Out of the Shadows

As a rood was I raised up; I bore aloft the mighty King, the Lord of heaven; I durst not stoop.

– “The Dream of the Rood”


When I was a child growing up in the 1950’s my parents allowed me to watch a television show called Captain Kangaroo. The star of the show wore a captain’s uniform with big pockets like a kangaroo’s pouch. I knew that Captain Kangaroo was not really a kangaroo, even as a child, but it wasn’t until I got older that I discovered Captain Kangaroo was not a captain. I think I should be forgiven my naiveté about Captain Kangaroo’s false identity, because after all I was only a child. But what are we to make of seemingly grown-up people who regard the World Health Organization as a world health organization? It is quite obvious that the W.H.O. is a branch of the Chinese communists’ war department, a war department that is concerned not with world health, but with death and destruction. So again, what do we make of people who defend that organization? Are they just naïve, as I was naïve when I thought Captain Kangaroo was a captain? No, that is not the case; they are not children. Are they stupid? No, that is not the case either. Are they morally blind because they have rejected the light of the world? Yes, that is the case. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” All liberals refuse to see evil because they have given their souls to the evil angel of darkness who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Nothing can make them declare that the communist Chinese are evil, just as nothing will make them declare that legalized abortion, homosexual marriage, and the demonization of the white race is evil. They have crossed a moral Rubicon, and they do not plan on going back.

The white liberal — and there are no non-white liberals — has set himself against the white race because white Europeans once built a civilization dedicated to the Light of the world. No other people, as a people, loved so much that they saw, “His blood upon the rose?” Now that Old Europe has been condemned by the liberals and its reality has been denied by the churchmen, from what moral ground can the European Everyman condemn and fight Chinese communists, Muslim terrorists, black murderers, Aztec warriors and liberal adherents of Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth? They have no moral ground to stand on. The clergy bids them take comfort in a mind-forged God that is impersonal and forever changing, the colored heathens continue to rage against the white race simply because they are heathens who have never known the light, and the liberals attack the white race because the continued existence of white people gives them a vague fear of that which once was and they hope shall never be again. But is that hope a certainty? Can the liberals ever be sure that they have banished Christ from Europe forever? No, they can’t, which is why they attack the white race with a maniacal fury infinitely greater than the colored heathens’ rage.

I once had the misfortune to share a 45-minute train ride with a nun who was returning from some kind of Eastern mysticism conference where she met with mystics from the Orient. She shared her mystical experience of the divine oneness with me. I was in my mid-twenties, having fairly recently come to a belief in the Christ of the Gospels, of St. Paul, and of the antique Europeans. The nun’s ecumenical, mystical atheism sickened me. But I politely listened to her — perhaps I should have silenced her — as we rather slowly, all too slowly, made our way home. The woman finally became aware that I was not responding to her mystical rapture with the proper enthusiasm, so she asked me point blank what I thought. I told her. The substance of my response was the words of our Lord: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” We passed the rest of the way in silence.

We cometh to the Father through Christ, and we cometh to Christ through our humanity. If the people who took Christ into their hearts are damned, if they didn’t know Christ, to whom can we turn for the words of eternal life? The liberals tell us we can turn to them, to their triune faith, and the theologians tell us we can turn to their systematic theology or to their Chardinian mysticism. But we must not turn to the antique Europeans, we must not turn to the Word made flesh in Old Europe because, the theologians tell us, the Word never was made flesh in Old Europe; we cannot find the heart of Christ in that culture.

“As a history of the world, the empirical history after Christ is qualitatively not different from the history before Christ if judged from either a strictly empirical or a strictly Christian viewpoint.”

Karl Lowith’s words of ‘wisdom’ are not atypical. He presents the intellectuals’ Olympian view of Christian Europe: It never existed! All those men and women who lived and died with the vision of the Rood in their hearts never really existed, there is simply no evidence from an “empirical” or “strictly Christian” viewpoint of their existence. If we strike the words, “strictly Christian” and substitute the word “utopian,” we will come to the crux of the matter: There never was a Christian Europe unless that Christian Europe can be proven to be a utopian paradise. But such a paradise can never come about on this earth. And to denounce Christian Europe and her people because Christian Europe was not utopia leaves us bereft of our history and our hope in ages past. If the people who loved much did not show us the way to God, through the eyes of the heart, then how can we know God? “You can’t,” the theologians tell us. “Your God is a myth,” the liberals tell us. Then both sets of experts bid us turn to their intellects as a guide. What will happen if we reject the experts and return to the Dream of the Rood Europeans? We will recover our souls, we will respond to existence with the heartfelt passion of a people who have seen a great light in the depths of their heart.

The cold malignity of the thoroughbred metaphysician that Burke writes about has cast a pall, a satanic pall, over the European people. In this new phase of the war against the Christ-bearing people, the crisis of the communist Chinese virus, the liberals have made explicit what was always implicit in liberalism. The liberals hate humanity as Satan hates humanity. And the liberals most particularly hate white people because of their past connection to that “mysterious stranger” who died on a cross for our sins. Some conservatives have told me that the liberals have over-played their hands; they should not have been so explicit with their support of the Chinese communists, because now the American people will reject them. Is that true, will the blatant attack on the white race turn the white grazers against the liberals? No, it will not, because the “conservatives” are not conservative. Let us go back a few decades.

