They Hate Him Whom We Love

Rembrandt. The Angel Appears to the Shepherds

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. –Luke 2: 8-14


One of the pro-Trumpers at the rally I attended two weeks ago asked me what I thought Trump’s chances were to overturn the election fraud. When I said I didn’t think he had much of a chance, the pro-Trumper got quite angry with me. He went through the whole case for Trump and demanded that I see Trump was going to win. I told him again that I was hoping and praying for a Trump victory, and that I knew Trump had a slam-dunk, unimpeachable case against the Demon-crats. “Then why don’t you think Trump is going to win?” the Trumper demanded. I could have referred him to Stevenson’s “Thrawn Janet,” (see “The Sacred Heritage,” Sept. 30, 2007), but instead I kept it simple: “I don’t believe that there are enough legislators or judges in this country who are interested in justice.”

Our entire system of government is based on the theological error that has gained the upper hand in our churches. That error, or to be more accurate, that blasphemy, says that God does not reveal Himself to human hearts, He reveals Himself to human minds. Acting on that theological blasphemy, the European people built house-of-cards churches and house-of-cards governments, which were based on the supremacy of reason over revelation and the mind over the heart. We have all seen the image of Blind Justice with the scales in her hands. But should justice be blind? If the blind lead the blind, shall not both fall into a ditch?

Justice should not be blind to the precepts of the living God who requires mercy and not sacrifice. Reason, unilluminated by a heart connected to Our Lord and Savior, will always make decisions grounded in Satan’s hatred of Christ and His people. The scholastics thought to avoid the evils inherent in human hearts by placing pure reason above the heart and making the human mind the conduit for God’s grace. But doesn’t that ignore the reality of our relationship with God? Are we pagans who come to God through illuminated minds? Our Lord and His apostle, St. Paul, made it clear: God comes to man through the human heart. The theologians, the men who have made a serious study of God, have told us that God was incorrect. The human heart, they tell us, is too sinful and problematic to be a conduit of God’s grace. They have corrected God in the same manner that Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor corrected Christ: “You thought too much of man, you should not have given him the freedom to choose between God and the devil.” But God has chosen, in defiance of the experts on God, to “impart to human hearts the blessings of His heaven.”

All decisions for good or evil are made in the human heart. Once those decisions are made, we use our reason to support those decisions. Philosophers and theologians, who try to reverse that process by claiming that the mind instructs the heart, fly in the face of reality and always increase the suffering of individual human beings who try to adhere to their theological and philosophical precepts. Every theologian or philosopher who derides sentiment has some underlying sentiment in his heart that rules his reason. The mad-dog liberal’s overriding passion is self-love, and he hates Christ because to acknowledge Christ as his Savior would be an acknowledgement that he, the liberal, is not a god. So it is with the pagan white nationalists. They hate whites for the same reason the Jews hate whites – the white race once championed the living God. The European people’s ancient faith is in direct conflict with the white nationalists’ creed – “Nearer my genes to me, nearer to me, Because it is my DNA that leadeth me.” The liberal must have the negro as his savior because the negro does not challenge his intellect, which is his true God. And the white nationalist must have the same God – his intellect. The end result of such self-love is the deification of reason as defined by the image of justice with the blindfold. But there is no such thing as blind, rational justice. Reason is a whore; she peeks out over the blindfold and decides in favor of the prevailing powers that be. When the powers that be are liberal, which translates to satanic, then ‘justice’ is satanic. (1)

World War I marked the end of the Christ-believing European people, but it did not mark the end of an ethically Christian people. That Christian ethos survived through the first half of the twentieth century as a significant force in our courts of justice. By the second half of the twentieth century, 1965 was the demarcation point, the Christian ethos had disappeared from officialdom. Henceforth, the Christian ethos was banned to the underground with its parent, the Christian faith. When Trumpers look to blind justice, which is not blind, to remedy injustice – the fraudulent election – they are seeking redemption from the devil just as the pro-lifers have been seeking redemption from the devil for the past forty-seven years.

Is there no hope then for an electoral victory? There is a very slight hope. The liberals won’t have a change of heart; the fact that Trump won the election will not compel them to concede the election to Trump. Our courts are filled with liberals who will rule according to what Satan wills. And Satan has decreed that there shall be no Christian presence in his Demon-cracy. The slight chance Trump has involves a repudiation of nonviolence on the part of Trump’s supporters. The liberals must be afraid that Trump’s supporters will not remain nonviolent if they are disenfranchised. They must make it clear that there shall be no peace if there is no justice.

This election fraud has its antecedents in the legalization of abortion forty-seven years ago. I used to protest outside an abortion clinic listening, with impotent rage, to snide remarks from the abortion doctors and their aides when they went past me on the way to the abortuaries. It made me wonder, “What would it take to stop such fiends from hell from doing what they are doing?” An appeal to their reason? No, their reason told the abortion doctors they would earn over $100,000 a week at the clinics. Why should they turn down that money? If a man or woman has turned their heart over to Satan they can only be dealt with as Edgar dealt with his evil brother in King Lear and as Macduff dealt with Macbeth. The justices who are refusing to hear the fraud cases and the legislators who are ready to “move on with the Biden presidency” must be made to fear for their lives if they chose liberalism over justice, just as the abortion doctors who choose to kill babies for profit must be forced to face the ultimate penalty if they continue with their blood fests.

