The Last Rally

Their bosom is a rock of granite, on which falsehood has long since built her strong hold. Poor truth has had a hard work of it with her pickaxe. Nothing but gunpowder will do.  – Edmund Burke


In the 1970’s and through the 1980’s and 1990’s you heard the term “institutionalized racism” on a regular basis. Some white liberals had evolved beyond racism as individuals, but all our institutions were racist. So we were told. Now we still hear the cries of ‘racist,’ but we don’t hear as much about institutional racism because all our institutions are permeated by blacks. And the institutions that do not have blacks are desperately seeking blacks because no one wants to be accused of perpetuating institutional racism.  Such an aberration from the norms of civilized behavior would be unconscionable. 

Of course there was no institutional racism against blacks during the period that the term became fashionable. The whites should have institutionalized racism, but unfortunately they did not. Instead they institutionalized the worship of the negro. Now white people are divided into two camps: whites who maniacally push for the annihilation of white people because they feel driven by a satanic urge to destroy the Christ-bearing race, and those white people, the grazers, who automatically do whatever hurts the white race because they have been trained from birth to hate the white race. The latter are the real victims of institutionalized racism. 

Let’s take John McCain as an exemplar of the satanic, white-hating white. He recently crawled out of his subterranean dwelling, which is connected to hell, in order to encourage the United States to bomb Syria into oblivion. But lest you think that John McCain is not a humanitarian, I should point out that he is also working tirelessly to ban the mixed martial arts fighting that has become so popular. McCain claims such fighting is much too brutal. Hmm. The sport is quite brutal, but it is not as brutal, in terms of life-threatening concussions, as boxing or football. And it is not nearly as brutal, or as final, as dropping a bomb on someone’s head. So judging from McCain’s track record as a staunch supporter of mass executions and the all-American sports of boxing and football, I don’t think we can believe in his humanitarian concern about the excessive violence and brutality found in the sport of mixed martial arts. I would suggest another reason for McCain’s fake humanitarianism. The fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts are predominantly white, while the participants in boxing and football are predominantly black. McCain would never think of trying to ban football or boxing because of the violent nature of those sports, for the reason that he would be accused of trying to keep poor black boys from making a living. But who will complain if he tries to prevent poor white boys from fighting their way out of poverty? Is the young white male supposed to give up everything that makes him feel like a man? (1)

Obviously, the McCains of Liberaldom are legion. They might even be the sons and daughters of satanic angels who mixed their blood with mortal women, but more likely they are the end result of years of liberal rule in the lands that used to be called Christendom. 

The second type of white is the white who supports every white-hating movement but does not even realize he is anti-white. This type of individual has had the spiritual equivalent of a blood transfusion and a bone marrow transplant. The faith of antique Europe that was bred in the blood and bone of his ancestors has been replaced by a new white-hating faith that is bred in the blood and bone of every modern European. 

The late Ronald Reagan can serve as a perfect example of the white man who aids and abets the demonically possessed white-hating liberals, such as John McCain, without even considering himself a white hater. He was raised on the universalist heresy of one race, one culture, and he would be more likely to question his parentage than the universalist doctrine that he absorbed into his blood. When Reagan became President he signed a liberal “amnesty” bill, continued the anti-white immigration policies of his predecessors, and despite his professed opposition to abortion did nothing to reverse the abortion tide. Reagan was a decent sort; he was not a John McCain. But in the absence of a road-to-Damascus conversion from bred-in-the-bone liberalism to bred-in-the-bone European Christianity, the “decent” conservative will always go the way of the liberals. Under better direction his innate decency would have pointed him in another direction and toward another star, but because he does not receive better direction he is guided in all things by the worst, who are full of passionate intensity. 

The mad-dog liberal such as John McCain is a state executioner who loves his job. He takes special pleasure in destroying all enemies of the state, foreign or domestic. The conservative-liberal such as Ronald Reagan is not motivated by hate when he works to destroy the white race. He is a soldier defending his state against its enemies, and all those who oppose multiracialism and multiculturalism are enemies of the state. In the end, whether the antique European is killed by the mad-dog liberal who enjoys executing white people, or whether he is killed by the Reagan-type conservative who will kill without any deep animosity toward white people, the antique European is still dead. 

