Clinically Unproven

Love now consists in word and not in deed,
Faith depends on reason not on the Scriptures, as it used to be;
Religion has ascended from the heart to the head
It now dwells in the brains, and the heart, alas! is empty.

-Jeremias de Dekker


There can be no middle ground between Satan and Christ. We either worship our own minds, which can be easily manipulated by Satan’s superior mind, or we can give our hearts to Christ and venture forth, armed with the grace of God, in opposition to Satan and his minions.


David Horowitz, a former mad-dog liberal who converted to classical liberalism (conservatism) recently stated that he had never seen anything in American politics that even came close to the hatred the liberals have for Trump. Their hatred is so great that they cannot join with Trump to combat the coronavirus. Horowitz wanted to know the reason for the liberals’ hatred beyond hatred. We already have told the classical liberals why the mad-dog liberals hate Donald Trump, but let’s go over it again.

Our modern liberals go back all the way to their father, who is Satan. Why does Satan hate God? He hates God because he wants to be God: “I shall not serve.” And Satan has instilled his desire to be as God into his followers, the liberals. After World War I there was still a remnant of Christian Europeans in the European nations, but the European governments were run by liberals, who were acting upon Thomas Paine’s faith, “My own mind is my church.” By the 21st century the liberals had a stranglehold on the European people, and they were getting closer, in their minds, to heaven on earth. Once the last non-illuminated whites, the Christians, were eliminated, paradise would be achieved. The 2016 election was only permitted because it was supposed to be a walk-over. The liberals told the American people that Trump was evil and Hillary was good. How could anyone who had been properly taught fail to vote the right way? But the impossible happened. The white grazers did not do as they were told, they voted for a white male who did not want to exterminate the white race. A heretic had become President! And he has been treated as a heretic who must be burnt, along with his followers, at the stake. Now, the liberals didn’t have to panic. They own the courts, they control Congress, and they control the fourth estate. Trump cannot really damage them. But they can’t control their hatred. That a public official, the highest public official in the country, has had the courage to include white people in his American dream is more than the liberals can stomach. And when you add the fact that Trump has tried to stop legalized abortion and has invoked the Christian God in his war against the coronavirus, you can see why Satan’s minions hate Trump.

I am not an American exceptionalist, I do not think America is a sacred city built on a hill. Nor am I a modern dispensational Christian. But I love Donald Trump for the moral courage he has shown in this crisis and in his ongoing war with the liberals and their Chinese communist allies. (1) This is not a time for an Olympian indifference to the onslaught against Trump, as if we are above the fray. If you are white and/or Christian, Trump is fighting for you and for me. I hate the conservative Olympians who attack Trump just as much as I hate the mad-dog liberals.

Even if the coronavirus plague dies out and Trump is reelected, the evil entity of liberalism will remain at the heart of our culture. There are too many liberals in the European nations, and there are too many white grazers devoid of a heartfelt faith in the liberals’ divine antagonist. We do not need more theologians and philosophers in order to restore the faith that we have lost, the faith that moves mountains. We need heroes, we need men such as Nathan Bedford Forrest:

The hero saves not only by his prowess; he saves by the divinity within himself. Indeed his prowess depends upon this divinity. The hero’s most perfect image is, of course, Christ the man-god. There is no hero unless the odds are overwhelming against the thing he stands for, or the rescue which takes him upon his quest. They are the powers of darkness; they show in the brutal weight of matter, the seemingly irresistible forces of mass. Since fear and desire make all of us tremble, the first quest of the hero is triumph over himself; and afterwards he follows the quest, a selfless and devoted individual on the way of becoming an archetype. Indeed because he is devoted, he is fearless. We do not know all the circumstance of Forrest’s triumph over himself. We know it only in his actions and because of one statement; he bought a one-way ticket to the war; that is, he had committed himself without reservation of goods or person. This is of the very quality of heroism, because it is a triumph over death. It is also the secret of his triumph over great odds. Never thinking of himself, he is free to think of the enemy; and so he finds the weakness which will topple all the weight and mass. There was never a greater half-truth than the statement that God is on the side of the biggest battalions. Moscow and Napoleon’s retreat stand for refutation of this.

