A Different Realm

Jesus before Caiaphas – Rembrandt

I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. –John 17: 23


It has become abundantly clear in this coronavirus crisis that the liberals’ concern is not for the well-being of the American people, black, white, or other. If they were concerned about actual human beings, they would stop the virus in its tracks in the nursing homes by firing all the low-wage illegal immigrant custodial staffs and authorizing the use of the hydroxychloroquine drug at the beginning of the illness, not right before the hour of death. And secondly, they would not shut down businesses that are in safe areas, which constitute most businesses in the United States. What is largely a problem for New York City should not become a problem for the whole nation. And thirdly, they would not use science as a God word to scare the living hell out of people who are at their mercy in a ‘crisis’ such as this.

Let me dwell on that third point. I avoid both the liberals and the conservatives (the classical liberals), because both groups place an inordinate emphasis on man’s abstract reason, independent of an indwelling spiritual connection to Christ. I don’t want to listen to the narrative of either camp, because I don’t want to be drawn into their orbits. The classical liberal generally says kind things about Christianity, and the non-classical liberal says bad things about Christianity, but both parties do not believe, as I believe, that it is the Christian heart, not the abstract intellect that will guide us safely through the labyrinth of existence. So in all things spiritual I do not consult liberals of either the classical or mad-dog liberal mold.

Christians of old Europe used to see themselves as spiritual entities who had to pay attention to their biological outer crust for the sake of the spiritual essence within. It is quite different with the classical liberal and the mad-dog liberal: they believe that nature is all. The antique European rejects that biological view of existence, but there are times when he must rely, to some extent, on the wisdom of the mere nature experts, those who have come to be called the men of science. For instance, if you have a medical problem or if you need to know when a plague is a plague or not, you need someone who knows a little more about science and medicine than you do. But what if the men of science have no conscience? What if they believe, not in “through Christ and in Christ,” but in man’s god-like reason abstracted from the living God? Then, as Ludwig von Drake says, “You’ve got a horrible mess.”

Even in the case of the coronavirus plague, what seems like merely a matter of accumulating the scientific facts is not just a matter of accumulating the scientific facts. Our vision of existence, our spiritual core, even if that core consists of no spiritual substance, will determine how we marshal and interpret the ‘scientific facts.’ That is why there are such divergent views in the scientific community regarding this recent plague, or this recent flu, depending on which authority you believe.

Let me, a non-scientific expert, highlight the problems of a European Everyman during a ‘crisis’ such as we now face: Because I believe, as Burke believed, that if you “suffer any person to tell us his story, morning and evening, but for one twelvemonth, he will become our master,” I do not pay much attention to the liberals’ or the classical liberals’ news sites. So I heard about the coronavirus rather late from one of my sons, who informed me of it. My reaction to the news was much like my reaction when I have just settled down for a long winter’s nap and I hear some kind of commotion on the street in front of my house – “I suppose I’d better get up and see what is happening, because it is right in front of my house.” Like it or not the coronavirus was coming and I had to make certain decisions about it.

So I listened to the various news outlets, news outlets that I usually avoid. With only one exception, Rush Limbaugh, the authorities, both conservative and liberal, said that what was coming was a plague of Biblical proportions. A whole host of scientific and medical experts were projecting death rates that indicated the end of the world. What is an Everyman, a non-expert, to make of such predictions? Do you curl up in a fetal position and refuse to leave your bed? Do you run out in the streets and leap in front of the first speeding car you see? Do you assume sackcloth and ashes and start doing the penances that you always resolved to do someday, but just not today? Or do you do none of the above, and disregard the scientific experts?

I was aided by a certain skepticism in regard to medical experts that I acquired in my early teens, as a result of my interest in weight training. I read Strength and Health magazine, published by the father of American weight-lifting, Bob Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman regularly criticized the medical establishment for their lack of attention to good nutrition and exercise. I came to believe that, “Doctors be all swabs,” and that there was no illness, except one’s final death, that could not be cured by exercise and/or diet. Subsequent events, particularly once I became a father of children, forced me to alter my opinion of doctors – sometimes they were necessary, and all health problems could not be solved by diet and exercise. But I still retained a certain distrust of what the ‘medical experts’ proclaimed; if doctors were not essentially evil as I first believed, they were still not the infallible gods that my fellow countrymen believed them to be.

Hence, I did not quite believe the scientific prophesies of doom that were being so authoritatively bandied about. Now it appears that the medical experts were not experts, they were humbugs in the service of the liberals who wanted there to be a perception that there was a plague so that they could move toward their final solution, the extermination of the white race, at an accelerated pace.