I once read a memoir of an English liberal who fought with the communists during the Spanish civil war. What he saw in Spain turned him into an ardent anti-communist. In subsequent years he became a Christian pastor.  In reading the memoir I was struck by the fact that the former liberal’s belief in the divinity of Christ was preceded by his new-found belief in original sin acquired while witnessing the events of the Spanish Civil War. It is often the case that, when a man comes to a belief in one of the doctrines that stems from the Christian faith, he then precedes to a belief in the Christian faith in its entirety. And the reverse is also the case. When once a man starts to disbelieve in one of the major tenets of the Christian faith, he is on the road to a rejection of all the tenets of the Christian faith. 

Before the European liberal rejected the divinity of Christ, he rejected the doctrine of original sin, aided by theologians such as Pelagius and Semipelagians like Thomas Aquinas. If the notion of original sin is absurd, then the notion of a God-Man who comes to redeem us from sin becomes absurd. But if there is such a thing as original sin, and if there really was a Redeemer, then the liberal’s denials cannot change the reality of original sin and the reality of the Man of Sorrows. The liberal will still have a need to assuage his feelings of guilt and to find some object of worship. Enter the negro, stage left. The liberals’ guilt is taken away by their service to the negro, and their need to worship is fulfilled by their adoration of the negro. But negro-worshipping Liberaldom can only survive by maintaining a wall of superficiality around the kingdom. For once a man looks behind the curtain of Liberaldom, he sees a fat, bloated negro being sustained by a legion of emaciated white scientists and academics. What can such a coalition give white people? They can give them the negro to worship and science to anesthetize them. And they need to be anesthetized because neither the negro or the scientist can raise the dead. The paths of glory lead but to the grave, but if those earthly paths of glory follow His sacred paths, they will lead a man to salvation beyond the grave. Where do the paths of liberal superficiality lead? To the grave and damnation. 

It seems, looking at the heavily guarded and heavily fortified walls of superficiality that surround Liberaldom, that there is nothing the antique European can do to defeat liberalism. The liberal will fight to the death to protect his god, and the grazers will fight alongside the liberal, completely oblivious to the fact that they once, before their spiritual blood transfusion and bone marrow transplant, had a faith bred in the blood and the bone. 

Then again we are the people who know not seems. I once went through a military history museum in which there were numerous suits of armor displayed that had been worn by Christian knights many centuries ago. My first thought was that the suits of armor seemed much too small. The diminutive size of the combatants, as indicated by the size of their armor, did not seem to fit with the deeds depicted in the chronicles of that era. But then on second thought I realized that the poets who depicted the heroes of yore as giants were right. They were giants of the spirit. And when we compare those giants on a spiritual scale with the modern European, we can see what pygmies of spirit the modern Europeans are in relation to the antique Europeans. The walls guarding the kingdom of liberal superficiality would be as nothing to the giants of old Europe. “It would be the work of one day to storm the castle, rout the liberals, and burn all of Liberaldom to ashes.” That is the voice of our ancestors. For us, the faithful few, the work will be more than the work of a day, because we are not yet the men they were. But it is something – no, it is more than something, it is everything – to know that we have a people to love and a hearth fire to defend. That will make all the difference when going into battle against the liberals. A deep and abiding love for one’s own people and their God will always prevail over a superficial faith in a false god. The intellect divorced from the heart is the father in the liberal trinity; the negro is the son; and science is the unholy ghost. In our hearts, in the depths, we know their day is ending, and His day, which is ancient and yet so new, is dawning. 

The distinction must be made between a society of pagan idolaters and, to use a phrase of Richard Hooker, “God’s own ancient elect people.” We are not of these modern Babylonians. We belong to Christian Europe, and we are strong to the extent that we hold to our distinctive faith in our own ancient elect people and their God. + 


(1) Mixed martial arts is not a sport that edifies. You would not say of it what was said of the type of sport depicted in Tom Brown’s Schooldays: “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” But still I don’t like to see poor, non-technocratic whites deprived of a chance to become providers by “the work of their hands,” because a satanic liberal like John McCain wants to see every single white male driven from the face of the earth.

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