– Andrew Lytle in Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company

There is a pathetic macho posturing that goes on among many of the conservative pundits. They vie with each other to prove that they, armed with statistics, can project the gloomiest outcome for whites. (2) They seem to take a particular delight in describing the hopeless state of the European people. But the European people’s state is only hopeless if you believe that history is determined by the “brutal weight of matter, the seemingly irresistible forces of mass.” I hear the statistics-men sneering, “Forrest lost!” Did he? When the war was over and the Jacobins descended upon the South like wolves licking their chops at the prospect of easy meals, the Southern people turned to Forrest. They asked him to rise and ride again, in their blackest hour. And he responded to their pleas. The Wizard of the Saddle became the head of an invisible army of confederate veterans who fought back against the forces of darkness, the “seemingly irresistible forces of mass.” He did not win a victory for all time, that is not possible on this earth, but he was victorious in that he saved, through his heroism, a people and a civilization that would have perished if he had taken an Olympian view of existence and bid his people take refuge in Plato and Aristotle. The God of Battles is Christ the Lord, because He bids us practice charity. Is it charitable to abandon your people in the name of an elevated philosophy or theology that has no room for individual human beings, the same human beings whom Christ died to save? We must stand against “the seemingly irresistible forces of mass,” because that “charity of honor” is what distinguishes a Christian European from the devil’s own, the liberals. We cannot remain philosophically distant from our people when the enemy has invaded our hearth fires.

She had not the heart to finish, but laid down the pen and pushed aside the ink-stand, the little bronze drum, which casual chance had saved from the wreck, with only a few of the gilt cords bent. She sat gazing at her fingers, as they lay on one of the other parts of the book, and beyond her fingers she saw the writing there. “November 29. We heard today of new orders in the town and that the Yankees had men on the roads coming this way. My husband was at Bayou Sara, where our plantation is falling to ruin, and we did not think it prudent to wait till he should return. We hastened to prepare for the coming soldiers. This was not easy, perched in this open field as Don’s Retreat is, and the negro quarters between us and the forest. We did what we could and waited, listening to the sound of negro voices mingled with the jangling of spurs and the clatter of sabres. I pictured to myself our former gardener Aleck, inflated with pride at his new dignity of corporal, coming in with insolence and insults demanding watches and money. This perpetually recurring dread and horror makes night a terror and life a torment. Oh, if we women and helpless old men and children were only where we might feel safe from negro insults, negro violence, and from the constant fear of these things! God help us – I look at the graves of our beloved ones and think with thankfulness of the rest which is theirs.”—New Year’s Eve, 1864—

She closed the book, already praying, her eyes fixed on the last embers of the fire, her whole body quiet with some strong force that made life dear to her—and believed that God saw in every heart its own sorrows.

-Stark Young, So Red the Rose

This coronavirus war is an extension of the American Civil War, which was an extension of Robespierre’s French Revolution. The French Jacobins, the Northern Jacobins, and our modern liberals were and are at war with the same enemy – white, European Christians. The coronavirus war has been successful because liberalism has gone deep into the vitals of the European people. The European people will not fight back against the liberals because they do not see that the liberals are totally evil with only one reason to live – to attack God by attacking His people. The theologically-minded clergy and the philosophically-oriented conservatives hope to avoid the wrath of the liberals by maintaining a Buddhistic distance from their people. But we, as Christians, cannot remain aloof. The divinity within, the grace of God, commands us to fight for our people in spite of the democratic aggregate of liberals arrayed against us.

If we lose elections, if there are no candidates who will stand up for white people, we need not despair. Why should we place our hopes in the democratic process which has never been good for white people? The liberals only use the democratic process when it serves their ends. Have they ever, for one moment, viewed Trump as their President who is fighting a virus that attacks all Americans? Of course they haven’t. At every turn, they oppose Trump. They have fought tooth and nail, and continue to fight, to limit the use of the hydroxychloroquine. They lie about the number of the dead, they lie about the possibility of ever opening up the country again, they continue to slavishly worship the Chinese communists and treat them as their bosom allies, and they continue to command European Americans to despair and die. They are the enemy, implacable, unyielding, and without mercy.

Trump’s electoral victory was the realization of the late Samuel Francis’s populist dream – to elect a white man who would represent white people as well as the colored races. That was also Tyndall’s desire in Britain. But what both populist leaders failed to come to terms with was the evil of liberalism, an evil so deeply rooted in the fabric of Western civilization that only a people whose hearts burned within them with the spirit of Christ crucified, Christ risen could effectively counter the evil of liberalism:

The result of Hardy’s management was that Tom made a clean breast of it, telling everything, down to his night at the ragged school, and what an effect his chance opening of the “Apology” had had on him. Here for the first time Hardy came in with his usual dry, keen voice, “You needn’t have gone so far back as Plato for that lesson.”

