O Holy Child of Bethlehem

“The world is no doubt encroaching on our families and our Christmas. The hatred against traditional morality is becoming so intense as to be scarcely believable.” – Letter from a friend, December 21, 2019

But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. – Matthew 27: 20


Let me begin the new year with a Christmas reflection – There are no longer Christmas truces. When the European people were still ethically Christian (ca. 1914-1965) and still in part Christ-haunted, you could have contact with liberals without feeling you were lying down with some kind of reptilian monster. They still, at least at Christmas time, showed some signs of humanity. But now it is quite different. The modern liberals, acting on the assumptions of their liberal progenitors — assumptions that their progenitors often did not act on — have pushed onward to liberalism’s ultimate conclusion, the worship of Satan and the hatred of Christ. When the creatures called liberals have reached that ‘beast in man’ state of existence, or should I say non-existence, any contact with them brings us to the sadness beyond sadness and the anger beyond anger. And since the liberals are in power, the celebration of Christmas can never be just a peaceful family affair; it must be of necessity a continuance of the same war against Satan and his minions that we wage during the other 364 days of the year.

During Christmas in my family we read The Christmas Carol and the other Christmas stories I have mentioned previously rather than King Lear, but in terms of our stance vis-à-vis the surrounding liberal world, we remain just as opposed to the liberals at Christmas time as we remain opposed to them during the rest of the year. In fact, I find that the Christian ramparts must be even more fiercely defended at Christmas than at any other time of the year because Satan, through his liberal minions, intensifies his attack on Christ and his people during the Christmas season. And there is a Satanic logic behind the liberals’ maniacal Christmas attacks – “Don’t let them look back, don’t let them get warm and fuzzy over the Babe in the manger. Our world, which must be all of humanity’s world, is in the future, a future without white Europeans who worship a fairy tale God.”

In 1959 Walt Disney produced the last of his great animated films. It was a straight-forward retelling of Perrault’s fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. In the finale, Prince Phillip, having hewed through the thorns separating him from the Princess Aurora, who is Sleeping Beauty, prepares to restore the Princess with “love’s first kiss.” But Maleficent cannot permit such a consummation. She turns herself into a dragon as she declares, “Now prepare to deal with me and all the powers of hell!” The Prince does deal with her: he hurls the sword of truth into the dragon’s heart. Maleficent disappears, and only the sword of truth, which is also a cross, remains in the ground. Little did Disney know, nor did I know when I saw that movie as a child, that some fifty years later another movie studio, still bearing the name of Disney, would produce a film in which Maleficent was the feminist heroine of the Sleeping Beauty film. There has been an immoral revolution in our culture. We have shifted from a people who revered the custom and manners of Christian Europe to a people who revere and venerate Satan and all the powers of hell. What has brought about this second fall of man and what prevents us, as a people, from climbing out of hell?

The European people fell from grace when they allowed the devil’s sneer to replace their Lord’s loving embrace. The classic Christmas carols of the European people all speak of a filial bond between Christ and His people—

  • “Let loving hearts enthrone Him”
  • “Son of God, love’s pure light”
  • “Where meek souls will receive Him still, The dear Christ enters in”
  • “Love came down at Christmas”
  • “Born that men no more may die, Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them second birth”
  • “Yet what I can I give Him, give Him my heart”
  • “Lo, He abhors not the Virgin’s womb”

Are the Christmas carols that sprang from the heart of Christian Europe out of line with the message of the prophets, the Gospel of Christ, and the epistles of St. Paul? No, they are not. They are completely in accord with the prophets, the Gospels, and St. Paul. We are connected to Christ through our humanity. The God who did not abhor the Virgin’s womb cannot be known by way of the syllogism, He must be known through the human heart. The devil, after he was cast out of heaven, sought to sever mankind’s filial relationship with God by appealing to their pride of reason. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams only to be defeated by Christ’s divine condescension on the cross. After that defeat, Satan retrenched; he began, all over again, to attack mankind using the same gambit that he had used in the Garden of Eden: “Ye shall be as Gods.”

Have the liberals become gods? Yes, in their own minds they have; they are the first part of the new trinity. They are reason undeterred by prejudice and superstition. And their pure reason, backed by the Holy Ghost of science, has discovered that the noble black savage, in the abstract, is the Savior who must be worshipped and adored. This new faith is completely and unalterably opposed to the Christian faith. There can be no middle ground between the liberals’ triune faith and the triune faith of the antique Europeans. The churchmen’s attempt to deify their abstract intellects while maintaining their faith in Christ has only resulted in their capitulation to liberalism. When they denounced the heart-to-heart connection to the Savior by demonizing all the human ties that connect us to God, particularly our love of kith and kin, they left themselves and their followers bereft of the God who enters human hearts. You cannot make up a new Christianity based on pure reason and expect your people to maintain the same passion and intensity in their faith as their European predecessors who believed in the human Christ, the Christ of the Christmas carols and the Gospels. What you will get is soulless automatons who give an intellectual nod to God by attending church while they give their hearts to the liberals’ world and the liberals’ savior.

