The Shadow of Satan

Gilbert. Lear and the Fool

‘Tis the time’s plague, when madmen lead the blind. –King Lear


In his song-poem “My Old Kentucky Home,” Stephen Collins Foster describes the sorrow involved when what was once our home is no more:

The day goes by like a shadow o’er the heart,
With sorrow, where all was delight.

For me, modern Liberaldom is the ‘shadow o’er the heart’ culture. The liberals of the mad-dog and classical persuasion have placed a shadow, in the form of a black shroud, over old Europe. If we must worship the negro and forsake our ancient hearth culture, because those dear old folk of long ago did not worship the negro, then how can we have a culture at all? Our culture comes from our racial hearth fire. If we were a purely pagan people, our hearth fire gods would sustain us. When our God was the one true God, He sustained us through our racial and familial hearth fire. The Christian does not differ from the pagan because the pagan’s faith emanates from his hearth fire and the Christian’s faith does not. That is the lie of the theologian, the intellectual Christian who has no blood faith. The Christian has a familial and racial hearth fire just as the pagan does, but the Christian’s hearth fire is consecrated to Christ rather than to a series of heathen gods. When we forsake our European hearth fire to embrace the anti-pietas culture of liberalism, which is a fusion of intellectual Christianity and paganism, we condemn our children to hell on earth. They will be lost, without a vision of the living God, if they are denied access to their bardic past. In the name of a mathematical, utopian future, the liberals have created a civilization which has demonized white pietas.

Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. Psalm 78

Christian Europe was a wonderful work of our Lord. That great work has been obliterated by the work of Satan. Just as our Lord worked through men to build Christian Europe, Satan has worked through men to build satanic Europe. And let us not deceive ourselves about that. The liberal is satanic: we cannot reason with a liberal any more than we can reason with a deadly, poisonous snake. (1) There is nothing that pleases the devil more than a nice, rational debate, because the devil knows that reason, detached from the human heart, is the essence of his kingdom of hell on earth. Once the European steps away from his hearth fire because he believes that prejudice and superstition reside there, that selfsame European belongs to the devil.

The United States has advanced further than any other nation toward the kingdom of hell on earth. But every single European nation is on that slippery slope of reason detached from the human heart. That detachment always results in a severance from the bardic culture of old Europe, the culture of the parable, which is of the spirit. That severance allows the new men of reason and science the liberty to create a culture of math and the syllogism, which is the culture of dumb nature. It is not possible to live with the shadow of liberalism over our hearts. We must remove that shadow by returning home. Even if that home is now a devastated vineyard, we must rebuild it with a heart that has cast off the shadows of Liberaldom.

It wasn’t that long ago, about 25 years ago, that the classical liberals such as George Gilder were extolling the benefits of the computer revolution. Through the computer, the liberals, they told us, would be defeated because they would no longer have a monopoly on the flow of information. The computer would democratize information, thus allowing American, conservative populism to overcome American liberalism. But that has not been the case. The mad-dog liberals, through search engines like Google and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, now have a greater monopoly on thought and speech than they ever had in the print and ink era. Why is that? It is because the conservatives are not conservative. They, like their liberal cousins, believe in the mathematical nature culture of Satan more than the fairy tale culture of old Europe. In the European fairy tales the hero ventures forth without a mathematical plan to guide him. He trusts in God to take him safely home through the good offices of beneficent fairies and angels. But a man with a system, be it Thomism, communism, capitalism, or democracy, does not need fairy tales; he does not need, or so he thinks, the people of the parable and the spirit. “Oh what a falling off was there!”

I always feel a certain satisfaction when a Trump or an Orbán wins an election in Liberaldom, but my heart does not soar at such tidings because I know that electoral victories from within Liberaldom are not really victories for the European people. They are merely delaying actions before our inevitable defeat by the forces of Satan and his liberal minions. I use the term ‘inevitable’ conditionally: Our defeat is only inevitable if we do not return to our home, to our racial hearth fire, where the parable of the God-Man who saved us from sin and death reigns supreme.