“I don’t understand,” said Tom.

“Well, there’s something about an indwelling spirit which guideth every man, in St. Paul, isn’t there?”

“Yes, a great deal,” Tom answered, after a pause; “but it isn’t the same thing.”

“Why not the same thing?”

“Oh, surely, you must feel it. It would be almost blasphemy in us now to talk as St. Paul talked. It is much easier to face the notion, or the fact, of a demon or spirit such as Socrates felt to be in him, than to face what St. Paul seems to be meaning.”

“Yes, much easier. The only question is whether we will be heathen or not.”

“How do you mean?” said Tom.

“Why, a spirit was speaking to Socrates, and guiding him. He obeyed the guidance, but knew not whence it came. A spirit is striving with us too, and trying to guide us–we feel that just as much as he did. Do we know what spirit it is? Whence it comes? Will we obey it? If we can’t name it—know no more of it then he knew about his demon, of course, we are in no better position than he–in fact, heathens.”

-Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown at Oxford

Trump’s victory was not a victory, because liberalism remains the ruling ethos of the European people. If we go back to Horowitz’s observation about the liberals’ maniacal opposition to every Trump initiative to ease the suffering of the American people during this coronavirus crisis, we can see the futility of placing our hopes in a material solution to a spiritual problem. The European people must be the Christ-bearing people. If they can’t be the Christ-bearing people because He does not dwell in their hearts, they will never be a people again. The counter-revolution will come when the theological and philosophical filth is cleared away – we cannot find God in the Olympian heights of our mind-forged systems, we must find Him in our hearts. That is the way of the cross, the way of our people when they were a people.

The French doctor Didier Raoult recently made an incredible, heartfelt critique of the “clinical” theory of medicine. He said that you cannot ignore the observations that a medical drug is curing people of an illness by claiming that the cure is not a reality until it is clinically proven to be a reality in a science laboratory. Hasn’t that clinical theory of the Catholic and Protestant scholastics been the cause of the spiritual sickness of the European people? The scholastics denied the ‘observational’ fact of Christian Europe that was built by people who followed St. Paul’s injunction to search the Scriptures with their heart, and bid us look instead to the men who had a purer intellectual vision of God, a God who was always in the abstracted reason of their minds, a God who had never made His presence known in one particular civilization. Where does such a clinical philosophy of God leave us? It leaves us naked to our enemies, the liberals, just as the clinical theory of medicine leaves us naked and defenseless against the coronavirus.

It looks like the death tolls of the liberal-communist virus will not, despite the liberals’ and the Chinese communists’ efforts, exceed the death tolls of the flu of 1917 or 1957, but the damage has been done. Many whites have lost their jobs — one of my sons is included in that hated white aggregate – and many people, white and colored, have lost their lives; it has become increasingly difficult for those of us who cannot “skin a buck and run a trout line,” to get food, and a general feeling of hopelessness and despair has settled into the hearts of the European grazers.(3) And men such as Didier Raoult and Donald Trump, who are trying to alleviate human suffering, are excoriated by the mad-dog liberals and the managerial conservatives who want to bring the whole world into the camp of the demon-possessed swine who are going over the cliff. We shall not go over the cliff with the swine if we face this crisis, and every crisis that the liberals send our way, with the faith of our Christian ancestors, the men and women who built a clinically unproven civilization grounded in the love of a clinically unproven Savior who was, is, and always shall be our only hope in this world and the next – our Jesus. +


(1) Trumps’s courage in severing our ties with the World Health Organization, which is in reality the Communist Chinese Department of War, makes him the greatest President the United States has ever had.

(2) “It’s romance,” said the professor.

“Very well. Then the point is: not what the colonel is, being Southern, but what he would be if he were not Southern.”

The professor regarded this remark as mere bombast. He had not been invited to Montrose, but had felt free to call because he was collecting statistics. Collecting statistics was already a new kind of entre. Nobody in the country had heard of statistics before, but the negroes were very much impressed. They welcomed investigation so heartily that what had at first seemed to the professor a gold mine of data began to irk him as excessively African detail, as communicative as it was imagined.

So Red the Rose

(3) After over one hundred years of damning everyone who advocates states’ rights, the liberals have now become states’ righters. The democratic governors have assumed dictatorial powers. They are openly defiant, declaring that they will not open up their states again no matter what the President says. The maniacally insane governor of Michigan has banned garden seeds, motorboats, and family gatherings. The liberals will not cease from mental strife until they have built hell on earth.

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