The European people have become like unto Sisyphus. They will never get the rock up to the top of the hill so long as they adhere to the Christianity of the Sanhedrin. Why, when Christ bid us worship in spirit and truth, have the European people given themselves over to the Sanhedrin? Why is “truth” confined to that which can be put in a golden bowl by men of reason? If our faith is always dependent on what the men of reason in the organized churches tell us, then our faith is always in the ever-changing future. We must always wait for the final results of their research before we can know and believe in the living God. The Catholic must wait for the next council and the next pope, a good pope, before he can know God, and the Protestant must wait upon new Biblical studies before he can know God. In the meantime, while the Europeans wait for the light, they have made their peace with liberalism. It is the grazers’ adherence to the anti-Christian Christian Sanhedrin that keeps the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth in order. Liberalism is the antithesis of Christianity, it can only be defeated by Europeans who believe in the one true God, the God of the prophets, the God of the Gospels, the God of St. Paul, and the God of our people when they had hearts of flesh.

As the liberals become more blatantly Satanic, the grazers have become more bovine, completely oblivious to the evils of liberalism. Maleficent stands before them representing all the powers of hell, and the European grazers continue to chew their cuds and graze in the fields of liberalism. There is no liberal blasphemy that can stir the European grazer to the point of outrage. There is no blasphemy, no evil that can make the grazer say, “Stop! This must not go on!” What you have are mild disagreements that can be worked out through the democratic process. Let me relate, once again, something that a veteran pro-life protestor told me when I entered the anti-abortion picket lines as a young man. I asked the veteran why we didn’t, because we were many, just storm the abortuaries and burn them to the ground. The long-time protestor told me that he had lined up hundreds of men when the clinics first started, who were willing to do just that. But their parish priest got wind of it and denounced such ‘violence’ from the pulpit. That is the essence of Sanhedrin Christianity – the men of intellect will always side with the powers of hell against Christ’s reign of charity, because in their own minds they do not believe that Christ entered human hearts and established a realm of charity on this earth that must be defended against all the powers of hell. What is hell to the churchmen? Hell is the parishioner who does not accept their word as law. They believe that only one thing is needful – that they, and they alone, should tell us what God wills. In the case of legalized abortion, it was the clerical apostate’s decision that ‘God’s will’ was that any opposition to abortion should remain within the confines of democracy. But what if democracy exists to ensure that Satan can rule in perpetuity? Must we submit, must we be ruled by Maleficent and all the powers of hell?

The shadows of hell have gradually enveloped the European people so that now they no longer believe there ever was a light in the darkness. Dylan Thomas, a religious atheist, raged against the dying of the light, but in the end he knew that, “darkness is right.” Is that the final word – is the darkness of hell our destiny? Is it the ultimate reality?

If we live in Liberaldom without rejecting Liberalism in its entirety, we will come to believe that “darkness is right.” When Gratiano, one of the Christian Venetians trying to save Antonio from Shylock, is brought face to face with Shylock’s unalterable determination to have his pound of flesh despite the Christians’ appeals for mercy, he says:

O, be thou damn’d, inexecrable dog!   
And for thy life let justice be accus’d.
Thou almost mak’st me waver in my faith
To hold opinion with Pythagoras,
That souls of animals infuse themselves
Into the trunks of men. Thy currish spirit
Govern’d a wolf who, hang’d for human slaughter,
Even from the gallows did his fell soul fleet,
And, whilst thou lay’st in thy unhallowed dam,
Infus’d itself in thee; for thy desires
Are wolfish, bloody, starv’d and ravenous.

Gratiano almost returns to intellectual paganism because he sees that Shylock’s merciless cruelty has seemingly been given the sanction of law. But of course Portia, acting the part of our Lord and Savior, brings true charity into the law, and the light triumphs over darkness. Gratiano’s wavering faith is restored, and all is right in Christian Venice.

We misread Merchant of Venice if we simply take the play as an anti-Semitic tirade. Shakespeare is not a neo-pagan — he does not think the Jews are irretrievably damned as a people. He makes that clear when he depicts the conversion of Shylock’s daughter to Christianity. But he does think that the unrepentant Jew, the Jew who has set himself against Christ’s mercy, is a “damn’d, inexecrable dog.” And so are all liberals, whether they be Jew or Gentile, inexecrable dogs, when they set themselves up as an organized Sanhedrin opposed to the Light of the world. And we will become pagans with the souls of beasts if we adhere to the blended Christianity of any or all of the modern branches of the Christian Sanhedrin.

Pride of reason and fear of being cast out of the liberals’ synagogues keep the European people in darkness. Will they ever rise up out of the slime pits of liberalism? Only if something inside them gives them the courage to defy the liberals’ and the clergymen’s intellectual sneer. Christ did not abhor the virgin’s womb. We shall not abhor the Christ Child, born of the virgin Mary. We shall love Him in spite of Maleficent and all the powers of hell. +

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