I had a student some 30 years ago whom I still recall quite vividly. And I remember him for two reasons. The first reason is that he died tragically at the hands of a black barbarian. And the second reason is that he was very interested in what I had to say about literature. That made him a rare student. But he was not in agreement at first with what I had to say about modern authors; I unilaterally condemned them all. His hero was Stephen King, and he defended his hero in class and outside of class. I didn’t talk down to the young man – I wasn’t that much older than him at the time, only about 12 years, which was, I think, one of the reasons I finally changed his opinion of Stephen King. I was a young man defending the old authors. What it finally came down to was that Shakespeare, Dickens, Scott, Dostoyevsky, and the other old white Europeans had depth of soul, and Stephen King and the other moderns did not. My young friend, because he still had a soul, came to see, once he was exposed to the authors with the ancient European hearts, that Stephen King and his ilk were nothing; in fact, they were hideous purveyors of liberal filth. But of course that young man from my early teaching days had that within which enabled him to reject modernity. Are there any such young men, or old men for that matter, left today? It doesn’t appear there are, but perhaps that is how the devil wants it to appear so that the European Christian, the man imbued with white pietas, will believe he no longer has a spiritual home, a people to whom he belongs, and then he will die in despair. (2)

Does it make any difference whether a man dies in despair or whether he dies feeling connected to a long line of people with whom he shares a kindred faith? I think it does. St. Paul tells us that, “none of us liveth alone and none of us dieth alone, for whether we live we live unto the Lord, and whether we die we die unto the Lord.” If we die having renounced our people, the people who lived and died unto the Lord, do not we die alone? That is a fearful thing. Small wonder so many opiates are needed to sustain the post-Christian Europeans. Death will come to us all, but is it not unthinkable to die without the faith of the antique Europeans? Will the great god of the liberals, the sacred negro, comfort us at the hour of our deaths? Is he a god worthy of our love and reverence?

A traditional, non-utopian European seeks to preserve the heritage bequeathed to him by his ancestors. He does not think that “he began today,” nor does he think he has a right to alter the sacred heritage of his ancestors. All changes of a material, technological nature must be used to help preserve his cultural heritage, not to supplant it. In contrast to that genuine conservatism is the liberalism of the modern Europeans. In modern democracies, technology is not used to preserve the culture of the antique Europeans, it is used to destroy it. We have the technological means, for instance, to ensure that a greater number of children live past their births, but instead of using that technology to preserve life, we use it to ensure that a greater number of children never live to see the light of day. That is because we do not want to preserve the traditional reverence for infant children that our Christian ancestors bequeathed to us. We also have the technology to place barriers between our people and foreign invaders. But we do not do that because the foreign invaders, be they Moslem, Mexican, or Chinese, are anti-European and anti-Christian, which is in keeping with liberalism. And we have the technology, the armaments, to destroy the Antifa/BLM barbarians, who prowl about the streets in order to loot, rob, rape, and kill. But our government does not use their armaments, their technology, to fight the Antifa/BLM barbarians, because those creatures from hell are moving forward, away from ‘racist,’ Christian Europe. They are moving toward a liberal utopia in which Satan rules unchallenged.

At present, you are deemed a madman, a racist, or both, if you see yourself as part of a continuum, a long line of kith-and-kin Europeans who lived and died to preserve a Christ-centered civilization instead of a new, technological civilization with the sacred negro at its center. It is a great irony of European history that the people who so proudly lauded themselves for their democratic governments, their science, their technology, and their God-like reason, have succumbed to a primitive religion, the worship of the sacred negro, which places them on a lower scale than the primitive black savages whom they worship.

Pride of reason was the original sin; Christ’s passion was God’s cure for our original sin. Europeans who placed pietas, the love for their kith and kin in and through Christ, at the center of their civilization kept pride of reason at bay. But the scientizing of God brought pride of reason back into the mainstream of European culture. It became acceptable to deify man’s reason as long as it was used to study God. That acceptance of a little bit of liberalism has resulted in the triumph of Satan. He has built Liberaldom in Europe’s green and pleasant land. We allowed a small corner in Christendom to be used for reason detached from the heart, and Satan made that small corner into all and all; he transformed Christendom into Liberaldom. Now we crawl on our bellies before the sacred negro because we are too smart to bend our knees to Christ. If we love much, if we see His blood upon the rose of Christian Europe, we will get up off our bellies and destroy the liberal leviathan. If we don’t see His blood upon the rose of Christian Europe? Then we will be damned. Please Lord, abide with us. +


(1) The premise of demon-cracy is that men can work out their differences without recourse to violence. But that premise only holds when there is a basic agreement on that which is essential. You cannot democratically settle your differences with pro-abort, negro-worshiping liberals whose avowed purpose is the destruction of the white race and the Christian civilization that once sustained the white race. Talk shows won’t save us from the snares of the devil. In fact, the talk show, in which we reason with the devil’s own, the liberals, as if they are our buddies, is a snare of the devil.

(2) A man is not meant to live alone, but how can he have any contact with a people who have denied they are a people? A remarkable short story/short novel, Master Humphrey’s Clock, by Charles Dickens, gives us the key: Cling to a chosen few who have not renounced their kith and kin who died in the arms of our Lord.

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