difference between Christian Europe and Babylonian Europe is clear to those who do not have blinders on their hearts. The morally blind Caiaphases are determined to destroy the European people by blending them into the impersonal mass of humanity that constitutes modern Babylon.

The Europeans have been to the mountain and have stood on holy ground. And they have stood on holy ground because they embraced the little human things that lead us to God. St. Paul is the greatest of all theologians because his epistles are addressed to small groups of individual human beings. All transcendent thought comes from a concern for particular human beings. Shakespeare’s “simple” stories take us to the heights and depths because Shakespeare is concerned with the human heart, not with theories about humanity. And likewise the incomparable Burke; his letters are irreplaceable works of genius because he wrote them from his heart, without moral blinders on, to stir the hearts of other human beings who still had hearts that lived.

Modern Europeans have contracted a brain fever that has gotten into their blood. Until that fever breaks, there is nothing that can be done with them. They will continue to worship the negro and try to appease the lords of Liberaldom. But if that fever should finally break! It would be like water released from a gigantic dam. All of Liberaldom would be washed away. Do we know the day and the hour of that great cleansing?  Of course we don’t, because the human heart and God’s grace are mysteries. But when the European’s fever breaks, the moral blinders will be removed from his heart, and he will dream dreams and see visions again of a babe in a manger and a Man of Sorrows. +

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