The People without a Heart

Oh, learn to feel from what a stock thou’rt sprung;
Cast not, for tinsel trash and idle show,
The precious jewel of thy worth away.

-Schiller, William Tell


The conservatives of the post-World War II era, men such as Richard Weaver and Russell Kirk, have been completely dismissed by the modern conservatives, who are not conservative. They are liberals who differ with their liberal cousins on certain economic issues, but in the main they agree with their cousins on that which is essential, the supremacy of the material realm over the spiritual realm, thus proving the truth of Burke’s prophecy about the new age that was upon us: “But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded…”

It was and remains my contention that unless we, the European people, come to see that democracy is antithetical to Christ’s reign of charity, whether it comes to us in the French or American mode, we will never break free of the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth. “He did not die but nothing of life remained,” will continue to be our destiny. The people of color can reject incarnate Europe and continue on their merry, pagan way, but the European people cannot go back to paganism without committing suicide. Their past, unlike the past of the people of color, is inextricably bound to incarnate Europe; if they seek to sever themselves from His Europe they will become the unmen, the people without souls. Like the Man in the Danish fairy tale, “The Man Without a Heart,” (1) the European people are now a mind and body without a heart. They live in a purely material realm of existence without the spiritual sustenance that once sustained them. They have given their hearts to the men of science and democracy. And the men of science and democracy have placed those European hearts in a science lab where they can be regulated and controlled by the superior minds of the liberals. The grazers are allowed access to their hearts when the liberal lab technicians call all the whites together to worship at the shrines of the colored heathens. Then, after the services, the Europeans’ hearts must be placed back in the science lab to prevent them from being aroused at the destruction of their people and the liberals’ attack on the living God who dwells in hearts of flesh.

The modern liberals, under the guidance of Satan, have accomplished what the Rousseaus and the Voltaires set out to do: They have convinced the European people that their salvation lies in a repudiation of their past. “If you embrace the future,” the liberals tell them, “You shall be as gods.” They will be purged of their whiteness and their souls, but that is no tragedy because sophisters, economists, and calculators have no need of a soul. Those creatures, the sophisters, economists, and calculators, must be providing the European people with something that I can’t see, because they have kept the European people in their power for the past century. I suppose – but I’m only guessing – that when a people have only known one reality, the reality of Satan’s hatred for humanity, particularly white humanity, they spend their lives trying to live and survive within that reality. That there could be a divine love at the heart of existence is now an alien concept to the European people. There is no personal love of God or man in the new Europe, there is only the impersonal love of cosmic nature, the type of love the psychiatrists call the “oceanic feeling,” that makes a man or woman feel at one with the natural world. Speaking only for myself, I must say that I have no love for nature or the cosmos — I don’t want to be one with cosmic nature — because that type of nature, dress it up how you will, is nothing but an impersonal dung heap.

The Kirk and Weaver conservatives missed that which was and is essential. Both men supported the idea of God and the idea of a godly people, but because of a philosophical avoidance of the human heart, they failed to name the particular God and the particular people necessary to sustain European civilization. Jesus Christ was and is the Word-made-flesh, He is not some vague, shadowy figure contained within the framework of something called our ‘Greco-Roman-Judeo Christian tradition.’ He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of our existence. That is what our people believed, the people who took Him into their hearts and their civilization. When He is the unchallenged King of your civilization, it is possible to simply reference your “religious tradition” without undermining your civilization. But when Christ has been dethroned by the Utopian heralds of a new civilization based on the custom and manners of Satan, you cannot simply make reference to “our heritage,” because “our heritage” has become our democratic heritage, bequeathed to us by the Voltaires and the Rousseaus. In order to exorcise the democratic demons from our society, we need to call upon our Jesus, not our ‘Greco-Roman-Judeo Christian tradition.’ If we don’t call on Him by name, the demons will declare, “Jesus we know, but we do not know the Greco-Roman-Judeo Christian tradition.” And because they do not know or fear that abstract entity, they will stay within the body of European civilization and continue to work their will upon the European people.