If we grant what has now become obvious, that this virus is not the greatest plague in the history of mankind, what then do we make of it? Some of the conservatives who were screaming pandemic, gloom, gloom and doom, are now saying it was all a hoax. But can they be trusted? Is it an either/or, is it either a pandemic of global proportions or a hoax? Most certainly the food lines and the unemployment have been created by the hoax of the ‘global pandemic.’ But is this a serious illness that warrants some special measures? Perhaps the school and church closings in certain urban areas were warranted. This flu does seem to be more serious than most, although I can’t even be sure of that, because the medical experts have an agenda, a liberal agenda, that they are pushing. So the central problem during this ‘crisis’ is the central problem that a European Everyman faces every day of his life in modern Europe. How can he trust leaders who have rejected Christ as the lodestar of Western civilization?

I concede that in medicine and certain public health issues we must be cognizant of the fact that a man has a biological nature. But if we make abstract reason contemplating man’s biological nature our touchstone of reality, instead of an indwelling spirit, the indwelling spirit of Christ, we will live our lives according to the statistics of the scientists. The most depressing aspect of this ‘pandemic’ is the willingness of conservatives and liberals to base their cases for/or against – panic or hoax – on statistics that ignore individual human beings. For instance, you don’t approvingly cite the Swedes’ ‘herd immunity’ plan even if it flattens their curve. They are murdering their elderly. And you don’t cite the statistics of the coronavirus deaths in urban locations in order to impoverish and starve human beings living in rural areas by ‘shutting them down.’ We have lost our vision of the God-Man, Jesus Christ, the non-utilitarian God who loves particular human beings, not abstract statistics.

“That’s rebellion,” Alyosha said softly.

“Rebellion? I wish you hadn’t used that word,” said Ivan feelingly. “I don’t believe it’s possible to live in rebellion, and I want to live! Tell me yourself–I challenge you: let’s assume that you were called upon to build the edifice of human destiny so that men would finally be happy and would find peace and tranquility. If you knew that, in order to attain this, you would have to torture only one single creature, let’s say the little girl who beat her chest so desperately in the outhouse, and that on her unavenged tears you could build that edifice, would you agree to do it? Tell me and don’t lie!”

“No, I would not,” Alyosha said softly.

-The Brothers Karamazov

Christ stood before a tribunal, a tribunal presided over by the high priest of Judaism, and He was condemned as a blasphemer because He said that He was God incarnate. But there was a people who saw, in the humiliated and crucified Christ, the Savior of the world. The European people’s descent into hell, their abandonment of the vision of the God-Man is a tragedy far greater than this so-called pandemic. The pandemic crisis is in fact part of the ongoing attack against Christ. Once Christ was brought before the tribunal of man’s abstract reason, first by the religious atheists, the scholastics in the Catholic and Protestant churches, then by the outright atheists, the Voltaires and the Shaws, He was condemned again. He has been found wanting by the men of statistics, the philosophers, theologians, and scientists. And He has been condemned as a blasphemer by the liberals. Both groups, the religious atheists and the outright atheists, have told us that Christ is a liar. The theological atheist has felt the need, like Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, to rework the Christ story because Christ did not return to earth as He promised. And the liberal has felt free to look to a new trinity more in keeping with the needs of modern man. St. Paul stands in contradiction to both camps — he claimed that he lived “through Christ and in Christ.” He felt alive because the grace of God was alive inside of Him. That was also the faith of the European people: they saw, in their inmost hearts, the Savior that St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus. Whatever is left in this world of God’s grace comes from human hearts which are not completely closed to St. Paul’s vision of that lonely figure, the son of the living God, standing before the religious atheists and the outright atheists of the Sanhedrin. Has Christ left us? No, we have left Him.

When Donald Trump went before the liberal Sanhedrin, the Fourth Estate, he was trying to include them in his mission of compassion. He was inviting them to join with him in the fight against the coronavirus, but the Sanhedrin wanted no part of Trump’s mission. They wanted to condemn Trump, because they view him as the font of all evil: He is a white man, and as such a creature he has a connection to the God-Man whom they hate. The ‘press conferences’ became min-trials at which Trump was always found guilty. Haven’t we, the remnant band of Christian Europeans, faced such tribunals in our lives? The home schooling parent, the politically incorrect teacher, the blogger who has been condemned for ‘hate speech,’ the anti-abortion protestor, and every other man, woman, or child who has deviated from the norms of the liberals have felt the wrath of the modern defenders of Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth.

A drowning man will grasp at any life preserver he can, so I do not blame the whites who have been thrown out of work and impoverished by the liberals’ coronavirus onslaught for organizing protests in the name of their civil liberties. But there are no civil liberties outside of Christian Europe. There is no freedom, no civil liberty, in a republic dedicated to Satan. It is only when we see liberalism for what it is, and Christ for what He is, that we will have the grace, the will, and the heart, to depose Satan who currently rules the European nations through his liberal minions.

We can’t reason with demons. The liberals are not misinformed, they know what they are doing when they withhold medicine from those who are ill in order to inflate the pandemic statistics. And they know what they are doing when they ‘close down’ people’s livelihoods. They are pure evil. We can’t fight them by way of demoncracy. We must see that we belong to another realm of existence, a realm of human hearts connected to His divine heart. Our prayer is always the non-liberal prayer, it is His prayer: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”+

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