In 1949 the quintessential liberal, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., published a book called The Vital Center in which he criticized the far left progressives who would not admit that communism in Russia had failed and that communism posed a threat to liberal democracy. Such views in today’s political climate would mark Schlesinger as a conservative. But of course Schlesinger was not a conservative, he was the type of conservative that Dabney labeled “the shadow that follows Radicalism!” We can’t oppose communism in the name of liberal democracy, because liberal democracy and communism proceed from the same Jacobin roots. If we go deeper into Schlesinger’s book, we see just how thoroughly liberal he was. He denounced Burkean conservatism as “the ethical afterglow of feudalism… inappropriate in a non-aristocratic, dynamic, progressive business society of the United States.” Schlesinger wanted the same thing the far left progressives wanted, the kingdom of God on earth without God, but he favored a more moderate march, a less bloody march forward. And so it is with our modern “conservatives” who want to oppose the communists while preserving our “democratic ideals,” when it is our democratic ideals that have left us naked to our communist enemies and all the enemies of Christian Europe. If the white European Americans had been asked, “Do you want America to be overrun by Mexicans?”; if they had been asked, “Do you want your economy and your access to essential medical supplies to be dependent on the communist Chinese?”; and if they had been asked, “Do you want to allow a strong, Islamic presence in your country?”, do you think they would have voted ‘yes’ on any of those issues? Yet we have been invaded by Mexicans, we are dependent on the Chinese communists, and we do have a strong Islamic presence in our nation. Why? It is because the liberals do not frame their questions to the white grazers in terms of invasions and economic independence, they ask the question, “Do you want democracy and all the magnificent freedoms that come with democracy?” Then the grazers scream, “Give us Barabbas, give us democracy!” and Christ is crucified again through His people, who are crucified by the purveyors of democracy.

When this so-called pandemic started, which has turned out to be a flu like all other flus, great medical experts were telling us that we could no more stop this, the communist Chinese virus, than we could stop the wind. The ‘experts’ were really referring to liberalism, not to a virus. They were and are telling us that we shall not try to impede liberalism or we shall be punished. The shutdowns are not because of the virus, the shutdowns are punitive. To the liberals, Trump’s election represents an impediment to the forward march of the liberals. The disgusting white pigs who voted for him must be punished. And they are being punished. Look at the food lines, look at the unemployment figures. But we can’t turn to the conservatives who are the shadows of the liberals to save us. Stephen Tonsor, a 1960s conservative, echoed Schlesinger’s criticism of Burke, and even Richard Weaver castigated Burke for his rejection of forms in favor of the particular. Yes, Burke did reject formal theology and philosophy. He preferred a particular, personal God, the God of our ascending race, instead of the unknown God of philosophy and theology, and he preferred a particular people, the antique Europeans, to a universal aggregate called mankind. Burke’s and Dabney’s conservatism was grounded in our Dream of the Rood ancestors. That ground, the ground consecrated by the blood of Christ, is the ground we must stand on and never yield even though the liberals tell us we must yield or be crushed.

This communist Chinese virus attack has devastated the European people because they have turned their eyes away from the cross to that which is without, to science, reason, and the gods of nature. Our true faith lies within –

“Now I have joy of life that I can seek the triumphant cross alone more often than all men, do it full honour. Great is the desire for that in my heart, and to the cross I turn for help.”

It was not wrong to shut down the schools and churches in an attempt to stem the virus. God knows, considering what is taught in both places, it would be a great good to shut those twin towers of atheism down forever, but the liberals didn’t shut down the private businesses and the family gatherings because they wanted to help their people. They shut down businesses and family gatherings because they wanted to impoverish white people and drive them to despair. They used statistical aggregates to justify their treacherous onslaught. And the ‘conservative’ shadows of the liberals are no better. The conservatives are now pointing to Sweden as our model. (1) Sweden? The nation that has destroyed itself from within by handing their country over to Moslems? The nation that has made sexual perversion the law of the land? I don’t care about your statistics, Mr. Conservative, or your theories of the herd and the greater good – “Let us let the virus run its course.” The statistics of expedience belong in hell, in Satan’s kingdom of eternal night. We need to look to that which is within, to His kingdom come. Before Christ became a by-product of a syllogism, He was Our Lord and Savior who could, when seen with the eyes of the heart, guide us through an existential maze that our rational minds could not pass through. There is no ‘solution’ to the communist Chinese virus crisis from without. The solution lies within. ‘Dream of the Rood’ Europeans do not yield to statistics, plagues, or the devil’s minions. They still dream dreams and see the vision of Him who died on the cross to save them from sin and death. +


(1) In Tom Brown’s School Days Thomas Hughes tells us that Dr. Arnold closed down Rugby for a term when a deadly virus was sweeping through the school. Arnold of Rugby was a Christian of the old school — he sought to do what Christ would have done. The Demon-crats did not close the schools and churches out of concern for the health of American citizens, they closed the schools and churches to get Trump. And they closed the white businesses and instituted house arrests in order to get white people. The Swedes did not keep their schools, churches, and businesses open to help white people. They didn’t have any Trump to get, so they decided, based strictly on utilitarian principles, to risk the lives of the expendable elderly whites in order to keep their satanic kingdom in working order. It is morally reprehensible, it is a sin without pardon, for ‘conservatives’ to laud the Swedish model. We cannot continue to look only at systems, without judging what is inside, at the heart of the systems we are supporting. Give us Christ, not Barabbas.

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