Richard Weaver concluded his masterwork, Ideas Have Consequences, with a recommendation that we take our stand on the metaphysical right of private property, which was one of the few metaphysical rights left us as a holdover from old Europe. That won’t do. The right of private property became a metaphysical right because the people who made it a metaphysical right believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. You can’t hold onto that right, or any other right stemming from old Europe, while holding the central issue in abeyance: Did Christ rise from the dead on the third day?

We must consider the great difference between the pagan Greco-Roman culture and the Christian European culture. If we consider rightly we will not blend the two cultures, as the intellectual conservatives do, and we will not equate Western civilization with the pagan Greeks, as men such as Victor Davis Hanson do. The pagans did not reject the living God; they never knew Him. The modern Europeans have rejected the living God, and they have built a culture based on that rejection. Think on the enormity of that crime! How can we have anything to do with liberals — how can we dialogue with them or engage in polite debate with them — when they preside over a civilization grounded in the hatred of the Light of the world?

I had a sociology professor in college who kept ranting about white people who hated change and sought to go through life safe and secure in their “white bubble.” The liberals, for all their self-proclaimed originality, are all cut from the same cloth. I have heard the “white bubble” attack ad nauseum in the last forty years, and the ‘given’ in the attack is that the whites’ culture as it once existed was evil, and to resist the destruction of European civilization is to perpetuate evil and defy the good. Instead of defending their past and stating their determination to go into the future holding onto the threads of the past, the European grazers have responded to the attack on their past by agreeing to repudiate their past. And in return for their betrayal of old Europe, the grazers hope they will be allowed to continue to graze in the fields of Liberaldom, even though the grass is becoming scarcer and scarcer and is starting to taste like dirt.

The first and primary reason why we cannot repudiate our white civilization, what the liberals call our “white bubble,” is because He resides there with the people who had hearts of flesh. He does not live in modern Europe, the Europe conceived in regicide and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal as part of nature’s dung heap. But within that dung heap, by a leap of faith, we must believe that the colored races are more equal; they are the lords of the dung heap. Is this the promised end? Do we really think that the utopia of the dung heap is superior to His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven?

The second reason we cannot repudiate our past for a place in the liberals’ dung heap is that the liberals are liars — they will not give white people a place in their world even if they agree to leave their “white bubble.” Witness the case of Donald Trump. Has there ever been a President more vilified by the liberals than Donald Trump? No. He is hated more than Richard Nixon, who previously wore the ‘most hated’ mantle. Why the intense hatred? Is Trump unwilling to leave the “white bubble”? No, he is not. He has repeatedly, by word and deed, shown his Americanism, making ‘diversity’ one of the central tenets of his presidency. But – and herein lies the rub – Trump wants to make white people part of the liberals’ brave new utopian ‘paradise.’ And that is heresy. Whites must be destroyed, the “white bubble” must cease to exist. If you are against that religious tenet, the primary religious tenet of the liberals, you will be tied to the rock upon which Prometheus was tied, while liberal vultures peck at your liver.

An objective observer from Mars would think that a religious state dedicated to the supremacy of Satan and the eradication of European Christians would be opposed by the organized churches who profess to believe in Jesus Christ. That has not been the case. The organized Christian churches have either openly attacked Christian Europeans, which is the case with Pope Francis the blasphemer, or they have attempted to blend Christianity with Judaism in order to make it more compatible with the ethos of ‘this world only,’ which is the case with the largest branches of organized Protestant Jewry. Trump’s conversion was quite sincere, and it is natural that a man seeking water in a desert should take water from the only well he finds, but Judeo-Christianity is not the European Christianity of our European progenitors. The fusionism of Francis the blasphemer is more inclusive than the fusionism of the Judeo-Christians and the Greco-Roman-Judeo conservatives, which is why Francis the blasphemer and his cohorts have become more acceptable to the liberals than the other Christian fusionists. However, I wonder if ultimately even they, the Roman Catholic fusionists, will prove themselves to be too European for the liberals. Be that as it may, their fate is but a trifle here. What counts is the non-fusionist Europeans, the remnant band. It is hard to believe that Christ wants us to trust in Him and Him alone against all the forces of hell, but that is exactly what He does want. In life and death we have only our faith in His word to sustain us against the terror by night, the pestilence that walketh in darkness, and the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Look at all the well-planned programs of the 20th century conservatives that were designed to defeat the liberals and make the 21st century the conservatives’ century. They have all failed. The managerial conservatives of the 20th century helped to usher in the century of Satan. (2) It is Satan and his minions that now rule Europe. Why don’t we pick up the discarded sword of our non-fusionist ancestors and attack the liberals, armed only with that discarded sword? The European who forsakes all other helps save His help is the only force on earth that can defeat the liberals and their master. “When our grace we have forgot…” Do we believe that charity never faileth? If so, let us proceed to attack the liberals in His name, for charity’s sake. +