My ‘prejudices’ regarding the black race were already formed before I became a police officer. What I saw as a police officer hardened me in my ‘prejudices.’ The blacks were indeed a ‘gifted’ race: they had a ‘gift’ for murderous savagery. But the horror of black savagery cannot compare with the pure, unmitigated evil of white liberalism. We are now witnessing, in the United States of America, an embodiment of the ‘purest’ manifestation of Satan that mankind has ever known since the devil’s appearance in the Garden of Eden. All the evils of the ancient and modern reigns of terror – Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, the French Jacobins, the Northern Reconstructionists, the Soviet Gulags — have been synthesized and institutionalized in the United States of America. Our “beacon light” of “freedom” is a satanic horror. Can that horror be exorcised by a plea for justice addressed to the merciless angel of injustice and merciless cruelty?

The liberals have crossed a moral Rubicon, which has never been crossed before. We must see that horror for what it is. The great pastor and poet from Denmark, N. F. S. Grundtvig, spent his life emphasizing, “the human first.” What did he mean by that line in his most famous poem? He was defending the human heart over the illuminated mind. There was still, Grundtvig the poet maintained, even after the Fall, something of God left in the heart of man. A man could respond to God’s grace. Hence, if you deny what is truly human in man, you deny the image of God in man. That is the essence of Satanism, to destroy the image of God in man. Surely we can now see, if we look at modern liberalism, that Satan has imprinted his image throughout all the major institutions of our nation. We are commanded to follow Satan’s dictates in Church and State. Through the worship of the Sacred Negro we are bound to Satan. The “we are not prejudiced” and the “we are not violent” affirmations of the Trumpers will not put a dent in the satanic armour of the liberals. We must be prejudiced, we must love our own, and we must, because we love much, be violent in the face of the liberals’ violent attacks on the unborn and the white race.

The half-Christian, half-liberal faith of the Trumpers plays right into the hands of the liberals who are whole-heartedly committed to Satan. The Trumpers have taken Christ’s injunction to “love your enemy” and twisted it around so that it has come to mean, in their religion, that there is no such thing as evil. But that is not Christian. Alfred first defeated his enemies, the pagan Danes, and then extended mercy to them – he did not surrender to them because he thought heathenism and Christianity were compatible. Pickwick dedicated his life to the pursuit of Alfred Jingle, who defrauded orphans and widows. It was only when he met, in prison, the repentant Jingle, who was at death’s door, that Pickwick extended his hand to Jingle in Christian charity:

“Good fellow,” said Jingle, pressing his hand, and turning his head away. “Ungrateful dog—boyish to cry—can’t help it—bad fever—weak—ill—hungry. Deserved it all—but suffered much—very.” Wholly unable to keep up appearances any longer, and perhaps rendered worse by the effort he had made, the dejected stroller sat down on the stairs, and, covering his face with his hands, sobbed like a child.

“Come, come,” said Mr. Pickwick, with considerable emotion, “we will see what can be done, when I know all about the matter. Here, Job; where is that fellow?”

“Here, sir,” replied Job, presenting himself on the staircase. We have described him, by-the-bye, as having deeply-sunken eyes, in the best of times. In his present state of want and distress, he looked as if those features had gone out of town altogether.

“Here, sir,” cried Job.

“Come here, sir,” said Mr. Pickwick, trying to look stern, with four large tears running down his waistcoat. “Take that, sir.”

Take what? In the ordinary acceptation of such language, it should have been a blow. As the world runs, it ought to have been a sound, hearty cuff; for Mr. Pickwick had been duped, deceived, and wronged by the destitute outcast who was now wholly in his power. Must we tell the truth? It was something from Mr. Pickwick’s waistcoat-pocket, which chinked as it was given into Job’s hand, and the giving of which, somehow or other imparted a sparkle to the eye, and a swelling to the heart, of our excellent old friend, as he hurried away.

Does Christian charity, the charity that never faileth, mean that we must not fight against evil? That is, as Hamlet says, “The Question.” I believe, as Burke believed, that there is a “charity of honor” which compels us to fight, with all our heart and soul, against inhuman, heathen savagery and merciless, liberal cruelty. My heart goes out to my youngest daughter and my wife when they weep at every new cruelty and debauchery of the liberals. And my heart went out to that wheel-chair-bound Trumper who wept when a kind female Trump supporter gave him a free Trumpy bear. There is an agony of compassion in our hearts when we see the pain and suffering of our kith and kin. We long to fight against the inhuman creatures who are the cause of that pain and suffering. But must we end up like Lear in the storm, vowing to “do such things that shall be the terrors of the earth,” and then die, having failed to “do such things”? When the evil is so pervasive, when it is an evil such as the world has never seen before, how do you strike out against it? It is not a case of assassinating one tyrant, which would not be difficult. But when there is a vast network of men and women committed to the rule of Satan, whom do you strike first, and how do you know the most effective way to engage the enemy? One starts by seeing things with a heart that loves. The devil exists, and he works his will through the inhumanity of liberalism. We cannot make the liberals disappear by refusing to see them for what they are: the devil’s own. Only He who saves, if we call on Him by name, can give us the wisdom, the heart, and the courage to fight the devil and his minions.

I will do the Christmas things this Christmas. But I won’t lie – the liberals have pushed their satanic visages right to my door with this election fraud. My Christmas celebration will have a defiant element to it that it has not had in previous years. I would prefer a more peaceful celebration. But that is the nature of the world we live in right now.

The usual Christmas story will appear on this blog on December 19th and 26th. On January 2nd, I will, God willing, return as usual. God bless you, in defiance of the liberals, this Christmas and in the Christmases to come. +


(1) ”Blind” justice has decided not to hear the Texas election fraud case. Our Supreme Court exists to ensure that Satan shall reign forever in the United States. Let us look to the one, higher authority, Jesus Christ, to sustain us in the war that we must fight against the most satanic army in human history.

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