(1) When at home, this wise man was, as a rule, occupied with boiling, melting, and mixing the most remarkable things. One day he placed a small pot on a quaint-looking little oven, and was in the act of carrying out a very important experiment. The pot contained, namely: three drops of rat’s blood; forty drops of the juice of henbane and chelidonia; the finger of a thief, who had been hanged on the gallows; four slugs; the heart of a frog, and a bit of his own finger-nail. As soon as this began to boil, the wise man poured three drops of a green fluid into the pot. Instantly a white steam arose, spread itself above the stove, and assumed the shape of a ghost’s figure, surmounted by a large head with a pale, colorless countenance, large, round eyes, and a broad mouth.

The old sage was struck with astonishment, and wondered if this figure might, indeed, be Fortune itself.

“What do you wish for?” asked the figure, with its broad mouth.

“What do I wish for?” repeated the student. “Perfect happiness. Fortune herself is my desire.”

“Explain what you mean by Fortune,” pursued the spirit.

“Fortune,” began the other, “is a power of nature, and—“

“Be quick!” cried the ghost. “Do you wish for money?”

“No, no,” answered the wise man; “the greatest happiness is to have no heart. I wish that you would take mine from me.”

“Shall I take your heart?” asked the spirit again.

“Yes, take it, and hide it so well that it will never be found.”

Danish Fairy & Folk Tales

(2) It was striking to me when I would read the intellectual conservatives that although they professed to be very traditional, they were proceeding under very nontraditional premises; paramount among those premises was that a man did not need his own personal kith and kin so long as he could hold onto an idea of a universal kith and kin. That did not, from my perspective, seem to be the way God had ordered our lives. But then that is the way with great planners and great thinkers: they always assume they are smarter than God.

The Acorn and the Pumpkin

God’s works are good. To prove this truth
I need not search the world, forsooth!
I do it by the nearest Pumpkin!
“Fie! Fruit so large on vine so small!”
Exclaimed one day a wise young bumpkin! ”What could He mean who made us all?
This Pumpkin here is out of place.
If I had ordered in this case,
Upon that oak it should have hung–
A noble fruit as ever swung
To grace a tree so firm and strong.
Indeed there’s been a great mistake!
Had my opinion but been sought,
When God set out the world to make,
All things had then been as they ought!
All things had then in order come!
This Acorn for example,
No bigger than my thumb,
Had not disgraced a tree so ample.
The more I think, the more I wonder!
The Pumpkin on the oak should grow,
The Acorn on the vine below;
God surely made an awful blunder!”
With such reflections proudly fraught,
Our Sage grew tired of mighty thought,
And threw himself on Nature’s lap,
Beneath an oak, to take a nap.
It chanced that during his repose,
An Acorn fell plump on his nose!
He wakened with a mighty start;
He shrieked and seized the injured part!
“Oh! Oh! alas! I bleed! I bleed!
This acorn ‘twas that did the deed!
I see that God had reasons good,
And all His works were understood,
For truly, what had been my woes,
Had, then, a Pumpkin whacked my nose!”
Thus home he went in humbler mood!

-La Fontaine

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